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11 Best Kitten Harnesses of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

devon rex cat wearing harness

Getting a new kitten can be super exciting, but you’ll want to keep that sweet little fluffball safe at all times! Using a kitten harness can be a great way to allow your new kitten to explore the great outdoors in a controlled way.

Kitten harnesses come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, from a classic “H” shaped webbing harness to a breathable no-escape version. Knowing which one is going to suit your kitten best can feel like a bit of a challenge. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Some kittens will be absolutely fine with a basic harness and leash set, but if your kitten is more wriggly or you’re planning on taking them on longer walks, you might prefer an escape-proof harness or even one with reflective piping for those late-night walks.

We’ve trawled the market for the best kitten harnesses out there and created in-depth reviews for the top products. We’ll help you narrow down the options and figure out which one is the best choice for your new friend!

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A Quick Glance at the Winners of 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hepper Harness and Leash Set Hepper Harness and Leash Set
  • Feature icon Five sizes of harnesses to choose from
  • Feature icon Machine washable
  • Feature icon Easily adjustable for a snug fit
  • Budget Buy
    Second place
    Comfort Soft Adjustable Mesh Cat Harness Comfort Soft Adjustable Mesh Cat Harness
  • Feature icon Lightweight
  • Feature icon Comfortable style
  • Feature icon Great value for money
  • Third place
    Kitty Holster Cat Harness Kitty Holster Cat Harness
  • Feature icon Easy to put on
  • Feature icon Escape-proof
  • Feature icon Made from high-quality cotton
  • Red Dingo Classic Cat Harness Red Dingo Classic Cat Harness
  • Feature icon Includes leash
  • Feature icon High-quality nylon
  • Feature icon Comfortable and strong buckles
  • Frisco Wrap Cat Harness Frisco Wrap Cat Harness
  • Feature icon Escape-proof
  • Feature icon Leash included
  • Feature icon Comfortable style
  • The 11 Best Kitten Harnesses

    1. Hepper Cat Harness and Leash Set — Best Overall

    Hepper Harness & leash - Snugs - White Cornish Rex - Outside grass

    Cat owners need to know their pets are secure when walking outdoors. The Hepper Cat Harness and Leash Set provides that security. The harness features multiple adjustment points, allowing you to customize the fit to your cat’s size and build. You can find your cat’s perfect size harness from five available sizes.

    With a snug fit, you know they won’t be slipping free even if they see something they’d love to chase after. The Hepper Cat Harness is made of lightweight, machine-washable velvet fabric and breathable air mesh for easy cleaning should your cat get into a mess. Reinforced stitching and reflective stripes give you the confidence to take your cat for a relaxing walk any time of day or night.

    Sturdy aluminum double D-rings at the back of the harness are ideal for leash walking. The leash is made of the highest quality nylon climbing rope and features a 360-degree rotating clamp plus a padded neoprene handle for convenience and comfort. At 5 feet long, it’s the ideal length for an outdoor stroll or jog.

    You’ll have everything you need with the Hepper Cat Harness and Leash Set, and it’s our #1 choice for the best overall harness and leash set.

    • Five sizes of harnesses to choose from
    • Machine washable
    • Easily adjustable for a snug fit
    • Reflective stripes for safe nighttime walks
    • Quick-release buckles
    • Some cats need time to adjust
    • 5’ leash could be too long for some
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    2. Comfort Soft Adjustable Mesh Cat Harness — Budget Buy

    2Comfort Soft Mesh Cat Harness

    If you’re looking for a budget buy option, then the Comfort Soft Adjustable Mesh Cat Harness is your best bet. Available in one size and four colors, this mesh harness is comfortable and lightweight and distributes leash pressure evenly due to the broad fabric straps.

    The wide neckpiece of this harness is designed to avoid your cat’s delicate throat area, meaning this is comfortable and safe for your cat to wear for longer trips or walks. Just remember that this doesn’t include a leash, so you’ll need to remember to buy one if you haven’t got one already!

    • Great value for money
    • Comfortable style
    • Lightweight
    • No leash included
    • Chunky design may swamp some kittens
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    3. Kitty Holster Cat Harness

    3Kitty Holster Cat Harness

    If you’re looking to treat your kitten to a premium harness, then we highly recommend the Kitty Holster Cat Harness. It’s not cheap, but it’s a great choice of harness for a kitten who doesn’t like the classic “H” style of webbing harness. This award-winning design is made from breathable cotton and is more of a vest style, which makes it virtually escape-proof!

    It’s easy to put on and fastens with two Velcro closures. You can choose from a range of four sizes and seven colors, including a fun tiger stripe! The sizes are a little big, so make sure you measure your kitten carefully before ordering.

    So, when it comes to premium picks, we think this is the best kitten harness you can find.

    • Made from high-quality cotton
    • Escape-proof
    • Easy to put on
    • Expensive
    • No leash included
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    4. Red Dingo Classic Cat & Kitten Harness

    4Red Dingo Classic Nylon Cat Harness & Leash

    The Red Dingo Classic Cat Harness does exactly what the name describes. This classic “H” shaped harness is made from high-quality webbing with stainless-steel fittings. The cute fish-shaped clips are designed to be stronger than traditional buckles, with the added plus that they’re cute!

