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16 Best Cat Christmas Ornaments of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

homemade gray tabby cat in a plaid tie with a Christmas tree

Cat Christmas ornaments allow us to share our love for cats during a time of celebration and cheer. While the gifts beneath the tree get plenty of attention, with packages of every size for your friends and family, why not turn to the ornaments hanging to honor those closest to you?

You can do just that with the best cat Christmas ornaments featured below. Some are even personalized with names or photos, designed to be given as gifts during a season where giving has a deeper meaning. Look at our top picks and choose your favorite ornaments for your tree or as an especially meaningful present.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites (Updated in 2023)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
“Meowy Christmas” Personalized Ornament “Meowy Christmas” Personalized Ornament
  • Feature icon Personalized with up to 4 cats
  • Feature icon 64 cat colors and 19 costumes
  • Feature icon Lightweight and durable
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Set of Three Adorable Cats in Stockings Set of Three Adorable Cats in Stockings
  • Feature icon Each ornament is unique
  • Feature icon Large size and easy to personalize yourself
  • Feature icon Cute with a traditional Christmas look
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Willow Tree, With Affection Ornament Willow Tree, With Affection Ornament
  • Feature icon Can be hung or set out for display
  • Feature icon Relatively tall and easy to see
  • Feature icon A meaningful gift for family or friends
  • Best for Kittens
    My First Christmas Picture Frame Ornament My First Christmas Picture Frame Ornament
  • Feature icon You can use any year you want
  • Feature icon Nine characters allowed for the name
  • Feature icon Insert your own photo
  • Whimsical Black Cat Figurine Ornament Whimsical Black Cat Figurine Ornament
  • Feature icon Lightweight and easy to hang
  • Feature icon Can be set out on display
  • Feature icon Charming and unique design
  • The 16 Best Cat Christmas Ornaments

    1. “Meowy Christmas” Personalized Ornament– Best Overall

    Personalized Cat Christmas Ceramic Ornament

    Dimensions: 3 inches round
    Material: Ceramic
    Personalized: Yes

    Our best overall pick for the best cat Christmas ornament is this cute personalized one with a festive flair. Even though it is a decent size at 3 inches across, it is made of lightweight ceramic so that it won’t weigh down the tree branches. The high-quality printing is only on the front but is fade-resistant, even in the sun, so it’s safe for use outdoors or in front of a bright window. It hangs beautifully from a gold cord and comes presented in a lovely box ideal for gifting.

    The fun “Meowy Christmas” saying along the top is perfect for any cat lover’s holiday tree. Even more fun are the options for personalizing it. You can choose from 64 colors or breeds of cats, along with 19 costumes each can wear. Add the cat’s name beneath their ornament replica, and it’s an excellent gift for a friend or loved one. While you can add up to four cats to the ornament, it looks best with only one or two. With three or four, you may notice that the cats look too small or that the names become hard to read.

    • Personalized with up to 4 cats
    • 64 cat colors and 19 costumes
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Non-fading for outdoor use
    • Designed, printed, and shipped from the US
    • Only printed on one side
    • It can look crowded with 3+ cats
    • Longer names may be harder to read
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    2. Set of Three Adorable Cats in Stockings – Best Value

    Set of Three Adorable Cats in Stockings

    Dimensions: 3.5” L x 5” W
    Material: Clay
    Personalized: No

    The best cat Christmas ornaments for the money are these three clay ornaments that look like cats peeking out of cute stockings. Each cat has a unique stocking pattern of stripes or polka dots with a traditional green and red color scheme. White toes, heels, and cuffs complete the classic stocking look. Each cat is unique, with a light gray, dark gray, and orange cat looking as cute and mischievous as ever popping out of their stockings.

    Each ornament is a pretty good size, at 3.5″ wide and 5″ tall. While these don’t come personalized, you may find it very easy to personalize them yourself. Because they are made of clay, they may feel heavy, but they hang well from red or green ribbons tied with bows for a more traditional ornament look. Some have reported that the clay feels fragile, so you may want to take care when storing them, but this set of three ornaments is a great value, giving you matching ornaments that break down to an excellent price per piece.

