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10 Best Cat Litter Box Furniture & Enclosures of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Orange Cat in a Cat Litter BoxCat litter boxes are an essential piece of equipment for most cat owners. They need to be readily accessible for your cat or cats, but you don’t want them out on display. Their use means that they can also get a bit smelly, even if they aren’t kept in the main room of the house.

Cat litter box furniture enables you to hide the box away, provides your cat with a little privacy, and can even help keep odors at bay. These intelligently designed pieces of furniture look like cabinets, cupboards, benches, and other pieces of home furniture, but they conceal your cat litter box. Some also have storage for bags of litter, scoops, bags, and other essential cat litter accessories.

There is a growing number of options available, including some bespoke and unique pieces that truly hide everything away. This range means that you are bound to be able to find something that suits you, your kitty, and your home, but it can also make the act of choosing the right litter box furniture a difficult one.

To help you find the best piece of furniture, or at least narrow down your options, we have put together a list of reviews of some of the best litter box furniture & enclosures on the market.

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A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites in 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Merry Products Cat Bench Merry Products Cat Bench
  • Feature iconEasy construction
  • Feature iconChoice of colors
  • Feature iconLarge enough for any size litter tray
  • Best Value
    Second place
    ecoFlex Litter LooLitter ecoFlex Litter LooLitter
  • Feature iconOdor repellent
  • Feature iconMoisture resistant
  • Feature iconEasy construction
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Designer Pet Products Catbox Enclosure Designer Pet Products Catbox Enclosure
  • Feature iconGood quality materials
  • Feature iconSeveral layout options
  • Feature iconCan accommodate most litter box sizes
  • Trixie Wooden Trixie Wooden
  • Feature iconInexpensive
  • Feature iconSeparate cat door and cleaning door
  • Feature iconEasy construction
  • Merry Products Multifunctional Merry Products Multifunctional
  • Feature iconLooks good
  • Feature iconCheap
  • Feature iconMultifunctional
  • The 10 Best Litter Box Furniture & Enclosures

    1. Merry Products Cat Bench Decorative Litter Box – Best Overall

    Merry Products Cat Bench

    The Merry Products Cat Bench Decorative Litter Box is an attractive bench that looks great in the hallway or can be placed in the bathroom, at the foot of the bed, or in almost any room of the house. It is quite large, certainly large enough to hold any cat litter tray, including self-cleaning variants. It also comes with an optional partition.

    If you only use a single, standard size litter tray, you can add the partition and create a little cubby to hold a bag of litter and other accessories. The doors are easy to open, and the unit looks attractive. Visitors will certainly have no idea what it holds, at least until they see the cat emerge from the side cat door. The unit is easy to assemble and comes in a choice of walnut or white.

    It is quite pricey compared to some of the models on this list, and if your cat is prone to missing the tray, you will also need to invest in some form of a liner because the bench is only made from pressboard, which will get easily damaged over time if left uncleaned.

    All in all, we think this is the best cat litter furniture out there.

    • Easy construction
    • Large enough for any size litter tray
    • Choice of colors
    • Removable partition for choice of layout
    • Pricey
    • Will need lining if your cat is prone to misses
    • Litter box not included in the price
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    2. ecoFlex Litter LooLitter Box – Best Value

    ecoFlex Litter LooLitter

    While the Merry Products bench is expensive, the ecoFLEX Litter LooLitter Box is around half the price, although it is also half the size. However, you won’t need to pay for additional lining or other material to prevent moisture from damaging the box because the ecoFLEX material not only repels moisture but also odors.

    You will still have to pay for a cat litter tray to go inside, but the cost is still minimal compared to other models. This end table design, which actually looks a little like a cat kennel, comes in a choice of espresso, antique white, or russet and has a fold-out end section that provides easy access for cleaning. The ecoFLEX material is very good at preventing smells and does protect against spills.

    It is likely to get easily scuffed, especially if your cat decides to use it as a scratching post. The combination of decent price and good quality makes this the best cat litter box furniture for the money.

