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7 Best Cat Hammocks (2023) – Reviews & Top Picks

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We will warn you that when you start researching cat hammocks, it may make you a little tired. It’s not that finding a hammock is so tricky, it’s that some of these look so comfortable that you may be jealous of your cat. After all, who wouldn’t want their own comfortable bed with a view to watch the world? We put together some reviews of the seven best cat hammocks this year. There is an option on this list for any cat owner. Whether your budget is high or low, or you are working with a small or large space or a young or old cat, we have found a cat hammock that will work for you.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Top Picks in 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Frisco Faux Fur Frisco Faux Fur
  • Feature icon Compact size
  • Feature icon Very fairly priced
  • Feature icon Works very well for a small or medium cat
  • Best Value
    Second place
    SmartyKat SmartyKat
  • Feature icon Great price
  • Feature icon Good for privacy
  • Feature icon Works on a variety of furniture
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Kitty Cot Kitty Cot
  • Feature icon Easy to hang
  • Feature icon Very easy to clean
  • Feature icon Made with high-quality materials
  • K&H EZ Mount K&H EZ Mount
  • Feature icon Fairly priced
  • Feature icon Helps the cat stay warm
  • Feature icon Easy to mount to any window
  • AmazonBasics AmazonBasics
  • Feature icon Good design
  • Feature icon Smaller-scale
  • Feature icon Two sleeping areas and scratching post
  • The 7 Best Cat Hammocks

    1. Frisco Faux Fur Cat Hammock – Best Overall

    Frisco Faux Fur

    At the top of our list is the Frisco Faux Fur Cat Hammock. We love this cat hammock for a variety of reasons. For starters, it is the perfect size. If you are a cat lover, but you don’t want or need a massive cat tree in your house, this 20-inch hammock is an ideal choice.

    You can easily place this cat hammock in an unoccupied corner in your home. Your cat will have some privacy and a cozy spot to rest. A cat hammock is a great way for a cat to feel as though they are watching over the house but also having their own space.

    The material on these hammock cat beds itself is a thick plush material, and there are two sleeping areas. If your cat likes to sleep on the ground, they have a comfortable spot to relax, and they can also sleep in the hammock itself. The poles of this cat hammock are wrapped in a natural sisal rope. The rope will help your cat when it comes to stretching and scratching. If you are tired of your couch being used for this purpose, the Frisco Faux Fur Cat Hammock could be a great choice.

    In addition to the lovely fabric, perfect size, and sisal wrapped poles; this hammock also comes with two dangling pom-pom toys. The toys will help your cat get a little bit of energy out when they are ready to play. Overall, this is a perfect cat hammock for a medium or small cat, and it comes at an extremely fair price, which is why it is our top pick for best cat hammocks of the year.

    • Compact size
    • Neutral color to match any décor
    • Works very well for a small or medium cat
    • Incorporates two small sleeping areas covered in comfortable material
    • Very fairly priced
    • Not great for large cats or multiple cats
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    2. SmartyKat Happy Hammock – Best Value


    If you are looking for a cat hammock for your furry friend, but you don’t want to break the bank, the SmartyKat Happy Hammock could be a perfect choice. The SmartyKat Happy Hammock is the best cat hammock for the money. The reason we believe this to be the best hammock for the money is thanks to the value it provides at such a low price.

    The SmartyKat is primarily just a hammock. You will not get a scratching post with this particular model. What the SmartyKat Hammock does provide is a cozy and secure location to help your cat get some rest. This specific model is straightforward to work with, and you can get it to adapt and work with a variety of household furniture.

    The most common placement for the SmartyKat Hammock is under a dining room chair or kitchen-type chair. You can attach to the hammock, which is approximately 23 inches by 23 inches, and your cat can easily climb up and get their rest. The hammock does come with a toy attached to it to keep your cat entertained before and after their nap.

    What we love about this particular kitty hammock is that your cat gets a tremendous amount of privacy while still staying close to the family. We also think it’s great that you can make this work with several different types of furniture in case there is a specific location that your cat tends to gravitate towards. It is one of the best hanging cat beds out there, and for the price this hammock is offered, it’s hard to not just get one to try it out.

    • Great price
    • Easy to install and hang
    • Works on a variety of furniture
    • Good for privacy
    • Includes a toy
    • Not very large
    • Risks your cat scratching the underside of furniture
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    3. Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Hammock – Premium Choice

    Kitty Cot

    If you are one of those cat owners that want the best of the best and price is not an issue, then the Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Hammock is probably the choice for you. This model is priced about twice as high as our top choice, and that is truly the only reason we had to push it down on our list. Outside of the higher pricing, we think this is a very unique and interesting cat hammock that your cat will likely grow to love.

