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We love cats, and we know you do too, cause that’s why you’re here! Our mission as cat lovers is to ensure both cats and their owners have the best life possible! Excited Cats is dedicated to bringing you the very best in kitty-care resources, so you can rest assured that your cat is “feline-good” (we’re also huge fans of cat puns if you haven’t noticed yet).

The Cat Lovers Behind Excited Cats

Christian Adams 2020 circle

Feline Expert & Editor in Chief of Excited Cats

Christian Adams

An American expat living in Metro Manila, Philippines for over a decade, Christian is a lifelong cat lover and the proud papa of three rescue cats: Trixie, Chloe, and Sparky. All three were formerly among the droves of strays that roam the cities and countryside. 

Four-year-old Trixie was pulled from a litter found under the porch of a neighbor’s house, while three-year-old Chloe was brought home by Christian’s young son, Henry, who found the kitten crying in the parking lot.

The boy, Sparky, joined the family in 2020, was barely two months old when he showed up at Christian's office door and refused to leave. He's now living his best kitten life!

As Editor in Chief of ExcitedCats.com, Christian is thrilled to be a part of the pro-feline movement.

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” – Terry Pratchett

paola in vet office small

Veterinarian, MVZ

Hi! I’m Dr Paola Cuevas!

Dr. Cuevas has a passion for animal welfare and husbandry. She also has a strong focus on preventive medicine and a proactive veterinary approach. Her practical skills include the fields of nutrition, microscopy, clinical pathology, diagnostic imaging, and endoscopy.


Veterinarian, MRCVSt

Dr. Joanna Woodnutt

Hi! I’m Dr Joanna Woodnutt!

I’m an experienced vet working mainly with companion animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people if I wrote down some of the things I talked about in my consultations. I now spend most of my time writing about pet health for a range of magazines and websites, so that people all over the world can learn more about their pets.


Brand Coordinator & Avid Animal Advocate

Isabel Ludick

Before she moved to Cape Town, Isabel shared a home with 9 cats and her sister, Nadia. They like to think that they operated an informal cat sanctuary. Currently focusing on marketing, brand awareness and PR efforts, she likes to make time to volunteer at animal shelters, attend wildlife programs and take long walks by the ocean in search of any beached animal in need of a helping hand.

She is very passionate about animal rights and advocating for animals in the seafood, factory farm and exotic animal trade industry and hope that one day the world will be more open to a plant-based diet for the sake of the environment and the animals we share this planet with.

Kathryn Copeland


Kathryn Copeland

Kathryn was a librarian in a previous lifetime and is currently a writer about all things pets. When she was a child, she hoped to work in zoos or with wildlife in some way, thanks to her all-consuming love for animals. Unfortunately, she's not strong in the sciences, so she fills her days with researching and writing about all kinds of animals and spends time playing with her adorable but terribly naughty tabby cat, Bella. Kathryn is hoping to add to her family in the near future – maybe another cat and a dog.

Chyrle Bonk

Veterinarian (DVM)

Chyrle Bonk graduated from Oregon State University in 2010 and has practiced in a mixed animal clinic ever since. On top of treating animals and writing for various veterinary websites and magazines, Chyrle also owns a small cattle herd. When she's not doing those things, she can be found somewhere in the Idaho wilderness with her husband and two kids.

Dr. Maureen K. Murithi

Veterinary Spokesperson

My name is Dr. Maureen Kanana Murithi. I‘m a licensed veterinarian based in Nairobi, Kenya. I also hold a masters of science degree in Epidemiology. I graduated from the University of Nairobi for my undergraduate degree and Institute of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases under the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) for my master's degree. I have worked in the veterinary field for over a decade with a keen interest in small animal medicine. I run my own practice in my country where I get to help animals as well as impart knowledge to my clients. I’m passionate about animal health and find fulfilment advocating for the welfare of animals.

Dr. Jonathan Roberts BVSC veterinarian

Veterinary Spokesperson

Jonathan graduated from Onderstepoort’s Faculty of Veterinary Science in 2014. He currently works as a full time small animal veterinary surgeon in Cape Town, South Africa. He has a keen interest in small animal medicine as well as behavioural medicine. 

While not at work you can find him running on the beautiful mountains around Cape Town with his two miniature schnauzers, Bailey and Emily. 

Dr. Katie Avelar veterinarian

Veterinary Spokesperson

Dr. Katie Avelar graduated from Cornell University with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and has USDA APHIS accreditation. Her special interests include feline and canine medicine and behavior. She loves spending time outdoors. On her days off, she can usually be found at the beach- but during the winter months, she enjoys hiking, knitting, and eating at local bakeries.

Dr. Avelar decided to pursue veterinary medicine in college. Her decision came on the heels of a life changing case. As a student, she worked at a local vet and was part of the medical team that admitted a completely paralyzed 8 week old abandoned kitten. After months of hospitalization, the kitten walked, ran, leaped and jumped out of the hospital and into a happy home.  After being part of that case, she filled out her veterinary school applications, and opened each with the line “Cats are one of the most resilient animals on the planet, and i don’t want to spend a single day without one."

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