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7 Best Cat Cone Collars of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

cat with cone collarThere may come a time when your cat develops a skin issue like a rash or superficial cut. They can also have sensitive spots from incisions or other medical procedures. Regardless, it’s important they refrain from licking, scratching, or touching the area so they can properly heal.

Easier said than done, right? Explaining the merits of good hygiene is typically lost on felines, yet allowing them to go near the area can cause infections and other issues.

To keep your cat from going near a specific body part, the best thing to do is use a cone collar. Your tabby is unlikely to be thrilled with the situation, though. So, to make the situation easier, you need to find a protective collar that is effective and comfortable.

Below, we have reviewed the seven best cone collars for cats. We will share the fit, effectiveness, comfort level, and more. Need some help finding the right size? We have you covered there, as well, in the buyer’s guide!

Don’t take the chance of your tabby developing complications! Read on for more info on the best cones for cats available this year!

A Quick Overview of the Winners in 2021

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Comfy Cone E-Collar Comfy Cone E-Collar
  • Feature iconEffective
  • Feature iconRemovable plastic stays
  • Feature iconAttaches to collar
  • Best Value
    Second place
    ZenPet ZenCone ZenPet ZenCone
  • Feature iconBuilt-in windows
  • Feature iconSoft edges
  • Feature iconEffective
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    SunGrow Comfy Cone SunGrow Comfy Cone
  • Feature iconUnrestricted view
  • Feature iconWater and bite-resistant
  • Feature iconEasy to put on
  • KONG EZ Soft Collar KONG EZ Soft Collar
  • Feature iconCinch-tight toggles
  • Feature iconMachine washable
  • Feature iconSoft and comfortable
  • Alfie Pet Zumi Soft Edge Alfie Pet Zumi Soft Edge
  • Feature iconStructured and durable
  • Feature iconEasy to put on
  • Feature iconDoesn't restrict view
  • The 7 Best Cat Cone Collars

    1. All Four Paws Comfy Cone E-Collar – Best Overall

    Comfy Cone E-Collar

    Our first pick is the All Four Paws Comfy Cone E-Collar. This is a black protection tool that comes in an extra-small, small, small long, medium, large, and extra-large size; in short, you won’t have a problem finding the right size for your cat. One of the best features of this collar is padded construction. It is made of soft, tight-gauge nylon with foam backing. You also have the option to use the removable plastic stays if your pet needs something more structured.

    All Four Paws is effective in keeping your feline from scratching, biting, or licking their wounds. On the other hand, they will be able to eat, drink, and sleep comfortably with this cone. You cal also flip it upside down for a chest and neck cover or simply fold it down allowing them to eat more easily. As a bonus, the collar has reflective material in case your pet finds themselves outside.

    This option is easy to put on with the adjustable fuzzy straps. You can also use the elastic loops to tether their collar for extra security. The collar is easy to clean, conforms to doorways, plus it’s water-resistant. You will also notice that the opaque color will keep your feline calm as they won’t be jumping at shadows and other things they can’t see. Overall, this is our favorite cat cone collar.

    • Effective
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Flips down for comfort
    • Attaches to collar
    • Removable plastic stays
    • Won’t restrict their view
    • None we can see
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    2. ZenPet ZenCone Cat Collar – Best Value

    ZenPet ZenCone

    Our next choice is a good option if you need something more affordable than our first pick. The ZenPet ZenCone Cat Collar comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large and is available in black. It’s made of a bite and scratch-resistant canvas that is soft and comfortable for your pet to wear. You will not have to worry about your cat licking or otherwise disturbing any sensitive areas.

    Easy to put on, the ZenPet adjusts to your cat’s neck with fuzzy straps. You can also attach it to their collar so it won’t easily fall off. More importantly, the collar has soft edges that won’t make startling noises when it brushes up against doors or walls. With built-in windows, your feline will have an unrestricted view of their surroundings.

    This collar is easy to clean. Your cat will not have a problem eating, drinking, or sleeping with it on, either. The only drawback is that it’s more structured than our first option. Otherwise, this is the best cat cone collar for the money.

