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10 Best Cat Foods in the UK of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Choosing the right cat food for your furry friend is one of the most important decisions that you can make when it comes to their health and welfare. While it might not matter what color collar your cat wears or the type of bed they sleep in, the food that we give our cats has the potential to make them look amazing inside and out or fail to provide all the nutrients that they need.

In terms of how to choose the best brand of food for your cat, there’s a staggering amount of choices, and it can all feel a little overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve got your back! We’ve dug through all the available cat foods in the U.K. and picked our 10 favorite options. We’ve included detailed reviews for each of them, so you’ll be able to work out which one is going to suit your cat the best.

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Image Product Details
Best Overall
Purina ONE Adult Cat Food Purina ONE Adult Cat Food
  • Feature icon No meat by-products
  • Feature icon Contains 34% protein
  • Feature icon Developed by vets and nutritionists
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Whiskas 7+ Dry Cat Food Whiskas 7+ Dry Cat Food
  • Feature icon Contains 30% protein
  • Feature icon Great value for money
  • Feature icon Helps keep your cat’s teeth clean
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Encore 100% Natural Wet Cat Food Encore 100% Natural Wet Cat Food
  • Feature icon No fillers or additives
  • Feature icon Contains 14% protein
  • Feature icon Hypoallergenic formula
  • Sheba Select Slices Wet Cat Food Pouches Sheba Select Slices Wet Cat Food Pouches
  • Feature icon No fillers
  • Feature icon Great value for money
  • Feature icon Contains 8.5% protein
  • Purina Felix Mixed Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food Purina Felix Mixed Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food
  • Feature icon Contains real meat
  • Feature icon Contains 8.5% protein
  • Feature icon Good value for money
  • The 10 Best Cat Foods in the UK

    1. Purina ONE Adult Cat Food — Best Overall

    1Purina ONE Adult Cat Food Chicken & Wholegrains

    As the best overall cat food in the U.K., we recommend the Purina ONE Adult Cat Food. This has been developed by vets and nutritionists and is scientifically proven to support your cat’s immune system, making them healthier and stronger than ever. It does this by including the beneficial bacteria Bifensis®, which encourages your cat’s immune system to produce antibodies.

    When feeding Purina ONE, you can expect to see a visible difference in your cat’s health in just three weeks. Firstly, their energy levels will increase, then their digestion will improve, and lastly, you can start to see their coat become shiny and lustrous. This food comes with several positive reviews from happy customers who have seen these positive changes in their own cats.

    • Real chicken is the first ingredient
    • No meat by-products
    • Contains 34% protein
    • Developed by vets and nutritionists
    • Not formulated for kittens
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    2. Whiskas Dry Cat Food — Best Value

    2Whiskas 7+ Dry Cat Food for Senior Cats with Chicken

    In terms of the best cat food in the U.K. for the money, you can’t beat the incredibly well-known brand, Whiskas. Its 7+ Dry Cat Food is specifically formulated for cats over the age of 7, but it’s also available in Junior and Adult recipes too. This 100% balanced and complete food can be fed on its own or with wet cat food.

    There’s a variety of kibble shapes and textures within this kibble, with one being palatable for older cats, thanks to the soft center and crunchy outside. The slightly abrasive outer surface helps clean your cat’s teeth as they eat the kibble, helping reduce plaque and tartar.

    • Great value for money
    • Helps keep your cat’s teeth clean
    • Developed by nutritionists and vets
    • Contains 30% protein
    • Cereal as the first ingredient
    • Contains coloring
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    3. Encore Natural Wet Cat Food — Premium Choice

    3Encore 100% Natural Wet Cat Food

    As our premium choice, we selected the Encore 100% Natural Wet Cat Food. This contains 75% pure chicken breast, which is mixed with a small amount of chicken broth and rice. That’s it! It’s recommended to feed this alongside a complete and balanced dry food, as this feed is complementary rather than fully balanced with all the vitamins and minerals that your cat needs.

    If your cat has food sensitivities or allergies,  this is the perfect choice as a limited-ingredient topper. This Encore cat food contains natural sources of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, as well as taurine. What it doesn’t contain is any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. So, you can be sure your cat is getting 100% goodness in every bite.

    • Contains 14% protein
    • Hypoallergenic formula
    • Natural source of omega-3
    • No fillers or additives
    • Expensive
    • Complementary feed only
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    4. Sheba Select Slices Wet Cat Food Pouches

    4Sheba Select Slices in Gravy

    Sheba Select Slices Wet Food Cat Pouches offer great value for money, with this mega-value pack containing 40 pouches. It contains a range of flavors, including duck, chicken, poultry, and duck and turkey. Each pouch includes tender pieces of meat in a rich and palatable gravy. Bear in mind that some of the meat is listed as “animal derivatives” rather than real meat.

    The gravy helps add plenty of hydration to your cat’s diet, although some reviewers mention that it’s more of a sauce than a true gravy. This bulk pack is ideal if you’re looking to feed multiple cats or want to stock up on a complete and balanced food on a budget.

