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10 Best Cat Repellent Sprays for Furniture in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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So, you have found yourself in need of some protection for your furniture thanks to your four-legged feline family member(s). You are not alone; it is one of the downfalls of being a cat owner, but we all know they are worth it. Thankfully, there are some great products on the market nowadays to help deter your cat from damaging your furniture and other household items.

It is always important to provide your cat an outlet for scratching, after all this behavior is only natural for them. Cat trees and scratching posts make for great investments, but we need to keep their minds off the furniture, too. That is why we have dived into the reviews of cat repellent sprays that can be used to salvage your furniture.  We took a hard look into what other cat owners had to say and came up with a list of the top 10. Let’s take a look!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Feliway Classic Calming Cat Spray Feliway Classic Calming Cat Spray
  • Feature icon Can be used anywhere
  • Feature icon Colorless and odorless
  • Feature icon High rates of success in testing
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Four Paws Cat Repellent Spray Four Paws Cat Repellent Spray
  • Feature icon Inexpensive
  • Feature icon Convenient, pump spray bottle
  • Feature icon Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Cat Deterrent PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Cat Deterrent
  • Feature icon Odorless
  • Feature icon Motion sensor
  • Feature icon Stainless formula
  • Best for Kittens
    Cat Guard Pro Pet Safe Furniture Repellent Cat Guard Pro Pet Safe Furniture Repellent
  • Feature icon Non-toxic
  • Feature icon Stainless formula
  • Feature icon Availble in four scents
  • HAPIPET Cat Deterrent Spray HAPIPET Cat Deterrent Spray
  • Feature icon Stainless
  • Feature icon Citrus smell
  • Feature icon Indoor or outdoor use
  • The 10 Best Cat Repellent Sprays for Furniture

    1. Feliway Classic Calming Spray – Best Overall

    Feliway Classic Calming Spray

    Size: 2 ounces
    Type: Spray, Diffuser

    Feliway Classic Calming Spray is a product that was created as a means of comfort and stress reduction to reduce bad behaviors such as urine spraying, scratching, fighting, or hiding. Feliway is available in a spray bottle or as a plug-in diffuser so there is some versatility. It is also regarded as safe for pets and humans and isn’t priced excessively high.

    Feliway emulates natural pheromones released by a mother cat to calm her kittens and comes highly recommended by both customers and veterinarians. Test results have shown a 90 percent reduction in scratching and spraying behaviors within the home. Feliway is odorless and colorless, which can be a relief since some sprays do have very strong smells, making it our top choice for the best cat repellent spray for furniture.

    The company recommends a once per day spraying of your household furniture, but customer reviews have advised they see success for up to a week with one application. We could not locate where Feliway states it is safe for all furniture, so we recommend spot testing before full application to ensure your furniture is not damaged in any way.

    The perks to Feliway are that it isn’t just for use on furniture, it can be used anywhere in the house, for trips to the veterinarian, and any other type of travel. The downside to Feliway is that some reviewers have stated it did not work for their cats.

    The most concerning negative aspect is that some users reported that the plug-in diffuser is a fire hazard. Several reviewers warn that it started fires within their homes while others noticed it getting very hot and even smoking. Opting for the spray may be the safer option in this case.

    • Colorless and odorless
    • High rates of success in testing
    • Can be used anywhere
    • Plug-in diffuser can be a fire hazard
    • Might not work for all cats
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    2. Four Paws Keep Off! Cat Repellent Spray – Best Value

    Four Paws Keep Off! Cat Repellent Outdoor & Indoor Spray

    Size: 16 ounces
    Type: Spray

    Our top pick for the best value for your money is the Four Paws Keep Off! Cat Repellent Outdoor and Indoor Spray. This spray has a longevity of about 24 hours when applied daily and can be used to deter your cat from furniture and any other areas such as counters and trash cans.