    The Kitty Cot Original will mount to any window in your home. We love that instead of hiding your cat in a corner or under a bed, they can get a view of the outside world. Even if your cat is an indoor cat, it’s important to remember that they are animals and will enjoy at least seeing the outdoors. Your cat can pass the time in their hammock while watching birds, bugs, and squirrels.

    The way these hanging hammock cat beds work is this: four giant suction cups mount both the bed and a support system to help hold the bed up. You can get this Kitty Cot Original in a variety of sizes, depending on what size cat you have.

    Perhaps our favorite part of this hammock is how easy it is to clean. You can quickly wipe down the window and the suction cups, and you can throw the entire bed into the washing machine. The fabric is a durable outdoor fabric, although we imagine most cat owners would use this as an indoor hammock for a cat. The support cables that hold your cat up in their safe spot are 1/8 inch steel and will last for a very long time.

    There is no question that cats have always loved to look out the window, this bed makes that possible even if you don’t have a window sill. The only thing you need to be aware of is that if your window is dirty or dusty in any way, the suction cups will not stick properly. You must ensure that the cups have a very tight fit, or the bed can be dangerous. Every once in a while, it is a good idea to test the stability of the bed to make sure that it will hold your cat up properly.

    All in all, this is our top premium choice for best cat hammocks this year.

    • An excellent option for a curious cat
    • Easy to hang
    • Very easy to clean
    • Made with high-quality materials
    • Could be dangerous if not installed correctly
    • Expensive
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    4. K&H PET PRODUCTS EZ Mount Cat Hammock


    Next on our list is the K & H Products EZ Mount Cat Hammock. This product is again a hammock that will mount to a window. The K & H is a little different than the Kitty Cot in that it does not have a supportive base. This is just one single unit that mounts with suction cups to your window.

    The K & H says that it will hold cats up to 60 pounds in weight, but to be honest, we think that is a bit of an overestimation. We would be comfortable up to about 40 pounds, but that is about it. If your cat likes to watch for birds and keep an eye on your yard, they will likely love this hammock. It will give your cat a clear view to the outside.

    The top of these hammock cat beds are open, and that is where your cat can climb in and make themselves comfortable. A unique feature on the K & H is that it has a natural heating pad that works to keep your cat warm. If you live in a colder climate and your cat likes to stay cozy, this could be a great option. Your cat’s body heat is what helps to heat the hammock.

    There is a one year warranty on the K & H EZ Mount Cat Hammock. We think the warranty is a good thing to have as a few people seem to have issues with the size of the hammock. If your cat is large it may struggle to get into and out of this somewhat narrow hammock.

    • Can fit a wide range of cats
    • Easy to mount to any window
    • Fairly priced
    • Helps the cat stay warm
    • Some issues with suction cups
    • The very narrow bed will not fit all cats
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    5. AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock


    Next on our list is the AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock. This hammock is actually very similar to our number one choice except that it is more expensive and the materials are not quite as high quality.

    The AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock will help give your cat an area in your home that is just for them to get out all of their scratching and sleeping needs. The posts are made with a natural jute fiber covering to help nails stay healthy. This is a much better location for your cat to get some scratching in than your couch or chairs.

    This hammock has two color options to choose from, which is an excellent way to help you have this cat hammock blend in with your home décor. The hammock is covered in a plush fabric that will be quite comfortable for your cat. The bottom of the post is also covered in fabric should your cat want to curl up in this space to sleep.

    The Amazon Basics Post and Hammock comes with a single toy attached to help keep your cat entertained. Overall this hammock for cats is not a bad product, and it is nice that you have a color choice. The problem we have with it is that for more money and one less toy, so we can’t justify why this is a better purchase than our top choice.

    • Good design
    • Two sleeping areas and scratching post
    • Two color options
    • Smaller-scale
    • Does not work for larger cats
    • Priced higher than other choices
    • Quality of material is not as high
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    6. Art of Paws Curved Cat Hammock

    Art of Paws

    The Art of Paws Curved Cat Hammock is a bit more of a shelf than a hammock. This is a durable curved shelf that should mount to any wall. If you are comfortable with handling this shelf on your wall, then you will probably enjoy this option. A nice feature is a washable pad that comes with this shelf.