    • Each ornament is unique
    • Large size and easy to personalize yourself
    • Cute with a traditional Christmas look
    • Three-pack makes them a great value
    • Clay may feel fragile
    • Ornaments are heavier than others
    • It doesn’t come personalized
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    3. Willow Tree, With Affection Ornament – Premium Choice

    Willow Tree, With Affection Ornament

    Dimensions: 4.5 inches tall
    Material: Resin
    Personalized: No

    Willow Tree is the beloved and popular brand of artistic figurines and ornaments by artist Susan Lordi. Each hand-painted resin piece is molded from an original carving designed by Susan at her Missouri studio. Her “With Affection” ornament is a scaled-down representation of the beautiful figurine of the same name. You’ll see an angel with cream colored gown and wings made of metal holding a grey cat. Because of the careful attention to detail and the artistic nature of the ornament, the Willow Tree is our premium choice.

    The ornament is boxed in typical Willow Tree packaging, which is always perfect for gifting. More information about the brand and artist is provided on the box, and the item is well packed for safety. The brown elastic cord allows you to hang it securely, moving the loop farther up the branch if needed. It can also be set out on a table or with a display. Willow Tree ornaments are always cherished and designed to be a keepsake to commemorate a significant event or represent an important aspect of one’s life.

    • Can be hung or set out for display
    • Relatively tall and easy to see
    • A meaningful gift for family or friends
    • A keepsake to treasure for years
    • A matching full-size figurine is available
    • It may be too heavy to hang on some trees
    • More expensive than some ornament options
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    4. My First Christmas Picture Frame Ornament – Best for Kittens

    My First Christmas Picture Frame Ornament

    Dimensions: 3” L x 3.5” W
    Material: Resin
    Personalized: Yes

    If you have a young kitten celebrating its first Christmas, this is the perfect ornament to commemorate the occasion! The photo frame allows you to add a small picture of your kitten so you can never forget just how small they were “way back when” as they pounced into the Christmas tree and played with bows and ribbons. It’s an ideal holiday gift for a loved one celebrating their first season with a new kitten or even an older cat they’ve just adopted.

    The ornament can be customized with your cat’s name and the year. Names can be a maximum of nine characters, which is fairly long for most cats. However, if you have a cat with a particularly long name, you may have to shorten it or use a nickname for them. The year is printed on a tiny snowflake that hangs from the bottom. Because you can choose any year you wish, it’s never too late to get that “My First Christmas” ornament.

    • You can use any year you want
    • Nine characters allowed for the name
    • Insert your own photo
    • Made of durable resin
    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • Loop may be a little short
    • The picture must be small
    • Resin ornament needs more support
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    5. Whimsical Black Cat Figurine Ornament

    Whimsical Black Cat Figurine Ornament

    Dimensions: 2” L x 3.25” W
    Material: Resin
    Personalized: No

    This black cat is adorable in his Santa hat and red scarf, looking quite mischievous and proud of whatever trouble he’s gotten into. At just over 3 inches tall, he’s lightweight and perfect for the tree, hanging from a gold cord. He can also sit on a flat surface as part of a Christmas display. The ornament is made of molded resin and hand-painted with careful attention to detail, even down to his tiny toes. You can find other cat colors in the collection, including an orange tabby, a calico, and a gray cat.

    Also in the Happy Cat collection are various poses of cat figurines, like those that are playing, stretching, and sitting. They make for great ornaments or display pieces as well. Try the salt and pepper shakers or bookends if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a loved one, friend, or even coworker to match this whimsical black cat ornament. The black kitty looks the same and would be an excellent way to start their collection.

    • Lightweight and easy to hang
    • Can be set out on display
    • Charming and unique design
    • Part of a much more extensive collection
    • Hand-painted with attention to detail
    • On the smaller side
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    6. Mischievous Tabby Kitten Mini Ornament

    Mischievous Tabby Kitten Mini Ornament

    Dimensions: 1.75” L x 1.6” W x 0.84” H
    Material: Plastic
    Personalized: No

    Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments are known for their incredibly artistic designs and attention to detail, whether cute and cuddly kittens like this one or your favorite sci-fi pop culture movie characters. Artist Nina Aube designed this miniature Keepsake ornament as the 24th in the Mischievous Kitten collection, with an orange tabby that has just gotten herself into trouble. Mini ornaments are much smaller than typical Hallmark ornaments but ideal for tinier trees in apartments or work desks.

    All Keepsake ornaments come packaged in a gift box that makes them ideal for wrapping, giving, storing, and preserving for years to come. Whether this is your first Hallmark Keepsake ornament, or you’ve been collecting them for years and need the newest in the series, you or the cat-lovers in your life will fall in love with this adorable, playful, and mischievous orange tabby kitten. You might find that you’ve started or continued a tradition with Hallmark.