    • Odor repellent
    • Moisture resistant
    • Cheap
    • Easy construction
    • Easy to clean
    • Material will damage easily
    • Litter tray not included
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    3. Designer Pet Products Catbox Enclosure Litter – Premium Choice

    Designer Pet Products Catbox

    While a lot of cat litter furniture is distinctly functional, and boxy, in its design, the Designer Pet Products Catbox Enclosure Litter Box includes design elements and finishes that set it apart and is a good choice for those that are willing to spend a little bit more.

    It is pricey compared to most other options, but it is large enough to house almost any cat litter tray and it comes with a variety of internal design layouts. You can have an internal divider, or you can opt for a side opening, for example. It is a bit of a surprise that it only comes in a choice of three colors, white, black, or espresso. It isn’t waterproof so it will require an additional purchase of lining paper, but it is made from good quality materials so it should stand up to any abuse that your cat throws at it.

    One of the most popular features of this decorative cat litter box is the fact that it is top opening. This not only gives the option of an internal divider but makes it easier to clean. Unfortunately, the top opening design means that the lid cannot be open while the box is up against the wall, although it can obviously be moved around while being used in this way.

    All in all, this is a high-quality piece of cat litter furniture that would not look out of place in most homes, making it our top premium choice pick for best litter box furniture.

    • Good quality materials
    • Good looking design
    • Several layout options
    • Can accommodate most litter box sizes
    • Does not include litter box
    • Expensive
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    4. Trixie Wooden Cat Litter Box

    Trixie Wooden

    The Trixie Wooden Cat Litter Box is a table style piece of cat litter furniture. It has a decent-sized cat door and the full table end can be opened for cleaning. It is suitable for use indoors or outdoors and comes in a choice of either white or brown so that it can match the décor in any room.

    Although you shouldn’t need to add a liner, the Wooden Cat Litter Box is another piece that does not include a cat litter tray, and you will need to pay attention when buying a suitable tray. You won’t be able to use a tray with tall sides or it will obscure the door, while some designs prevent you from being able to open or close the door at all.

    The box is easy to assemble and comes with everything you need in order to put it together. It is also a decent price, roughly around the mid-section of the items on this list. It also has a ventilated back panel, which will prevent any soil from getting warm and festering before you have a chance to clean it out.

    • Inexpensive
    • Separate cat door and cleaning door
    • Easy construction
    • Awkward door design means careful choice of tray
    • Litter tray not included
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    5. Merry Products Multifunctional Litter Box

    Merry Products Multifunctional

    The Merry Products Multifunctional Litter Box appears to be designed for use in the bathroom. As well as the litter box cover, there is a separate shelf and rail on top of the unit and an optional side rail for holding towels.

    The size of the box means that you won’t be able to fit a large pan inside, so you may need to downsize to a smaller one. And as seems to be standard with these pieces of cat litter furniture, it does not include a tray with the purchase. Although achievable by one person, the build can be a bit tricky, and you will definitely need to buy liner paper to protect the inside of the box.

    Another problem with its size is that some larger cats might struggle to get in and turn around, while there have been some complaints of components like the door becoming detached from the unit after standard use. It does come in a choice of white, espresso, or walnut, though, and its appearance means that it can be used as an end table or small bathroom table.

    • Looks good
    • Cheap
    • Multifunctional
    • Won’t hold big litter tray
    • Tricky to put together
    • Doesn’t include liner or litter tray
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    6. Arf Pets Enclosed Table Cat Litter Box

    Arf Pets Enclosed Table

    The Arf Pets Enclosed Table Cat Litter Box is one of the biggest options on this list. It is taller than most other units, which means that it can even be used as a TV stand.

    The large size of the box allows room for an internal divider. Even with the divider in place, it will easily house most standard litter trays, and if you remove the partition it will even house an electronic self-cleaning litter tray.

    Putting the unit together was a bit more of a challenge than some of the simpler designs, although this is to be expected.

    It will require an internal liner and it isn’t the most stable or sturdy unit once put together, so we wouldn’t want to trust it with a TV on top.