    The Art Of Paws shelf is beautiful, but this kitty hammock lacks some quality when it comes to the materials it is made with. Make sure that your cat is the proper size for this cat hammock shelf before ordering.

    Another issue we have with the Art of Paws is that it is a little expensive for what it offers. There are other options a bit higher up on our list that we find to be a better value than this particular cat shelf.

    • Looks nice
    • Curved design for comfort
    • Expensive
    • Not made with high-quality materials
    • Can be a little challenging to hang properly
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    7. Prevue Pet Products Hammock

    Prevue Pet Products

    Last on our list is the Prevue Pet Products Hammock. This is a replacement unit for the Prevue Deluxe Cat Home, but it will work in a variety of applications. This is simply a piece of fabric with four metal clips to help you hang a proper hammock for your cat.

    You can use these clips to hang the hammock in a cage or under a chair; you can get pretty creative about how you hang this hammock as long as it is safe. This hammock works best for smaller cats, and it is lower in price.

    The reason we put this hammock for cats further down on our list is not because it is a bad product; it just won’t work for every cat owner due to size and optional spaces for hanging. The hammock itself is 20 inches by 15 inches.

    • Low price
    • Clips are adaptable
    • Can hang in a variety of locations
    • Technically built for one particular cat house
    • Does not fit larger cats
    • Can be tricky to hang in some spots

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best Cat Hammocks

    Now that you have a pretty good handle on the different options on the market, you will have to decide which cat hammock makes the most sense for you and your cat. These are the things we would consider before making your purchase.

    Size Of Cat

    If you notice from the options we put together, there are many different size hammocks and best hanging cat beds. Many of them are made for smaller cats or kittens. If you have a huge cat, make sure you check the weight capacity on the hammock you purchase. The last you want to do is put your cat in danger because the hammock you chose could not hold up their weight.


    Do you want something that will work as just a sleeping area, or did you want other features? Many of the hammocks that we reviewed also come with a toy or a scratching post. If you have been considering buying a few items for your cat, you may be able to get it all taken care of with one purchase.


    Why do certain manufacturers seem to forget the fact that an animal’s bed sometimes needs to be washed? Make sure you buy a product that you can throw in the washing machine from time to time. We all know that cats are relatively clean animals, but there will still be a pile of hair in the bottom of the bed that you will likely enjoy getting rid of at some point.


    If you have an older cat, you must consider the height of the hammock. Can your cat still make it up to the level of the hammock? Only you will know what your cat is capable of and if this is a good idea. If the hammock seems too high for your cat’s abilities, it could be a safety hazard.


    All of the options that we recommended in our reviews have been thoroughly tested and purchased by hundreds, if not thousands of customers. However, that does not guarantee that your cat could not be injured by a cat hammock. You must be diligent when hanging a cat hammock, especially those that use suction cups to attach to the window. It’s a good idea to inspect your cat’s sleeping and playing areas often to make sure they are not in any kind of danger.

    two cats playing on a hammock at home
    Image Credit: Vershinin89, Shutterstock


    Cat hammocks do not need to be expensive. As with most products, when you look at the more expensive options, you will likely get more features. The good news is that you can get a perfectly functional cat hammock with plenty of features for about $20 for a smaller cat. This is a great deal when you consider how much it will save you when you don’t have to replace your sofa!

    Multiple Cats

    If you have multiple cats, do not assume that they are all going to share the cat hammock like a nice big happy family. You will need to purchase several cat hammocks so that the cats can have their own personal area. What you will sometimes find if there are not enough designated sleeping areas is that the cats will fight about the bed, or they will both ignore it. Just make sure you are fair about sleeping arrangements if you have multiple cats.

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    We hope that our reviews have helped you determine which cat hammock will work best for you and your four-legged friend.

    We believe that the Frisco Faux Fur Cat Hammock stands apart from the crowd. This model is very reasonably priced, has plenty of features to keep your cat happy and will match with almost any home décor.

    If the Frisco is a bit more expensive and you just want a budget-friendly cat hammock, than it is worth considering the Smarty Kat Happy Hammock. The Smarty Kat is a smaller model that is easy to attach to any chair in your home. You will notice that your cat loves the ability to hide in this spot and take a break from the world when they need it.

    Make sure that whatever one of the best hanging cat beds you purchase is the right size for your cat. Always check on the safety of a product before letting your animal use it as their sleeping space.

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    Featured Image Credit: Omar Ramadan, Pexels