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6 Great Activities for Cats at the Beach (With Pictures)

If you’re planning on taking a vacation or day trip to the beach, the idea of leaving your cat behind is difficult. While dogs are considered man’s best friend, that doesn’t mean our kitty cats aren’t as important. In fact, more people are opting to travel and vacation with their kitties and showing the world that cats are up for fun adventures.

While every cat has a different personality, if you have an adventurous feline, a trip to the beach may be right up its alley. One of the biggest questions is, what can my cat do while we’re enjoying the beach? Let’s take a look at a few fun activities for your cat while they are at the beach and go over a few things you should remember before you head on your sandy adventure.

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The 6 Activities for Cats at the Beach

1. Playing in the Sand

It makes sense that a cat that enjoys a trip to the beach would love to play in the sand. Why wouldn’t they? The sandy beaches are quite similar to your cat’s litter box or dirt in the backyard. While your cat is on their leash and harness, let them have fun scratching, rolling, and digging in the sand. As a word of advice, however, keep a close eye on your kitty while they are scratching in the sand. Beaches are notorious for the things other visitors leave behind. Certain foods can be harmful to your cat so make sure they don’t eat anything you haven’t given them. Also, avoid letting your cat investigate items lying around that could hurt them in any way.

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2. Sunbathing

We’ve all seen our kitties sunbathing in the window or out in the backyard. The beach is a great spot for the same thing but on a different level. Sunbathing on the sand can be quite enjoyable for your kitty. If your cat enjoys the warm rays of sunshine, let them bask, but not for too long. It’s important to keep your kitty cooled down while on the beach. Make sure to have fresh, cool water, and somewhere your cat can escape the sun’s rays when needed.

black cat lying on coastal rock
Image Credit: Galina-Photo, Shuttersttock
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3. Playing With Toys

Not every cat enjoys playing with toys. But if your cat is a toy lover, bring a few of its favorite things along for the trip. Using your kitty’s favorite toys is a great way to get them used to the beach while giving them a fun activity to enjoy while there. Feather toys, balls, or your kitty’s favorite mouse can make a trip to the beach more interactive and enjoyable for them. So, pack a few fun things for your trip.

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4. Exploring

Most beaches have boardwalks, sand dunes, and other areas that are great for exploration. If your kitty is an active one, grab the harness and take them along for a walk. You and your kitty can spend hours exploring cool spots along the sand. As with any activity you tackle with your kitty in the sun, keep water and food handy for when they need a break.

cat walking in the sand
Image Credit: Dimitris Vetsikas, Pixabay
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5. Enjoying the Water

If your cat is one of the few that enjoys time in the water, you may find it difficult to keep them out of the sea. If you decide to let your kitty enjoy the water there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, keep them in shallow water. The last thing you want is for your kitty to face the dangers of drowning. Second, keep it brief. Sea water has salt in it which isn’t the greatest for your cat. A quick dip should be fine, but remember to bathe your cat once they are home to remove the salt from their fur, not to mention the sand.

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6. Relaxing in the Shade

For kitties who aren’t big on the sun, water, and adventure of the beach, relaxing in the shade is your answer. Spread out a towel or blanket in a shady spot and relax with your cat. The two of you can enjoy the sounds and relaxation of the beach on your own terms, away from the crowds.

Red cats on sea beach in Japan island_Saksa_shutterstock
Credit: SakSa, Shutterstock

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The 6 Tips for Taking Your Kitty to the Beach

Now that you’ve learned a few activities your cat can enjoy on a beach visit, it’s time to go over a few tips that can make your cat’s trip safer and more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at a few of those below.

1. Bring Food and Water

We’ve already mentioned it but this must be stressed. Your cat needs fresh water and food on any trip or adventure you go on. This is especially true when visiting a place like a beach where the weather can be quite hot. Your cat will need fresh water breaks and according to how long you are there, may need a snack or meal. Make sure you carry their necessities in a place where the water can stay cool and the food dry.

himalayan cat eating treat
Image Credit: Piqsels
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2. Keep Your Cat’s Personality in Mind

You know your cat better than anyone. If they aren’t fans of excitement and change, a beach trip can be difficult. If you still want to share a beach experience with them, make your plan accordingly. You can choose to go to a more secluded, pet-friendly beach. You can also go during downtimes throughout the year or when less people are on the beach. If you truly want your cat to enjoy the trip, keep their emotional needs and welfare in mind.

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3. Keep Kitty on a Leash and Bring a Carrier

The last thing you want is for your kitty to make a great escape on the beach. Instead of letting them run on their own, use a leash and harness. You should also bring a backpack or carrier. This will give your cat a place to escape if the excitement of the beach becomes too much.

Mekong bobtaile cat on a leash in the sand
Image Credit: watcher fox, Shutterstock
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4. Take Things Slow

Don’t plan on heading to the beach and instantly tossing your cat into the sand or water. They need time to adjust to their surroundings and work their way into the fun. This is another reason why a leash and carrier are important tools. You can let your kitty watch the water and get comfortable before letting them have their beach fun.

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5. Check the Weather

You should know the weather outlook before taking your cat out for the day. They aren’t fans of heavy winds, too much sun, or rain. Choose a pleasant day that isn’t scorching hot. This will help ensure both you and your feline pal have a great day at the beach.

woman and her cat in the beach
Image Credit: KIRAYONAK YULIYA, Shutterstock
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6. Watch for Stress

Most important of all, keep your eyes open for signs of stress in your cat. Yes, it’s fun to spend the day exploring the beach with your cat, but they shouldn’t stress over the situation. If you notice your cat is uncomfortable, panting or breathing heavily, meowing continually, sweating, frantically moving or pacing, or has a dripping nose, you should take them home immediately so they can relax and calm down.

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If you’re a beach lover, and want your cat along for the ride, keeping things fun and interesting is the best way to ensure they enjoy themselves and want to return in the future. For a fun day, consider trying the six great activities for cats on the beach that we mentioned above. To keep your cat safe and happy while out and about on its beach adventure, be sure to keep our extra tips in mind. This will help make your cat’s day at the beach something they’ll love.

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Featured Image Credit: Bazz Lernprogramm, Pixabay