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8 Best Cat Subscription Boxes in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Subscription boxes are the new craze. You can get subscription boxes for just about everything – including for your felines. There are plenty of options on the market. Some contain things like cat toys and food, while others include stuff like meals and cat litter. You can even get cat-themed boxes for yourself!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best cat subscription boxes on the market. This article should help you find the perfect box for your feline.

8 Best Cat Subscription Boxes in 2021:

1. Purrboxes

Purrbox is a monthly subscription box that delivers an array of carefully curated products for your feline. This includes things like toys and treats, as well as cat grass and catnip. This box is an easy way to keep your and your cat’s life interesting.

While this box functions mainly as a subscription service, it can also be purchased individually as a gift.

The main problem for most American cat owners is that this box is based in the UK, which means that you may be unable to get it at your current location. If you are in the UK, though, this box is one of the few based across the pond, which can keep shipping costs down for you. Shipping is free within the UK.

What’s inside: Each box includes a variety of different curated items that are designed for your feline. Usually, each box includes toys and treats. However, the exact toys and treats differ from month to month. The box usually also includes a month’s supply of cat grass and some catnip. Plus, you also get to keep the box, which can be just as fun for your cat as everything else included with your purchase.

You will also get a copy of the PurrPost newspaper.

2. Rescue Box

cat and rescuebox

The Animal Rescue Site sponsors the Rescue Box. Each box includes a wide range of products for your dog or cat, depending on what pet you select during checkout. Plus, each box also donates enough food to feed 142 shelter animals. Not only are you getting premium items for your feline, but you’re also helping shelter pets in need.

Each box costs $30, but the value is typically around $40. You’re saving a bit of money by choosing a subscription box instead of purchasing all the items separately.

What’s inside: Each box includes five different items that are carefully curated for your feline. The products are based on a theme and include everything from toys to treats to catnip. You never know what you’re going to get, but it is usually a nice variety of items.

3. KitNipBox

The KitNipBox is one of the most popular subscription boxes for cats currently available. They offer two different subscription options. The Happy Cat KitNipBox includes five different goodies, while the Multi-Cat KitNipBox includes seven different goodies. The smaller option is $20, and the bigger one costs $30. As their name suggests, the Multi-Cat box is specifically designed for multi-cat households that may need more toys and treats than those provided in the usual box.

Your first box is shipped shortly after you submit your order. Generally, you receive your tracking order within two days, and the product will take another 3-8 business days to ship. Shipping is 100% free within the United States. Cat owners in Canada and Australia will need to pay an extra shipping fee along with their box.

What’s inside: Each box contains a mixture of cat toys, treats, and health products. Innovative products are sometimes also included. The team is always on the lookout for fun and exciting products to include in the box. You can view what has been included in past boxes to give you an idea of what to expect.

All the treats are sourced from reputable suppliers. Most of the treats are made in North America, though there may occasionally be a selection from Europe, Australia, or New Zealand. Most treats are organic and grain-free. They strive to provide only the best ingredients for their felines.

While this company cannot control the treats included in the box to accommodate food allergies, there is a no-food option available at checkout. If your feline is allergic to anything or has a sensitive stomach, you can opt-out of receiving treats. Instead, you will get extra toys and other goodies to replace the treats.

4. CatLadyBox

The CatLadyBox isn’t a box for your feline but one for you. It includes carefully curated, cat-themed products for all the cat lovers out there. The items included range from jewelry to home décor to umbrellas. You never quite know what you’re going to get.

The company donates a portion of its profits to cat rescues each month so that you can feel good about your purchase. They also support independent artists, which contribute to some of their boxes.

You can choose from a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month subscription option. The longer you subscribe, the more money you save.

The box is somewhat customizable. They will ask for information like your shirt size when you make an account. There is also the opportunity for add-ons. These are limited-time products that you can pay to add to your box. You can’t see possible add-ons until you’re already a subscriber. These products ship with your subscription box, though they may be contained in a different box if they are significant.

What’s inside: The items included in the CatLadyBox are pretty varied. You may get clothing of some sort, drinking glasses, hats, umbrellas, jewelry, bags, or any number of other items. You never quite know what you’re going to get. If you’re looking for a subscription box that surprises you each month, then this is precisely what you’re looking for.

