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Dr. Maja Platisa

In-House Veterinarian (DVM)

Graduate of The University of Zagreb, Croatia

8+ years of veterinary experience


Dr. Maja is very passionate about animals and their health. She loves to help pet parents with any questions or issues with their four-legged family members and other animal companions. Her passion is small animal medicine and emergency work, and she also has a great interest in animal welfare. She joined the team at Excited Cats in March 2023 and is excited to help cat parents around the world.


Dr. Maja received her veterinary training and degree from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, at the University of Zagreb in Croatia in 2015.


Dr. Maja has over 8 years veterinary of experience working with various animal species in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands. She has a wide range of skills in the fields of animal medicine and surgery, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, microscopy, and other aspects of clinical work. Maja is very enthusiastic about veterinary volunteer work and often helps in neutering projects for stray animals in Greece.