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7 Best Cat Muzzles of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

cat wearing Xbes Nylon Cat MuzzlesIs your cat a sweet puddle of fuzz at feeding time, but a tiny tiger at bath time? A cat muzzle may be the solution that helps both you and your cat get through stressful situations safely and calmly.

Do not muzzle your cat for any prolonged period.

Cats don’t sweat the way people do, and mostly vent their excess body heat by panting. A muzzle will inhibit your cat’s natural ability to cool themselves down and could quickly become dangerous if left on for longer chunks of time.

But how do you choose? Canvas, mesh, eye covering, or not – there are quite a few considerations to take into account. Don’t get your kitties in a twist, because now you’ve got our thoroughly researched reviews of the seven best cat muzzles to help you figure it out.

And don’t forget to check out the buyer’s guide at the end for information on materials, features, and tips for how best to introduce your feline friend to a cat muzzle.

cat paw dividerA Quick Comparison of Our Favorites for 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Proguard Pets Softie Cat Muzzle Proguard Pets Softie Cat Muzzle
  • Feature iconProfessional grade, durable material
  • Feature iconFabric is comfortably soft and breathable
  • Feature iconFirm shape allows ample space for cat to breathe
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle
  • Feature iconBlocks vision for a calmer cat
  • Feature iconWill cost you less than a can of Fancy Feast
  • Feature iconStops cat from biting
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle
  • Feature iconCovers the eyes to calm cat
  • Feature iconExceptionally durable material, long life span
  • Feature iconEliminates cat’s ability to bite
  • Xbes Nylon Cat Muzzles Xbes Nylon Cat Muzzles
  • Feature iconCovers eyes completely, calms some cats
  • Feature iconCats are unable to bit through material
  • Feature iconLess costly
  • Guardian Gear Nylon Cat Muzzles Guardian Gear Nylon Cat Muzzles
  • Feature iconKeeps cats from biting
  • Feature iconComplete eye covering can calm cats
  • The 7 Best Cat Muzzles – Reviews & Top Picks 2023

    1. Proguard Pets Softie Cat Muzzle – Best Overall

    Proguard Pets Softie Cat Muzzle

    When considering your cat’s safety and your own during a challenging vet visit or nail trim, the Proguard cat muzzle is the best of both worlds.

    Made from DuPont’s patented fabric used in protective apparel, there’s no way kitty’s teeth are going to be sinking into your arm! The materials are a blend of canvas and Kevlar, and the stiff (but comfy) cone-shaped muzzle holds its shape to keep your cat’s breathing as free and easy as possible.

    It’s a little more expensive than competitors, but the superior breathability and durability more than make up for the handful of extra dollars.

    All in all, we think this is the best cat muzzle.

    • Professional grade, durable material
    • Firm shape allows ample space for cat to breathe
    • Fabric is comfortably soft and breathable
    • Quick and easy Velcro strap, but situated to be hard for cat to remove
    • Covers eyes, keeps cat calmer
    • Completely eliminate cat’s ability to bite
    • Medium range price
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    2. Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle – Best Value

    Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle

    Those needing a quick, inexpensive way to keep their cat’s chompers contained should check out the Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle. It is easy to put on, nigh impossible to slip out of, and the best cat muzzle for the money.

    We advise that you pay special attention to your cat’s breathing in this mask. There is a nose hole to help promote airflow and if the size is correct it should be just fine. However, an improper fit could lead to poor ability to breathe.

    But tough nylon-like this is less breathable than other fabrics, and it is better to be cautious and safe. Don’t snug your cat’s muzzle down too tight or leave it too loose and take it off if they seem to be experiencing any shortness of breath.

    • Adjustable Velcro strap for easy and quick fasten/removal
    • Blocks vision for a calmer cat
    • Will cost you less than a can of Fancy Feast
    • Stops cat from biting
    • Nylon fabric may partially restrict breathing
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    3. Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle – Premium Choice

    Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle

    Your tiny little Hannibal Lecter will be completely powerless to feast on your flesh in the Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle. It is incredibly sturdy, and the fasteners make it impossible for even the most talented of feline escape artists to wriggle out.

    We don’t love how thick the water-resistant nylon material of the muzzle is, and how little air can flow through it. However, the clever design of the Jorvet provides a solution to this.

    The cone shape of this muzzle is firm and does not squish or flatten against a cat’s face. And because this design is longer than others, it can have a larger opening at the end. That means your cat will get more airflow and likely breath better in the slightly intimidating Jorvet than in a smaller, thinner muzzle.

    The premium materials and craftsmanship of the Jorvet also translate to premium pricing. But for folks that want a cat muzzle that will last, or have a particularly bloodthirsty feral feline, should look to Jorvet for the best deal.

    • Covers the eyes to calm cat
    • Firm cone shape and large nose hole leave plenty of room for air flow
    • Exceptionally durable material, long life span
    • Eliminates cat’s ability to bite
    • Most expensive cat muzzle that we found on the market
    • Water- resistant nylon material is one of the least breathable
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    4. Xbes Nylon Cat Muzzles

    Xbes Nylon Cat Muzzles

    Those looking for decent quality at a highly reasonable price will want to consider Xbes. The Xbes nylon cat muzzle has comfy, quick release Velcro straps and completely covers your cat’s eyes to keep them calmer and more docile.