    • High-quality Hallmark Keepsake ornament
    • Designed by artist Nina Aube
    • Miniature size ideal for small trees
    • Part of the Mischievous Kittens series
    • It comes in a gift box for gifting or safe storage
    • It might be too small for standard trees
    • No hook or loop included
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    7. Sleepy Cat Pewter Ornament

    Sleepy Cat Pewter Ornament

    Dimensions: 2″ L x 2″ W
    Material: Lead-free pewter
    Personalized: No

    This ornament is cast of lead-free pewter and depicts a cat curled up in blissful sleep with stars above. It hangs elegantly from a red satin ribbon contrasting with silver metal. Although the ornament is only 2 inches across, it’s pretty heavy due to the pewter, and it may need a higher place on the tree to stay secure. However, it’s sure to last for years to come.

    Any cat lover will love this cat Christmas ornament, as it comes attached to a 4.25″ x 6.25″ card detailing the brand’s commitment to animal welfare with a donation from each purchase. It’s the ideal size for slipping inside a Christmas card. With such a peaceful design, this could be a great ornament to memorialize a pet who’s passed on. Because pewter is such a soft metal, you may even be able to use metal stamps to personalize the ornament with their name, although the item doesn’t come personalized from the maker.

    • It supports animal welfare with a donation
    • Made of durable lead-free pewter
    • Handcrafted in Nova Scotia
    • Ideal packaging for adding to a Christmas card
    • Very heavy and may weigh down branches
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    8. 2022 Cool Cat Ornament Photo Frame

    2022 Cool Cat Ornament Photo Frame

    Dimensions: 3.17” L x 3.73” W
    Material: Plastic
    Personalized: Yes

    The Cool Cat photo frame ornament is another Hallmark Keepsake classic from the 2022 season. It is dated with the year and ready to personalize with your photo. The frame shows an approximately 2-inch round picture, giving you plenty of room to show off your kitty’s most beautiful poses (because we all know they pose for the camera)!

    A talented artist designs each Hallmark Keepsake ornament, and artist Allie Jachimowicz commissioned this one. She gave the decoration a fun and whimsical quality with the traditional red, green, white, and gold colors of Christmas, but many elements are uniquely feline, like a collar with a tag, cat ears, a mouse toy, and a ball of yarn. The ornament comes packaged in a gift box that is great for wrapping and placing under the tree or storing the decoration safely until next year when you can hang it again.

    • Personalized with your own photo
    • Fun and colorful design
    • Lightweight and easy to hang
    • It comes with a gift box for giving or storing
    • Part of the Hallmark Keepsake collection
    • No hook or loop is included
    • The date can’t be changed
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    9. Clear Meowy Cat Acrylic Ornaments

    Clear Meowy Cat Acrylic Ornaments

    Dimensions: 3.25″ round
    Material: Acrylic
    Personalized: No

    If you consider yourself crafty, these blank acrylic ornaments are a great way to add a festive and feline flair to the Christmas season. Spread your love of cats to your friends and family as fun gift tags on wrapped presents, or make the ornaments a gift all their own. Why not create an entire set of 20 ornaments for a cat-themed tree? Let your imagination roam free to discover the possibilities! You have 20 blank canvases to decorate. These would be great projects for kids as they create their own ornaments for the tree.

    Each ornament is just over 3 inches wide and shaped like a cat’s face. You can use etching methods, paint, vinyl stickers, and many other DIY crafts to decorate them. The blank ornaments have a pre-drilled hole for a ribbon or hook to be used for hanging, but the ribbons are not included. They are covered by a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

    • 20 ornaments included
    • Get creative with your favorite crafts
    • Pre-drilled holes for a ribbon
    • Money back guarantee
    • Not ready-to-hang
    • Thick acrylic is a little heavy
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    10. Personalized Metal Cutout Ornament, Set of 2

    Personalized Metal Cutout Ornament, Set of 2

    Dimensions: Varies
    Material: Alloy steel
    Personalized: yes

    Add your pet’s name with a unique metal art design to your tree this year with these personalized cat Christmas ornaments. You can choose two of the seven designs offered, and each can be personalized with a different name up to nine characters long. Because there are options ideal for dogs as well, this can be a great way to get ornaments for your cat and dog at the same time! They don’t come with the hook or ribbon to hang them, but they can be added to your order for an additional charge with four ribbon options to choose from.

    Because the metal will rust if not protected, it’s recommended that you paint the ornaments when you receive them, even if you use clear protective paint. You may also let them rust for a unique patina finish that develops over time. These are made in the United States by a family-owned business based in Utah that offers a satisfaction guarantee on all their products.

