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10 Best Bubble Backpacks for Cats in 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

Young woman and a cat traveling with transparent backpack carrier in the park

Cat owners have long looked at their dog-owning counterparts with jealousy as they explore the great outdoors with their canine companions while they’re stuck at home with their cats playing with their wand toys and faux mice. Thankfully, pet companies know how badly we’re itching to get outside with our kitties, so they’ve taken it upon themselves to make doing so easier by manufacturing bubble backpacks specifically for cats.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of shady companies out there manufacturing even shadier backpacks. The last thing you want to do is traumatize your kitty by strapping it into a poorly made backpack that falls apart mid-hike. That’s why we’ve put together this article to help you make the most informed buying decision.

Keep reading to find our reviews of the best bubble backpacks for cats and learn what features are essential and which are negligible.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Instachew Petpod Comfortable Backpack with Built in Fan Dog & Cat Carr Instachew Petpod Comfortable Backpack with Built in Fan Dog & Cat Carr
  • Feature iconBuilt-in fan for optimal airflow
  • Feature iconWidened bottom for more surface area
  • Feature iconShock absorption system for comfort
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Pet Fit For Life Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack Pet Fit For Life Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack
  • Feature iconAffordable price
  • Feature iconHuge bubble
  • Feature iconExpandable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Sherpa Airline Approved Bubble View Window Cat Travel Backpack Sherpa Airline Approved Bubble View Window Cat Travel Backpack
  • Feature iconStylish faux leather design
  • Feature iconVentilation holes for airflow
  • Feature iconMesh padding for breathability
  • Best for Kittens
    Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack
  • Feature iconComfortable shoulder straps
  • Feature iconExpandable options
  • Feature iconDifferent color options
  • AJY Pet Clear Cat Backpack Carrier AJY Pet Clear Cat Backpack Carrier
  • Feature iconHigh-quality oxford cloth construction
  • Feature iconFive color options
  • Feature iconScratch-proof bubble
  • The 10 Best Bubble Backpacks for Cats

    1. Instachew Petpod Comfortable Backpack with Built in Fan Dog & Cat Carrier – Best Overall

    Instachew Petpod Comfortable Backpack with Built in Fan Dog & Cat Carrier

    Weight: 4.5 pounds
    Dimensions: 12.5”L x 12.2”W x 18”H
    Material: N/A
    Recommended Pet Weight: Up to 17 pounds

    For the best overall bubble backpack for cats, we recommend the Instachew Petpod Comfortable Backpack with Built in Fan Dog & Cat Carrier. This well-ventilated backpack features a quiet built-in fan to provide fresh air for your pet. In addition, its tinted viewing panel lets your kitty enjoy the scenery, and the wide bottom allows for an increase in surface area to ensure your cat is comfy on your adventures.

    This backpack has comfort features for humans, too. A shock absorption system is built into the backplate to handle the force of your kitty’s weight on your body while minimizing shock from your movements.

    The backpack has a small pocket for the remote power source. Once you connect the mobile power bank (sold separately), you can control the built-in fan with a switch on the back of the carrier.

    Though the backpack is rated for cats up to 17 pounds, it is a bit on the small side. Cats that don’t like enclosed spaces won’t enjoy spending time in the carrier.

    • Built-in fan for optimal airflow
    • Widened bottom for more surface area
    • Shock absorption system for comfort
    • Easy to operate fan
    • May feel too small for some cats
    • Battery bank not included
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    2. Pet Fit For Life Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack – Best Value

    Pet Fit For Life Dog & Cat Carrier BackpackPet Fit For Life Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack

    Weight: 3 pounds
    Dimensions: 19”L x 13”W x 20”H
    Material: Canvas
    Recommended Pet Weight: Up to 20 pounds

    The best bubble backpack for cats for the money is the Pet Fit For Life Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack. This affordable carrier features a high-quality canvas material and quality workmanship. The huge bubble gives cats a large view of the world. In addition, because the backpack is expandable up to 27 inches, you can provide your kitty extra space to stretch out while taking breaks during your walks or hikes.

    This sturdy carrier has nine air holes to ensure plenty of ventilation for your kitty and an attached leash restraint, so you don’t need to worry about your pet scampering off.

    The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded to keep you comfortable. The nylon fabric is easy to keep clean, and the plexiglass bubble needs a damp cloth to make it clear again. The floor pad is removable and washable, so keeping it clean is a breeze.

    This carrier works best for smaller cats despite being rated for pets up to 20 pounds.

