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10 Best Cat Shelves in 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

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white cat on wall shelf Cat shelves allow your pet to survey the world from an elevated position. They provide safe spaces for your pet to hang out and enjoy the view. But unlike cat towers or trees, they attach directly to the wall, making them a semi-permanent option.

Cat shelves come in several designs, from simple options that provide a warm cubby to products with multiple platforms that give cats several places to perch. Some even feature extras such as scratching posts and cat grass planters!

There are several factors to consider when choosing a cat shelf, from the look you want to achieve in your home to your pet’s specific needs. Below you’ll find our reviews of the best cat shelves currently available to help you select an option that’ll impress your friends and delight your cat.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Trixie Lounger Wall Mounted Cat Shelves Trixie Lounger Wall Mounted Cat Shelves
  • Feature icon Doubles as a scratching post
  • Feature icon Can be installed in multiple configurations
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Bed Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Bed
  • Feature icon Affordable
  • Feature icon Mounting hardware included
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    CatastrophiCreations Wall Mounted Garden Complex With Cat Grass Plante CatastrophiCreations Wall Mounted Garden Complex With Cat Grass Plante
  • Feature icon Includes a scratching post
  • Feature icon Great for multi-cat households
  • Feature icon Ideal for heavier cats
  • Best for Larger Cats
    The Refined Feline Lotus Branch Wall Mounted Cat Shelf The Refined Feline Lotus Branch Wall Mounted Cat Shelf
  • Feature icon Super stylish design
  • Feature icon Removable and replaceable carpeting
  • Real Wood Cat Condo With 2 Perches Real Wood Cat Condo With 2 Perches
  • Feature icon Includes multiple perches
  • Feature icon Made of attractive blond wood
  • The 10 Best Cat Shelves

    1. Trixie Lounger Wall Mounted Cat Shelves — Best Overall

    TRIXIE Lounger Wall Mounted Cat Shelves

    Dimensions: 18.75” W x 11” D x 11.25” H
    Weight: 14 pounds
    Materials: Wood, fleece, sisal, synthetic fabric
    Weight limit: 12 pounds
    Included Features: Small steps, hammock, and cat bed

    This fun multiple-platform installation is our pick for the best overall cat shelf. The Trixie Lounger features four separate parts: an enclosed bed, a hammock, and two steps your cat can use to get from the floor to the perches or from the hammock to the bed, depending on how you set things up. It’s a wall-mounted product and requires a bit of assembly, so make sure to have your toolbox on hand. The sisal on the sides of the bed and encasing the steps provide cats with plenty of places to dig in for a good scratch.

    And because there are two perches, the product is an excellent choice for multiple-cat households. The hammock provides an open space that cats can enjoy if they’re in the mood to be out in the open. The enclosed cat bed lined with fleece offers pets a snug place to nap away from the prying eyes of children and dogs. Although the shelves feature a sturdy wooden base, they’re attractively covered with white fleece and gray sisal. Unfortunately, the product isn’t suitable for heavier cats, as it can only hold up to 12 pounds.

    • Doubles as a scratching post
    • Can be installed in multiple configurations
    • Can only support up to 12 pounds
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    2. Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Bed — Best Value

    TRIXIE Bed Wall Mounted Cat Shelf

    Dimensions: 15.7” W x 8.7” D x 11” H
    Weight: 6 pounds
    Materials: Wood, synthetic fabric
    Weight limit: 12 pounds
    Included Features: Shelf

    The Trixie Wall-Mounted Cat Bed provides plenty of space for medium and small cats to curl up and snooze. It’s our choice for the best cat bed for the money. It features a curved belly that lets cats feel comfortable and secure as they nap. The wooden shelf holds a soft plush throw to soften the perch. The product requires assembly and mounting, but the package has all the hardware needed to secure the shelf. Proper installation requires the use of drywall anchors and a drill. The shelf only weighs 6 pounds, so one person can usually handle the construction without assistance.

    The plush is easily removable, but unfortunately, it’s not machine washable, so you’ll have to put a bit of effort into keeping the fleece clean. Because the product is relatively small, there’s only room for one cat on the shelf. You may want to purchase extra shelves if you have more than one cat to minimize potential conflict between pets. The shelf can only hold up to 12 pounds, so you’ll need a different option if you have a heavier pet. The simple design features clean, simple lines and complements most decorating themes. The product is available in white and espresso brown.