    • Many designs to choose from, including ones for dogs
    • Personalize up to nine characters
    • Made from cold-rolled steel
    • Perfect for metal art or a country chic décor
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • It doesn’t come with a complimentary ribbon
    • Will rust without paint or coating
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    11. “Oh Christmas Tree” Funny Christmas Ornament

    Oh Christmas Tree Funny Christmas Ornament

    Dimensions: 3.12″ L x 4.87″ W
    Material: Resin
    Personalized: No

    If you’re looking for an ornament that is a perfect gift for a cat lover, especially on the first Christmas when keeping a tree and shiny presents safe is nearly impossible, this one should top the shopping list. The ornament is cute, with a tree shape outlined in red with red bells attached that jingle and a white cat atop it that looks as if she’s quite proud of her accomplishment at reaching her goal. However, the best feature of this ornament is the short poem on the front: “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree… your ornaments are HISTORY!” A more accurate Christmas poem about cats has never been written.

    These ornaments are hand-painted, and a few people have received ones that seem poorly done. Other issues like missing bells or ornaments that arrive broken are also rare. However, Amazon often lists this product as ineligible for return if you attempt to initiate a return online, but calling customer service may be an option.

    • Large size with long cord loop
    • Cute and comical saying
    • The bells on the side are real
    • Packaging is simple styrofoam without a box
    • Shown as ineligible for refund if needed
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    12. “Because Cats” Funny Christmas Ornament

    Because Cats Funny Christmas Ornament

    Dimensions: 3″ round
    Material: Wood
    Personalized: No

    This funny Christmas ornament says what all cat-lovers already know and probably say quite often… because cats! Why do we have cat hair on our clothes? Because cats. Why do we end up lying on the couch while becoming increasingly uncomfortable? Because cats. Why do we have wooden ornaments? That one is definitely because cats.

    We can all relate to this one, so it’s the perfect gift. While the design is only printed on one side, you can personalize the back however you’d like. Add the recipient’s name and use it as a gift tag or write their kitty’s name and the year as a memento. However you decide to use this versatile ornament, there’s no denying that it’s an appropriate gift and will cause a few laughs and maybe even strike up a conversation about the best “because cats” stories we all love to hear.

    • Lightweight
    • Durable and shatterproof
    • It can be used as a gifting tag
    • Large size, easy to read
    • Only printed on one side
    • May seem plain
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    13. Delft Blue Porcelain Cat Ornament, Set of 2

    Delft Blue Porcelain Cat Ornament, Set of 2

    Dimensions: 1.25” L x 2.75” W
    Material: Porcelain
    Personalized: No

    There’s no denying the beauty of Delft blue floral patterns reminiscent of the pottery made in Delft, Holland, since 1653. This pair of porcelain kitties have similar designs on their backs and wear beautiful blue bows. They are made by Kurt Adler, a famous brand of Christmas ornament that offers a series of ornaments in many designs, including teacups, doves, nutcrackers, and even an entire nativity. It’s important to note that these are not the Blue Delft made in Holland but were made with a similar pattern.

    The porcelain ornaments are relatively small and less than 3 inches tall. Because they are made of porcelain, they are also more fragile than ornaments made of resin or plastic. If you have kitties in the home or are gifting these to a home that does, it’s essential to keep them higher in the tree or somewhere safe from curious and playful paws.

    • Classic, elegant Delft patterns
    • Matching pair, each slightly different
    • Popular Kurt Adler brand
    • Collectible Delft Blue series
    • More fragile than other ornaments
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    14. Large Acrylic Cat Ornament, Choose Your Breed

    Large Acrylic Cat Ornament, Choose Your Breed

    Dimensions: 3″ round
    Material: Acrylic
    Personalized: No

    If you’re looking for lightweight and shatterproof ornaments, this is another one you should consider. It’s acrylic, making it ideal if you have playful kittens that you can’t entirely trust around the Christmas tree. It also comes in many styles of cats, from tuxedo cats to orange tabbies to Siamese. Another great thing is that they also have many breeds of dogs available so that you can get an ornament for everyone in the furry family!

    Each ornament has a graphic on one side, with the other showing a white outline. There is a transparent background around the animal, and you can use the ornament as-is or use this space to get creative and personalize it with a name or other DIY crafting. A ribbon for hanging is included, but you can switch it out with another color of ribbon, string, twine, or other suitable material.