    This product is not known to cause any stains, which is so important for furniture use! The perk of this spray is that it is safe for indoors but can be used outdoors as well near plants and other foliage. The company states it is safe for cats of all ages.

    Some reviewers stated they were skeptical of the product at first but ended up having great success. Others advise strongly against it due to lack of success and strong chemical smell. While it comes at a great low price, especially for the quantity, one thing we’d like to note is that the manufacturer does not list all ingredients in the product so that is something to consider.

    • Inexpensive
    • Can be used indoors and outdoors
    • All ingredients not listed by the manufacturer
    • Does not work on all cats
    • Strong chemical smell
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    3. PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Dog and Cat Deterrent – Premium Choice

    PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Dog and Cat Deterrent

    Size: 3.89 ounces
    Type: Motion-Activated Spray

    Our premium choice for cat repellent spray for furniture goes to the PetSafe SSSCAT Deterrent Spray. This device uses a motion-activated infrared sensor to detect movement up to 3 feet away from where it is placed. You can set it up so that when your cat gets near your furniture, it will immediately spray the deterrent.

    The spray is odorless, will not cause stains, and can be used anywhere in the house. It gives you the luxury of not having to remember to spray the area yourself. When the PetSafe SSSCAT sprays, it may also startle your cat, which can be a deterrent. The nozzle is adjustable with a maximum of 3-foot spray capacity.

    The biggest complaint cat owners had about this product is that they felt the sensor was inaccurate and defective. There were also some complaints that occasionally the sprayer would be defective and either did not work or would spray a stream rather than a mist. Many cat owners have found success with this product, however, some owners also have stated the spray did not work for their cat.

    • Motion sensor
    • Odorless
    • Stainless formula
    • Inaccurate sensor
    • Occasional defective sprayer
    • Does not work for all cats
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    4. Cat Guard Pro Pet Safe Furniture Cat Repellent – Best for Kittens

    Cat Guard Pro Pet Safe Furniture Cat Repellent

    Size: 4 ounces
    Type: Spray

    Cat Guard Pro Spray was created by a cat owner on a mission to save their furniture. The goal was to create a safe and effective spray that would get the job done and avoid the constant need for replacing furniture. This spray is non-toxic, vegan, and derived from natural oils to give a pleasant smell to the household.

    We recommended this as best for kittens since it is a non-toxic formula and we know how kittens love to chew, play, and romp all over the furniture. Made from lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus oils, this formula does not leave stains on your furniture and leaves it smelling fresh. These scents tend to act as a deterrent to cats and have success in deterring them from the furniture.

    Some cat owners have complained that this spray did not repel their cats and others have complained they were not fans of the scent. Overall, this is a well-reviewed product but it will come down to your personal preference with smell, and whether or not your cat is deterred.

    • Non-toxic
    • Stainless formula
    • Strong odor
    • Does not work for all cats
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    5. HAPIPET Cat Deterrent Spray

    HAPIPET Cat Deterrent Spray

    Size: 4 ounces
    Type: Spray

    Another great choice for a non-toxic spray is the HAPIPET Cat Deterrent Spray. This formula does not leave behind any residue or stains on the furniture and is perfectly safe for your pets. This spray is derived from plant extract and smells of citrus, which works well in deterring cats from the general area it is sprayed on.

    HAPIPET Cat Deterrent Spray can be used indoors or outdoors and is not only great for use on furniture but can be used on carpet, curtains, décor, and even plants.  The company recommends spraying the areas you’d like to keep your cat away from 4 times per day for the first two weeks of use and then as needed after that.