    The company even gives some sizing tips to help ensure that you get the safest fit. We aren’t a fan of the less breathable nylon material, but of the nylon muzzles, this is one of the best.

    The main issue we noticed with the Xbes muzzle is that the nylon is also very slippery. Fastening a muzzle on a cat gets very tricky if the cat does not want it on, and the additional slippage can make it even more challenging.

    We do not recommend it for thrash-happy felines, but this muzzle could be a good budget option for less wiggly cats.

    • Covers eyes completely, calms some cats
    • Cats are unable to bit through material
    • Less costly
    • Nylon fabric is thick, not as breathable
    • Slippery fabric can make fastening a challenge
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    5. Guardian Gear Nylon Cat Muzzles

    Guardian Gear Nylon Cat Muzzles

    For an inexpensive cat muzzle that stops biting and covers your cat’s eyes, check out Guardian Gear. These muzzles come in a variety of colors and sizes and won’t cost you much at all.

    The material is thick nylon, which is less breathable than a natural fiber. The nose hole at the end seems to provide enough air, but the malleable shape means that especially wild cats may shove the muzzle around and reduce their ability to breathe well.

    The lack of sizing information provided by the company led to a trial and error fitting. Once we found the appropriate size it fit fairly well – snug but not too snug – but it took experimentation to find the perfect fit.

    If you end up choosing the Guardian Gear cat muzzle, try getting multiple sizes at once and returning the ones that fit poorly. Because if you need a cat muzzle, chances are you do not want to have to wait around for returns and replacements.

    • Keeps cats from biting
    • Complete eye covering can calm cats
    • Thick nylon material is less breathable
    • Nylon is slippery, may
    • Information on how to size for your cat not provided
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    6. ZOOPOLR Cat Muzzles

    ZOOPOLR Cat Muzzles

    If you need to keep your cat from over-grooming, scratching their face due to wounds or allergies, or Zoopolr’s cat muzzle may be just the thing.

    The highly breathable fabric makes it one of the safest muzzles on the market for your cat. But the tradeoff is that it provides little protection for you.

    This cat muzzle’s mesh is very thin and does not prevent teeth from penetrating the fabric. Many reviewers even remark on the ability of particularly crafty cats to extricate themselves.

    It would be a great option for calmer cats that just need some behavior correction. But the Zoopolr muzzle will not pose any challenge to hairy Houdinis or tiny tigers bent on sinking fangs into flesh.

    • Mesh material provides cat with unhindered air flow
    • Stops cats from aggravating wounds or over- grooming
    • Mesh does not completely block vision
    • Fabric is thin enough that determined cats can still bite
    • Wilder cats may be able to remove this muzzle
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    7. Alfie Pet Quick Fit Nylon Muzzle

    Alfie Pet Quick Fit Nylon Muzzle

    Alfie Pet Supply also makes a decent nylon cat muzzle. It is sufficiently durable to prevent nasty bites and covers the cat’s eyes completely to help keep them calm.

    The sizing runs large, however, and on many of our smaller adult cats, it could not be snugged to an appropriately safe level. With a poor fit, your cat may shove their nose into the fabric and make it harder to breathe, and wily cats will take advantage of any extra room to make a break for it.

    This muzzle is most appropriate for larger, less ferocious cats. It’s also relatively similar in price to many other items, so if you have a smaller cat you won’t be losing out on a good price.

    • Does not allow cats to bite
    • Covers the eyes completely
    • Nylon is less breathable than natural fibers
    • Runs large, smallest size still too big for some adult cats
    • Velcro is weak, determined cats can escape
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    Buyer’s Guide

    When it comes to buying the right cat muzzle, there are two main concerns: your cat’s safety and comfort (i.e., breathability), and your own safety.

    Of course, price plays into all purchasing decisions. Luckily, cat muzzles are relatively inexpensive products. But that doesn’t mean you should go for the cheapest, nor that you should let a company charge you an exorbitant amount for what essentially amounts to a specially shaped piece of fabric.

    Let’s take a closer look at what features inform how you can choose the best cat muzzle to keep your cat safe, and your skin intact!

    cat biting hand
    Image Credit: Nau Nau, Shutterstock


    Canvas, Natural Fibers

    Natural fiber cat muzzles generally ensure the most breathability for your fuzzy friend. Cat owners who are simply looking for a way to cover their cat’s eyes effectively and help calm them that way will appreciate the safety and softness of natural fibers.

    The big downside to natural fibers is that they provide less protection from your feisty feline’s teeth. Canvas can provide an excellent solution to this problem.

    Historically, canvas was made from hemp. But as the modern engines of mass production have chugged forward, it is now predominantly made from linen or cotton and sometimes blended with other materials.

    Canvas is extremely durable and is the natural fiber of choice for many products such as ship’s sails, tents, backpacks, and some outdoor apparel. A tough canvas weave will stand up to even the sharpest of cat teeth! It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

    However, make sure that if you purchase a canvas cat muzzle that the fabric is not treated for water repellency. Chemical treatments such as this will reduce airflow.


