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6 Best Cat Pheromone Diffusers in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

cat calmDid you know that the very first form of communication that takes between animal species is chemical communication? According to Dr. Valarie Tynes, DVM, President of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, it’s achieved through pheromones, and this way of “communicating” can help reduce stress in your wound-up kitty.

A pheromone is an excreted or secreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in a member of the same species. They act like hormones outside of the body to impact the behavior of the receiving animal.

First introduced in the early 2000s, the pheromone diffuser was a breakthrough in the pet care industry. This device releases a mixture of substances into the air that soothes stressed-out cats, minimizing unwanted behavior.

While pheromones are actually produced naturally by felines, your pheromone diffuser is synthetic and simply mimics the natural chemicals that cats put off to convey feelings of safety and security.

If you’re searching for a product to comfort your cat, here are the six best cat pheromone diffuser reviews for 2022.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Feliway MultiCat Starter Kit Feliway MultiCat Starter Kit
  • Feature iconAlleviates tension
  • Feature iconCovers 700 sq.ft.
  • Feature iconVet recommended
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Comfort Zone Calming Comfort Zone Calming
  • Feature iconVery affordable
  • Feature iconCovers 650 sq.ft.
  • Feature icon90% effective
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    ThunderEase Cat Calming ThunderEase Cat Calming
  • Feature iconCovers up to 700 feet
  • Feature icon90% effective
  • Feature iconPlug rotates
  • Relaxivet Natural Cat Calming Relaxivet Natural Cat Calming
  • Feature icon100% natural ingredients
  • Feature iconSafe for continuous use
  • Feature iconVet tested
  • Sentry Sentry
  • Feature iconGently scented
  • Feature iconRotating plug
  • Feature iconLasts up to 30 days
  • The 6 Best Cat Pheromone Diffusers

    1. Feliway MultiCat Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser – Best Overall

    Feliway MultiCat Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser

    Our best overall cat pheromone diffuser choice is the Feliway MultiCat Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser because it will instantly alleviate tension and conflict between cats, keeping your multi-cat household in a constant state of peace for up to four weeks on one refill. Vet recommended, this product is clinically proven to show results in your feline friends within just the first week. Covering up to 700 square feet, this cat pheromone diffuser works wonders in a large room or smaller apartment.

    However, if you have birds, in particular parrots, Psittacines, or Budgerigars, do not buy this product. These birds have an extremely sensitive respiratory system and inhaling the pheromone chemicals could be hazardous to their health.

    To conclude, we think this is the overall best cat pheromone diffuser.

    • Vet recommended
    • 1 refill lasts 4 weeks
    • Alleviates tension
    • Clinically proven to calm cats
    • Perfect for multi-cat household
    • Covers 700 sq.ft.
    • Hazardous to birds
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    2. Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser Kit – Best Value

    Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser Kit

    Designed to mimic your feline friend’s natural soothing hormones, this product is 90% effective, making it the best cat pheromone diffuser for the money. Available in three colors to cater to any décor, the Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser Kit can ease your pet in as little as two weeks. However, some cat owners reported that the product did nothing for their animal. Covering 650 square feet, this diffuser should be refilled every month.

    The whole kit and caboodle is extremely affordable, as are the refills. Watch out when refilling the diffuser because it is known to spill its contents. We think its the best cat pheromone diffuser for the money.

    • Very affordable
    • Covers 650 sq. ft.
    • 90% effective
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Does not work on some cats’ aggressive behaviors
    • Prone to spillage
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    3. ThunderEase Cat Calming Diffuser Kit – Premium Choice

    ThunderEase Cat Calming Diffuser Kit

    One of the top causes of stress for a cat is introducing another feline into the home. Since many cats are protective of their territory, the new addition can disrupt their peace of mind. With the stress can come unwanted behavior such as scratching or inappropriate marking.

    Thankfully, this premium diffuser was created to solve your dilemma. Boasting a special formula ideal for your multi-cat home, this cat pheromone diffuser covers up to 700 feet. Tested to be over 90% effective, the ThunderEase Cat Calming Diffuser is the perfect way to soothe anxious animals and prevent unwanted behaviors. And with odorless substances and refills that last up to 30 days, you’ll never know you have a diffuser inside of your home.

