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10 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Big cats need their space. A good cat tree can satisfy your feline friend’s desire for space, as well as provide them lofty lounging spots and a stimulating way to exercise at the same time.

After fish, domestic cats are the most popular pet in the United States. And you can bet that means there are a ridiculous number of products on the market for them! How are you supposed to know which brands to trust, and which is the best cat tree for your large cat?

Fear not, feline fans! With our comprehensive reviews and enlightening buyer’s guide, you’ve got everything you need to find the right cat tree at the right price.

A Quick Comparison of Our Winners (2023)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Go Pet Club Faux Fur Go Pet Club Faux Fur
  • Feature iconSisal rope
  • Feature iconBuilt-in toy
  • Feature iconMultiple ramps and hidey-holes
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet
  • Feature iconFully carpet
  • Feature iconInexpensive
  • Feature iconTension rod prevents tipping
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Armarkat Faux Fleece Armarkat Faux Fleece
  • Feature iconPressed wood
  • Feature iconComfy fleece on platforms
  • Feature iconAll poles fully wrapped in sisal
  • PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing
  • Feature iconLarge, wide platforms
  • Feature iconInexpensive
  • Feature iconTwo very tall perches
  • Frisco Faux Fur Frisco Faux Fur
  • Feature iconLarge, solid base
  • Feature iconUnder $100
  • Feature iconSisal rope poles, toys, ramps
  • The 10 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

    1. Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree – Best Overall

    Go Pet Club 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree

    The Go Pet Club cat tree is an excellent choice for large cats and multi-cat homes. Ramps, poles, and heights — oh my! This product is easy to put together and can hold up to 70 pounds on any one surface. We love the super sturdy construction for our big feline friends.

    This is one well-designed cat tree. Every one of the 10 poles is covered in climbable, scratchable sisal rope. Most of the platforms are sized for even the largest of cats, and every one of our kitty testers loved hanging out in the two hidey-holes!

    The one downside we could see to this cat tree is that some very big kitties may not be able to fully lay down on the highest perches. Our cat testers had a great time jumping and climbing up to them, but the biggest cats sprawled off the edges when napping.

    For a reasonable price, this impressive 72-inch cat tree can keep multiple big kitty cats happy and safe.

    To conclude, we think this is the best cat tree for large cats out there this year.

    • Sturdy materials, high weight capacity
    • Multi-level, many perches
    • Sisal rope covering all poles
    • Multiple ramps and hidey-holes
    • Built-in toy
    • Mid-range price
    • Tallest perches do not have huge surface area
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    2. Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet Cat Tree – Best Value

    Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet Cat Tree

    For those looking for a thrifty option, check out the Cat Craft post. We love the floor-to-ceiling design of this cat tree — no need to worry about your furry friend tipping this one over.

    And at a price that’s likely less than your last grocery bill! For a tight budget, this is the best cat tree for large cats for the money.

    Unfortunately, this is a case of you get what you pay for: an inexpensive cat tree made from cheap materials. The pole itself is made of thick cardboard, and each shelf can only hold up to 15 pounds.

    Minute wear and tear began to appear hardly a day after some of our more rambunctious cat testers played on it. This cat tree might work for a single cat or a smaller cat. But if your cat is over 15 pounds, or you have more than one feline, then it probably isn’t your best option.

    • Multi-level platforms
    • Tension rod prevents tipping
    • Fully carpet for scratching and climbing
    • Inexpensive
    • Cheap materials, less durable
    • Low weight capacity
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    3. Armarkat Faux Fleece Cat Tree – Premium Choice

    Armarkat 77-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree

    When it comes to premium cat products, Armarkat is a name synonymous with quality and durability. This faux fleece cat tree is 77 inches tall, soft, strong, and built large enough for any size of kitty.

    And this is one sturdy cat tree. It is made from pressed wood held together with screws, and the weight capacity is 80lbs — more than enough for multiple large cats. Three or four cats will easily fit on this structure, even ones as big as the Norwegian Forest Cat.

    The unfortunate downside for this product is that it is easily the most expensive on our list, and clocks in at more than double the price of some other options!

    We know price is a big part of any purchase decision, but this is one of the absolute best and sturdiest cat trees out there for big cats or multi-cat households.

    • Multi-level, lots of perches
    • Pressed wood, sturdy and durable
    • All poles fully wrapped in sisal
    • Comfy fleece on platforms
    • All dimensions provided, large surfaces
    • Most expensive on our list
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    4. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Activity Tree

    PetFusion Wall Mounted Cat Tree

    For a sleek and modern look to your cat’s perch, take a look at the PetFusion cat tree. It has an incredible weight-bearing capacity and stability due to its wall-mounted design, and our more energetic cats loved the tall, tree-like poles they had to climb to get to the top.

    We love that the perches are big enough for any size cat and the cushions are removable for easy cleaning. However, if your big kitty is less of a climber and more of a lounger, this may not be the best cat tree. The platforms are spacious, but the slick wood parts could pose danger to a clumsy or elderly cat.

