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Simon Treulle

CEO at Pangolia

Singapore, and Chiang Mai, Thailand

7+ years in business

Simon Treulle is a true cat enthusiast with a passion for improving the lives of furry companions and their families. He's the driving force behind Pangolia, a digital media and e-commerce company that touches the hearts of millions through sites like For over seven years, Simon has been leading the charge, using his skills in management and content creation to make a difference in the pet world. He heads a diverse team of 105 talented individuals, and what's unique is that they all work remotely from various corners of the world. But Simon isn't all work and no play. When he's not busy with his pet projects, he's out exploring the globe, immersing himself in different cultures, and seeking new adventures. From caring for pets to embracing life's journey, Simon Treulle's story is one of genuine passion and global exploration.