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9 Best Hairball Remedies for Cats in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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It’s never pleasant when your best feline friend coughs up a hairball. With cats cleaning themselves so often, it’s inevitable for all that fur to cause problems. Hair — or fur, in this case, — can’t be digested.

These nine reviews will introduce you to some of the remedies available for hairballs, from chewable tablets and gels to grow-your-own pet grass. Once you know the options, you can find the best choice for you and your cat.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Cat Lax Supplement Cat Lax Supplement
  • Feature icon Affordable
  • Feature icon Uses both cod liver oil and vitamin E
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Pet Greens Pet Grass Pet Greens Pet Grass
  • Feature icon Affordable
  • Feature icon Great for indoor cats
  • Feature icon Easy to care for
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    HomeoPet Furball Supplement HomeoPet Furball Supplement
  • Feature icon No chemicals
  • Feature icon Safe for kittens and pregnant and nursing cats
  • Best for Kittens
    Vet's Best Hairball Control Supplement Vet's Best Hairball Control Supplement
  • Feature icon NASC certified
  • Feature icon Veterinarian formulated
  • Feature icon Natural ingredients
  • Temptations Hairball Control Treats Temptations Hairball Control Treats
  • Feature icon Crunchy outer shell for dental health
  • Feature icon Lock and seal pouch
  • The 9 Best Hairball Remedies for Cats

    1. Cat Lax Supplement — Best Overall

    Cat Lax Cat Supplement

    Weight 2 ounces
    Life Stage Kitten, adult, senior
    Food Form Supplement
    Product Form Gel

    As a petroleum-based laxative, the Cat Lax Supplement lubricates the trapped hairs in your cat’s digestive tract and enables them to pass through more easily. While it’s not the cheapest option on this list, it’s our best choice because of its simplistic approach to treating hairballs.

    Unlike tablets slipped into meals that may go uneaten, the Cat Lax Supplement is in gel form. Smear some on your cat’s paw for them to lick off at their leisure. The downside is a trail of sticky footprints. While many owners swear by the taste for their picky eaters, there are a few exceptions.

    The ingredients include both cod liver oil and vitamin E, so your beloved kitty will be healthy inside and out.

    • Affordable
    • Uses both cod liver oil and vitamin E for coat and skin health
    • Sticky
    • Gets everywhere if your cat doesn’t lick it off as intended
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    2. Pet Greens Pet Grass — Best Value

    Pet Greens Self Grow Garden Pet Grass

    Weight 3 ounces
    Life Stage Adult
    Food Form Treats
    Product Form Grass

    Grow-your-own pet grass may sound like an odd choice, but one of the best solutions to hairballs is a healthy intake of fiber. While you might cringe when you find your cat chowing down on mouthfuls of grass or your innocent houseplants, they do so for a reason.

    Pet Greens Pet Grass is filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. As our choice for best value hairball remedy, it’s cheap, effective, and easy to use.

    The “grow your own” part of this option may be concerning for some customers. Since it’s essentially a plant, Pet Greens Pet Grass requires a level of care and attention. You don’t need a green thumb or any equipment other than what’s included in the package, but if you’re in dire need of a remedy for your pet, this isn’t the quickest solution and is more of a preventative measure.

    • Affordable
    • Great for indoor cats
    • Easy to care for
    • It takes about a week to grow
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    3. HomeoPet Furball Supplement — Premium Choice

    Homeo Pet Furball Supplement

    Weight 15 ml
    Life Stage Kitten, adult, senior
    Food Form Supplement
    Product Form Liquid

    Our premium choice goes to the HomeoPet Furball Supplement. If you don’t mind spending a little more money, this supplement is reliable and easy to administer. As a liquid-based remedy, you can mix it in with food or add it to your cat’s water dish. You also have the option of putting this straight into your feline’s mouth if they’re being particularly fussy.

    HomeoPet is FDA registered and prides itself on using 100% natural ingredients. If you’re looking for a chemical-free hairball remedy for your cat, this supplement is an option. With no untoward side effects, it’s also suitable for cats of all ages.

    • No chemicals
    • Safe for kittens and pregnant and nursing cats
    • Expensive
    • Some cats hate the taste
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    4. Vet’s Best Hairball Control Supplement — Best for Kittens

    Vet's Best Chewable Tablets Hairball Control Supplement

    Weight 16 ounces (60 tablets)
    Life Stage Kitten, adult, senior
    Food Form Supplement
    Product Form Chewable Tablet

    Although not specifically formulated for kittens, the Vet’s Best Hairball Control Supplement is suitable for cats 12 weeks and older. Designed by a veterinarian, these tablets can be broken into smaller pieces and fed to your feline as treats or mixed into their meals.

