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10 Best Cat Backpacks of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

cat in backpack Have you ever had to travel with your tabby in tow? If so, then you know it’s nowhere near a walk in the park. Our feline friends are territorial homebodies. They are happy to stay home practicing their stalking techniques before enjoying a meal and curling up for a nap.

So, what’s the best way to get them from A to B? A cat backpack! Easy to use, it’s a great alternative to a plastic carrier!

If you’re not sure how to find a good tabby-tote, our ten reviews of the best cat backpacks below will give you all the details you need on their use, durability, comfort, and much more. Plus, you won’t have to forage the pet aisles!

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A Quick Comparison (Updated in 2023)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Pet Gear I-GO Plus Pet Gear I-GO Plus
  • Feature icon Washable fleece mat
  • Feature icon Durable
  • Feature icon Side storage pockets
  • Best Value
    Second place
    JesPet JesPet
  • Feature icon Storage pockets
  • Feature icon Roomy interior
  • Feature icon Durable with secure bottom
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Snoozer Pet Products Roll Around Snoozer Pet Products Roll Around
  • Feature icon Multi-stage telescoping handle
  • Feature icon Two large mesh doors
  • Feature icon Four-in-one
  • Gen7Pets Geometric Roller Gen7Pets Geometric Roller
  • Feature icon Smart-Level Platform
  • Feature icon Washable comfort mat
  • Feature icon Two-position handle
  • PetAmi Premium PetAmi Premium
  • Feature icon Washable Sherpa lining
  • Feature icon Well ventilated
  • Feature icon Durable
  • The 10 Best Cat Backpacks

    1. Pet Gear I-GO Plus Traveler Cat Backpack – Best Overall

    Pet Gear I-GO Plus Traveler

    If you are looking for the best of the best, we recommend the Pet Gear I-GO Plus Traveler Cat Backpack. You have your choice of ocean blue or black, and it comes in a 16L X 13.5W X 22H-inch size to accommodate most felines. This is a four-in-one option that can be used as a backpack, car seat, roller bag, or cat carrier.

    When using the Pet Gear as a roller bag, you can take advantage of the adjustable telescoping handle. The inside of the carrier features a tether hook to keep your cat secure, and a soft fleece liner for relaxing. When the pad gets dirty, you can toss it in the washing machine. Additionally, there are two side pockets for storing accessories.

    This cat backpack comes with padded shoulder straps, and a top handle for convenience. It has bottom wheels, durable construction, and breathable mesh panels. You will also not have a problem getting your cat inside with the large front door. This is an airline-approved cat carrier, and it has a secure bottom that doesn’t sag. Overall, this is our favorite option for best cat backpack.

    • Four-in-one
    • Washable fleece mat
    • Side storage pockets
    • Durable with a secure bottom
    • Cat-friendly door
    • Telescoping handle
    • Nothing we can see
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    2. JesPet Cat Carrier Backpack – Best Value

    JesPet Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack

    Cat travel is often pricey making finding an affordable backpack appealing. The JesPet Cat Carrier Backpack is an affordable alternative to our first pick. Available in a 17L X 13W X 12H-inch size, it comes in blue, gray, or black. This cat-case accommodates felines up to 16 pounds, as well. Your puss will easily slide in with the large top and front mesh doors. There are mesh panels on the sides, as well, for ventilation.

    This option has a roomy interior with enough space for your pet to stand and turn. There is no sagging on the bottom, making them feel secure. The carrier is made of durable polyester and you have two side pockets for additional storage. JesPet is also an airline approved

    Another benefit of this cat backpack is the padded shoulder straps. You also have a padded handle on the top if you need to use it as a carrier. To keep your feline cozy, there is a fleece pad lining the bottom. The only drawback to this model is it doesn’t have wheels so it could be used as a roller bag. Otherwise, this is the best cat backpack for the money.

    • Durable with secure bottom
    • Storage pockets
    • Washable fleece mat
    • Padded shoulder straps and handle
    • Roomy interior
    • Cannot be used as a roller bag
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    3. Snoozer Pet Products Roll Around Cat Carrier Backpack – Premium Choice

    Snoozer Pet Products Roll Around

    The Snoozer Pet Products Roll Around Cat Carrier Backpack is a four-in-one option that can be used as a carrier on wheels, cat backpack, car seat, and pet bed. You have the option of black, red, or khaki. Additionally, there are two sizes to choose from, as well. The medium backpack measures 11L X 14W X 20H inches accommodating up to 15 pounds. The large is a 12.25L X 15.5W X 23H-inch carrier for pets up to 30 pounds. Both are airline approved.

    This backpack has mesh on all three sides allowing your pet to view the world while also getting plenty of air. It features a multi-stage telescoping handle, not to mention, the padded shoulder straps and handle. Your cat will also be comfortable with the quilted microfiber pad that lines the bottom and back of the carrier. When laid flat, it makes a great cat bed. Unfortunately, however, the mat is not removable for washing.

