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8 Best Cat Brushes in Canada (2023) – Reviews & Top Picks

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woman brushing an orange cat

If you aren’t used to brushing your cat, it can be intimidating to pick out the right brush. There are so many different styles and brands, each with its own uses. Finding the right pet brush is a combination of knowing your cat’s fur type and what kind of care it needs and being willing to try new things if your cat rejects a brush.

Luckily, these reviews will give you a good place to start, rounding up some of the best cat brushes and helping you decide what will work best for your cat’s unique fur.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites (2023)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Ace2Ace Cat Grooming Brush Ace2Ace Cat Grooming Brush
  • Feature iconRubber-tipped wire brush cleans fur with minimal pain
  • Feature iconRetractable bristles for easy cleaning/storage
  • Feature iconPenetrates deep into hair to remove dead fur
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Doryum Cat Grooming Brush Doryum Cat Grooming Brush
  • Feature icon45-degree angled wires
  • Feature iconRemovable shutter for cleaning
  • Feature iconLow price
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Sammiu Pet Grooming Brush 5 in 1 Kit Sammiu Pet Grooming Brush 5 in 1 Kit
  • Feature iconFive different brush types in one
  • Feature iconFive different brush types in one
  • Best for Kittens
    Aloe Care Cat Brush Aloe Care Cat Brush
  • Feature iconGentle on sensitive skin
  • Feature iconSmooths fur oils
  • Feature iconWorks for mild detangling
  • Kong ZoomGroom Cat Grooming Brush Kong ZoomGroom Cat Grooming Brush
  • Feature iconSoft flexible rubber
  • Feature iconCollects shed hair
  • Feature iconMulti use and waterproof
  • The 8 Best Cat Brushes in Canada

    1. Ace2Ace Cat Grooming Brush — Best Overall

    1 ACE2ACE Dog Brush, Cat Brush, Pet Brush for Long and Short Hair

    Brush Type: Wire
    Brush Material: Plastic, wire

    Although there are many specialized brushes, the Ace2Ace Cat Grooming Brush is our overall best cat brush because it is so versatile and comfortable. The wire brush design is great for combing long or short fur and removing loose fur no matter how thick or tangled it is. Unlike most wire brushes, each bristle has a rubber tip that softens the brush, making it harder to scratch your kitty, although some cats may still dislike wire brushes. This brush is also easy to use and clean, with retractable bristles that make it easy to remove collected fur, as well as being perfect for safe and compact storage. Overall, this is a great choice for most cats.

    • Rubber-tipped wire brush cleans fur with minimal pain
    • Retractable bristles for easy cleaning/storage
    • Penetrates deep into hair to remove dead fur
    • Some cats dislike wire brushes
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    2. Doryum Cat Grooming Brush — Best Value

    2 Doryum Cat Dog Grooming Brush small

    Brush Type: Wire
    Brush Material: Plastic, wire

    The Doryum Cat Grooming Slicker Cleaning Brush gives you a lot of bang for your buck with its low-cost design and high-quality construction. This brush is a wire design that makes it easy to detangle and remove shed fur from cats of all hair lengths. Each bristle is bent at a 45-degree angle, an unusual choice that makes it easy to reach difficult angles, and a removable shutter makes it easy to clean.

    Although we love this brush, not all cats will be happy with the wire bristles. Many cats with sensitive skin find this design uncomfortable and prefer a softer brush. This brush also has a less ergonomic grip than others, so if sitting down to brush is a bigger chore in your household, it might be worth the investment for a more comfortable one.

    • 45-degree angled wires
    • Removable shutter for cleaning
    • Low price
    • Wire brush can be uncomfortable for some cats
    • Less ergonomic grip
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    3. Sammiu Pet Grooming Brush 5 in 1 Kit — Premium Choice

    3 Pet Grooming Brush 5 in 1 Pet Massage Kit Dog Brush Cat Brush

    Brush Type: Multipack
    Brush Material: Plastic, steel

    If you aren’t sure which brush type you want or have a cat with especially mat-prone hair, the Sammiu Pet Grooming Brush 5 in 1 Massage Kit is a great premium option that lets you get several different options. Although buying a grooming kit is more expensive than buying a single brush, when you look at how much you get, it may be worth the price. This kit comes with three brush head types—a rubber, pin, and bristle brush—and two steel combs—a detangling and a deshedding comb. If your cat struggles with being brushed or you need extra detangling help, a standard brush might not do it, and this is a great way to find out what helps most. One of the biggest drawbacks is that you only have one handle, so if you use more than one in a single grooming session, you need to stop and switch. Although most reviewers didn’t mind, it does add an element of complexity to the task that can slow things down.