    • Affordable price
    • Huge bubble
    • Expandable
    • Nine air holes for ventilation
    • Adjustable shoulder straps
    • Not designed for bigger cats
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    3. Sherpa Airline Approved Bubble View Window Cat Travel Backpack – Premium Choice

    Sherpa Airline Approved Bubble View Window Cat Travel Backpack

    Weight: 3.3 pounds
    Dimensions: 12”L x 8”W x 15”H
    Material: Polyester, synthetic fabric
    Recommended Pet Weight: Up to 16 pounds

    The Sherpa Airline Approved Bubble View Window Cat Travel Backpack is our premium choice product because its quality is unbeatable, as reflected in the higher price. In addition, this backpack has a stylish faux leather appearance and a small bubble window for visibility for your kitty.

    There are ventilation openings on three sides of the carrier for your kitty and mesh panels on the back for ventilation. This carrier is airline-approved, though we always recommend calling the airline before arriving at the airport to avoid disappointment.

    The backpack has an easy-to-load side opening and a handle on top to offer another carrying style.

    The zippers lock to give you extra piece of mind, but they can be difficult to operate.

    • Stylish faux leather design
    • Ventilation holes for airflow
    • Mesh padding for breathability
    • Airline-approved design
    • Easy-to-load side opening
    • Higher price
    • Zippers can be finicky
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    4. Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack – Best for Kittens

    Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack

    Weight: 2.6 pounds
    Dimensions: 13”L x 11”W x 16.5”H
    Material: Waterproof oxford material
    Recommended Pet Weight: Up to 13 pounds

    The Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack offers three bubble backpack options: back expandable, front expandable, or classic. Their expandable front option expands the bubble part, while the expandable back option unzips the back portion of the carrier to give your kitty more space to roam while taking breaks on your walks or hikes. Both expandable options are available in black, pink, or green. Their classic-style backpack doesn’t expand at all and is only available in green. Regardless of which style you choose, the bag has three ventilation holes on each side and an additional three in the bubble. There are also zipping mesh windows on the sides to allow further ventilation.

    This backpack provides a standard mat for the interior and arrives with an additional blanket for comfort. It is recommended for cats up to 13 pounds, making it the best pick for small cats and kittens.

    It has buckles on the adjustable and padded shoulder straps to lighten the burden on your shoulders and thick padded material on the back to provide waist and back support.

    This bubble portion can scratch easily, so it’s best to handle the backpack carefully to ensure your kitten always has a clear view.

    • Comfortable shoulder straps
    • Expandable options
    • Different color options
    • Nine ventilation holes
    • Comes with an extra blanket
    • Bubble part can scratch easily
    • Too small for most adult cats
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    5. AJY Pet Clear Cat Backpack Carrier Bubble Breathable Foldable Pet Rucksack Carrier

    AJY Pet Clear Cat Backpack Carrier Bubble Breathable Foldable Pet Rucksack Carrier

    Weight: 3.1 pounds
    Dimensions: 23.6”L x 12.2”W x 16.5”H
    Material: Polyester, oxford fabric
    Recommended Pet Weight: Up to 13 pounds

    The AJY Pet Clear Cat Backpack Carrier Bubble Breathable Foldable Pet Rucksack Carrier is an expandable bubble backpack that provides your kitty with more surface space to rest during your breaks from your adventures. The carrier will expand to 16.5 x 12.2 x 23.6 inches.

    This backpack is made of a high-quality oxford cloth that’s waterproof and environmentally friendly. The bubble capsule is scratch-proof to ensure your pet has a clear view of its world. There are nine ventilation holes and two side windows for air circulation and ventilation. It comes in five different color options.

    It also has an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable during long walks. The widened straps are breathable and great for absorbing any sweat. In addition, they are thick and padded to relieve pressure and prevent any uncomfortable digging. It also has a chest strap for added security and comfort.

    The bubble does not come attached to the backpack and must be installed by the consumer. Unfortunately, there are no instructions for installation, so it can be a challenge.

    • High-quality oxford cloth construction
    • Five color options
    • Scratch-proof bubble
    • Ergonomic design
    • Expandable style
    • Bubble can be hard to attach
    • Not for larger cats
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    6. GINYICY Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack

    GINYICY Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack

    Weight: 3.3 pounds
    Dimensions: 13”L x 8”W x 15”H
    Material: Leather
    Recommended Pet Weight: Up to 10 pounds

    The GINYICY Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack is a stylish bubble carrier that comes in pink, yellow, or brown, so you can pick a color that suits your style. It’s rated to fit cats up to 10 pounds, but those in the eight-pound range are the optimal size. It’s made with a high-quality and water-resistant PU leather material that makes it durable and scratch-proof. It’s super easy to clean with just a damp rag. The interior pad is removable and machine-washable, so you can easily clean up any accidents or eliminate excess fur.

