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Are Ragdoll Cats High Maintenance? Care Challenges & Eases

When you’re looking at getting a cat, you want to ensure you have enough time and energy to love up on them and give them everything they need. With that in mind, you need to know just how much work one is!

Ragdoll cats look great and make great pets, but they also have a reputation as high-maintenance cats. But while they’re high maintenance in some areas, they’re easier to care for in others. You need to know exactly what they need, so we highlighted both aspects for you below.

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The 4 Areas Where Ragdoll Cats Are Challenging to Care For

While a Ragdoll isn’t high maintenance in every way, they certainly have their areas where it takes a bit more work to care for them. We’ve highlighted four areas where Ragdolls need a little extra love to give them all the care and attention they need.

1. Brushing

Ragdolls have thick, beautiful coats. But while they look great, they also require a lot of maintenance. To keep it from matting, you need to brush it out at least once a day. It doesn’t take long to brush it out as long as you keep up with the daily brushings, but if you don’t, it can quickly get out of hand.

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2. Companionship

Ragdolls need time with their owners. They’re going to follow you around the house and demand your attention. They also don’t do well with extended amounts of time in the home alone, so keep this in mind before getting one.

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3. Digestive Problems

Compared to many other cats, a Ragdoll has a more sensitive digestive tract. You’ll likely need to find them a sensitive stomach diet, and when they don’t stick with it, you might notice they’re making a few messes.

ragdoll cat using cat litter box
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4. Diet

Ragdolls are larger cats, so you need to keep in mind that they’re going to eat more than most other cat breeds. When you pair this with the digestive problems that many Ragdolls have, feeding them can quickly get expensive.

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The 3 Areas Where Ragdoll Cats Are Easy to Care For

While Ragdolls can be high maintenance in some ways, they’re low maintenance in others. Below, we’ve highlighted a few areas where a Ragdoll is easier to care for than other breeds.

1. Bathing

Like most cats, the Ragdoll is an extremely clean animal, so you really don’t need to bathe them all that often. Some owners choose to bathe them once every 4 to 6 weeks, but often, you don’t even need to bathe them this much. It all depends on your cat’s temperament, what they get into, and if you have any pet allergies.

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2. Temperament

Compared to many other cat breeds, the Ragdoll is one of the easiest cats to get along with. They love people, and they’re less likely to cause any problems for you or anyone else visiting your home.

Blue Tabby Point Ragdoll Cat
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3. Family

Since Ragdolls have a mild temperament, they tend to get along great with other family members and pets. Just keep in mind that while a Ragdoll gets along great with other cats and dogs, trying to pair them up with a ferret, mouse, or another similar small animal is likely asking a bit too much from them.

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Final Thoughts

While Ragdoll cats might be a bit high maintenance in some areas, they’re outstanding companions that you’ll quickly start to love. Don’t let the little extra work keep you from getting one, just know what you’re signing up for beforehand so you can ensure you have the time and energy to properly care for them.

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