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9 Best Covered & Enclosed Cat Beds in 2023 — Reviews & Top Picks

close up blue eyed hairless sphynx cat hepper pod bed Cats love to lounge around. If they do not have their own cozy place to nap on, they will happily take over their human companion’s favorite comfy spot. In addition to lazing around, cats like to find covered spaces to spend time where they can feel hidden from sight. You can take your favorite spot back from your cat by giving them a covered and enclosed cat bed to spend their time in.

There are many awesome options available on the market, but which are the highest quality and most reliable? We set out to find the best covered and enclosed cat beds out there and have shared our findings with you here. Here is our list of reviews of the best covered and enclosed cat beds this year.

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A Quick Glance at Our Favorites in 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hepper Covered Cat Bed Hepper Covered Cat Bed
  • Feature icon Modern style
  • Feature icon Sturdy design
  • Feature icon Self-warming
  • Budget Buy
    Second place
    Earthtone Solutions Cozy Pueblo Cave Cat Bed Earthtone Solutions Cozy Pueblo Cave Cat Bed
  • Feature icon Compact design
  • Feature icon Made of natural wool from New Zealand
  • Feature icon Perfect for year-round use
  • Third place
    Snoozer Pet Products Covered Cat Bed Snoozer Pet Products Covered Cat Bed
  • Feature icon Designed for both cats and dogs
  • Feature icon Features an orthopedic design
  • Feature icon Liners are removable for washing
  • Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed
  • Feature icon Breathable design
  • Feature icon Two types of lounging options
  • Feature icon Contains no chemicals or synthetic materials
  • FurHaven Oval Felt Cubby Cat Bed FurHaven Oval Felt Cubby Cat Bed
  • Feature icon Cute, compact design
  • Feature icon Provides insulation
  • Feature icon Can be spot cleaned
  • The 9 Best Covered & Enclosed Cat Beds

     1. Hepper Covered Cat Bed — Best Overall

    hairless cat in hepper pod bed

    This elevated cat bed is contemporary and sleek, helping it to fit in with just about any kind of household décor. The exterior is upholstered for a soft, subtle look that will not overwhelm any space. The interior fleece liner self-warms for optimal comfort and can be removed for washing by hand or machine. Your cat will love jumping into the enclosed bed and looking out to see what is going on while staying undercover themselves.

    The legs are made of sturdy aluminum that holds the covered bed off the ground, giving your kitty a bird’s-eye view of what is happening around them. The opening of the Hepper Covered cat bed is large to accommodate big breeds. The inside is big enough for one large cat or a couple of smaller ones.

    It takes only four screws and a few minutes to put this bed together, but it will hold up well to wear and tear in the coming months and years. The top of the cat bed offers enough space to put a small pot full of catnip on top. Overall, this option is impressive, sturdy, durable, and luxurious, making it our top pick for best enclosed cat beds of the year.

    At ExcitedCats.com we’ve admired Hepper for many years, and decided to take a controlling ownership interest, so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

    • The modern style complements most household décor
    • The sturdy design ensures long-lasting performance
    • The interior plush liner self-warms for complete kitty comfort
    • The shape can be tough to introduce to a full room
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    2. Earthtone Solutions Cozy Pueblo Cave Cat Bed — Budget Buy

    Earthtone Solutions Cozy Pueblo Cave Cat Bed

    These cat beds are unique because each one is handmade in Nepal, so no two are exactly alike — although they all feature the same design and functionality. The bed is made of natural wool that is harvested in New Zealand, which insulates the bed and keeps things warm and cozy during the cold winter months. The insulation also helps keep things cool when it gets hot outside, making the Earthtone Solutions Cozy Pueblo Cave cat bed perfect for year-round use and the best covered & enclosed cat bed for the money.

    This cat bed is a complete hideout, like one that you might see carved into the side of a mountain, and offers complete isolation for your cat. They can sleep in dim bliss even in the middle of the day, when the sunlight is beaming through the windows. The felt exterior makes for a great scratching post replacement, while the compact design can fit into any size room. However, the entry is a bit smaller than we would prefer, as larger cats must struggle a little to make their way in and out.

    • The compact design makes it easy to fit into any setting
    • Made of natural wool from New Zealand
    • Perfect for year-round use
    • The entryway is snug for larger and heavier cats
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    3. Snoozer Pet Products Covered Cat Bed

    Snoozer Pet Products Covered Cat Bed

    This micro-suede-covered cat and dog bed is perfect for multi-pet homes. It features an orthopedic design that helps support proper posture while lounging around. The bedding material is 3 inches thick, making for a super soft surface that your cat will not be able to resist. The hood drapes down to surround cats when they jump inside, creating a blanket effect that is reminiscent of a real bed. When it is warm outside, your cat can lay on top of the bed’s hood for an open sleeping experience.