    • Five different brush types in one
    • You decide which brush types fit your cat’s coat
    • Only one handle so frequent switches might be needed
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    4. Aloe Care Cat Brush — Best for Kittens

    4 Aloe Care Cat Brush

    Brush Type: Bristle
    Brush Material: Wood, nylon

    Your kitten’s first brush should make the experience a delight for both of you. That’s why we recommend the Aloe Care Cat Brush as the best brush for kittens or for adult cats who struggle with wire brushes. Its soft nylon bristles are gentle on sensitive fur and skin, and the nylon bristles help to redistribute fur oils, leaving your kitten with a smooth, glossy coat. Although it doesn’t dig deeply into the fur, it can still smooth out mild tangles. Many cats love the sensation of a bristle brush, making brushing time into more of a friendly massage instead of a battle. However, there are some drawbacks to the design. Unlike wire brushes, it doesn’t collect shed fur into a convenient layer on your brush, so it’s not ideal for heavy shedders. It also won’t get through badly tangled fur, so it’s important to keep up with brushing on longhair cats.

    • Gentle on sensitive skin
    • Smooths fur oils
    • Works for mild detangling
    • Low plastic design
    • Not the best for heavy shedders or bad tangles
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    5. Kong ZoomGroom Cat Grooming Brush

    5 KONG ZoomGroom

    Brush Type: Rubber
    Brush Material: Rubber

    The Kong ZoomGroom Cat Grooming Brush has soft flexible grooming prongs that attract hair. This brush collects the shed hair and gives your cat a massage at the same time.  It is waterproof and can be used to lather up shampoo at bath time making it a multi use grooming tool. It is best for short to medium haired cats and those with sensitive skin that don’t enjoy wire brushes. Many people reported that their cats demanded brushing time daily with the ZoomGroom.

    As with all products, there will be some cats who do not enjoy being brushed with this grooming aid. It may also not be the best choice if your cat regularly has knots that need to be brushed out.  It is great for general maintenance and if used regularly it can reduce the frequency of hairballs.

    • Soft flexible rubber
    • Collects shed hair
    • Multi use and waterproof
    • Some cats don’t like the sensation
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    6. DELOMO Pet Grooming Brush Gloves

    6 Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves 

    Brush Type: Glove
    Brush Material: Silicon, elasticated fabric

    If your cat is scared at the sight of a brush, grooming gloves may be the way to go. These DELOMO Pet Grooming Brush Gloves are made of textured silicon that sticks to fur when dampened, helping you smooth fur and collect shedding as you pet your cat. Because it mimics petting, many cats that dislike grooming love these gloves, and the soft silicone is gentle and familiar.

    The gloves themselves come in a one-size elasticated pair with adjustable wrist straps. Although they are advertised as fitting all hand sizes, some people with smaller hands might find these gloves a little baggy. The silicon goes on the palm of your hand. The biggest complaint that users had about these gloves is that they can be hard to clean—although some reviewers had no trouble rinsing off shed fur and throwing them in the washer as directed, others found that the fur clung stubbornly despite their efforts.

    • Mimics petting
    • Fur sticks to gloves with minimal dampening
    • Gentle and familiar
    • Difficult to clean
    • May not fit smaller hands
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    7. Maxpower Planet Pet Deshedding Brush for Cats

    7 Maxpower Planet Pet Deshedding Brush for Dogs and Cats

    Brush Type: Deshedder
    Brush Material: Plastic, steel

    Deshedder brushes are most commonly used for short-haired dogs, but they can also be effective on cats. We loved the Maxpower Planet Pet Deshedding Brush for Cats because it effectively rakes through fur and collects shed fur, making it perfect for cats that have short, dense fur and lots of shedding. The tool has a solid metal head and an ergonomic, comfortable grip that makes it easy to groom your cat. This style of brush often catches hair more quickly than wire brushes and gets through every layer of the coat, but it can be sharp, so it is important to use it gently. This brush is also not made for detangling or for cats with long coats.

