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Are Cats Allowed on the Beach? Facts & Safety Guide

Some cats are adventurous and curious, so they like exploring new places. Maybe you’re heading on a beach vacation soon and are wondering if you should bring your little feline. Either way, if you’re going to a pet-safe beach, you should be good to go with your cat.

All you have to do is ensure that pets are allowed on the beach you’re going to, and you and your furry friend will have a great time. Also make sure you’re aware of the potential hazards, such as unsafe wildlife, dogs, other cats, and the temperature, to ensure your cat stays healthy while adventuring on the beach.

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Can Cats Be in Sand?

Sand is generally safe for cats, but it also depends on multiple factors. Sand, especially at unclean public beaches, can have parasites or glass that can hurt your cat. Some possible toxins or contaminants can be in the sand, making it unsafe for many animals. Sand can also become unsafe if the temperature is too high, as it can burn your cat’s paw pads.

If your cat has a nutritional deficiency, they may begin eating inedible substances, such as sand. If you notice your cat begins to eat the sand at the beach, take them to a veterinarian immediately. You need to be careful because this could be detrimental to your feline’s health, and it could even cause death.

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Image Credit; Dimitris Vetsikas, Pixabay

Will My Cat Run Away at the Beach?

Cats can run away at the beach, especially if they scare easily or if there are many people around. The beach can be unpredictable, and with all of the overstimulating things going on, your cat could run off. We recommend that you put your cat on a leash or in a harness with a leash to ensure their safety. If you don’t have a leash or harness, keep your cat close, in your lap, or in between you and a friend. Keep a close eye on them, too, or your cat may be lost.

This can especially be dangerous if you’re only at the beach temporarily because your cat won’t recognize where they are and could be lost forever. We stress that it’s important to have or get a harness or leash for them when you go to the beach.

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How Do I Keep My Cat Safe at the Beach? (4 Safety Tips)

1. Bring a Carrier

First, be sure that you’re prepared to bring them on vacation with you. Perhaps purchase a cat backpack to make them easier to transport, and make sure you bring either puppy pads or a portable litter box.

If you can, don’t use the same crate or backpack you use to go to the vet. Your cat will recognize these carriers and will avoid them if they know they’ve gone to the vet in one before. Also, ensure your cat is well-trained and used to cat backpacks before getting them to use one to go to the beach.

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Image Credit: SpeedKingz, Shutterstock
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2. Check the Temperature

Temperature can be a big factor when it comes to taking care of your cat at the beach. You want to make sure that they aren’t overheated. You can recognize if they’re overheating if they’re panting or if you notice it’s pretty hot outside. If you notice them overheating, you can spray some fresh water on their nose, forehead, paws, neck, and the back of their ears. This will allow them to last in the heat a bit longer. Try to keep your outings for less than an hour and around sunrise or sunset to ensure fewer people are out and the temperature is lower than midday.

Make sure your cat is comfortable. Perhaps you could turn that cat backpack we recommended into a nice area for your cat to rest in the shade, stuffing it full of blankets and treats. Also, make sure to pack treats and water to let your cat stay healthy.

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3. Take Your Time

A private, quiet area will also make your cat more comfortable at the beach. While also having these things, simply give your cat time. It will take time for your cat to get used to the beach, especially if it’s their first time. Especially if the waves are loud and windy, your cat will need extra time to get used to the beach.

Don’t force your cat to do anything. Cats usually don’t like the water, and not all cats are very adventurous and brave. Don’t force your cat to go into the water with you, and don’t even force your cat to get out of the crate/backpack you brought them in. It will take time, and they will hopefully eventually get out of their comfort zone and come out. But, if they don’t, don’t get mad at them and force them. You need to keep their trust if you’re going to keep going on outings with them.

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4. Avoid Crowded Areas

Be careful of other people and dogs, especially if your cat isn’t very sociable with strangers. Also, always, always bring a harness or leash. As said above, your cat could get lost forever if you don’t usually live in the area. Try to choose a private space like said above to ensure that nothing goes wrong with strangers or other dogs. Avoid the crowds, if possible, only going in the morning or at sunset.

The last bit of advice we have is to end the day with something positive for your cat. After going to the beach, maybe let them do something they enjoy. This could be giving them their favorite food, playing with their favorite toy, or something else your unique cat enjoys. This’ll help gain their trust and help them figure out that a beach is a good place, not a scary place like the vet.

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So, yes, while you can bring your cat to the beach with you, you must keep a few important things in mind and make sure you and your cat are properly ready to go to the beach. Let them take their time getting used to their surroundings.

Also, make sure you follow the above directions on when to go to the beach, as it’s pretty important if you’re going to keep your feline friend safe. Either way, we hope this article has helped you decide whether or not to bring your pet to the beach and help keep them safe if you do.

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Featured Image Credit: steph photographies, Shutterstock