How to Make a Cat Tree More Stable (10 Tips & Tricks)

Cat sitting in a cat tree

When they’re in the mood, cats love to play and throw themselves around. This can be fun to watch but also worrying when their favorite cat tree isn’t stable enough to withstand their playful vigor. It’s important to make sure your cat tree won’t fall over and cause injury. Fortunately, stabilizing a cat tree is … Read more

How to Keep Cats Away from Poinsettias – 7 Great Ways

Cat biting plant poinsettia

With the holidays comes decorating, whether hanging up pretty baubles or keeping a few lovely holiday plants around. But as a cat owner, you should be careful with what you’re decorating with, especially regarding plants. Our feline friends greatly enjoy getting into things they shouldn’t, and plants are no different. However, some plants can harm … Read more

How To Brush Out Matted Cat Fur – 6 Simple Steps

brushing ragdoll cat's hair

Matting can be stressful, both for the cat and the owner. Your cat will be unhappy, and working through the tangles in your cat’s fur can be difficult, especially if the matting is much more advanced. Matting often occurs around the legs, chest, and collar due to the constant movement. If matting grows worse in … Read more

How to Clean a Cat Litter Box (4 Simple Steps)

Woman scooping cat litter

It’s no secret that cats are finicky creatures. One area where this is especially true is their litter box. If the litter box isn’t clean, your cat may refuse to use it — and that’s not a situation that you want to find yourself in! In this article, we show you how to properly clean … Read more

How To Keep Cats Away from Chickens -7 Great Ways

cat looking at a chicken

Keeping chicken flocks has become increasingly popular throughout the United States. Urban homesteaders and families interested in having fresh eggs are keeping chickens, often introducing the birds into environments well populated with cats. Cats are curious creatures that love to investigate, explore, prowl, and pounce. They’re predators, after all, and stalking, chasing, and ultimately killing … Read more