    Though it is a little higher in price, the quality of construction is unbeatable. This PetFusion cat tree is excellent for large, active cats that need a stable climbing pole.

    • Solid wood and wall-mounted, super sturdy
    • Large, wide platforms
    • Inexpensive replacement posts
    • Two very tall perches
    • One-year warranty
    • Mid-high price range
    • Wood can be slippery
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    5. Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree

    Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree

    The Frisco cat tree is an excellent option for a multi-cat home on a budget. It has lots of perches, places to peek from, and built-in toys to keep your felines entertained.

    The perches are all quite sizeable, and we love the sisal rope ramps as additional scratching posts. Our heftiest cat tester did not fit into the hidey-holes very well, but for medium-large cats and smaller, it is an excellent size.

    Unfortunately, some of the materials are also quite cheap. The poles are made from cardboard, and the carpet started getting pulled by our rowdier cat testers within days.

    Combine that with the sometimes challenging-to-follow directions, and we recommend this as a solid backup choice should your number one be out of stock or out of your price range.

    • Sisal rope poles, toys, ramps
    • Multi-level, perches and hidey-holes
    • All surface dimension provided
    • Tall with large, solid base
    • Under $100
    • Some materials are cheap and flimsy
    • Mid-range price, overall low-middling quality
    • Assembly can be challenging
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    6. Vesper Cat Furniture Cat Tree

    Vesper Cat Furniture Cat Tree

    For those seeking cat furniture that fits effortlessly with their décor, look no further than the Vesper cat tree. It is made from solid wood that is easy to assemble, and strong enough for any size cat!

    It is a little on the short side and provides fewer exercise opportunities than the larger models and fully carpeted competitors. The height means it is far less likely to tip, but it is perhaps not the best choice for energetic cats or those with multiple cats in the home.

    However, if you have the budget this is an excellent option for one or two large cats. Elder kitties will especially enjoy the ultra-soft, memory foam cushions and you’ll love the way this cat tree looks in your house.

    • Solid wood, exceptionally sturdy
    • Removable memory foam cushions
    • Multi-level, wide platforms
    • Large hidey-house
    • Attractive design
    • Shorter and smaller than some
    • High price range
    • Not big enough for more than two cats
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    7. PAWZ Road Cat Tree

    PAWZ Road Cat Tree

    If you are looking for a smaller cat tree to fit in your studio apartment, the compact PAWZ cat tree may be a great option.

    We love how big and comfy the top platform and hidey-hole are — even our largest cat testers lounged with ease and did not drape over the edges.

    The single scratching post and overall make it a poor choice for multiple cats or highly active felines, but it is quite untippable and very sturdy. For a big cat that doesn’t have high exercise requirements, the PAWZ cat tree may be just the ticket.

    • Small enough for apartments and studios
    • Generously-sized perch and hidey-hole
    • Stable and strong structure
    • Built-in toy
    • Shorter, less exercise capacity
    • Not big enough for multi-cat use
    • Only one scratching post
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    8. Furhaven Pet Large Cat Tree

    Furhaven Pet Cat Tree

    Furhaven provides a reasonably priced cat tree that is packed with platforms, brain-stimulating toys, and scratching posts. Cats will love the height, and you’ll appreciate the easy to clean fabric.

    Unfortunately, the height and cool toys do not make up for the fact that this cat tree just isn’t sized for large cats. Our tester felines who were more than 13 pounds couldn’t fully lay down on any platform without dangling over the side, and our chunkier cats barely fit in the hidey-holes at all.

    Additionally, the poles are all made from thick cardboard which makes the structure a lot less sturdy in the long run. While the Furhaven cat tree may be a perfectly fine choice for multiple, smaller cats, we just don’t think it will work out for their larger brethren.

    • Multi-level, lots of platforms
    • Multiple built-in toys
    • Five poles covered in sisal
    • Tall, space for multiple cats
    • Platforms have small surface area
    • Hidey-holes also small
    • Cheap materials, poor construction
    • Assembly can be challenging
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    9. MidWest Feline Nuvo Playhouse Faux Fur Large Cat Tree

    MidWest Feline Nuvo Playhouse Faux Fur Cat Tree

    We really dig the navy and cream color scheme that MidWest has going for this medium height, sturdy cat tree. It is built from quality materials that will stand up to even the rowdiest of cat antics and includes numerous toys for your kitties to attack.

    Our larger cat testers did run into some serious frustration, however. None of the perches or platforms were quite spacious enough for them to lounge on, and the hidey-holes were so small that our biggest cat could barely fit. And the hammock? For the big guys, forget about it!

    The MidWest cat tree would be a wonderful choice for a small cat, or even two or three small cats, but it just was not built for bigger felines.

    • Sturdy, multi-level design
    • Built-in toys
    • Colorful and stylish
    • Small surface area platforms
    • Hidey-holes far too tiny
    • Some features unusable by large cats
    • High price range
    thematic break

    10. On2Pets Large Round Modern Cat Tree

    On2Pets Large Round Modern Cat Tree

    A cat tree that actually looks like a tiny tree. So dang cute! But, alas, that seems to be all that the On2Pets cat tree has going for it.

