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Isabel Ludick

Brand Coordinator, Marketing Director, and Avid Animal Advocate

Cape Town, South Africa

Before she moved to Cape Town, she shared a home with 9 cats and her sister, Nadia. They like to think that they operated an informal cat sanctuary. Although she has a strong passion for psychology and helping people discover themselves, her first love will always be animals. Currently focusing on marketing, brand awareness, and PR efforts for various publications in the pet space, she likes to make time to volunteer at animal shelters, attend wildlife programs and take long walks by the ocean in search of any beached animal in need of a helping hand. She also runs the Excited Cats YouTube channel dedicated to helping cat owners learn everything they need to know about cats. Isabel is very passionate about animal rights and advocating for animals in the seafood, factory farm, and exotic animal trade industry and hopes that one day the world will be more open to a plant-based diet for the sake of the environment and the animals we share this planet with.

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Website: Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: Instagram: @isabel.ludick

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