    The cover is removable via a brass zipper and can be cleaned in a washing machine regularly to keep it in good shape. Cedar is included in the bed’s filling to help reduce the chance of odor development as time goes on. The cedar also helps repel mosquitoes and other pests, making this bed a great choice for those who want to provide bedding for their cats outside. Some cats may need a bit of coaxing into the cave until they get used to getting in and out themselves.

    All in all, we think this is the top premium pick for best enclosed cat beds of the year.

    • Designed for both cats and dogs, which is perfect for multi-pet households
    • Features an orthopedic design for optimal comfort and bone and joint support
    • Exterior and interior liners are removable for washing
    • The entrance can be tough for cats to get used to
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    4. Meowfia Premium Covered Cat Bed

    Meowfia Premium Covered Cat Bed

    This breathable covered cat bed can be utilized in two different ways by your cat. They can head inside the 8-inch opening and warm up inside a felt cave, or they can cuddle up on top to stay cool when it is warm outside. The cave will collapse when your cat lays on top of it to create a cushiony bed. When they get up, the cave automatically pops back into position and creates plenty of interior space to enjoy. This light bed can be easily moved around the house, so your kitty can stay nearby no matter where you are or what you are doing.

    The Meowfia covered cat bed is made without the use of chemicals or synthetic materials, making it a safe and eco-friendly option that you can feel good about providing to your feline family member. The wet felting technology used to create these beds makes the wool super dense so it can hold up well to your kitty’s scratches, pounces, and playful attacks. What’s more, because it is made from one single piece of material, there is no need to worry about splitting seams or torn stitches.

    • The breathable design makes this bed useful year-round
    • Offers two types of lounging options for cats
    • Contains no chemicals or synthetic materials
    • Cannot be machine washed like some other options on this list
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    5. FurHaven Oval Felt Cubby Cat Bed

    FurHaven Oval Felt Cubby Cat Bed

    This oval felt cubby is cute, compact, and cozy. It has an egg-shaped design and an oval opening that is slanted for easy entrance. The snug cave-like environment is perfect for shy cats that like to hide away when company comes over. Even outgoing cats will appreciate the opportunity to get away for a little while. This unit is small enough to fit under a desk or table, so it does not have to take up any useable floor space, which is perfect for apartment settings.

    The FurHaven cubby cat bed is made with thick, insulated fabric that provides warmth and sound restriction, so your kitty can rest comfortably even when there is a great deal of commotion going on in the household. However, the cove can get too warm during the summer, so you may find that your cat prefers to lay on top of it or avoid it altogether until the weather cools off again. The bed can be spot cleaned but should not be put in the washing machine because it could cause the base to fall apart.

    • Cute, compact design can fit just about anywhere
    • Provides insulation and sound restriction for cozy, quiet naps
    • Can be spot cleaned when necessary
    • Can get too warm for interior napping during the summer
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    6. K&H Pet Products Covered Cat Bed

    K&H Pet Products Covered Cat Bed

    The K&H Pet Products covered cat bed is a fun convertible option that features a removable canopy hood. When your cat wants privacy, open the canopy to create a cave. When they want to lounge around while being a part of the action in the household, close the canopy or take it off completely to create an open bed. The bed itself contains metalized insulation, which works to reflect the heat your cat puts out while sleeping and redirect toward them for optimal comfort on chilly days.

    The bed features a super soft cushion that hugs kitties while sleeping, which provides extra security and comfort for timid pets. The small circular size is great for any indoor space, even bathrooms. Thanks to the neutral color scheme, it can fit into any type of home design. However, the hood can get ruined quickly if your cat likes to jump on it while it is open. Also, while this bed can be spot cleaned, the finish tends to mat up if it gets too wet.

    • A small, compact design is great for tight spaces
    • Features a removable cover to accommodate various sleeping preferences
    • The hood can get ruined quickly if the kitty jumps on it
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    7. Best Pet Supplies Covered Cat Bed

    Best Pet Supplies Covered Cat Bed

    The Best Pet Supplies covered cat bed is made of coral fleece and corduroy that offers a plush sleeping experience for cats of all ages and sizes. The tent design is attractive enough to keep in the living room yet small enough to stow in the corner of your bedroom. The triangular entrance offers a little more privacy than round and square entrances do. This bed comes in two sizes of 18 by 18 inches and 20 by 20 inches, which makes it easy for you to customize the fit for your cat.