    While adorable, this cat tree is of exceptionally poor design. The materials are mostly plastic; quite flimsy and slick. There are no scratching spots, even on places that it would make sense like the trunk or the grass at the base (the grass is also plastic and just seems to collect dust and germs).

    And our cat testers seemed to agree. Most didn’t show any interest in this strange, fake tree at all… and the ones who did quickly lost their curiosity once they tried climbing it. It is rather short, has ridiculously small platforms, provides almost zero climbing, and is just not appealing to most cats.

    The death knell for the On2Pets cat tree is that it could pose a tipping hazard. When one of our more zealous cat testers leaped from the top platform, it rocked alarmingly — big and active cats beware!

    • Adorable design
    • Cheap plastic, flimsy build
    • Large cats could tip
    • Platforms are small and
    • Hard to assemble
    • One of the most expensive on our list
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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

    If your cat spends a significant amount of their time indoors or is a solely indoor cat, a cat tree can do them a world of good. Whether they need some encouragement to exercise, or you just want to give your feline friend their own space, buying a cat tree may be just the thing to brighten their daily life!

    But there are a lot of options, and how are you going to tell which one may be right for your kitty? No need to worry, because in this buyer’s guide we’re going to give you a rundown of types and qualities to look for in a cat tree.

    Benefits of a Cat Tree for Your Large Cat

    There are several benefits that a cat tree can provide for a large cat, and all of these contribute to your fuzzy buddy’s overall quality of life! Here is a quick look at some of the best things about getting a cat tree.


    Large cats that are indoors often need extra help getting enough exercise. Cat trees provide a space indoors for running, jumping, and generally scrambling about as they might outdoors on real trees.


    Cats are smart creatures and need mental exercise as much as physical. A cat tree is like a playground — it can stimulate their minds and curiosity, and help keep boredom at bay!

    Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree


    Most cats love to dig their claws into things. Giving them a scratching post on a cat tree helps ensure that it isn’t your couch that gets cut to ribbons.


    Some cat trees include things like tunnels and hidey-holes. If your kitty friend ever gets shy or likes to relax out of sight, then these hiding spots can provide a sense of security and safety for them.

    Cat Socializing

    When multiple cats live in close quarters, a social structure will often emerge. Your big boss cat will appreciate having a high spot that they can look down on their underlings from, and you might get the joy of watching your felines chase each other on and off this venerated spot.

    How to Pick the Right Cat Tree for Your Large Cat


    How big is the area in which you are planning to install your cat tree? Be sure to measure out floor space and available height so that you can make absolutely sure the product you decide on will fit in your house!


    Especially for large cats, the stability of a cat tree should be one of your main concerns. A wide, sturdy base that spans the entirety of the cat tree will ensure that your big kitty will not topple over their perch if they get a little rowdy.


    What kind of things does your cat love to play with, run around on, and lounge on? Depending on your cat, keep an eye out for the accoutrements they may like best such as:

    • Tiers and levels
    • Perches and platforms
    • Hidey-holes and tunnels
    • Scratching areas
    • Plush nap spots and cushions
    • Hammocks
    • Built-in toys
    • Climbable posts and walls


    Like stability, the materials used can be crucial for a cat tree meant for a larger kitty. Make sure the cat tree you pick can support your big cat’s weight so that they will not be set up for any nasty falls.

    And if it’s cheap but made from flimsy materials, your cat may tear it apart with ease — which kind of invalidates the lower price.

    The typical materials you will encounter when shopping for cat trees include:

    • Plywood: lightweight, cheap, less sturdy
    • Pressed wood: heavier, a little more expensive, sturdy
    • Solid wood: heavy, expensive, incredibly sturdy and attractive
    • Held together with screws: heavier, but very sturdy
    • Nails or glue: often cheaper, but less durable
    • Sisal rope: great for scratching spots and climbing
    • Faux fur: plush and comfy for napping spots, but not good for climbing, harder to clean
    • Carpet: good for resting areas and climbing, easy to clean

    Consider choosing a cat tree made from solid wood for your large cat. It will be more expensive upfront but will last much longer than cheaper materials — and look better too!

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    cat paw dividerSo, What is the Best Cat Tree for Large Cats?

    Here’s the scoop on which cat trees are our favorites:

    For all your large cat’s exercise, lounging, and safety need the Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree is the best overall choice. It is large enough and strong enough for several bigger cats to play on it, and it has multiple spacious resting spots as well. Plus, it won’t break the bank!

    And for those cat lovers that need a more budget-friendly option, the impressively tall Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet Cat Tree is our pick for best value. The all-over carpeting is perfect for climbing and scratching, and this post will cost you less than dinner out with your boo.

    With our practical cat tree buyer’s guides and exhaustive reviews in your back pocket, you won’t have to waste time hemming and hawing over pet products ever again. Get the best cat tree for your large feline friend without wasting your time, because you both deserve it.

    Happy scratching!

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