    • Effective
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Built-in windows
    • Attaches to collar
    • Soft edges
    • More structured
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    3. SunGrow Comfy Cone Cat Recovery Collar – Premium Choice

    SunGrow Post-Surgery

    If you are looking for an effective but still attractive cone collar, the SunGrow Comfy Cone Cat Recovery Collar is a good option to consider. Available in pink with white polka-dots, it’s designed to resemble a flower in bloom. Besides the cute appearance, it will also keep your feline from scratching, licking, or biting any areas that need to heal. What’s more, the collar is water-resistant and bite-proof.

    This cone is made of a soft and durable fabric covering memory foam. Your pet will not be startled if it hits a doorway, plus they won’t get stuck between stair railings or other narrow spaces. Additionally, the cone is lower and wider giving your cat an unobstructed view of their surroundings.

    The SunGrow is easy to clean. You can adjust it with the Velcro straps, and it’s easy to put on. The soft fabric and memory foam also make it easy for your cat to move around, get comfortable, and eat out of their dish. When considering this cat collar, however, be prepared to spend a little more money. This option is more expensive than our other two options making it our premium choice.

    • Soft and comfortable
    • Effective
    • Unrestricted view
    • Water and bite-resistant
    • Adjustable and easy to put on
    • Expensive
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    4. KONG EZ Soft Collar


    The KONG EZ Soft Collar is a cone option that will help keep your cat from nosing about any sensitive spots that need to heal. You can find it in blue color in extra-small or small. It’s soft and comfortable while also flexible. This will keep your tabby from getting stuck in doorways and between fencing. It has Flexstay technology, as well, allowing it to keep its shape.

    The KONG is machine washable. The lycra neckline is soft and attaches with cinch-tight toggles. Your cat will be able to eat, sleep, and drink with comfort. Not only that, but it will not make any loud or startling noises if they hit a wall. Unfortunately, that is possible as this option does restrict their view to a point.

    This collar is easy to put on your feline. As mentioned, the toggles keep it secure on your pet. Just be careful as this option doesn’t attach to your cat’s collar. You are better off removing any tags so it does not get caught. Beyond that, this is a good middle of the road choice to help your tabby heal.

    • Effective
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Cinch-tight toggles
    • Machine washable
    • Doesn’t attach to a collar
    • Restricts view
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    5. Alfie Pet Zumi Soft Edge Cat Recovery Collar

    Alfie Pet Zumi

    If you need a more structured option, the Alfie Pet Zumi Soft Edge Cat Recovery Collar is a good pick. This is a lightweight PVC collar with a soft fabric-trimmed edge for comfort. It’s available in an extra-small, small, medium, and large size in your choice of red or blue. Your cat’s view will not be restricted, either, with the translucent plastic sides.

    As this is a more structured option, it is tighter than some other collars. Your cat may have a more difficult time eating, drinking, and making themselves comfortable. Also, you should note that there is no collar attachment to your pet’s normal collar. On the other hand, it’s easy to attach and fasten with the adjustable fuzzy straps.

    The Alfie is a sturdy and durable cone. It’s easy to clean, and will not make them nervous by creating loud noises if it comes in contact with walls or other objects. That being said, you should be mindful of your feline’s movements as they can become stuck in stair railings, fencing, and other tight spots they could typically slip through.

    • Soft and comfortable to wear
    • Structured and durable
    • Easy to put on
    • Doesn’t restrict their view
    • Restricts movement
    • Doesn’t attach to collar
    • Harder to eat, sleep, drink, etc.
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    6. Depets Adjustable Recovery Pet Cone E-Collar

    Depets Adjustable


    The number six spot goes to the Depets Adjustable Recovery Pet Cone E-Collar. This is a black and white polka-dot healing collar that is effective at stopping your tabby from going near any parts of their skin that need to heal. It’s made of high-quality, lightweight plastic material. Unfortunately, the fabric edges don’t do much to make it comfortable for your cat. What’s worse, the overall construction is not comfortable for them to sleep or bend down to their dishes.