    This supplement is certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), tastes like chicken, and is filled with natural ingredients. Without the harsh chemicals in some other hairball remedies, you can trust that your cat, no matter how old they are, is in safe paws.

    While they’re perfectly chewable, the tablets are on the large side. To convince your cat to eat them, you’ll need to break them into smaller pieces.

    • NASC certified
    • Veterinarian formulated
    • Natural ingredients
    • Tablets need to be broken into smaller pieces
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    5. Temptations Hairball Control Treats

    Temptations Hairball Control Chicken Flavor Cat Treats

    Weight 1 ounce
    Life Stage Adult
    Food Form Treats
    Product Form Soft chews

    Temptations is one of the most recognizable brands of cat treats out there, and it’s no surprise that it has a hairball control variety too. With a crunchy outer shell to support dental health and a soft, meaty inner, these treats have all the makings of the usual snack paired with a hairball preventative formula.

    As always, though, you may get some fussiness. Some cat owners have mentioned their feline friends turning their noses up at these treats, despite enjoying other snacks made by Temptations. The serving size (16 treats) is much more than some other hairball control tablets available.

    • Crunchy outer shell for dental health
    • Lock and seal pouch
    • Some cats don’t eat them
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    6. Hartz Hairball Remedy

    Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus Salmon Flavor Paste for Cats

    Weight 5 ounces
    Life Stage Kitten, adult, senior
    Food Form Supplement
    Product Form Gel

    For our fish-loving cat friends, the Hartz Hairball Remedy is a salmon-flavored gel that you can dab on your feline friend’s paws or nose for them to lick off. Along with promoting a healthy digestive system, this gel also contains omega-3, -6, and -9 oils and vitamin E to keep your cat’s skin and fur in tip-top shape.

    Unlike some other kitten-friendly remedies, this one is only suitable for kittens older than 6 months.

    A few owners have said that their cats refuse to eat it, leading to sticky pawprints when they leave it on their paws.

    • Salmon flavored
    • Contains omega-3, -6, and -9 oils and vitamin E for a healthy coat
    • Unsuitable for kittens younger than 6 months
    • If they don’t lick it off their paw, it gets everywhere
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    7. Nutri-Vet Hairball Control Supplement

    Nutri-Vet Chicken Flavored Gel Hairball Control Supplement for Cats

    Weight 3 ounces
    Life Stage Kitten, adult, senior
    Food Form Supplement
    Product Form Gel

    If you’re looking for a hairball control gel for a younger kitten, this chicken-flavored option by Nutri-Vet is a good choice. It uses a formula developed by veterinarians and is suitable for kittens aged 6 weeks and older.

    Not only does this supplement help lubricate your cat’s inner workings, but it’ll also help keep their coats healthy and minimize shedding, giving your four-legged friend less hair to ingest.

    Like most other gels, you apply it to your cat’s paws. But there is a chance that you’ll be wiping up sticky pawprints if they don’t clean it off properly. You can, however, feed your cat straight from the tube.

    • Formulated by veterinarians
    • Chicken flavored
    • Suitable for kittens 6 weeks and up
    • Makes a mess if left on their paws
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    8. Tomlyn Laxatone Hairball Control Supplement

    Tomlyn Laxatone Tuna Flavored Gel Hairball Control Supplement

    Weight 32 ounces
    Life Stage Kitten, adult, senior
    Food Form Supplement
    Product Form Gel

    The Tomlyn Laxatone supplement is a gel that is suitable for cats of all ages. It’s tuna flavored and designed to coat the ingested hair to help it pass, unhindered, through the digestive system.

    This one works best when used between meals, rather than mixed in with food. You just apply it to your finger, your cat’s nose, or their paw and let them lick it off at their leisure. Some reviewers have complained about the runniness of this particular brand. Like most other gel options, it’ll make a bit of a mess if left uneaten.