    HAPIPET Cat Deterrent Spray is well-reviewed and successful for a lot of cat owners. The only complaint about this product is that it didn’t work for some cats and even seemed to attract a few. If ingested, it could cause an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea. It does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

    • Indoor or outdoor use
    • Stainless
    • Citrus smell
    • Does not work for all cats
    • Can cause upset stomach and diarrhea if ingested
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    6. Sentry Stop That! Noise & Pheromone Cat Spray

    Sentry Stop That! Noise & Pheromone Cat Spray

    Size: 1 ounce
    Type: Pressurized Spray

    The SENTRY Stop That! Noise and Pheromone Cat Spray uses just that to deter our feline friends from negative behaviors. The spray will emit a hissing sound when used in combination with natural pheromones that serve the purpose of calming the cat. This spray comes in lavender-chamomile scent and is designed to be pleasant for humans and repellent to cats.

    The company advises that you spray in the direction of your cat at 12 to 18 inches when they are moving toward the furniture. While this could help your cat refocus and leave the furniture alone, it may not be the most convenient go-to since you must keep an eye on your cat and use the spray when they are in the act.

    Some cat owners have advised that the hissing sound has greatly agitated their cats and they have gotten fearful responses from them. Some other cat-lovers have complained of the scent and the fact that it does not work to deter their cats. This is also a small spray with only 1 ounce of fluid. It is an aerosol-type spray can and users have advised it is very quick to empty.

    • Pleasant smell
    • Natural, calming pheromones
    • Quick to empty
    • Does not work for all cats
    • Agitated some cats
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    7. Pet MasterMind Claw Withdraw

    Pet MasterMind Claw Withdraw

    Size: 4 ounces, 8 ounces
    Type: Spray Bottle

    Pet MasterMind Claw Withdraw Scratch Deterrent Cat Spray is an all-natural formula made with a blend of rosemary, astragalus, and deionized water leaving it free of harmful chemicals. The strong herbal smell is meant to deter your cat from scratching your furniture and fabric.

    While it may be free of parabens, toxic ingredients, and any irritants, a lot of reviewers do complain that the smell is very unpleasant. The strong plant-derived scent of this spray can deter humans as well. Some users also noted that the sprayer is defective, leaving them needing to replace it to use the product. It has been ineffective for some cats as well.

    • All-natural ingredients
    • Non-toxic
    • Spray bottle breaks easily
    • Does not work on all cats
    • Strong odor
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    8. 3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid

    3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid

    Size: 8 ounces
    Type: Spray

    The 3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid spray can be used indoors or outdoors and contains added bitter taste to deter your cat even further. The bitter taste will prevent chewing of furniture, fabrics, or even plants.  The scent is made to smell good to humans and be a complete deterrent to our feline friends.

    It is recommended to spray on areas you wish to keep your cat from every 24 hours or until they have broken their bad habits. This spray comes from a small family-owned business in the United States and is made with safe, locally sourced ingredients.

    While this deterrent is well-reviewed by many cat owners, some have not had success. Some users report that their cats ignored the spray and were not deterred at all, while some other users complained of the scent. The company does ask that customers contact them if they are not satisfied with the product.

    • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Great price
    • Added bitter taste
    • Does not work for all cats
    • Smell not pleasing to everyone
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    9. SmartyKat Scratch Not Cat Spray

    SmartyKat Scratch Not Cat Spray

    Size: 13.5 ounces
    Type: Spray

    The SmartyKat Scratch Not Cat Spray was created with furniture safety in mind. They recommended spraying anywhere that needs to avoid your cat’s claws. The spray is easy to use and is derived from all-natural ingredients including lemon and eucalyptus oil. The smell is the deterrent for cats but is overall welcomed by people.

    SmartyKat Scratch Not Cat Spray is inexpensive, but the smell may not be pleasing to all customers. It has been reviewed that it does not work for all cats.

    The company advises that you do not spray directly on your cat. This product can damage some surfaces such as wood finish, paint, leather, vinyl, microsuede, and microfiber. Spot checks are highly recommended, and it is suggested to leave it on the area for a minimum of 2 days before fully applying it to the entire surface.

