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Are Cat Owners Smarter Than Dog People?

The fight between cat people and dog people has been going on for as long as we’ve been keeping both species as pets. Well, maybe calling it a “fight” isn’t right since it’s all in good fun, but many people feel very strongly about their preference for either cats or dogs.

One of the jokes that cat people sometimes tell is that dog people are less intelligent because they prefer a pet that is often needier and less emotionally intelligent than cats, although dog people know better. However, this may have led you to wonder if there’s any truth to the idea that cat people are smarter than dog people.

Well, science has an answer for you.

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Are Cat People Smarter Than Dog People?

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Interestingly, a survey has shown that people who prefer cats also tend to score higher on intelligence tests than people who prefer dogs. They also have a stronger tendency for introversion and being more sensitive people. Surprisingly, cat people also tend to be more open-minded than dog people.

Perhaps not surprisingly, cat people show a tendency to be more non-conformist than dog people, and they also show a preference for convenience over following the rules.

Obviously, these tendencies are mirrored in pet cats, who tend to be more interested in doing things their own way than in following the rules, and they are more likely to be non-conformist to the flow of things in the home.

Who Was Involved in This Study?

This information is primarily based on a survey that was distributed to 600 college students, so there is definitely a chance that a larger survey would show different results. Only surveying people that fall within such a small age group could have produced false results in this survey. It’s also important to note that college students are in a very specific life stage, which could also impact their responses on the survey and their preferences toward cats or dogs.

A survey of older or younger people would have the potential to elicit different results in the study. It’s also important to note that this was a generalized survey of 600 college students, but it was not a carefully monitored scientific study with control groups or a sterile environment in which the participants could be questioned without outside influence.

What Does It Mean?

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When it comes down to it, all people are different, regardless of what type of pet they prefer. We’re all individuals, and a generalized survey of 600 people from a limited group definitely doesn’t reflect the results that might be seen in a proper scientific study. The results of this survey shouldn’t be taken as anything but fun information for the time being.



According to the survey performed by Carroll University in Wisconsin, cat people not only tend to be more intelligent than dog people, but also more open-minded and non-conformist. The survey was performed on a limited group of people within the same age group and similar life stages, which could have impacted the results of the survey.

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