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10 Best Cat Window Guards & Screens in 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

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Although they’re considered domesticated animals, cats enjoy displaying their wild heritage by running laps around your living room and leaping in the air. Cat behavior is entertaining and often hilarious, but it can also be destructive and hazardous. Unlike dogs, cats like to perch in elevated positions near windows. When they see a bird or rodent in the yard, some cats will attack the screen with their claws.

For cat owners that live in high-rise buildings, a damaged window increases the likelihood of your pet falling several stories to the ground. Periodically clipping your cat’s nails can minimize the damage to windows, but you can invest in a window guard to prevent an unfortunate accident. You can find several types of screens and guards available online, but we’ve compiled reviews of the best cat window guards and screens to make your search less complicated.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Fenestrelle Expandable Window Screen Fenestrelle Expandable Window Screen
  • Feature icon Sturdy and well-designed
  • Feature icon Weatherstripping prevents air leaks
  • Feature icon Includes two guards for double-hung windows
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Joofan Magnetic Window Screen Joofan Magnetic Window Screen
  • Feature icon Affordable
  • Feature icon Easy to clean
  • Feature icon Customizable sizes
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Phifer PetScreen Phifer PetScreen
  • Feature icon Extremely durable
  • Feature icon Seven times stronger than fiberglass
  • Feature icon Can replace several torn screens
  • Best for Kittens
    Safety Screen Door Guard Safety Screen Door Guard
  • Feature icon Affordable
  • Feature icon Easy to install
  • Feature icon Fits narrow and wide windows
  • DocaScreen Pet Screen DocaScreen Pet Screen
  • Feature icon Durable polyester mesh
  • Feature icon Suited for multiple applications
  • Feature icon Wrinkle-free material does not dent
  • The 10 Best Cat Window Guards & Screens

    1. Fenestrelle Expandable Window Screen – Best Overall

    Fenestrelle Expandable Window Screen

    Type Adjustable frame
    Size 15”H x 40”W
    Color White

    Too many window guards are lightweight and incapable of supporting the weight of a clinging feline, but that’s not the case with our winner for the best cat window guard and screens. The Fenestrelle Expandable Window Screen is constructed with higher-quality materials than most window guards, and it can handle abuse from even a hefty furball. The frame is made of sturdy, powder-coated aluminum, and the fiberglass screen is designed to endure harsh weather conditions. Unlike many of its competitors, the Fenestrelle is fitted with weatherstripping to seal the air gaps around the frame.

    The product may seem pricey, but you get two window guards to protect double-hung windows. Fenestrelle also includes a link to an online video that shows you how to adjust the guard to fit narrower, vertically hung windows. You can use it as a replacement for a torn screen, or you can open your window and use the screen to let in the fresh air and prevent your kitty from escaping. If you’re unsatisfied with the window guard, Fenestrelle offers a money-back guarantee.

    • Sturdy and well-designed
    • Weatherstripping prevents air leaks
    • Includes two guards for double-hung windows
    • Can rotate it for vertical placement
    • Expensive
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    2. Joofan Magnetic Window Screen – Best Value

    DIY Magnetic Window Screen

    Type Magnetic screen
    Size 56”H x 35”W
    Color White

    Joofan’s Magnetic Window Screen is our pick for the best window guard for the money. You can find numerous low-priced models, but few are as effective as the Joofan screen. It comes in four sizes, and the manufacturer recommends ordering a guard that’s slightly larger than your window frame. Luckily, if the screen is too large, you can cut it to size. The screen is made of fire-resistant polyester, and the magnetic frame is simple to remove from the window for easy cleaning.

    When viewing pictures of the Joofan screen, you may think that it doesn’t look difficult to install. However, the magnetic strips, screen, and plastic strips are packaged separately, and you must construct the guard yourself. Most customers were happy with the screen, but several admitted that the installation took quite a while to complete. Some pet owners also complained about the vagueness of the instructions.