    • Unique layout
    • Optional partition
    • Big internal space for litter tray
    • Not the best quality materials
    • No litter box
    • Pricey
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    7. unipaws UH5039 Designer Cat Litter Box

    unipaws UH5039

    The unipaws UH5039 Designer Cat Litter Box is a white washroom storage bench. It has a side door for the cat and a wide double opening to allow you easy entry for cleaning and removal.

    The box includes an optional partition. When installed, this separates the box into two sections so that you can enjoy an area to conveniently store bags of litter and other accessories. Alternatively, you can leave this area as a sort of bridge between the litter area and the room outside, so that litter is not tramped into the bedroom, living room, or bathroom. If you remove the partition, you can fit even the largest, electronic litter trays in there. Also, because the cleaning door is located on the front, this means that you can use the top of the box for storage or even as a display stand.

    The box is a little more complex than some of the designs, which means that it will require a little more work to put it together, but you will still only require a Phillips screwdriver to get the job done. Its size and complexity also mean that this enclosed litter box costs more than most others on the list.

    • Large enough for any litter tray
    • Optional partition provides multiple layouts
    • Front opening means top can be used for storage
    • Large and a little bulky
    • Trickier to put together
    • More expensive than most
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    8. Petsfit Double-Decker Litter Box

    Petsfit Double-Decker

    The Petsfit Double-Decker Litter Box has a unique design that will either prove invaluable for your needs, or your cat will never use it.

    The double-decker layout has a top shelf, where your cat enters the box. There is a hole in the floor that leads down to the litter tray itself. Considering some cats are loathed to get inside boxes (when you want them to), there will be those that simply will not use this the way it’s intended. If your cat does use it as intended, though, the extra layer means that litter is unlikely to get trampled out of the box and into the main room of your house.

    The tall design makes for a great nightstand, although the paw print design means that its purpose becomes more obvious to others. The door does latch shut, which prevents accidental opening while the top entry also means that you can use high-sided litter trays.

    This is an expensive unit and it will need a waterproof lining, although a high-sided tray may negate the need for this. Once again, no litter tray is included with the purchase.

    • Two-tier system prevents litter mess
    • Latch door
    • Room for high-sided boxes
    • Wide trays won’t fit
    • Some cats won’t adapt to its maze-like design
    • No lining
    • No litter tray
    • Expensive
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    9. Crown Pet Products CLC-MAH Cat Litter Box

    Crown Pet Products CLC-MAH

    The Crown Pet Products CLC-MAH Cat Litter Box is a simple design, but its hardwood construction means that it is tough, durable, and attractive.

    It is available in mahogany or an espresso finish and the side entry panel can be set up on either side so that you can place the cat litter box wherever it is convenient for you. This is one of few pieces of cat litter furniture that includes a waterproof floor, although this doesn’t stretch up the sides of the box, where there is still a very real danger of overspray.

    The unit’s hardwood construction means that this is an expensive piece and, despite the extra cost, it doesn’t look that much more premium than other models. Also, the size of the box means that you will not fit any but the smallest of cat litter trays inside, while larger and more rotund cats will not be able to get through the door and into the tray.

    • Sides are made from hardwood
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Expensive
    • Base is not hardwood or moisture resistant
    • Sides are not moisture resistant
    • Only fits small trays
    • Cats will struggle to get in and out
    • Litter tray not included
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    10. Internet’s Best Decorative Cat Litter Box

    Internet's Best

    The Internet’s Best Decorative Cat Litter Box is cheap and comes in a choice of espresso or white. It has an opening front door, where the cat window is also located.

    Unfortunately, the cat window is very small, and a lot of cats would struggle to get through comfortably. This is exacerbated by the fact that it is a snug fit inside the box, and once a tray has been installed, much of the window becomes useless. The materials used are not moisture repellent, and if you don’t use a good quality liner, the box will start to buckle and become misshapen.

    It will also retain odor, which negates the purpose of the box. It is also quite flimsy once erected and is prone to falling apart if you move it. The size of this box means that it is only really suitable for kittens and very small cats, and with kitten litter trays rather than full size.