    • Affordable
    • Mounting hardware included
    • Can only support up to 12 pounds
    • Only appropriate for one cat
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    3. CatastrophiCreations Wall Mount Garden Complex & Cat Grass Planter — Premium Choice

    CatastrophiCreations Garden Complex Wall Mounted Cat Tree Shelf Set with Cat Grass Planter

    Dimensions: 116” W x 63” D x 1”H
    Weight: 57 pounds
    Materials: Wood, Bamboo
    Weight limit: 85 pounds
    Included Features: Hammock, scratching post, four planters

    The CatastrophiCreations Garden Complex is a super deluxe cat shelf complex that provides enrichment and a fun place to perch. It more than reaches all the high notes regarding sturdy construction, attractive design, and fun feline activities. It features a stable wooden base with multi-level planks for climbing and napping. Hammocks in the middle of the structure give cats comfortable places to curl up and watch the world go by. And the complex even has four planters where you can grow fresh oat grass or catnip for your pet.

    The cat tree shelf also includes a massive sisal-scratching post and an angled cat ladder to help your cat scale the heights! It’s a great option for multi-cat households as the design incorporates several shelves and hammocks on different levels. Because it’s so sturdy, it’s a wonderful choice for active cats as well as pets who’re struggling a bit in the weight department. The complex comes in a neutral color and a slightly darker, warm brown shade called English chestnut. The complex requires assembly and must be mounted on the wall using brackets. Reviews suggest that getting it set up can take a long time.

    • Includes a scratching post
    • Great for multi-cat households
    • Ideal for heavier cats
    • Requires several hours to assemble
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    4. The Refined Feline Lotus Branch Wall Mounted Cat Shelf — Best for Larger Cats

    The Refined Feline Lotus Branch Wall Mounted Cat Wall Shelf

    Dimensions: 61” W x 10.5” D x 12” H
    Weight: 14 pounds
    Materials: Wood, carpet
    Weight limit: 50 pounds
    Included Features: N/A

    The Lotus Branch cat shelf delivers on several levels—it’s incredibly stylish and a great option for heavier cats, as it can handle up to 50 pounds. The frame has sufficient room to comfortably accommodate two cats. The wooden shelf resembles a gently drawn wave, moving gracefully from high to low once installed on the wall.

    It’s covered with carpet, which is a feline favorite for enthusiastic claw sharpening. The shelf comes in four colors: white, smoke, mahogany, and espresso, with matching carpeting that you can easily remove and replace when your cat needs a new challenge for their claws. The carpeting isn’t washable, so you’re limited to spot cleaning.

    The shelf is available in multiple colors, with the darker colors going nicely with more conservative interiors and the lighter options providing a sleek, Scandinavian feel. You’ll have to put the shelf together before hanging it on the wall, but the package includes all the hardware you’ll need to complete the project. The installation often requires two people because of the shelf’s design, weight, and size—it’s over 61 inches long!

    • Super stylish design
    • Removable and replaceable carpeting
    • Requires two people for assembly
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    5. Real Wood Cat Condo With 2 Perches

    Armarkat Real Wood Cat Condo, Perch, & Perch

    Dimensions: 14” W x 12” D x 14” H
    Weight: 15.3 pounds
    Materials: Wood, faux fur, synthetic fabric
    Weight limit: 10 pounds
    Included Features: N/A

    The Real Wood Cat Condo provides three comfortable places for cats to hang out. It features a cozy enclosed condo and a box for cats to nap in. There’s also a hammock-like space, and a soft mat covers the condo’s floor. While you can remove the mat, it’s unfortunately not machine washable—you’ll have to spot-clean any stains. Some assembly is required, and the hardware needed to mount the shelves is included in the package. The condo and enclosed box are made of sturdy blonde wood, and the fuzzy hammock features fabric that nicely matches the wood’s shading.

    This isn’t a great choice for larger cats since the perches can only handle up to 10 pounds. The perches can also be installed close to the ground to accommodate cats with joint issues, and the manufacturer provides a 6-month warranty.

    • Includes multiple perches
    • Made of attractive blond wood
    • Can only support up to 10 pounds
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    6. CatastrophiCreations Wall Mounted Wooden Cat Bridge

    CatastrophiCreations Wall Mounted Wooden Cat Bridge

    Dimensions: 34” W x 11” D x 6” H
    Weight: 10 pounds
    Materials: Wood, Bamboo, Sisal
    Weight limit: 85 pounds
    Included Features: N/A

    This creative wall-mounted cat bridge provides a stylish design for laid-back decors. The bridge features individual wooden planks held together by sisal roping. Two mounting brackets on either side of the shelf fasten the ends of the structure to the wall, allowing the middle of the bridge to fall into a gentle curve. The cat bridge is 11 inches deep, providing plenty of space for most small and medium cats to curl up and nap. Larger cats might prefer to use the bridge as a part of a play area in a larger installation with a roomier perch. The bridge is available in two colors: English chestnut and onyx.