    Depets slips on easily and uses adjustable hook and loop straps. The collar comes in a small or medium size, and it’s easy to clean. One drawback of note, however, is this collar makes it hard for your cat to see. The restricted view will make them nervous and jumpier. Be careful of their claws, but also do what you can to keep them calm. Beyond that, you also need to be careful with more rambunctious kitties. This collar is not as durable as most.

    • Effective
    • Easy to attach
    • Easy to clean
    • Restricts view
    • Not as durable
    • Not comfortable to wear
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    7. Vivifying Pet Cone Collar

    Vivifying Pet Cone

    Our final pick is the Vivifying Pet Cone Collar. First, this option is effective at helping your cat heal. It comes in a blue or pink style, and it’s easy to clean. Unfortunately, it’s not comfortable for your pet to wear, plus sleeping, eating, and drinking is difficult.

    The Vivifying is made of lightweight PVC with a flannel edge. The fabric is not thick enough to make it comfortable, however. Also, the hard plastic is likely to cut into the soft skin around your cat’s neck. Even more troublesome is the fact that this cone is hard to get on. The snaps that secure it are not durable, and it will fall off easily.

    Two final notes about this option are that the plastic material makes it difficult for your feline to get a clear view of their surroundings. What’s more, it will create loud noises if it bumps against walls or other objects. Finally, the size is smaller than what is shown on the packaging. If you have a larger tabby, it is unlikely to fit correctly. Overall, this is our least favorite cat cone collar.

    • Effective at keeping your cat from biting or licking
    • Easy to clean
    • Not comfortable
    • Hard to get on
    • Restricts view
    • Snaps are not durable
    • Size is small
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    Buyer’s Guide

    As we mentioned above, a cone collar is very important if your cat has something on their body that needs to heal. It could be a hotspot, skin rash, surgery incision, or anything else where you need to keep bacteria at bay. Your feline’s instincts will want them to lick away any issues, but when you are using medication or have bandages, this is not the best idea.

    Shopping Tips

    Having your kitty uncomfortable is distressing enough, and trust us, most of them will not be a fan of a cone collar. To make the very best of the situation, however, here are a few tips to making them as comfortable as possible:

    • Fit: The fit of the collar is very important. You want it to be tight enough so they can slip out, but loose enough that it’s not restricting their airflow. To find the right size, you want to measure their neck. You also want to check the manufacturers sizing chart, as well. There is no universal size for the cones, so double-checking is important. Finally, make sure the collar is adjustable, as well.
    • Ease of Use: The second most important aspect of a cone collar is being able to slip it on your puss. For the most part, they go right around the next. Keep in mind, however, snaps, buckles, and other closure devices can be harder to use when you have a wiggling cat. Hook and loop or fuzzy straps (Velcro) are typically the easiest. You also don’t want it to fall off.
    • Comfort: This is another important ingredient for a good cone collar. The more comfortable your cat is with it on the less likely they will be to spend their time trying to get it off. You want to make sure they can eat, drink, and sleep with some normality. Additionally, padded rims will make it comfortable on the skin.
    • Restricted View: Your cat loves to see what is going on; if fact they rely on it. When that view is restricted, it can make them very nervous and afraid. More than that, though, some collars allow them to see shadows or things in their peripherals. This will also make them skittish.
    • Flexibility: A common issue with a cone collar is when it traps them between fencing or a stair railing. Flexibility will reduce the likelihood of this happening. That being said, the collar should be structured enough that they can’t easily push it down.
    • Weight: This final factor is just as important as the others. Like you, your tabby will not want something heavy around their neck all day. Make sure your cat does not have trouble lifting their head, walking, or balancing, otherwise, the collar is too heavy for their frame.
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    We hope you have enjoyed our review of the best cat cone collars on the market. In our opinion, the All Four Paws Comfy Cone E-Collar is the best option available. Not only is it effective, but the padded construction is comfortable and allows a full range of movement for your pet. On the other hand, if you need a more affordable collar, the ZenPet ZenCone Cat Collar is a good possibility. It has all the comfort and effectiveness you could want with a lower price tag.

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    Featured Image Credit: andersbknudsen, Flickr licensed by CC 3.0