    Other than that, you have two large side pockets, and it has a large top and front door. This will make entering the backpack less stressful for your feline. It has a sturdy bottom and the overall material is durable. The only other aspect of note is that you will pay up for the Snoozer backpack.

    • Four-in-one
    • Durable with secure bottom
    • Multi-stage telescoping handle
    • Large side pockets
    • Two large mesh doors
    • Microfiber mat is not removable
    • Expensive
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    4. Gen7Pets Geometric Roller Cat Carrier Backpack

    Gen7Pets Geometric Roller

    The Gen7Pets Geometric Roller Cat Carrier Backpack can be used in two ways. It features padded, hideaway shoulder straps for use as a backpack and wheels with a two-position extendable handle for use as a roller bag. This brand has a Smart-Level platform that won’t allow the bag to tip over when being wheeled around. What’s more, their Smart-Comfort pads make the interior comfy. Plus, it’s washable.

    The Gen7Pets backpack has a red exterior and is available in two sizes. You have an interior measurement of 15.5L X 8.5W X 13.5H inches for pets up to 10 pounds, and a 15L X 9W X 16H-inch interior for cats up to 20 pounds. This carrier has breathable mesh side windows and two front doors that are made of the same material. The doors are on the smaller size, so cats that are not comfortable being put in a crate have a hard time.

    This cat backpack features a seat belt strap, plus an interior tether to keep your feline secure. The bottom will not sag, either. You also have two side storage pockets for leashes, etc. Be careful while traveling, however. The larger size typically does not meet airline requirements. Also, you should note that the zipper is prone to getting stuck in your pet’s fur.

    • Two-in-one
    • Smart-Level Platform
    • Washable comfort mat
    • Two-position handle
    • Side pockets
    • Zipper gets snagged easily
    • Mesh Doors are small
    • Not for airplane travel
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    5. PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

    PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

    If you are looking for a safe way to take your cat out for walks, the PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack is a good option. It is available in nine different colors, and it comes in an 11.5L X 9W X 16H-inch size. This is good for all small pets up to 12 pounds. This cat carrier is secure and durable. It’s well-ventilated with mesh panels, and it comes with a collapsible water bowl.

    PetAmi gives your pet a comfortable place to relax while you walk around. The bedding is Sherpa-lined while the base is sturdy with no sagging. You are also able to throw the lining in the washing machine. One drawback of this cat sack is the door. It is located on top of the carrier, and it’s on the small side.

    This backpack is comfortable to carry. It has padded shoulder straps, a chest safety strap, and an interior tether that attaches to your cat’s collar. It is also made of 600D high-grade polyester that is durable and easy to clean. Additionally, there are two side pockets. Keep in mind, the pockets are small with no closures. Items bigger than a credit card fall out. Other than that, this cat carrier can only be used as a backpack.

    • Washable Sherpa lining
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Durable with secure bottom
    • Well ventilated
    • Can be used as a backpack only
    • The top door is small
    • Side pockets are not convenient
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    6. Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

    Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

    If you prefer a more hands-on approach to traveling with your feline, the Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack is an option to consider. This is a legs-and-tail-out harness/backpack that uses hook and loop, zipper, and elastic closings to keep your feline secure. It has quick-release buckles that you can maneuver with one hand. It has padded shoulder straps, as well.

    Pawaboo comes in ten colors or patterns. You also have a small, medium, large, and extra-large size to choose from. It’s made of breathable mesh and polyester material that is durable and comfortable to wear. Hands-free, you can wear it on your front or back. Unfortunately, this is not the most comfortable option for your pet.

    If your pet is not used to being in a harness, they won’t appreciate this option. Even if they are used to it, the backpack can still be hard to get on and off. What’s more, the zippers are hard to use as they get stuck in your cat’s fur. Additionally, you will not be able to travel via car or plane. Finally, there is no storage on this backpack.

    • Padded shoulder straps
    • Hands-free
    • Can wear back or front
    • Durable material
    • Hard to get your cat in and out
    • Zippers get stuck in the fur
    • Not for traveling
    • Some cats won’t use it
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    7. Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack

    Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack

    If you want to give your cat a full view of the outside world while walking and hiking, the Lollineow Pat Carrier Backpack will be right up your alley. The full front door is clear for your tabby to see the world. It comes in a green, red, or yellow color with a 13-pound capacity for the 11.4L X 10.6W X 16.1L-inch interior. You will also find a security leash inside to keep your pal secure.

    This option can be worn on your back or front. It’s made of high-quality, pet-safe material that is durable and easy to wipe clean. What’s more, the bottom will not sag. In fact, it has a bottom mat for relaxing, although it is not removable. The cat pack is also waterproof.