    • Affordable
    • Easy to clean
    • Customizable sizes
    • Lengthy installation
    • Vague instructions
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    3. Phifer PetScreen – Premium Choice

    Phifer 3025887 PetScreen

    Type Roll
    Size 36”W x 25’L
    Color Black

    If you’re looking for an incredibly tough screen that you can use in multiple windows and screen doors, you can try the Phifer PetScreen. This durable screen is made of vinyl-coated polyester, and it can resist powerful impacts from large canines and cats. The screen is tested at 452PSI Mullen burst strength. That means that it can handle 452 pounds of pressure before tearing, but hopefully, your wild cat is not capable of such force. The manufacturer claims that the screen is seven times stronger than standard fiberglass mesh.

    The black mesh allows air to flow freely into your home, and it does not obscure your outward visibility. If you have minimal construction skills, you can install the screen without a problem. However, the screen does not come with a frame or spline, and you must attach it to an existing frame or purchase one separately. The 25-foot-long roll is too massive for a single window, but it’s more suited for covering multiple windows or screen doors. Some customers mentioned using it on deck railings to keep their cats and dogs from tearing it up.

    • Extremely durable
    • Seven times stronger than fiberglass
    • Can replace several torn screens
    • Expensive
    • Does not include a frame
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    4. Safety 1st Screen Door Saver– Best for Kittens

    Safety 1st Screen Door Saver

    Type Plastic gate
    Size 30.5”L x 34.5”W
    Color White

    The Safety 1st Screen Door Saver can reinforce the lower portion of a screen door or window. It’s similar to some of the child-proof gates meant to block stairways or doors. You can rotate the screen to fit narrow or wide windows, and it prevents your kitten from getting its claws stuck in the screen or tumbling out of the window. It’s made of flexible plastic, and it was our pick in the best for the kittens category.

    The window guard’s biggest drawback is the installation. Unlike many of the products we reviewed, the Safety 1st screen is attached by screws. This may not be a problem in some areas of your home, like a screen door on a porch, but some customers were not thrilled about drilling into the wall or molding. If the screen’s dimensions are suitable for the window in your home, you shouldn’t have a problem installing it, but if the guard is too large, you cannot cut it to fit.

    • Affordable
    • Easy to install
    • Fits narrow and wide windows
    • Cannot customize the size
    • Attaches with screws
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    5. DocaScreen Pet Screen

    DocaScreen Pet Screen

    Type Roll
    Size 48”W x 25’L
    Color Charcoal

    The DocaScreen Pet Screen can keep your hyper cat from tearing up the window screen or screen door, and it prevents insects from flying into your home. Like our premium pick, the mesh is made of tough vinyl-coated polyester. The 15 x 10 mesh weave provides excellent visibility and airflow, and the durable fibers can take abuse from sharp claws and destructive behavior. The 25-foot-long roll is too much if you only need to replace one window, but it’s ideal for reinforcing multiple windows or screen doors.

    If you haven’t replaced a screen before, the installation can be a little tricky, and you’ll need to purchase a spline roller and possibly a new frame if the old one is damaged. The DocaScreen is a practical, top-of-the-line product, but it’s more expensive than most window screens. Our premium pick is pricey, but this screen is a bit more.

    • Durable polyester mesh
    • Suited for multiple applications
    • Wrinkle-free material does not dent
    • Expensive
    • Requires spline roller to install
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    6. Home Intuition Adjustable Horizontal Window Screen

    Home Intuition 2-Pack Adjustable Horizontal Window Screen

    Type Adjustable frame
    Size 37”W x 24”H
    Color Wood/galvanized steel

    When you’re not prepared for a lengthy installation process and require a quick solution to a torn screen, you can use the Home Intuition Adjustable Horizontal Window Screen. It extends from 21 inches to 37 inches wide to accommodate different window sizes, and it’s available in seven different dimensions. Its lightweight frame can hold back kittens and small cats, but it may not withstand an impact from a heavy kitty. The Home Intuition uses the same concept and design as our top pick, but the quality in the construction is far lower than the Fenestrelle Expandable screen.

