Welcome to Excited Cats! Our goal is to help you take care of your cats and have plenty of fun with them, too. We know that finding the best products for your cats can take a lot of time, and that’s why we work so hard to put together thorough reviews.

When we review cat food and equipment, we try to look at all aspects, from price and quality to design and guarantees. We put a lot of time and energy into finding and testing the best products, and we hope that our in-depth reviews help you make the most informed decision possible. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll want to avoid wasting your time and money on inferior products. Your cat deserves the best!

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We like to be transparent about where our reviews come from. That’s why we’re showing you the process our editors and reviewers use:

Our Review Process:

1. Thoroughly research the wide world of cats.

2. Find new and interesting products on the market that deserve a closer look. Our editors and reviewers independently select products to review, keeping an eye on innovation and the classics.

3. Look at what other customers are saying, using big-name websites like Amazon and Chewy.

4. Put the best products to the test and see what our cats think about them. Unfortunately, we can’t test every product. However, we’re getting our hands on as many as we possibly can. There’s nothing like testing something yourself!

5. Consult with certified veterinarians when relevant. We try to be as accurate and helpful as possible, so we consult with veterinarians like Dr. Joanna Woodnutt to make sure that our articles are right.

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What makes an online review site trustworthy?

There are a lot of websites out there clamoring for your attention. Which ones can you trust, and where should you get your information?

Here are a few things we recommend you look for in a review website:

  • Authority: You want to be able to trust the reviews. Are the reviewers or writers qualified to write about cats? Do they seem like they know what they’re talking about?
  • Review quality: What criteria are the reviews looking at? How in-depth are the reviews, and are the reviewers testing the products themselves?
  • Veterinarians: You don’t want to take any chances with your cat’s health. The best review sites consult with qualified veterinarians to make sure their information is accurate.
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Our product tester Nicole, playing with Baby (her cat), trying out new toys

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