    Be careful as this device is prone to leakage.

    • Odorless
    • Covers up to 700 feet
    • Refills last 30 days
    • Plug rotates
    • Good for multi-cat homes
    • 90% effective
    • Expensive
    • Prone to leakage
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    4. Relaxivet Natural Cat Calming Pheromone Diffuser

    Relaxivet Natural Cat Calming Pheromone Diffuser

    Relaxivet Natural Cat Calming Pheromone Diffuser will ease your pet’s stress fast. Made from only 100% pure and safe-to-use substances, this diffuser works wonders for stressed or anxious cats and sexual hunting. Tested by vets, this product doesn’t develop resistance and can be safely used continuously for lasting results.

    Some pet owners have complained about the smell that this product gives off. So, if you have a sensitive nose, this diffuser may not be for you. Additionally, the diffuser can use up the substances quickly, making you have to refill it more often than not.

    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Vet tested
    • Safe for continuous use
    • Strong smelling
    • Fast to empty out
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    5. Sentry Calming Diffuser

    Sentry 484243 Calming Diffuser

    Part of PetIQ, a leading pet wellness and health company, the Sentry Calming Diffuser can easily be plugged into a socket due to the rotating plug and seamlessly fits any U.S. electrical outlet. Perfect for cats of all ages and breeds, the gentle lavender and chamomile scent isn’t too overbearing and can last up to 30 days.

    This product only covers a range of 250 square feet, so it is best used in a small room or bought in multiples.

    • Lasts up to 30 days
    • Gently scented
    • Rotating plug
    • Only covers 250 sq. ft.
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    6. Felisept Home Comfort Plug-In Diffuser

    Felisept Home Comfort Plug-In Diffuser

    Did you know that nearly 75% of cat owners have experienced unwanted behavior from their pets? Chill out your kitty with the vet recommended Felisept Home Comfort Plug-In Diffuser. This product is super simple to use – just plug it in, and walk away. It’ll cover up to 500 square feet.

    The formula is crafted from 100% natural ingredients including substances found in catnip. You will see a change in behavior in as little as two days. However, the cats can quickly build up a tolerance to the diffuser and not feel its soothing effects. It is also not suitable for folks with a sensitive sense of smell.

    • Vet recommended
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Covers up to 500 sq. ft.
    • Fast-acting
    • Cats may build up tolerance quickly
    • Strongly scented
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    Buyer’s Guide: Choose the Best Cat Pheromone Diffusers

    Before you go out and spend your hard-earned money on a cat pheromone diffuser, there are some things to consider. This includes knowing if your fluffy friend would actually benefit from one, and how to choose the diffuser best suited for your home and needs.

    What Exactly Are Calming Pheromones?

    These odorless, colorless chemical signals are species-specific and send comforting communications to other cats. In nature, your cat will release pheromones to mark her territory, boost bonding, create familiarity, signal to breeding partners, and self soothe.

    They can share or deposit these pheromones by scratching, bumping heads with another cat (or you!), rubbing their bodies against surfaces, or urinating.

    Cat pheromone substances can come in numerous channels, such as collars, plug-ins, wet wipes, and sprays. When you pop the plug-in diffuser into your outlet, it works much like an essential oil diffuser. The product warms up the substance and enables it to disperse throughout the air in a room.

    Cat calming pheromone diffusers are a synthetic way to calm your cat and give her a sense of wellbeing and safety. If your cat is in a constant state of anxiety, she is not in a state where she can make choices that are desirable to her human companion. However, when relaxed, your kitty is better able to understand and learn what you want from her and is more equipped to perform acceptable behaviors.

    Signs Your Cat May Benefit from a Calming Pheromone Diffuser

    If your cat is exhibiting unwanted behaviors, such as scratching up your leather couch or urinating outside of the litterbox, she may be feeling stressed or anxious.

    Some other signs of an anxious cat may include:

    • Excessive hiding
    • Change in mood
    • Increased vocalization or more meowing
    • Increased lethargy
    • Vomiting
    • A change in weight
    • Appetite loss

    What Can Cause Cat Anxiety?

    There are many things that can cause your feline friend to feel anxious. Most notably, if you introduce a new kitty into the home. Big changes in her environment or routine can cause your cat to panic as well. This can include moving, a new baby, or a change in your work schedule.

