100+ Orange Cat Names: Ideas for Friendly & Mellow Cats

The possibilities are endless when it comes to kitten fur colors. Grey, white, black, bi-color, tricolor, calico, tuxedo – just to name a few. Among the various combinations, one stands out. It’s undeniable and warm. Ignites a sense of individuality and flair. We’re talking about energetic and fresh orange-colored kittens! These precious gems are hard … Read more

19 Best Gifts Ideas for Cat Dads of 2021

cat gift-pixabay

Many people don’t realize that men can be just as attached to their pets as women are. Many people struggle with purchasing gifts for men, but if they own a pet, the solution is easy — get them something that will improve their time with their pet. We’re going to concentrate on cat owners and … Read more

100+ Funny Cat Names: Ideas for Comical Kitties 

laughing cat

Cats are wildly captivating. If there is one pet that can manage to balance a number of vastly different characteristics and wrap it up in a stoically calculated package, it’s cats. If you are new to cat ownership and this fur baby is your first, you will quickly learn how multidimensional and absolutely hilarious they … Read more

100+ Black Cat Names: Ideas for Bewitching & Captivating Cats

black oriental cat

Black cats are some of the most majestic when it comes to a captivating feline appearance. Usually paired with piercing yellow or green eyes, these cats are true standouts. Should their beauty only be admired from afar in hopes of avoiding the dreaded bad luck curse that superstitions led us to believe? We don’t think … Read more

100+ Cute Cat Names: Adorable Ideas for Cats of All Kinds 

Beautiful gray cat lying on the floor_OlhaTsiplyar_shutterstock

There is something incredibly mesmerizing about cats – arguably the cutest of pets.  As kittens, they like to always be in your presence, ensure you are focusing most (if not all) of your attention on playtime, and find you to be the comfiest of beds when it comes to nap time. These adorable fluffies then … Read more