This box is not for you if you want a subscription box with the same “types” of items every month. If you don’t want to receive a particular kind of item, you should subscribe to this box. You never know what you’re going to get!

5. Smalls

cat with small food

The smalls box may not sound like a cat box, but it is. This box works as a food subscription service. You get all of your cat’s meals delivered to your door. Their food is typically higher-quality than what you find at a pet store as well.

There are two types of food they offer: fresh and raw freeze-dried. The freeze-dried food looks a lot like kibble, but it isn’t. They advertise it as a “kibble alternative.” Each food option is made out of ultra-high protein ingredients. They’re mostly just made out of meat. There are no fillers, like carbs or grains. Their formulas are also AAFCO-approved, which means they meet all your cat’s nutritional needs.

Each box is somewhat customizable. The food is portioned explicitly for your feline based on the information you provide at the beginning of your account setup. You can also choose from a variety of proteins and textures. You can change it later to figure out which your cat likes more.

You also get a sampler right to your doorstep at the beginning. This helps you transition them over to their new food and allows them to figure out what they like best. You can adjust or cancel at any time. They even offer a refund if your cat doesn’t eat the food.

This food is surprisingly inexpensive. For instance, for most cats, you’ll pay about $2.57 a day for food.

What’s inside: Each box includes enough food for your cat for a month. Based on your cat’s information, they will recommend specific formulas and food options. Of course, you can choose whichever one you want. You can do 100% fresh food, 100% freeze-dried food, or mix both options 50/50.

You can choose the flavors of your cat’s food, which can be changed at any time. Some flavors also come in different textures. For example, their chicken fresh food comes in ground and smooth.

You can add toys to your box, treats, and a resealable food storage container. They even provide cat litter as an add-on if you wish.

6. PetTreater

cat and pettreater package

PetTreater offers subscription boxes for both cats and dogs. Each box includes a range of quality items that are designed specifically for your feline.

Your first box is a collection of past favorites, so it is different from the usual box you will receive. After this first box, you will receive the same box as the rest of the subscribers. This is simply because they only order enough items for all their current subscribers each month. If you come late to the party, they will provide one-time items they still have in stock instead.

Your first order typically ships within the first few days after you order it.

You can purchase multiple subscriptions for multiple pets. You can purchase as many cat or dog boxes as you need. However, there is no discount for purchase multiple boxes.

What’s inside: The contents within each box vary substantially. They may include everything from toys to treats to innovative gadgets. You never know what you’re going to get, but it will be curated. Items are usually something practical, though fun offerings are included as well. You can see what is in past boxes on the companies Facebook or Instagram page. However, you cannot see what is in the current box until it arrives!

7. Meowbox

Meowbox is a subscription box for cats that delivers monthly or bi-monthly. Each box is based on a theme. All the toys and treats included center around this theme.

You start by selecting which plan you want and then typing in your cats’ names. They use this information to write a message inside your box. However, the box is not customized in any other way. Your first box is usually shipped within two business days. How long it takes to reach your door depends on your location.

What’s inside: All items included in the Meowbox are curated and high-quality. Usually, the box includes four toys and a tasty treat. However, this may change. One toy is usually homemade. You can choose to exclude edible items for an additional toy. This is particularly useful if your feline has any allergies or sensitivities. However, some may prefer more toys over treats, especially if your cat has trouble managing its weight.

8. Nom Nom Now

Nom Nom Now is another fresh food subscription box for your feline. This company focuses primarily on dos, but they do have a chicken recipe option for cats.

When you sign up, they will ask you several questions, including your cat’s weight and body shape. Their food is made in their kitchen facilities, operated in Nashville, Tennessee, and the San Francisco Bay Area. They run their own facilities.

They will help transition your feline to the new food. They also provide other products for specific problems, such as probiotic support for those with digestive problems. Nom Nom Now is more expensive than other fresh cat food options. Prices are usually around $26 – $38 a week per cat.

What’s inside: Each package comes with enough cat food to feed your feline for the month (or longer, if you choose less frequent deliveries). Each meal is pre-packaged and portioned for your specific feline’s needs. You never have to measure out your cat’s food.