    • Tuna flavored
    • Easy to use
    • Can be runny
    • Makes a mess if your cat doesn’t lick it off their paw
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    9. Tomlyn Laxatone Soft Chews

    Tomlyn Laxatone Chicken Flavored Soft Chews Hairball Control

    Weight 17 ounces
    Life Stage Adult
    Food Form Supplement
    Product Form Soft chew

    For particularly fussy cats that refuse to have anything to do with hairball relief gels, Tomlyn Laxatone Soft Chews are ideal. You can use these supplements as snacks or add them to your kitty’s meals.

    These treats are on the large side, and you may have to break them into smaller pieces so your cat can handle them more easily.

    In combination with the hairball control formula, omega-3 and -6 oils keep your cat’s fur healthy and reduce shedding.

    • Uses omega-3 and -6 oils for healthy skin and fur
    • Chicken flavored
    • Treats may need to be broken into smaller pieces

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best Hairball Remedy for Cats

    If there’s one thing that all cat owners can agree on, it’s how much our furry four-legged friends mean to us. Listening to them hack up hairballs is unpleasant, and the sheer number of remedies available is daunting. Here are a few things to remember to make your choice a little easier.

    Does your cat need a hairball remedy?

    Some cats are prone to hairballs, while others rarely seem to suffer at all. How often you find yourself cleaning up icky patches of chucked-up hair will help you determine if you need to consider hairball remedies.

    The length of your cat’s hair, short or long, plays a part too. With longer fur comes a higher risk of hair getting stuck, although you may find that your short-haired cat suffers too.

    Gels, tablets, or liquid hairball remedy?

    The form of hairball remedy that will work for your cat can be trial and error. Cats always seem to know when they’re expected to eat something, even if it’s for their benefit, and they won’t want to touch it. Finding a method that they’ll be happy to accept may take experimentation.

    Each type of hairball remedy has its pros and cons. Gels work best when they’re not mixed in with meals. They’re usually flavored in some way, whether it’s fish or meat flavor, to make them more appealing. Apply them to your cat’s nose, their front paws, or your finger.

    However, gels tend to leave a sticky mess wherever the cat goes. If the feline decides to be particularly belligerent, you’ll be finding mucky footprints everywhere.

    Tablets, on the other hand, can be on the large side. Breaking them into smaller pieces is always your best bet. If you need to, you can crush the dose into powder to better mix it with your kitty’s meal.

    The downside is that they’re not usually flavored. If your cat refuses to take tablets of any kind and somehow manages to eat around them, this option is probably best avoided.

    Like tablets, liquid remedies can be added to either your cat’s food or their water dish, provided that you don’t have any other pets that may drink from the same bowl. These options also give you the chance to use a syringe to squeeze the dose straight into your cat’s mouth. They won’t thank you for it, but anything’s better than hairballs.

    Alternative remedies to hairballs

    There are other ways to help prevent your cats from suffering from hairballs. The first and probably most obvious is brushing your cat’s fur. This will remove loose hair and stop your cats from eating it when they clean themselves. If your cat doesn’t like brushes, you can get pet grooming gloves or use a damp paper towel.

    Petroleum jelly is the second option. Dab a bit on your pet’s paw, and let them lick it off. It works to lubricate the ingested hair the same way that the branded hairball remedies do. Make sure it’s 100% petroleum jelly, though, with no additives or flavorings. If you’re not sure about petroleum jelly, adding 1 teaspoon of olive oil or melted butter to your cat’s food once a week can help too.

    Finally, try increasing the amount of fiber and water in your cat’s diet. Like humans, a healthy amount of fiber and water helps your cat’s digestive system. Pumpkin powder and apple are both great sources of fiber. Remember that cats don’t need as much fiber as we do. Double-check with your vet if you’re unsure how much fiber your cat requires.

    When to see a vet

    If you’ve tried all sorts of methods to ease your cat’s hairball problems to no avail, it’s time to check in with your veterinarian. They’ll be able to give you a prescription for a stronger remedy that might work better. If your cat is already on medication for another health issue, it’s always best to consult with your vet before trying any new treatment.

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    As unpleasant as they are, hairballs are completely normal for cats. Still, there are plenty of solutions out there to lessen the stress for both you and your feline.

    If your cat refuses to eat tablets, a little Cat Lax Supplement gel smeared on their paw is a good workaround and our best overall hairball remedy. For even fussier felines, our best value choice, Pet Greens Pet Grass, is a great way to increase their fiber intake without making it too obvious.

    Hopefully, these reviews help you find a remedy that will work for you and your beloved cat.

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    Featured Image Credit: Montakan Wannasri, Shutterstock