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10 Best Designer Cat Collar Brands of 2023 – Reviews & Guide

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Dogs are easy, undemanding creatures. If you need a collar for a dog, you can just go buy a $7 one at your local pet store — you could even tie a length of old rope around their necks, and they’d still be happy as a clam.

But there’s no way a cat is going to let you dress them in anything but the best.

That means you can’t just buy the first cheap collar you see — can you imagine their shame if they were caught outside in less than the finest haute couture? No, for your feline, only the best will do — and the designers on this list can all provide exactly that.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Snooty Pooch Boutique Princess Cut Snooty Pooch Boutique Princess Cut
  • Feature iconPremium Quality
  • Feature iconAvailable in 1/2" and 1" sizes
  • Feature iconFor small to large cats and dogs
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Cheshire & Wain Beluga Caviar Collar Cheshire & Wain Beluga Caviar Collar
  • Feature iconMade from embossed leather
  • Feature iconSolid brass hardware
  • Feature iconWith breakaway clip
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Made by Cleo Rifle Paper Co Floral Bow Tie Made by Cleo Rifle Paper Co Floral Bow Tie
  • Feature iconMade with quality materials
  • Feature iconOne size fits all
  • Feature iconIncludes both breakaway and non--breakaway buckles
  • Madison & Maude Keswick Madison & Maude Keswick
  • Feature iconUses genuine Horween leather
  • Feature iconWith Swarovsky crystal adornments
  • Feature iconCustom size fitting
  • Moshiqa Lilo Cat Collar Moshiqa Lilo Cat Collar
  • Feature iconGenuine leather outside, suede inside
  • Feature iconCat-shaped buckle accessories
  • Feature iconPress on the edge lock
  • 10 Best Designer Cat Collar Brands

    1. Snooty Pooch Boutique Princess Cut

    Snooty Pooch Boutique Princess Cut

    If there’s something every cat needs, it’s an array of Swarovski crystals around their neck. That’s exactly what this collar offers, as it has a line of the crystals set inside a band of premium leather.

    You can use this collar as an everyday item or simply put it on them for special occasions, such as birthdays and state dinners and the like. Of course, you can also complement it with a Swarovski crystal ID tag (because regular old stainless steel just won’t do).

    • Premium Quality
    • Available in 1/2″ and 1″ sizes
    • For small to large cats and dogs
    • Made to order, provide accurate sizes
    • Quite expensive
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    2. Cheshire & Wain Beluga Caviar Collar

    Cheshire & Wain Beluga Caviar Collar

    This collar from London-based designer Cheshire & Wain is made of embossed leather, and the interior is lined with luxurious dark blue suede. It’s as comfortable as it is decadent, and it even has a breakaway clip, because safety is the ultimate luxury.

    It all comes in a Beluga Caviar tin, but unfortunately for your cat, there’s no actual caviar inside. Hopefully, it will still smell of the stuff, at least — or you could pack it with catnip to really spoil them.

    • Made from embossed leather
    • Solid brass hardware
    • With breakaway clip
    • Not suitable for small cats (below 2.5kg)
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    3. Made by Cleo Rifle Paper Co Floral Bow Tie

    Made by Cleo Rifle Paper Co Floral Bow Tie

    It’s important to look your best, even if you’re by yourself. That’s the idea behind this collar, which has a built-in bow tie to ensure that your cat is always the best-dressed feline in the room.

    The tie is removable, so your cat can also dress down if the occasion calls for it. The collar has a bell attached, ensuring that they can’t sneak up on you and find you underdressed.

    • Made with quality materials
    • One size fits all
    • Includes both breakaway and non–breakaway buckles
    • Plastic buckle could snap
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    4. Madison & Maude Keswick

    Madison & Maude Keswick

    This custom-made leather collar from Madison & Maude is lined with gemstones of your choosing, allowing you to personalize your cat’s level of decadence. It will even be bespoke, so you’ll need to measure your pet’s neck before ordering.

    The leather has several coats of water-resistant conditioner applied before the jewels are attached, so your cat can wear this around outside if they like. The silver hardware is perfect for holding a designed ID tag, but let’s face it, everyone will already know exactly who this cat is simply from the swag around their neck.

    • Uses genuine Horween leather
    • With Swarovsky crystal adornments
    • Custom size fitting
    • Quite expensive
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    5. Moshiqa Lilo

    Moshiqa Lilo

    At first glance, the Moshiqa Lilo is a simple yet elegant leather collar, but then you notice the cat-shaped silver buckle. It’s classy and understated, just like your cat.

    Available in a variety of colors, the Lilo will look good on any breed. If it’s not your style, though, Moshiqa also offers charm collars and bow ties.

    • Genuine leather outside, suede inside
    • Cat-shaped buckle accessories
    • Press on the edge lock
    • Expensive
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    6. Make Them Roar Luxury Honey

    Make Them Roar Luxury Honey

    The truly sophisticated know better than to be ostentatious, and your cat can put that lesson into practice with this honey-colored Italian leather collar. The inside is lined with suede to ensure that it’s as comfortable as it is stylish.

    More importantly, though, the collar comes in an elegant presentation box, so your cat will have the opportunity to decide if your offering pleases them. Then, they’ll probably try to sit in it.

    • Classy look
    • Comfortable
    • Suede inside
    • None so far
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    7. Mungo & Maud Sweet Pea

    Mungo & Maud Sweet Pea Collar


    This soft suede collar is sure to draw anyone’s attention despite its understated appearance. It will be extremely comfortable for your cat, and the attached bell will ensure that your kitty never does something so gauche as kill an unsuspecting bird or mouse.

    • Soft suede collar
    • Decorative star charms
    • Nickel-plated hardware
    • Difficult to clean
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    8. Boujee Cat Monogram Bow Tie

    Boujee Cat Monogram Bow Tie

    If a regular bow tie just isn’t snazzy enough, how about putting a monogram on it? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that personalized, as the monogram is simply “GG” to reflect the designer’s initials rather than your cat’s.

    That said, it’s probably better for your sake that your beloved Princess Persimmon Puffywinkle III doesn’t have her own monogram.

    • High quality, handmade
    • Fine fabric materials
    • Fancy/classy look
    • Collar and leash sold separately
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    9. Chelsea Cats Emerald City

    Chelsea Cats Emerald City

    If you’re a big “Wizard of Oz” fan and you want your cat’s collar to reflect that, then the Emerald City collar from Chelsea Cats is the accessory that you’ve been waiting for. Handmade with colorful fabric and lined with velveteen, it’s sure to make your cat realize that there’s no place like home.

    • Handmade from vibrant fabric
    • Fitted with elastic safety strip
    • Easy to adjust
    • None so far
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    10. Tommy & Bella Asta X

    Tommy & Bella Asta X collar

    Made of genuine textured leather, the Asta X is capable of withstanding your cat’s rough-and-tumble lifestyle without looking the worse for wear. The hardware is gold-plated, there’s a breakaway safety feature, and the stitching is flawless.

    There’s even a leather tag on which you can put your cat’s monogram and your contact information. It’s definitely classier than a metal ID tag, and it also has the bonus of making your cat look like a valuable piece of luggage.

    • Personalizable leather and metal tags
    • Plastic break-away safety feature
    • Two bells attached to the collar
    • None so far

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    Which Collar Is Right for Your Cat?

    Sure, you could just go to your local pet store and buy a nylon collar for your cat, but it’s safe to say that they’d never forgive you (and they know where you sleep). Cats realize their own worth, and deep down inside, they demand only the finest luxury collars.

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    Featured Image Credit: dexmac, Pixabay