    • Effectively cleans shedding fur
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Catches on tangles
    • Not ideal for longer fur
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    8. XIANHU Cat Self Groomer

    8 Cat Self Groomer, 4 Pack Soft Cat Face Scratcher Wall Corner Grooming Brush Cat Massage Combs with Catnip

    Brush Type: Self Groomer
    Brush Material: Plastic

    Are you always struggling to find time for grooming? Does your cat love rubbing up against your brush, your furniture, or your walls? If you answered yes, the XIANHU Cat Self Groomer might be a good option for you. These groomers won’t work for all cats, but they can be a lifesaver for some. Each of the four molded groomers is shaped to go on a wall corner, table leg, or similar surface, providing a scratching mat for your cat to rub up against and get groomed in the process. This probably won’t replace your regular grooming—after all, your cat will only rub up against areas that he enjoys, like his face or shoulders—but it can help keep tangles under control if you go a little longer between brushes.

    • Simplifies grooming process
    • Great for itchy cats
    • Enjoyable sensory toy
    • Probably won’t fully replace grooming
    • Not all cats will use

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Best Cat Brush in Canada

    Types of Cat Brushes

    When picking out a cat brush, there are so many varieties that you can use, and each one has its own pros and cons. The most common type of brush is a wire brush. These are useful because they can both detangle and catch shed fur, making them great multi-purpose tools. However, they can be painful for cats with sensitive skin because of the hard wires.

    Deshedding brushes or deshedding rakes look like a small metal rake as the name suggests. Just like wire brushes, they can be painful for some cats. These brushes catch shed fur and are usually faster to use than wire brushes, but they can only be used on cats with short enough fur that it won’t catch on tangles.

    Bristle style brushes use soft nylon, plastic, or animal bristles to clean fur. They are great for smoothing out fur and keeping coats beautiful and glossy. They are also very gentle, which makes them a great choice for kittens and cats with sensitive skin. However, they only deal with minor tangles and light shedding. In general, look for firmer bristles for best results.

    Finally, silicon or rubber brushes have knobby, textured surfaces. Like bristle brushes, they are soft on skin and fur, making them ideal for sensitive kitties. They are also great for picking up shed fur and usually work best when slightly damp. These brushes can be hard to clean because fur sticks to them, and they also tend to wear out more quickly than other brushes.

    How Often Should I Brush My Cat?

    woman brushing an orange cat
    Image Credit: cottonbro, pexels

    Brushing frequency depends on your cat’s coat as well as personal grooming habits. Many cats with short fur don’t need regular brushing to keep their fur clean but will still appreciate a brush every week or two to clean up shed fur. Cats with longer fur may need brushing several times a week or even daily to stop tangles and mats from being formed. As cats age, they may need more frequent brushing because they start to struggle to clean themselves. Brushing your cat’s fur on a regular basis will help them shed less and reduce hairballs.

    When you brush your cat, the easiest way is to go from head to tail, brushing in short, smooth strokes. Don’t apply too much pressure or let the tines of your brush poke into your cat’s skin. You usually don’t need to brush places with short fur and sensitive skin like your cat’s face and paws.

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    Final Verdict

    Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves, but they still need our help on occasion. These pet brushes will help you make brushing an enjoyable task for you and your kitty. The Ace2Ace Pet Grooming Brush is our best overall pick because of its versatility and ease of use. We love the Doryum Grooming Slicker Cleaning Brush for its great price and great design. The Pet Grooming Brush 5 in 1 Massage Kit is a good premium option if you want to test several different styles and really pamper your cat along the way. And we love the Aloe Care Cat Brush for kittens and cats with sensitive skin because of its gentle bristles.

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    Featured Image Credit: cottonbro, pexels