    Some customers noted that the Home Intuition’s galvanized frame starts to rust after it’s exposed to harsher weather. Unlike our top selection, the frame does not include weatherstripping, and a few consumers complained that bugs were able to enter through the gaps.

    • Customizable frame
    • Quick solution to a torn screen
    • Not durable
    • Metal frame rusts
    • No weatherstripping
    • Poor quality screen
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    7. KidCo Mesh Window Guard

    KidCo Mesh Window Guard

    Type Mesh screen
    Size 26.06”W x 11.34”H
    Color White

    Although it’s advertised as a screen to prevent infants from falling, the KidCo Mesh Window Guard can also be used for small pets. We noticed several customers that commented on the gate as an effective cat deterrent, and one cat owner was happy the guard preserved his screen and mentioned his cat disliked the way the mesh felt on its claws. To install the guard, you must screw four brackets into the wall or molding, and the incoherent instructions and complicated construction may test your patience.

    Most of the positive comments about the KidCo Guard came from pet owners, but more than a few parents were dissatisfied with the guard’s design and durability. Since the guard is attached with brackets, some infants use the brackets as steps and climb onto the guard. One issue that concerned us was the product’s description. The manufacturer does not indicate which material is used on the mesh. It only states that the “great mesh design blends with window treatments”. If it’s designed for children, let’s hope it’s safe and non-toxic for felines.

    • Can keep cats from scratching
    • Quick-release for easy removal
    • Expensive
    • Complex installation
    • Unclear instructions
    • Not-entirely child safe
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    8. THERMWELL PRODUCTS Frost King WB Marvin Adjustable Window Screen

    THERMWELL PRODUCTS window screen

    Type Adjustable frame
    Size 37”W x 15”H
    Color Wood/galvanized steel

    If you’re looking for a low-cost option to cover an open window, you can try the THERMWELL PRODUCTS Frost King window screen. It’s much cheaper than the other adjustable screens we reviewed, and you could purchase two of these for the price of a sturdier model. The Frost King is lightweight, but it can keep kittens and small cats at bay. However, its screen and frame construction is not as durable as other higher-priced units.

    Several customers complained about the screens ripping prematurely, and some noted that the screens arrived in the package torn. Although it claims to keep bugs out, the frame does not seal tightly against the window opening. It’s not built to last, but it’s an affordable way to block off a window from your cat.

    • Very inexpensive
    • Adjustable
    • Flimsy frame
    • Thin mesh
    • No weatherstripping
    • Tends to slide
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    9. Xinapy Cat Safety Net, Pet Anti-Fall Protective Netting

    Xinapy Cat Safety Net

    Type Netting
    Size 59”H x 78.7”L
    Color White

    The Xinapy Cat Safety Net Anti-Fall Protective Netting can keep your cat from leaping out the window, but it’s not intended as a bug screen. The net is made of premium polyester fabric, and it resembles an ordinary cotton rope. You can stretch the netting across open windows, screen doors, or on deck railings to keep your cat from hurting itself. Although the Xinapy isn’t too expensive, it does not include fasteners, brackets, or staples to attach the netting. The product description only mentions fastening the net, but it does not provide installation suggestions.

    If you need to protect multiple areas in your home from your cat, the Xinapy may be a reasonable option, but expect to spend a few dollars more on supplies for attaching the net. On a deck railing, you could use staples, but an interior window needs screw-in fasteners or push-pins for easier removal. Also, most homeowners and renters aren’t fond of stapling their drywall or wood framing. The netting’s biggest drawback is its resemblance to yarn. A playful cat may enjoy gnawing and biting the material, but the manufacturer claims the net can withstand biting.