    • Contains 8.5% protein
    • Fully traceable ingredients
    • No fillers
    • Great value for money
    • Uses animal derivatives
    • Contains sugars
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    5. Purina Felix Mixed Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food

    The Purina Felix Mixed Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food contains 40 pouches of tasty wet food in four flavors. Each pack includes 10 beef flavor pouches, 10 chicken, 10 tuna, and 10 salmon. Each variety contains complete and balanced nutrition for your cat, so you can rest easy knowing that they’re getting all the goodness they need.

    The jelly sauce surrounding the pieces of meat helps add water to your cat’s diet, keeping them well hydrated, as well as full and satisfied. Plenty of reviewers comment on just how much their cats love this food, as well as the fact that the variety of flavors allows their cats to have a different option each day.

    • Good value for money
    • Contains 8.5% protein
    • Contains real meat
    • Contains animal and fish derivatives
    • Pouches create a great deal of waste
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    6. Lifelong Complete Jelly Cat Food

    6Lifelong Complete Food for Adult Cats Meat

    The Lifelong Complete Cat Food pack contains 24 pouches in four flavors. These are chicken chunks in jelly, duck chunks in jelly, turkey chunks in jelly, and poultry chunks in jelly. All recipes were developed by a nutritionist and have been veterinarian-approved for providing all the nutrients that your cat needs.

    Each pouch also contains natural prebiotics designed to help your cat’s digestive system function at its best. The recommended feeding guide for a cat of 5 kilograms is three pouches per day if it is fed on its own without any kibble. That results in several waste pouches to dispose of.

    • Contains 8% protein
    • Complete and balanced
    • Developed by pet nutritionists
    • Contains animal derivatives
    • Contains sugar as a coloring
    • Pouches create a large amount of waste
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    7. IAMS for Vitality Senior Dry Cat Food

    7IAMS for Vitality Senior Dry Cat Food with Fresh Chicken

    If your cat is a little older, the IAMS for Vitality Senior Dry Cat Food is a good choice. With chicken and turkey as the first two ingredients, this senior cat food is veterinary-developed, with IAMS having over 70 years of experience in developing pet foods. This crunchy kibble will also help clean plaque and tartar off your senior cat’s teeth while providing all the nutrition that they need.

    This dry kibble contains glucosamine to support your cat’s joints, as well as a tailored blend of antioxidants to help their immune system stay strong. It’s also formulated to help keep urinary pH low, reducing the likelihood of your cat developing a urinary tract infection.

    • Choose from three bag sizes
    • Contains glucosamine
    • Contains 36% protein
    • Expensive
    • Not suitable for kittens or adult cats (seniors only)
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    8. Applaws 100 Percent Natural Wet Cat Food

    8Applaws 100 Percent Natural Wet Cat Food

    The Applaws 100 Percent Natural Wet Cat Food is a good choice if you’re looking for complementary wet food with a high meat content. These tins contain up to 75% meat, depending on the flavor. As this is a complementary foodstuff, the protein content isn’t listed, but it will need to be fed as a topper with a completely balanced kibble rather than on its own.

    If your cat has allergies to the ingredients in many commercial cat foods, this is great to feed alongside a balanced limited-ingredient kibble. Applaws only contains three to four ingredients, depending on the variety. You will need to watch out if your cat is allergic to rice or cheese since two of the varieties within this pack contain those ingredients.

    • Suitable for cats with allergies
    • Additive-free
    • Expensive
    • Only suitable as a complementary feed
    • Some flavor varieties contain allergens
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    9. Meowing Heads Dry Reduced-Calorie Cat Food

    9Meowing Heads Dry, Reduced-Calorie Cat Food

    If you’re looking for a reduced-calorie dry kibble to help keep your cat’s weight in check, then the Meowing Heads Dry Reduced-Calorie Cat Food is our suggestion. This grain-free cat food is made with high-quality ingredients, including real salmon and chicken blended with healthy vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and cranberries.

    As the joints of overweight cats can sometimes be put under extra strain, this dry kibble also contains glucosamine and chondroitin to help support your cat and keep them feeling comfortable. This kibble is veterinary-approved, and you can be confident that your cat is getting all the nutrition they need, just in a low-calorie format!

    • Grain-free
    • Contains 38% protein
    • Expensive
    • Contains peas and eggs, which can trigger allergies
    • Some cats don’t like the taste
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    10. BUTCHER’S Classic Wet Cat Food

    10BUTCHER'S Classic Wet Cat Food Variety

    Butcher’s Classic Wet Cat Food comes in a jumbo pack of 24 cans, and each is 400 grams in size. The pack includes six cans of chicken, ocean fish, beef, and haddock. This grain- and gluten-free cat food is nutritionally balanced to provide all the minerals and vitamins that your cat needs.

    We have read reviews of these cans arriving dented, so while the product itself is good quality, that’s something to be aware of. Other users have commented that this cat food smells particularly strong.