    The interior cushion is removable, so you can essentially turn the product into two different beds: a flat cushion bed and a rustic tent. The entire unit is machine washable too. The bottom features an anti-slip finish so the bed will not slide across the hardwood floors whenever your cat jumps inside it. The biggest problem is that the bed tends to start losing its shape as time goes on, especially if objects are placed on top of it or animals jump on it.

    • Features an anti-slip bottom
    • The neutral color makes it easy to coordinate with décor and furnishings
    • The unit tends to lose its shape as time goes on
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    8. Frisco Tent Covered Cat Bed

    Frisco Tent Covered Cat Bed

    This is a lightweight covered cat bed that is perfect for traveling. The built-in loop located on top makes it possible to hang the bed when space is tight and the bed is not being used. It can be folded in half to fit in a suitcase, yet when set up, it provides a sturdy little shelter for your cat to enjoy no matter where they might be. The removable interior pillow base is filled with poly-material that holds its shape while providing a soft, supple sleeping surface.

    The Frisco tent-covered cat bed comes in beige, so you do not have to worry about it standing out when it is set up inside your home. Both the cushion and the cave are machine washable, but pieces tend to lose their shape when put in the dryer. You can either reshape the cushion and tent or hang-dry the items to keep their original shapes. The material resists hair and dander, making the cushion easy to vacuum clean between washings.

    • The lightweight design is ideal for traveling
    • Cute design can fit into any environment
    • Laundering could cause the loss of shape and durability
    • Can get too hot inside during the summer months
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    9. Frisco Cave Covered Cat Bed

    Frisco Cave Covered Cat Bed

    This has a unique design, with an elongated shape and slanted entryway. This is a great covered cat bed for new moms and their kittens, as there is plenty of space in the back to keep the babies hidden from the rest of the household while mom hangs out near the front, where she can still see everything going on outside. But this bed is suitable for cats of any kind. The walls and top are sturdy and hold up well to vigorous cat play.

    The faux suede material is nice and soft to begin with, but the softness tends to harden up as the bed gets dirty or when it gets wet and is not properly dried. The bottom does not have anti-slip texturing, so the bed tends to move about on slick floors, even if a cat is simply getting into or out of it. However, the movement is slight and should not affect your cat’s comfort — it just may affect the floor space in your home.

    • Features a unique, oblong design
    • Great for mom cats and kittens
    • The faux-suede finish tends to get rough after being exposed to wear and tear
    • The bed has no anti-slip bottom

    Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Covered & Enclosed Cat Bed

    Choosing the right bed for your cat is serious business. After all, they will be expected to use it regularly. We have provided you with an impressive list of covered cat bed reviews, so here are tips and tricks that should help make the comparing, choosing, and buying process easier as you select the best covered cat bed for your feline friend.

    Pay Attention to Materials

    Cat beds are made of a variety of different types of materials, and they are not all created equal. Some are lightweight and breathable, which are perfect for the warm summer months. Others are heavy and insulating, suitable for a cold winter day. Velvet is a popular material found on cat beds, but it does not breathe well and may not be the best fit for your cat if you live in a warmer climate.

    Flannel, corduroy, and cotton are better options. Some materials, like suede (even if it’s faux), are hard to keep in like-new condition, because the material starts to look worn once your kitty starts playing with it. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure that you understand exactly what kind of material a cat bed is made of before buying it, so you will know what to expect when it comes to things like maintenance and usability. Do a little research about the material to get an idea of how it will hold up and how well it performs during different seasons.

    Find Out Where the Products Are Sourced

    If you are concerned about your household’s carbon footprint, you can give yourself peace of mind when buying your cat a new bed by taking the time to find out where the materials for the bed have been sourced. For example, some of the beds on our reviews list are made with real fair-trade wool from Nepal instead of synthetic fibers from China. Some cat beds are made in the United States, but others are made in countries that do not have as many regulations and oversights to ensure quality workmanship and fair business practices.

    Note the Return Policy

    Almost any cat bed that you buy online or in a store will come with a return policy to rely on. But if you do not understand how the process works, you may not be able to take advantage of that. Knowing how long you have before you can no longer return the product, what kind of information and proof you should keep, and what kind of compensation you can expect will ensure that you are prepared if you need to make a return.3 cat face divider

    Final Thoughts

    With so many awesome options to choose from, your cat will never go without a safe and comforting place to sleep again. We highly recommend our first pick, the Hepper Covered Cat Bed, because it has a modern design and offers a luxurious and safe place to sleep. Our second pick, Earthtone Solutions Cozy Cat Bed, should not be overlooked either. It is made with real wool from New Zealand and is comfortable year-round. Hopefully, you will find the purr-fect bed for your cat in our list of cat bed reviews. Which options have caught your eye? Let us know by leaving us a comment!

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