    • Keeps cats from falling
    • Reasonably priced
    • Does not include fasteners
    • Cannot keep insects out
    • Netting is less attractive than mesh products
    • Some cats may bite or tear the material
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    10. Koroda Magic Post Window Screen

    Koroda DIY Magic Post Window Screen

    Type Velcro screen
    Size 59”W x 47”H
    Color White

    The Koroda Magic Post Window Screen is a build-it-yourself mesh screen that’s fastened to your window with Velcro. The screen is a build-it-yourself model that takes a little time to staple the Velcro strips on the mesh screen. The Magic Post is not an expensive window guard, but it’s not durable enough as a long-term solution. The lightweight mesh is unlikely to handle repeated attacks from a cat that likes to claw at the screen. It will cover an open window, but it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing product to adorn the interior of your home.

    Regardless of its ragged appearance, the biggest problem with the screen is the assembly process. The miniature stapler is a nice addition to the package, but some customers commented that the staple is not durable and easy to break. Although the screen could be used as a temporary solution to a torn screen or broken window, there are more durable guards available for a few dollars more.

    • Affordable
    • Lightweight screen
    • Lengthy assembly process
    • Unattractive appearance

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Cat Window Guard & Screen

    We’ve discussed a variety of products for keeping your cat from damaging your screens or falling out the window. If you’re still unsure which product may be suitable for your situation, you can study these tips to make your search easier and help finalize your decision.

    Temporary or Permanent?

    We reviewed several window guards that can be used to block a cat’s access to the screen and window, but some of them were more durable than others. Although manufacturers do not market their discount screens as temporary solutions, the quality of the materials can determine how long the screen will last. If you’re looking for a screen you will not have to replace in a few years, you can purchase a model like our top pick that’s more durable than competitors with similar designs.

    Size Considerations

    Most window guard manufacturers suggest ordering a screen that’s slightly larger than your window. After measuring your window and looking at the product’s description for the dimensions, you must decide if you can modify the guard if it’s too large. Many of the guards we reviewed are made of flexible material that’s easy to cut and modify, but products such as the adjustable frame screens cannot be altered and must fit flush against the windowsill.

    cat safety netting
    Image Credit: rodrigovergara, Shutterstock


    If your cat likes to claw at the window screen or leap onto it, you may need a guard with a durable frame rather than a simple mesh covering. For kittens, you can get by with a flexible screen since they’re not as heavy as adult cats and will not crash through the screen.


    You can find several screens for around $10 or less if you’re on a tight budget. However, you’ll have to replace them soon since they will not likely last more than a couple of seasons. Compared to many products for cats, the screens are relatively inexpensive. The most expensive products, like our premium pick, are more durable and long-lasting than the competitors.


    Some of our reviews included products that are more functional than stylish. If you’re putting the window guard in a basement or tool shed, the product’s appearance may not be a primary concern, but if it’s going in a living room or kitchen window, you may want to purchase a guard that doesn’t clash with your décor.

    cat by the window
    Image Credit: StockSnap_Pixabay

    Assembly Process

    We reviewed several DIY guards that require a lengthy assembly process. The advantage of buying a do-it-yourself screen is the control you have over the final design. Cutting the screen and mounting it to a spline takes time, but you’re not limited by a fixed frame or mounting brackets. If spending an hour or more building a window guard is not your cup of tea, we suggest purchasing an adjustable frame or plastic guard that takes seconds to install.

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    Cats are athletic creatures that astound us with their acrobatics, but sometimes we have to modify our homes to keep them safe. From the product reviews, we picked the Fenestrelle Expandable Window Screen as our best overall window guard. It comes with two long-lasting guards to fit double-hung windows, and the product’s weatherstripping keeps the frame sealed against the window sill. The Joofan DIY Magnetic Window Screen was our pick for the best window guard for the money. It’s more durable than most inexpensive screens, and the magnetic frame is simple to detach for cleaning. But if you want to try a premium choice, we recommend the Phifer PetScreen.

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    Featured Image Credit: alekuwka, Shutterstock