    • Fade-resistant and durable
    • Many breeds of cats to choose from
    • Lightweight acrylic design
    • It comes with a ribbon for hanging
    • You can personalize it yourself
    • Only printed on one side
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    15. “Cat Mama” Gifting Ornament

    Cat Mama Gifting Ornament

    Dimensions: 3″ round
    Material: Stainless steel
    Personalized: No

    This is another cat Christmas ornament ideal for gifting. If you know a special cat mom who would love to show off her special status on the tree this year, try this ornament made of stainless steel. With durable construction, there’s guaranteed to be no glass shards left behind should one of her kitties feel like playing with it. The steel is also shiny, which you won’t get with wooden or acrylic ornaments of similar shape. Because it is a thin piece of stamped metal, it’s very lightweight.

    The ornament is also a great keepsake, should you decide to personalize it using the blank back as your canvas. Add the cat’s name and the year, or even get creative with crafting materials to attach a photo of her and her fur babies. However you decide to use this ornament, she’s sure to love it and give it a prominent place on the tree.

    • Durable and unbreakable
    • Extra lightweight
    • Great gift for cat moms
    • Other ornaments available
    • It may feel cheap compared to some ornaments
    • No design on the back
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    16. Personalized Pet Memorial Christmas Ornament

    Personalized Pet Memorial Christmas Ornament

    Dimensions: 2.75″ round
    Material: Wood with plastic coating
    Personalized: Yes

    Sometimes Christmas is hard for pet parents, especially if they’ve recently lost one of their beloved fur babies. This cat Christmas ornament allows you to personalize it with a photo of a pet and text, such as their name, a memorial phrase, and the year. That way, you can welcome them back to your home each holiday, giving them a particularly special place on your tree.

    Whether you use an ornament to honor your pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge or give it as a sympathy gift to someone you know, you can rest easy knowing it will last. A core of solid MDF board is coated with scratch- and fade-resistant plastic on which the photo and text are printed. Several layouts are available, depending on your preferred style, and they offer tips for choosing the best image.

    • Customized with photo and text
    • Durable and fade-resistant
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Designed and made in the USA
    • Only printed on one side
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    Buyer’s Guide


    One of the first things you should consider when purchasing an ornament is its size. If you have a full-sized tree and intend to hang it, then a tiny ornament may get lost, especially around other big ones. Conversely, if you have a small tabletop tree, a large decoration may look out of place or not fit.

    If you are gifting an ornament, choosing something larger is typically best. If they use a smaller tree, a big ornament can still be used elsewhere in the home.


    What an ornament is made of in many homes doesn’t matter much. However, this is especially important in homes with cats and should be considered carefully. Cats, and especially kittens, love to play in trees. When you add bright lights and shiny, hanging ornaments to it, it’s a playground! Breakable ornaments can cause a mess but also pose a danger should they (or you) step in shards of glass.

    This doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fragile ornaments, but those should be placed toward the top of the tree where they are better protected. The bottom of the tree needs more durable ornaments that won’t break. Because this is the biggest part of the tree, you’ll need a lot of these! We recommend plastic, acrylic, wood, or metal materials.

    cat sitting near christmas tree
    Image Credit: jhenning, Pixabay


    Not all cat Christmas ornaments come personalized. However, we did feature several that you can order with custom photos or text. Others that we featured are not customized by the shipper, but you can easily personalize them yourself, and we’ve offered some tips for doing so in the item’s review. If personalization is vital to you, be sure to look for these!


    Do you collect Christmas ornaments? Many people do! Brands like Willow Tree and Hallmark are some of the most collectibles, but Kurt Adler and other names are also. If you have already started your collection, scroll up and find the newest ones. If you haven’t, this year is a great time to get going.


    Some ornaments are just meant to be pretty or funny. Others, though, hold a deeper meaning that might be important to you or the person you intend to give it to. For example, the memorial ornament may be a significant part of someone’s Christmas for years to come. On a lighter note, the “Cat Mom” or “My First Christmas” ornaments can also be very special.

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    Final Thoughts

    The “Meowy Christmas” personalized ornament is the best overall due to its cuteness, high degree of customization, and great reviews. The best value cat Christmas ornaments are the set of three adorable cats in stockings. Each one in the collection is slightly different. For something more artistic and collectible, go with our premium choice, the “With Affection” ornament from Willow Tree. It matches the full-sized figurine of the same name.

    Whether you intend to keep it or give it as a keepsake gift, we know you’ll have found at least one cat Christmas ornament from our list that you love.

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    Featured Image Credit: Nadtochiy, Shutterstock