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Dr. Amanda Charles

Veterinarian Editor (BVSc GPCert (Derm) MRCVS)

Graduate of the University of Liverpool, UK

20+ years of veterinary experience


Dr. Amanda Charles has been in small animal practice ever since she graduated in 2002. She is passionate about empowering pet parents by giving them up-to-date and accurate information and thrives off the variety that being a veterinarian brings. Amanda has two very active young sons and a Cocker Spaniel who is equally active. She also has a Ragdoll cat with a big personality and is kept very busy by all of them.


Amanda graduated in 2002 from the University of Liverpool with her Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc).


Amanda specializes in skin conditions and earned a postgraduate Certificate in Dermatology. She currently works part-time in clinical practice, primarily doing extended dermatology consultations, and also enjoys telemedicine alongside editing work for Excited Cats.