    • Inexpensive
    • Large quantity
    • Fresh scent
    • Does not work for all cats
    • Strong smell
    • Can damage some surfaces
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    10. Mighty Petz No Scratch Spray for Cats

    Mighty Petz No Scratch Spray for Cats

    Size: 8 ounces
    Type: Spray

    Our final contender on the list of best cat repellent sprays for furniture is the Mighty Petz No Scratch Spray for Cats. This spray comes in an 8-ounce, easy-to-use bottle and is made from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients that do not leave stains.

    The product information states this spray was created by veterinarians and contains organic rosemary, vanilla, and cinnamon extracts to help to deter your cat from scratching various surfaces. This spray contains no chemicals or alcohol, so it is safe for pets and humans.

    Overall, this spray is very well-reviewed, and the scent is appreciated by a lot of cat owners. Many customers raved that this product worked well for their cats while others did complain that it did not work for their cats. The only other complaints about this product were poor packaging and occasional leaky spray bottles.

    • Great smell
    • Non-toxic and safe for pets and people
    • Does not work for all cats
    • Poor packaging

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best Cat Repellent Spray for Furniture

    When you are looking for a cat repellent spray for your furniture, there are going to be some factors to take into consideration before deciding on which product to purchase. We like to eliminate the need for trial and error but as you have seen, most of these sprays can affect cats differently. Making the right choice for you and your cat(s) is essential. Let’s break down some of the considerations to keep in mind and why they are so important:

    male domesetic cat scratching furniture with front claws
    Image Credit: Melissa Sue, Shutterstock


    As with any purchase, price is inevitably going to be a factor. You want a product that works effectively and is within your budget. After all, you are always going to have furniture in your home and your cat will spend his or her life with you, so this spray will likely be something you are purchasing semi-regularly.


    Bottle size may play a role in your decision. You may find something you feel is fairly priced but once you see the number of fluid ounces and overall bottle size, you may not feel the same. You want to ensure you are getting a good deal for your money and enough product to effectively do the job.


    You will notice that most of these products come in a spray bottle, while some come as a diffuser you can plug into your wall, and others are motioned activated sprayers. The type you choose will come down to personal preference.

    water spray
    Image Credit: Squirrel_photos, Pixabay



    One of the most important factors when choosing a product like this will be the smell. You have seen on the product descriptions that a lot of negative reviews are related to the smell of the product. Of course, you will see positive and negative reviews for smell since all people have different preferences, but you do want to choose a spray that smells good to you and the others in your household. You must spend time on your furniture so the last thing you want is something odorous lingering on the material.


    Cat repellent sprays will come with a wide variety of different ingredients. Are you wanting a naturally derived, plant-based spray to avoid harsh chemicals? Or would you prefer a chemically based product that is well-reviewed? This truly comes down to your personal preference and you may have to see what works best with your cat.


    If you are spraying your furniture to keep your cat away from it, you don’t want to be spraying the fabric several times a day. You will want to look into the suggested frequency of use for each product. The longer a product lasts on your furniture’s surface, the better.

    Spraying sofa at home
    Image Credit: y_seki, Shutterstock

    Safety Warnings

    Don’t forget to look at the safety warnings for the products you are interested in. You want to ensure not just the safety of your cat(s) but also you and anyone else in your household. Some products could cause digestive issues if ingested or could potentially cause harm if it gets directly on the skin or in the eyes. It needs to be the top priority to avoid the veterinarian or the hospital.

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    Now that you’ve had a look at our top picks and the reviews from other cat owners, hopefully, it makes your decision-making easier.

    You may opt for the well-reviewed and highly recommended Feliway Classic Calming Spray, which was our best overall pick. Otherwise, you may want to try the wallet-friendly Four Paws Keep Off Spray or the PetSafe SSSCAT Spray that comes with a motion-activated sensor.

    As you can see, a common negative review for all products is that they may not work for all cats, so you may encounter a bit of trial and error. But we hope you quickly find what works for you, your cat, and your furniture!

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