    The backpack has 12 large holes for air circulation and ventilation and mesh windows on the side. Built for comfort, it has extra thick back padding and shoulder straps, and a chest buckle for additional support.

    The interior has a safety strap to secure your cat’s leash and collar to prevent clever escape artists from running off.

    There are no pockets to place any personal items like your phone or treats for your kitty. It also has a strong chemical smell when first unpackaged, which does dissipate with time.

    • Durable leather design
    • Easy to clean
    • Thick padding on back and straps
    • Safety strap for leash and collar
    • No pocket for personal effects
    • Strong smell at first
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    7. Sipobuy Pet Space Capsule Backpack

    Sipobuy Pet Space Capsule Backpack

    Weight: 2.6 pounds
    Dimensions: 13”L x 11”W x 16.5”H
    Material: Acrylic polyester
    Recommended Pet Weight: Up to 13 pounds

    The affordable Sipobuy Pet Space Capsule Backpack provides kitties with a panoramic view of their world. Not only is the entire back of the carrier transparent, but it also has a bubble to further expand your pet’s viewpoint. If your cat doesn’t care for the bubble, you can switch it to the included acrylic transparent cover instead.

    The carrier is made of high-quality acrylic polyester material to ensure durability. It is ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable with adjustable shoulder straps and a chest buckle.

    One side has a pocket for carrying a water bottle or pet food, while the other features a mesh zippered opening.

    The carrier has a strong scent when first unpackaged, which dissipates over time.

    • Low price
    • Bubble can be swapped for an acrylic cover
    • Great for kittens
    • Ergonomic design
    • Not optimal for larger cats
    • Strong chemical scent at first
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    8. LOLLIMEOW Large Pet Carrier Backpack

    LOLLIMEOW Large Pet Carrier Backpack

    Weight: 3 pounds
    Dimensions: 15”L x 11.4”W x 17.7”H
    Material: Polyester, metal
    Recommended Pet Weight: Up to 26 pounds

    The LOLLIMEOW Large Pet Carrier Backpack is a larger bubble backpack designed to hold heavier kitties up to 26 pounds. It has a zippered mesh opening at the top from which your kitty can pop its head out. The bubble itself is removable if you and your kitty prefer. The carrier also has mesh windows on the sides and air holes for better airflow and ventilation.

    The backpack is made with durable and waterproof materials, while the bubble is scratch-proof to keep your kitty’s viewing window clear. It has a buckle on the shoulder strap for comfort and easing some of the weight off your shoulders, and a padded mat on the back for additional support.

    Inside the carrier is a leash hook to connect to your cat’s collar and leash to ensure it won’t get far if it tries to escape. However, this attachment is connected to the carrier with just a few stitches and may need a fix to make it durable enough to withstand any force. You can do so by reinforcing it with stronger stitches.

    The bottom of the backpack may cave slightly under the weight of excessively heavy cats.

    • Made for heavier kitties
    • Zippered opening lets your pet stick its head out
    • Removable bubble
    • Scratch-proof bubble
    • Bottom may cave slightly under heavy cats
    • Leash attachment needs additional stitching
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    9. BMX Portable Travel Pet Carrier Bubble Backpack

    BMX Portable Travel Pet Carrier Bubble Backpack

    Weight: 3.3 pounds
    Dimensions: 13”L x 11.5”W x 17”H
    Material: Polycarbonate, ethylene-vinyl acetate
    Recommended Pet Weight: Up to 16 pounds

    Pokémon fandom, rejoice; this BMX Portable Travel Pet Carrier Bubble Backpack is right up your alley. This Poké Ball-themed backpack has a fun and instantly recognizable design with a customizable center piece. Consumers can choose between three options for the center piece: a transparent bubble or one of two more concealed (yet breathable) designs. It’s simple to switch out the center, but the components can rattle if installed incorrectly. They may also be easy for a determined kitty to pop out.

    This backpack has nine air holes for ventilation and a side opening for easy access. It’s made of a thick and sturdy PC material to give your kitty a sense of support.

    There isn’t as much to offer consumers regarding ergonomics, making this backpack a good choice for short walks versus longer adventures and hikes.

    • Cute Pokémon design
    • Customizable center piece
    • Breathable design
    • Center piece may not be sturdy
    • Not very ergonomic
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    10. Cawypety Cat Backpack Carrier

    Cawypety Cat Backpack Carrier

    Weight: 2.8 pounds
    Dimensions: 13.4”L x 8.7”W x 16.1”H
    Material: Nylon, oxford cloth
    Recommended Pet Weight: Up to 15 lbs

    The Cawypety Cat Backpack Carrier is an affordable bubble backpack made with durable nylon and oxford cloth materials. It has a breathable mesh window and four air holes in the front for ventilation. Inside is a built-in harness attachment to keep your kitty safe and secure and a double-sided cushion for your pet’s comfort.