    Perhaps the most commonly used material in cat muzzles is the synthetic material known as nylon.

    Nylon is a highly versatile material that can be melted down and reshaped. You will find nylon used in nearly every production industry in the world: resins and molds for car parts, food packaging film, fishing lines, toothbrush bristles, cello strings, and a huge variety of clothing for commercial and military use.

    It is also durable in comparison to natural fibers and has become a very low-cost option for manufacturers. Strong nylon, however, is not as breathable as natural fibers. The tougher the nylon, the less easily air can pass through it.

    Cat muzzles are most commonly used to prevent biting, so a tough nylon fabric may sound like a good thing. But when deciding on your purchase, remember that with the direct tradeoff of breathability for durability you run into a serious issue of comfort for your cat.

    You must make the choice between buying a cheap and breathable nylon cat muzzle that won’t last, or a muzzle that is thicker, stronger, but also less comfortable for your cat to wear.

    Breathable and inexpensive nylon mesh cat muzzles are available. However, they do not do as much to limit your cat’s vision. If covering your cat’s eyes helps keep them calm, a mesh muzzle may not work.

    Alternative Synthetic Fibers

    Some synthetic materials are designed for superior breathability and durability, used in protective gear for humans in the medical and industrial sectors.

    Finding a cat muzzle made from high-quality protective material may be a little pricier. But the tradeoff of higher price for better breathability, protection from those teeth and claws, and longevity of the product is a solid one.

    cat wearing Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle

    Materials to Avoid

    Breathability is the most important part of a cat muzzle. Almost any muzzle you choose will restrict your cat’s ability to breathe, so pick a material that does so the least.

    Here are some common fabrics and materials to that simply are not breathable or comfortable enough to be useful in a cat muzzle:

    • Leather: tough but extremely low breathability
    • Plastic: rigid, hard to breathe even with plenty of ventilation holes
    • Metal: buckles and snaps may dig into your cat’s skin and be hard to fasten/unfasten

    Other Features to Keep in Mind


    After the breathability of materials, sizing your cat’s muzzle properly is the next most important consideration. After all, if it doesn’t fit, how are you supposed to avoid getting chomped?

    The proper fit of the muzzle will also be safer for your cat. A snug, but not too tight fit will keep your feline from wiggling out or getting themselves caught in the fabric somehow.

    Most cat muzzles give you appropriate dimensions of what size neck and head they fit. Use a tape measure (and maybe some treats!) to get an idea of the circumference of your kitty pal’s head and nose, as well as their neck.

    Closure Design

    If your cat is a thrasher, you may want to pay special attention to the type of closures.

    Is the closure method fast and easy, like Velcro? Or will you be fumbling with snaps or straps while your tiny tiger makes mincemeat of your arms?

    Is your cat the type to try and rip a muzzle off, or can you go for a lightly secured option? Considering things like these ahead of time may save you from having to return and re-order.

    How to Use a Cat Muzzle

    When introducing your cat to a muzzle, it is highly advisable to do so gradually. A slow introduction will give your cat time to get used to the muzzle, even if they never like it.

    Here are a few tips on how to reduce stress and help ease your feline friend adjust to a muzzle:

    • Let your cat smell and touch the muzzle first before you ever try to put it on their head.
    • Try the muzzle on first at home, or in a low- stress environment.
    • Does your cat have a favorite treat? Have some ready for them when you take the muzzle off.
    • Tuck treats inside the muzzle and let your cat stick their face in themselves a few times.
    • For the first few wears, keep to shorter periods without trying to groom or bathe your cat.
    • When using the muzzle normally, keep the amount of time your cat is in it as short as possible.
    • If the muzzle blocks their vision, try not to let your cat jump or run away while wearing – they could hurt themselves running into things or falling.
    • Speak to your cat gently, be patient, and if they want attention give them plenty of love – this stuff is stressful!

    Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Muzzles

    • How do cat muzzles work?

    The purpose of cat muzzles is twofold. Firstly, the muzzle will keep your cat from biting and injuring the person handling them. Second, most muzzles for cats also cover their eyes to either help calm them down, or at least prevent them from locking on to a target visually.

    • Can you use cat muzzles on kittens?

    Yes, but experts recommend that the kittens be at least 10 weeks or older.

    • Can you use a dog muzzle for a cat?

    No. Canine facial structure is completely different from that of feline. Dog muzzles are completely inappropriate for use on cats.

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    Don’t want to read through all of our in-depth reviews, but still want the lowdown on which cat muzzle will work best for you?

    Here’s the scoop:

    The best overall cat muzzle on the market is the Proguard Pets Softie Cat Muzzle. It is only moderately expensive, and provides superior breathability for your cat, eliminates their ability to bite, and is durably made to stand the test of time.

    And as for the best value, check out the Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle. It’s cheaper than a bagel and a coffee at your favorite fancy café and will do a solid job keeping your cat and your hands protected during stressful grooming situations.

    We hope these reviews and handy tips can make your experience purchasing and using a cat muzzle as painless as possible.