    You can use a wet cloth to dust the bridge and spot clean when needed. The product comes in multiple sizes and provides small and large room options. While it doesn’t require assembly, you’ll need to drill holes to fix the enclosed mounting brackets to the wall securely. Don’t forget to test your new creation to ensure it can stand your cat’s weight before allowing your furry baby access to their new lookout point. You can purchase guards to prevent your cat from chewing on the sisal ropes if that becomes an issue.

    • Doubles as a napping place and an enrichment activity
    • Appropriate for heavier cats
    • Requires drilling holes in your walls
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    7. Trixie Wall Mounted Playground

    Trixie Wall Mounted Playground

    Dimensions: 18.75” W x 12.75” D x 6.25” H
    Weight: 14 pounds
    Materials: Wood, fleece, sisal, synthetic fabric
    Weight limit: 12 pounds
    Included Features: Three steps, two shelves

    This delightful wall-mounted feline playground provides cats with tons of entertainment options. It features three sisal climbing posts and two carpet-covered platforms perfect for napping and perching. The two platforms make the playground an excellent choice for multi-cat homes. You can arrange the platforms on the wall to provide your cat with a fun challenge or a leisurely way to climb to a high perch, depending on your pet’s needs. The sisal-covered posts give cats a fun and appropriate way to scratch, and they save space since they’re nicely tucked away, mounted on the wall.

    It’s only appropriate for medium and small cats as the playground can’t safely support cats weighing more than 10 pounds. The shelves require mounting, but all the hardware and brackets you’ll need are included with the frames. Unfortunately, the playground’s components are only available in a light beige, which could be a problem depending on your decor. You’ll need two people and a stud finder to install the product safely, and reviews suggest that the instructions are difficult to follow.

    • Space-saving feline enrichment
    • Features sisal and carpet for scratching
    • Can only support up to 10 pounds
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    8. On2Pets Cat Canopy Wall Shelves

    On2Pets Cat Canopy Wall Shelves

    Dimensions: 22” W x 12” D x 12” H
    Weight: 10 pounds
    Materials: Wood, carpet
    Weight limit: 22 pounds
    Included Features: Decorative plants

    This simple wall shelf provides a cozy place for cats to hang out. The product comes with artificial plants you can attach to give your pet a bit of privacy. A thick carpet perfect for your cat to dig into adds a touch of softness to make the shelf nice and comfortable. There are three designs to choose from—a curved shelf, a rectangular option and a partly enclosed square—making it simple to find an option that complements your decor and pleases your cat. Add a pillow or soft throw to the partially enclosed square platform to give your pet a wall-mounted bed!

    It’s great for kitties that prefer to nap while snuggled against something, and each shelf can hold up to 32 pounds, so these are great options for larger cats! The shelves require mounting, and you’ll need to use a stud finder to hang the product securely. You can’t remove the carpet from the shelves, but spot cleaning and vacuuming are the best ways to keep the products clean. The artificial plants can be wiped clean with a wet cloth.

    • Appropriate for heavier cats
    • 3 design options to choose from
    • Carpet can’t be removed for cleaning or replaced
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    9. MyZoo Spaceship Gamma Wall Mounted Cat Bed

    MyZoo Spaceship Gamma Wall Mounted Cat Wall Shelf

    Dimensions: 19” W x 16”D x 16” H
    Weight: 9.2 pounds
    Materials: Wood
    Weight limit: 33 pounds
    Included Features: N/A

    The MyZoo Spaceship Gamma Wall Mounted Cat Bed features an enclosed circular enclosure. A cute clear space bubble covers the front of the product so your cat can have a clear view and the feeling of being comfortably snug. It’s an excellent option for heavier pets as it can hold up to 33 pounds, although there’s probably not enough room for two cats in one spaceship. You might want to purchase more than one if you have multiple cats.

    The bed comes in oak and dark walnut. Cats enter the bed from the side, and the company makes both left and right-entry models. Four air holes ensure your pet gets plenty of fresh air while enjoying the spaceship. The package ships with the hardware you need to mount the product on concrete. A trip to the hardware store for anchors may be required if you intend to hang the bed on drywall. It doesn’t come with a pillow, so you might want to add something soft to the bottom to make the spaceship nice and comfortable for your cat.