    Many cats can also become anxious when past traumas are triggered. This is why it is critical to learn as much about your adopted cat as possible. This will help you to avoid putting her in a situation that could promote fear and trigger her anxiety.

    Another cause of stress in cats is known as “cat separation anxiety.” This is most common in felines that have been rehomed multiple times or have a history of past abuse. Cat separation anxiety is when a cat shows signs of stress when they are separated from their owner, or another pet that they have formed a bond with.

    Cats with separation anxiety will compulsively follow you from room to room and demand constant attention. They will also begin to pick up on signs that you’re about to leave the home, such as reaching for your wallet and car keys. They will become distressed and hide, sulk, or meow incessantly. When alone, they may not use the litter box or scratch at your furniture.

    sad cat
    Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

    Studies on Cat Calming Pheromones

    So, now that you know that your anxious cat could benefit from a pheromone diffuser, you’re probably wondering if they really do work. There have been several studies to test the efficiency of pheromone diffusers on cats.

    One study zeroed in on the use of pheromone diffusers in a multi-cat household. The study concluded that over 84% of the households utilizing both the diffuser and behavior management methods saw significant improvement in their cats’ behavior.

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    Choosing the Right Pheromone Diffuser for Your Cat

    For your cat to benefit the most from a calming pheromone diffuser, you need to know the best one to buy for her. Think about what is making your cat anxious and her bad behaviors to help guide your selection process.

    Pheromone Aid Type

    Although it is generally known as a “pheromone diffuser,” there are actually several different types of cat calming pheromone aids. These can include traditional diffusers, wet wipes, spray pumps, and collars. Each type of pheromone aid has its perks and drawbacks, so it’s important to thoroughly research them all to find the one that best caters to your cat’s unique needs.

    The traditional diffuser aid is best for indoor use and can prevent marking and scratching. Pheromone collars are great for indoor/outdoor cats and kittens who are afraid of larger felines and will help them accept its presence. The pump is best used to protect specific pieces of furniture that you don’t want to be clawed up or urinated on. You can even use some spray on yourself to make your cat more comfortable with you.

    Cat Pheromone Liquid Volume

    The amount of pheromone liquid you should get is dependent upon how many cats are in your household. If you only have one cat, you can purchase a smaller amount of the substance. However, don’t use expired liquid as it won’t have an effect on your cat and could even be harmful to her.

    ThunderEase Multi-Cat Calming Diffuser Kit-BG

    Pheromone Diffuser Range

    As you probably noticed in the above product reviews, we mentioned the range of most of the diffusers. If your cat is confined to a small room since she is nursing kittens, you may be good with a diffuser with a smaller range. If your cat roams freely about the house, you can have several plug-in diffusers with a wide distribution range.

    Natural Diffusers

    To ensure your pet’s utmost safety, and your own, look for all-natural diffusers. Harsh chemicals can lead to health complications in your cat or other pets.

    Talk to Your Vet Before You Start Shopping

    It’s important to keep in mind that every cat is unique and will respond to a pheromone diffuser in its own way. While some cats may highly benefit from one, some may not show any signs of change at all.

    It’s always best to consult with your vet if you notice any behavioral changes, as it may not be stress. It could be an underlying health condition.

    3 cat dividerConclusion

    If your cat is exhibiting signs of stress, such as marking, scratching, or being aggressive with other cats in your household, you may want to purchase a cat calming pheromone diffuser to ease their anxiety

    Out of the six reviews we shared with you, we think that the Feliway MultiCat Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser is the top choice because it has a wide distribution range, is highly effective in multi-cat households, and is clinically proven to calm your cat.

    Our top pick for the best value is the Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser. Extremely affordable and highly efficient, this diffuser covers up to 650 sq. ft., is 90% effective, and comes in a plethora of trendy colors.

    Always discuss your pet’s behavioral changes with your vet to see if your cat is stressed or if there is, in fact, another underlying issue. It’s also important to use a diffuser with all-natural ingredients to ensure your pet’s safety.

    Cat calming diffusers are a great way to help alleviate your cat’s tension and anxiety. Check out our top six reviews to find a great one for you!

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    Featured Image: Daga_Roszkowska, Pixabay