    • Grain-free
    • Contains British meat
    • Includes animal derivatives
    • Strong odor
    • Cans can arrive dented

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Cat Food in the UK

    If you’ve been looking at all the cat foods online, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. We’ve created this handy buyer’s guide to help you decide which food will be the best for your cat.

    Approved Ingredients

    The first thing to check is that the food is approved by the Pet Food Manufacturing Association (PFMA). This will ensure it provides all the nutrients your cat requires, so you don’t need to feed it alongside anything else. You can also use the PFMA website to check that whichever brand you’re considering has been listed.

    One exception would be complementary foods, and there are two of these on this list. They don’t contain a complete diet, but they’re a great way to add flavor and hydration to your cat’s diet. If you have a fussy cat or one with allergies that’s on a limited-ingredient diet, using complementary food alongside their regular kibble can increase palatability and encourage your cat to eat their dinner.

    Some cheaper cat foods use lower-quality ingredients that help bulk out their recipes but don’t actually provide your cat with any benefits. It’s always good to check that real meat is the first ingredient, although some brands do use a high-quality meat meal. Ingredients that many cat owners try to avoid include artificial preservatives like ethoxyquin, BHT, and BHA, as well as artificial colors and carrageenan.


    If your cat leaves their bowl licked clean after their dinner, it’s a great sign that they’re enjoying their food and find it palatable. If your cat is leaving food in their bowl but still appearing hungry, that is a sign that their current food might not be ticking all the boxes for them in terms of taste.


    The costs of cat food can vary quite widely, and often, the higher-end premium choices will use real meat and higher-quality ingredients. If you’re on a budget, as long as a brand has been approved by the PFMA, you can be confident that they’re still going to provide all the nourishment that your cat needs to stay healthy.

    Life Stage

    Kittens, adult cats, and senior cats all have different requirements in terms of nutrients. Kittens need supplements like DHA and ARA that are found in their mother’s milk, and senior cats can benefit from glucosamine to help their joints feel more comfortable.

    It’s always best to select a cat food that’s been specifically designed to suit your cat’s particular life stage.

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    Image Credit: FotoMirta, shutterstock

    Overfeeding & Obesity

    Obesity is a problem for a cat’s health and can lead to a range of issues, including diabetes, breathing issues, and musculoskeletal conditions. If your cat is eating more than their body requires, the excess calories will be stored as fat. If you’re concerned that your cat is overweight, there are reduced-calorie cat foods available that can help your kitty lose weight while still feeling like they’re eating a full meal.

    Before making the switch, it’s worth speaking to your vet, who can check your cat’s bodyweight score and confirm if they are indeed overweight or obese.

    How Much to Feed Your Cat

    Many of us cat owners don’t actually measure our cat’s food; instead, we just pour what we think is roughly the correct amount into their bowls. It’s always best to weigh out the correct amount of food for your cat per portion or per day. You can measure this out into a cup and mark the level on the side. You can then use this every day, knowing that your cat is getting the right amount of food.

    To start with, use the recommended feeding guidelines on the packet, and speak to your vet if you feel like your cat is skinny or overweight. They can advise how to adjust your cat’s ration accordingly or switch them to a more appropriate food.

    How to Switch Cat Foods

    Cats might sometimes act aloof, but they’re quite sensitive. This is especially true when it comes to their digestive systems. So, whenever you’re ready to switch to a new brand of cat food, it’s important not to do it too quickly.

    Make sure you have some of the old brand left, so you can make a gradual transition. This will give your cat’s digestive system time to get used to small amounts of the new food without the risk of them developing gastrointestinal issues.

    How to switch to a new food:
    • Days 1 and 2: Mix ¼ of a ration of your cat’s new food in with a ¾ ration of their old food.
    • Days 3 and 4: Mix ½ new food and ½ old food.
    • Days 5 and 6: Mix ¾ of a ration of the new food with ¼ ration of the old food.
    • Day 7: Feed a complete portion of the new food.

    As you’re making this transition, keep an eye on your cat and watch for any vomiting or other digestive upsets, like diarrhea or constipation. If you notice anything, switch back to the old food and either try again in a week or speak to your vet for advice.

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    We chose the Purina ONE Adult Cat Food as our best overall choice of cat food in the U.K. This dry cat food provides all the nutrients that your cat needs, as well as boosts their immune system to help them look and feel their best. You can expect to see improvements in just 3 weeks!

    As the best value cat food in the U.K., we highly recommend the Whiskas 7+ Dry Cat Food. This kibble is designed specifically for cats aged 7 and up and provides everything that they need to keep feeling great. It’s also designed to help keep their teeth clean too! We know that choosing the best food for your precious cat can feel like a huge decision, but hopefully, we’ve made that decision a little easier by giving you the inside reviews of our top choices. We hope that at least one of them will get your cat running as fast as possible to their food bowl come dinnertime!

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