    The Lollineow is lightweight, but the shoulder straps are uncomfortable. On the other hand, it comes with a convenient top handle. Something else to note is the ventilation which there is not much of, unfortunately. There are only two mesh holes for air. One can be used to pet your tabby, but be cautious as they can escape this way.

    Another drawback of this cat backpack is it’s hard to close with your pet inside. The zipper runs around the entire front, so unwilling felines will jump out before you can zip it closed. To end on a bright note, you have a convenient side pocket for storage.

    • Clear front window
    • Wear back or front
    • Top handle
    • Storage pocket
    • Hard to close with a cat inside
    • Mat is not removable
    • Not well ventilated
    • Possible escape routes
    • Shoulder straps are uncomfortable
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    8. RETRO PUG Carrier Cat Backpack

    RETRO PUG Cat Carrier Backpack

    The RETRO PUG Cat Carrier Backpack is an option that is good for travel. It has breathable mesh windows along with a top and front door, although they are small. Available in a light gray color, it comes in a 12L X 10W X 15H-inch size with only a ten-pound capacity. If you have a bigger puss on your hands, this is not a good option.

    The RETRO PUG has extra thick shoulder straps for comfort, plus chest and waist straps for security. The buckles are not as durable, so caution is advised. What’s more, the zippers are known to break easily. Beyond that, you will find extra storage pockets, a safety stretch collar, and a top flap to protect your cat from the elements.

    Another unfortunate note about this cat backpack is the mat. It is on the thin side and hard to clean. Worse, the bottom of the pack sags with your pet’s weight, causing them even more discomfort. Finally, it is important to note that you can only use this option as a cat sack. It is not equipped with a handle, wheels, or any other feature.

    • Thickly padded shoulder straps
    • Storage pockets
    • Top flap to protect from elements
    • Buckles are not durable
    • Bottom sags
    • Mat is thin
    • Doors are small
    • Ten-pound capacity
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    9. Petsfit Cats Carriers Backpack

    Petsfit Dogs Carriers Backpack

    Our second to last pick is the Petsfit Cats Carriers Backpack. This option is gray with bright yellow trim and made with durable yet lightweight material. The mesh sides let in airflow, plus there is a mesh pop-up window at the top. Unfortunately, it does not stay up well on its own. Also, the top window doubles as a door. It is very small, and it will be hard to get your tabby inside.

    Available in a 13L X 10W X 16H-inch size, this cat carrier has a 15-pound weight limit. Be that as it may, the dimensions are for the exterior. The inside is far smaller, and we don’t recommend this backpack for cats over eight pounds.

    Additionally, the zippers make it an easy escape pack. To give some credit, it’s made with PV and eco-friendly material. Just note, while the fabric is durable, the stitching on the shoulder straps are not. Plus, the bag is heavier than most.

    Another detail about the Petsfit is the lack of padding at the bottom. There is also no structure, so it will likely sag. This option can only be used as a backpack, plus it’s hard to clean. Finally, you only have one small storage pocket.

    • Durable material
    • Good ventilation
    • Shoulder strap stitching breaks
    • Easy to escape
    • Small interior
    • The bottom has no padding and sags
    • Door is small
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    10. Best Choice Products Pet Carrier Space Capsule Backpack

    Best Choice Products Pet Carrier

    Our last pick is the Best Choice Products Pet Carrier Space Capsule Backpack. As the name suggests, this is a plastic pack with a small bubble window. Unfortunately, the plastic has a strong odor and gets scratches very easily. The window is also hard to screw on. It can pop off, allowing your cat to escape, but it can be exchanged with the mesh cover.

    This cat sack has small holes down the side for inadequate ventilation. It comes in a 13.5L X 11.75W X 18.5H-inch size, although the dimensions are off. The interior is quite cramped. Your feline can only sit, not lay down. What’s more, the large zipper opening makes it difficult to close without letting your cat escape.

    This cat backpack doesn’t have any interior padding, and the bottom sags. The bag also claims to be water-resistant, but that is not the case. On the other hand, you have a top carry handle and padded straps for comfort and convenience. You can choose from blue, black, pink, or green but be advised, the storage pockets are not secure. Unfortunately, this is our least favorite cat backpack.

    All in all we think this is one of the best cat bubble backpacks available on the market today.

    • Padded straps
    • Top handle
    • Hard to zipper close
    • Poor ventilation
    • No interior padding
    • Strong “plastic” odor
    • Small interior space
    • Bottom sags

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    Final Verdict: What’s the Best Cat Backpack?

    A cat backpack is a good alternative to a bulky cat carrier. They are easy to use, travel with, and can help create a bond between you and your feline. In our opinion, the Pet Gear I-GO Plus Traveler Cat backpack is the best one you can get. The second-best option is the JesPet Cat carrier backpack which is also more affordable. We hope the above reviews have helped you find your perfect cat sack!

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    Featured Image Credit: Magui RF, Shutterstock