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10 Best Designer Cat Beds of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

It must feel glorious to be a cat. Imagine living a life where your primary objectives are playing (when you want to), ruining furniture (while not getting any flack for it), eating (whatever you feel is best for you), and sleeping. Talk about a worry-free life. It is no wonder that the king of beasts is also a cat.

When it comes to sleeping especially, you will be hard-pressed to find a being that can out-sleep cats. According to research, felines spend about two-thirds of their lives sleeping.  Nonetheless, they do not sleep that much simply because they are lazybones; it is all because of evolution.

Being predators, felines are not always assured of a meal, especially considering that most of them live solitary lives. As such, they conserve their calories by sleeping.

Even though domestic kitties no longer have to worry about conserving their energy, their instincts have not changed. That is why they still sleep as much as their wild cousins do — it is simply in their nature.

Since we love our feline furballs, you no doubt want them to feel as comfortable as possible when they get some shut-eye. This means getting a nice cat bed for them. If you are into style, then you want a bed that will not ruin the décor.

This is where a designer cat bed comes in. If you do not mind spoiling your kitty, the following are 10 of the best designer cat beds on the market today. Check them out!

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1. Petyella Heated Cat House

Petyella Heated Cat House

If you want something more exciting than a cat bed, this heated cathouse by Petyella is definitely worth checking out. Resembling a dollhouse, this cathouse is incredibly adorable, adding character to any space.

Additionally, it is weatherproof, meaning that it does not have to stay indoors. Therefore, if your kitty has a favorite lounge spot outside the house, such as the balcony or porch garage, this cathouse will provide them with a warm and comfortable place to snuggle.

To ensure warmth during frost-laden mornings or cold winter nights, the Petyella cathouse comes with a heated mat, in addition to a 3-foot, chew-proof cord. Petyella also includes a 10-foot extension cord for convenience. What’s more, you do not have to control heating, as it comes with a plug-in timer.

Assembly/disassembly of this house is remarkably easy, which enhances its portability tremendously. You will also love the fact that Petyella offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case your kitty turns it down.

2. K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Bed

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Bed

This heated cat bed by K&H is proof that you do not have to splurge copious amounts of cash to get your kitty a luxe chill spot.

Featuring an orthopedic foam base, this kitty bed is as comfortable as a cat bed can get. Additionally, it is fitted with a 4-watt dual thermostat heater, which raises the bed’s temperatures to about 10 degrees above room temperature. Couple that with a soft, fluffy pillow and high walls, and you have the perfect den for your cat.

You will also appreciate how easy it is to clean the bed, as all you need to do is unzip it to remove the foam base and throw it into the machine. This bed comes with a one-year warranty.

3. MYZOO Spaceship Gamma

MYZOO Spaceship Gamma OakSporting a spaceship design, this bed is perfect for cosmos-loving cat owners looking to get a unique cat bed that compliments their space-faring paraphernalia. Its minimalist design also makes it a great fit for modern homes.


Designed to be mounted on walls, this cat bed has an acrylic glass dome on one end to allow your cat a private observation deck. Additionally, the glass dome also acts as a greenhouse, trapping warm air inside to keep the kitty warm at all times. It also features side air holes as an ingenious solution to fogging.

You can check out this bed and other MYZOO products here.

4. Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat CaveMade from 100% pure New Zealand Merino wool, this is one fluffy and snuggly cat bed. It comes with a cave-like design that allows your cat to feel both warm and safe. What’s more, the material is exceedingly flexible, allowing you to shape the bed into various styles to suit your kitty’s preference.


Each of Meowfia’s cat caves is handcrafted, with no chemicals or synthetics being used in the process. Additionally, it is exceptionally spacious, making it ideal for house felines of all sizes. We also appreciated how dense the wool is; it is virtually immune to damage from the cat’s claws.

In addition to being soft and supple, Merino wool is also breathable. This means that the cave stays cool even during the summer.

Meowfia makes these cat caves in a variety of colors to ensure that you can find one that suits your décor and cat’s personality. Check out Meowfia’s offerings here.

5. Vesper High Base Cat Tree

Vesper High Base Cat TreeThis cat tree by Vesper is the ultimate blend of practicality, comfort, and style. It consists of a New Zealand pine MDF frame and cushy memory foam cushions. As such, it not only allows your kitty an excellent perch but also adds a touch of sophistication to the room.

Additionally, this cat tree is remarkably versatile. It hosts a bed, provides a place for hanging toys, acts as a scratch pole, and provides your cat with 2 high perches (47.9 inches) so they can look down on us mere mortals.

Moreover, its wide base allows it to support the weight of any house cat comfortably.

6. MiaCara Covo Cat Lounge

MiaCara Covo Cat LoungeThis luxury cat bed by MiaCara has a cutting edge design that looks at home in any living space. It sports a raised rear to allow your kitty a safe spot to cuddle in, while the faux fur cushion interior ensures that comfort is never an issue.