    • Cheap
    • Very small
    • Window is too small
    • Retains odor
    • Warps when wet
    • Poor build quality
    • Litter tray not included

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Litter Box Furniture

    Cat litter trays are an essential weapon in the cat owner’s arsenal. Even if your cat has easy access to an outdoor area like a yard, they may prefer the safety of going to the toilet indoors. A litter tray gives them somewhere to go; somewhere that you can easily clean and maintain. But no matter how useful the litter tray is, there’s no doubt that it is ugly and can foster extremely unpleasant smells. Some cats are shy about doing their business with people watching, too.

    Cat litter tray furniture is essentially a covered litter tray, but rather than the plastic igloos that many of us have in our homes, they combine the features of this type of litter tray with the better-looking appearance of home furniture. So, what should you look for when buying this type of item?

    Odor and Moisture Resistant Cat Litter Box

    The biggest drawback of having a cat litter tray in the house is the smell. The acrid smell of cat urine is not only strong, but it lingers, and if you buy a piece of furniture that is made from low-quality materials, you will find this out firsthand. No amount of washing and cleaning will help remove the smell. Ensure that the litter tray furniture you buy is odor resistant or, at the very least, that it includes a liner. If it doesn’t, buy a liner or some material to cover the base and the bottom of the walls.

    Many cats spray when they urinate, and if you don’t have a liner in place, this will spread up the walls of the furniture. As well as leaving an unpleasant smell, the moisture can quickly damage the furniture walls and base as well. A liner will help prevent this, too.

    Covered Cat Litter Box

    Some cats, like some people, don’t like the sensation of being watched when they’re trying to use the litter tray. If they feel uncomfortable, they’re less likely to use the tray and may look for an alternative area to do their business. This is when cats become increasingly likely to wee and poop in corners or behind existing furniture. It’s also not a great experience, catching your cat trying to use the litter tray out of the corner of your eye when you’re settling down to watch your favorite TV show. A covered litter tray is, therefore, beneficial for both your cat and you.

    Discreet Cat Litter Box

    Litter trays look ugly, even when they’re clean and free from soil. Visitors will spend their time trying to guess whether there’s anything lurking under the top layer. An attractive and covered piece of litter tray furniture means that nobody has to know what is hiding underneath. Even those items that have giveaway designs like paw print handles could just be an indication of your love for cats, and your feline friend could just be enjoying having its own hidey-hole, rather than using a covered toilet.

    Cat Litter Box Storage

    Cat Litter Box Size

    Always check the size of the furniture you buy. Too small and the covered litter tray will not only struggle to house the tray itself, but your cat will struggle to get in and out. If the furniture only has room for the tray, this means that your cat will be prone to carrying litter and other contents out of the furniture on their paws, too. Check height, as well as width, and determine measurements in the same way you would when buying any standard furniture to ensure that it fits in the spot you want it.

    Cat Windows and Cleaning Doors

    Any covered cat litter furniture needs an opening for your cat to get in and out. These are often referred to as cat windows but may also be simply called cat doors. These are usually just an opening in the furniture, with no need for a door. Some designs use more complex arrangements, with one internal area acting as a sort of storm door.

    Bigger pieces of furniture will usually have a separate opening door that you can access to grab the litter tray and clean it out. Top opening furniture is easier to access, but it might mean that the furniture cannot sit flush against the wall while the lid is open, and you are cleaning out the tray. Side opening doors are a little more challenging to open, and unless they are secured properly, your cat could end up accidentally opening them when doing their business.

    Cat Litter Furniture Purpose

    Finally, choose the type of furniture you want according to its secondary purpose. The simplest designs look like end tables or side tables, while more complex and sturdier designs could potentially be used as TV stands or even to hold art or decorative items.cat paw divider

    Final Thoughts

    A good litter tray furniture offers privacy for your cat, prevents bad smells from filling the room, and the best litter tray furniture looks great while doing it. But there is already a huge choice of items, and the list continues to grow.

    We have put together a list of reviews of some of the best furniture and during our research, we found the Merry Products Cat Bench Decorative Litter Box to be the best available. It’s made from good quality materials and its optional partition means that it can be set up in a variety of different layouts. For those looking for something a little more budget-friendly, the ecoFlex Litter LooLitter Box is cheap, resists odor and moisture, and is easy to put together.