    • Appropriate for larger cats
    • Can be wall-hung or placed on the floor
    • Pillow not included
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    10. Fukumaru Floating Wall Shelf

    Fukumaru Floating Wall Shelf

    Dimensions: 15.7” W x 10” D x 0.79” H
    Weight: 4.5 pounds
    Materials: Wood, sisal, memory foam
    Weight limit: 30 pounds
    Included Features: N/A

    The Fukumaru Floating Shelf is an affordable and attractive option that provides a comfortable perch for your cat to enjoy. It’s pretty basic and has a sturdy light-colored wood shelf mounted on attractive dark brackets. The shelf goes well with most decorating styles due to its restrained design. The basic option comes with a sisal scratching pad that attaches to the shelf with velcro. But the company also makes a memory foam pad that’ll delight the joints of arthritic and elderly pets. Fukumaru makes a variety of attractive wall-mounted products that complement the floating shelves you can use to create a bespoke playground for your pet.

    You can add stairs to help older cats scale the heights or a hammock to provide a fun napping and lounging place. And if you live in cramped quarters, there are even wall-mounted scratching posts perfect for keeping things neat in small spaces. Unfortunately, Fukumaru doesn’t sell replacement scratching mats and memory foam pads. You’ll need to use anchors, which aren’t included, to hang the shelf on drywall. While the product can hold up to 30 pounds, it’s not big enough for larger cats to spread out.

    • Attractive and affordable
    • Sisal scratching pad or memory foam pad
    • A bit too small for larger cats

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Shelves

    Cat shelves can be expensive and take time to put together and install, but making an informed choice can save you time and money. Below we’ll discuss a few of the most important factors to consider when determining which type of cat shelf will best meet the needs of you and your cat.

    How Many Cats Do You Have?

    Single-cat households have several options when it comes to cat shelves. There are products designed for one cat to enjoy and others that are large enough for multiple pets to hop on, most of which are also appropriate for single cats as long as you have enough room for the installation.

    Multi-cat households require at least one perch per cat. Large structures with multiple attached perches work well if your cats get along well and enjoy curling up next to each other. Cats that aren’t quite as friendly might prefer hammocks or condos arranged to provide a bit of distance, which is easy to do with individual wall-mounted shelves, hammocks, and condos.

    How Much Does Your Cat Weight and How Active Are They?

    All of these products have weight limits. If your cat weighs too much and jumps on the wrong shelf, the product may fall off of the wall with your baby along for the ride! Confirm and reconfirm the maximum weight limit of the product you choose. Active felines require sturdy cat furniture, particularly when we’re talking about setups with multiple shelves and enrichment features designed to get cats up, jumping, batting, and moving.

    If you only have one cat, but they weigh a bit more than they should, a larger installation may be the safest option as they’re often nicely constructed and capable of withstanding the jumps and landings of heftier pets. If your cat has mobility issues, consider selecting a product with a ladder to make it easier for your pet to access their perch.

    cat on a suspension bridge
    Image Credit: Pixabay

    How Much Space Do You Have?

    Cat shelves provide cats with a high perch from which they can keep an eye on things, but they’re also great space savers. Instead of placing a cat bed in the middle of the floor, you can mount one to the wall. You won’t have scratching posts taking up space in the living room, and there are plenty of brands with built-in sisal ropes to meet your cat’s scratching cravings.

    What Goes Well With Your Interior Design Scheme?

    Make sure to select a product that complements the room where you plan to install the shelf. Floating shelves are always in style, adding a hint of effortless elegance to rooms. While a fun option with a planter might seem like a great idea, it might not work well with your existing decor if you’re partial to dark colors and heavy furniture. The shelves, hammocks, condos, and scratching posts aren’t going anywhere, so do yourself a favor and factor your decor into your decision.

    How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

    Cat shelves give cats a wonderful perspective from which to survey their surroundings and lofty locations to nap. Indoor pets need mental and physical stimulation, and cat shelves can satisfy those requirements. To save money, you can purchase a single wall-mounted cat condo instead of pre-configured installations with tons of bells and whistles.

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    The Trixie Wall Mounted Lounger is a versatile product that features multiple perches. It’s our choice for the best overall cat shelf thanks to the lounger’s fun nooks and crannies. The Trixie Wall-Mounted Cat Bed provides a sung hideaway for a single cat at a fantastic price. Our premium pick, CatastrophiCreations Garden Complex, is a virtual cat heaven.

    The gorgeous design features a scratching post, four planters, and two hammocks. If you have a hefty feline, the Refined Feline Lotus Branch Wall Mounted Cat Shelf is ideal since it can support up to 50 pounds!

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    Featured Image Credit: Chomphuphucar, Shutterstock