    The backpack features a chest buckle for additional support and comfortable back and shoulder padding. The rear portion is made with pearl cotton and breathable mesh for breathability. A pocket on the side holds personal effects such as snacks or a water bottle. It folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

    This product does arrive with a strong scent that takes some time to dissipate. In addition, the zipper can be difficult to operate, especially one-handed.

    • Durable materials
    • Built-in harness attachment
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Pocket for snacks or water
    • Strong smell at first
    • Hard to operate zipper
    • No 3D bubble portion

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Bubble Backpack for Cats

    Before you hit “add to cart,” you must consider several things when searching for the best bubble backpack. Let’s take a closer look at the factors you should take into account while shopping.


    When we’re speaking about the size of the backpack, we’re referring to three things: the product’s weight, dimensions, and weight restrictions.

    The backpack’s weight will determine how comfortable it is for you to wear. Heavy carriers will be painful for you, especially when you factor in your cat’s weight on top of that.

    The backpack’s dimensions affect both the wearer and the cat inside. If the bag is too small, your cat won’t be comfortable inside. If it’s too big, you won’t be comfortable wearing it.

    Finally, its weight restrictions are perhaps the most important factor to consider. You need to know your cat’s weight to determine if the backpack in question is rated to hold a pet your cat’s size. We recommend sizing up wherever possible. Opt for a bag that’s rated to hold a pet several pounds heavier than your cat’s actual weight.


    While you might be tempted to search for the best-looking bubble backpack, we don’t recommend picking your carrier simply by its appearance. If it isn’t ergonomically designed, you won’t want to wear it. An ergonomic backpack will be safer and more comfortable for you.

    The best backpacks have adjustable shoulder and chest straps to help distribute your cat’s weight evenly on your body. This will reduce the likelihood of your backpack causing back or shoulder pain while also allowing you to walk or hike further.

    Safety Features

    There are two main safety features to consider: ventilation and leash attachments.

    Generally speaking, the more ventilation your cat’s bubble backpack has, the better. Bags can get stuffy inside quickly, especially because they need to be made of a heavier-duty material to provide the sturdiness your cat needs to carry inside.

    Ventilation comes in two forms: breathing holes and mesh screens. Consider the size of the holes and screens. Are they big enough to let air flow through the backpack easily?

    Leash attachments aren’t 100% necessary, but it is an additional safety feature that can provide peace of mind. If you don’t plan on opening your backpack during your walks or hikes, you probably don’t need this feature. But if you know your kitty will want to poke its head out of the top or side, the leash attachment will ensure it can’t sneak out and run away.

    Cat traveling with transparent backpack carrier in the park
    Image Credit: sofirinaja, Shutterstock

    Tips for Training Your Cat to Like Its Bubble Backpack

    As a cat owner, you know how finicky these adorable little furballs can be. They do what they want and can’t be forced to do anything. If you’ve purchased a bubble backpack and are sad to see your cat wants nothing to do with it, know that there are some things you can do to make your cat more comfortable with its new carrier. Here are some quick tips to get your pet interested in its bubble backpack.

    Take things slowly. Don’t force your cat into the backpack the minute you unpackage it. Instead, unzip it, put it on the floor, and leave your cat alone to inspect it on its own time.

    Make it fun. Incorporate the backpack into playtime. For example, use your cat’s favorite ball or wand toy to entice it to jump in and out of the bag.

    Offer rewards. Reward your kitty for its curiosity and bravery with plenty of treats and praise. This will help your pet associate the backpack with positive things.

    Stay home for the first few tries. Once your kitty is climbing into the backpack on its own accord, put it on and walk around your house with your kitty inside. When you take it out, immediately reward it with its favorite treat.

    Be patient. Do not expect your pet to be cool with being in the backpack for longer than a minute or two the first few times you wear it, and don’t force it to stay inside longer than it’s comfortable.

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    For the best bubble backpack, the Instachew Petpod offers an ergonomic fit and a built-in fan to keep your kitty comfortable and cool inside. The best value option is the Pet Fit For Life for its affordability and expandability. Finally, our premium pick from Sherpa pairs a stylish faux leather design with plenty of airflow and ergonomics.

    We hope our reviews have helped you make a better buying decision for you and your kitty. Happy exploring!

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    Featured Image Credit: sofirinaja, Shutterstock