Its frame is made from lacquered plywood to ensure maximum durability. Additionally, this makes it easy to clean, as all you need to do is use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the frame.

7. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish CuddlerThe Deep Dish Cuddler by Best Friends by Sheri, as its name suggests, is a cat bed designed for superior comfort. Its 12-inch high rear and gentle receding sides not only offer a secure space for the kitty to curl up in but also makes for an appealing interior décor piece.

A lot of research went into creating this design, as its primary aim is comfort. Its high sides act as braces, supporting your cat’s weight, thus relieving pressure off its joints. This makes the dish cuddler an ideal bed for senior cats or those suffering from arthritis. What’s more, it comes with a sherpa fabric whose texture mimics the fur of a mother cat, adding further to the sense of comfort and security.

8. The Purple Pet Bed

The Purple Pet BedThis is yet another designer cat bed made to ensure that your kitty gets the most peaceful sleep attainable. Designed by the Purple brand, this cat bed enlists memory foam technology to provide your cat with unadulterated comfort. It features 3 foam layers consisting of: a 2-inch poly foam base, a 2-inch high-density polyfoam middle layer, and a 1-inch Hyper-Elastic Polymer Smart-Comfort Grid top layer.

Combined, these foam layers form a supple surface that adapts to the cat’s weight, easing pressure off its joints. It also comes with a tough yet soft spandex cover that is resistant to both stains and odors, as well as clawing and scratching. Additionally, it is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial to ensure that your pet’s health is never in jeopardy.

We recommend the purple pet bed for senior or arthritic cats, thanks to the extra support it offers.

9. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher LoungeOne of the biggest issues that pet owners have with kitties is their relentless scratching. However, cats do not do that out of spite; they have legitimate reasons for wanting to scratch. The most common ones include sharpening their claws, exercising, and relieving stress. Unfortunately, in a bid to get those benefits, your furniture gets the blunt end of the deal.

The Cat Scratcher Lounge by PetFusion offers an ingenious solution to that problem by providing your kitty with a nice place to exercise their claws while doubling as a cat bed. This piece is made from multiple layers of cardboard. Cats are drawn to cardboard due to how good it feels against their claws.

The figure-8 design that this lounge sports makes for not only a fantastic décor piece, but also an excellent place for a cat to lie on. What’s more, you can even attach it to the wall to give your pet a higher perch.

10. Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet House

Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet HouseHow about a nice little portable house for your kitty to sleep in while outdoors? This designer cathouse by Milliard is made from tough 600-denier nylon, making it almost invincible to the elements. Additionally, it comes with 2 exits, with both doors featuring transparent windows so the cat feels safe but not trapped.


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Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a cat bed might not be the most difficult task in the world. However, considering that you will be spending a significant amount on a designer cat bed, you want to be sure that your choice is what is best for both you and your feline furball.

Consider the following factors when comparing designer cat beds.


Designer cat beds come in various configurations, with each having unique benefits. Additionally, cats also prefer certain types to others. For example, cave configurations are popular because they give a sense of security to the cat.

Other options include:

Heated Beds

Cats, especially kittens, love sleeping in warm, cozy places. While some heated beds come with a heating device, others trap the animal’s body heat to keep the bed warm. These beds are ideal for those who live in colder regions.

Wool Beds

For some reason, felines have an immense attraction to wool, which is why beds made of wool are extremely popular among cats. Pet parents love wool beds due to their water-repelling nature, in addition to their being resistant to bacteria. They are also incredibly easy to clean.

Collapsible/Convertible Beds

Convertible beds are extremely convenient, as they allow you to use them as either a bed or a hideaway. Additionally, their collapsible nature allows you to pack them for traveling.

Scratcher Beds

Instead of using your furniture as scratching posts, scratcher beds offer your cat a safer and more appropriate scratching surface. They also come in ergonomic designs to allow your kitty a comfortable resting surface. They are typically made from cardboard.

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Image Credit: Eric Han, Unsplash


Ascertain that the design you choose can support your cat’s size and weight. This is especially relevant when it comes to larger cats, such as Maine Coons. The appropriate size is one that allows your cat to stretch out comfortably.

Water Resistance

Opt for a waterproof bed if you plan to place it outside. It is also a good option for senior cats with bladder issues. Such beds are typically made from naturally water-repellent material such as wool.


Ensure that the bed’s cover is made from a material that can withstand chewing and scratching.

Easy Care

Regardless of how good a cat bed looks, it will wear on you quickly if it is not easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, make sure that it is machine-washable and does not require much maintenance to stay in pristine condition.

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A reliable cat bed with a pleasing design is not easy to find. Fortunately, with more and more designers exercising their hand in the pet accessories space, there is no reason for not spoiling your little one with a luxury bed. Check out the designs above to find one that suits you and your feline companion.

Featured Image: Africa Studio, Shutterstock