    This also includes a color-coordinated 4-foot long leash, made with the same high-quality webbing, plus a comfortable padded handle. There are two slide adjusters on both the neck and the torso of the harness, so you can get the perfect fit for your kitten.

    • High-quality nylon
    • Includes leash
    • Comfortable and strong buckles
    • Expensive
    • Some cats can escape from this style of harness
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    5. Frisco Wrap Cat Harness

    5Frisco Wrap Cat Harness

    This wrap-style harness is extremely easy for us humans to put on kittens but hard for them to wriggle out of! It’s made from a soft and breathable polyester and cotton mix material, helping to keep your kitten comfortable. The leash attachment point is reinforced with a line of webbing along the back of the harness.

    To put this on, all you need to do is place it over the back of your cat and then fasten the Velcro straps to fit them precisely. There’s no need to mess around with webbing sliders or fiddly buckles.

    • Leash included
    • Comfortable style
    • Escape-proof
    • Expensive
    • May not fit very small kittens
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    6. PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness

    1PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Nylon Cat Harness & Leash

    PetSafe Come With Me Kitty harness is another decent recommendation for kitten harnesses. The patented design of this harness is subtly different to most in that a small amount of pressure on the leash will act to gently tighten the shoulder straps on your cat’s body. This helps aid control, while also meaning no kitten reversing and escaping acts!

    The leash has a bungee section close to the clip that gives slightly as your kitten pulls. This allows you to stay in full control while also keeping your kitten comfortable.

    This harness is designed to be used on walks, rather than around the house. The neck section may be loose enough for your kitten to slip out of when it’s not connected to the leash.

    • Dual adjustment points
    • Patented design
    • Comfortable straps
    • Bungee leash for additional comfort
    • Expensive
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    7. rabbitgoo Cat & Kitten Harness

    6rabbitgoo Cat Harness

    This lightweight kitten harness is made from a comfortable and breathable air mesh fabric, making sure your kitten will hardly know they’re wearing it. The straps are adjustable in four places for a perfect fit, and the leash loop is reinforced for extra security.

    The vest design of this harness distributes pressure all over your kitten’s torso, rather than concentrating the pressure over a smaller area like many other harness designs do. What’s more, this harness has reflective piping, so as it starts to get dark, you’ll always be able to see your kitten, no matter where they are.

    • Choose from seven vibrant colors
    • Includes leash
    • Easy to put on and off
    • Expensive
    • Air mesh fabric can get pulled and scratched
    • Large buckles
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    8. Eagloo Cat Harness

    7Eagloo Cat Harness Escape

    The comfy Eagloo kitten harness is perfect if you’re looking for a soft and comfortable harness that’s cushioned but also breathable. This may be too large for small breed kittens, so check the measurements carefully before you order.

    If you need to take your cat out at night, the reflective piping along the edge of this harness means it’s easy for other people to see your kitten and take care around them! Some kittens can easily slip out of this harness, so make sure you tighten it correctly and do indoor training before heading outdoors.

    • Quick-release buckles
    • Breathable fabric
    • Cushioned for extra comfort
    • Some kittens can slip out of this
    • No leash included
    • Buckles are bulky
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    9. PUPTECK Adjustable Kitten Harness

    8PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness

    The PupTeck adjustable cat harness is thicker than most other webbing cat harnesses, meaning it’s going to last longer! The lightweight color-coordinated lead won’t feel bulky on your cat’s back, meaning they’ll feel comfortable on long walks.

    If you’re looking for a harness in a particular color, then you’re bound to find one from the 10 different colors on offer here. There’s even a super-bright and eye-catching rainbow harness if you can’t make up your mind!

    • Many colors to choose from
    • Includes leash
    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Only one size available
    • Expensive
    • Some kittens can wriggle free from this harness
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    10. SCENEREAL Escape Proof Cat Harness

    9SCENEREAL Escape Proof Cat Harness

    This bright escape-proof harness will help keep your kitten safe as they learn to walk on a leash. The breathable fabric makes this a good choice for hot and humid climates. This harness has two adjustment points, one on the neck and one around your cat’s stomach, but it’s not as adjustable as some other harnesses we reviewed.

    On the whole, this is a good choice, but some kittens find the neck strap can be a little uncomfortable, and you won’t necessarily know if that will affect your kitten until you try it on them.

    • Choose from two colors
    • Available in four sizes
    • Escape proof
    • Neck strap can be uncomfortable for kittens
    • Quite bulky
    • Leash clip is quite heavy for a kitten
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    11. Niteangel Adjustable Cat Harness

    10Niteangel 2 Pack of Adjustable Cat Harness

    The Niteangel Adjustable Cat Harness is a classic “H” style harness with two adjustment points, one on the neck and another on the torso. This two-pack is good value for money and a good idea if you have two kittens that both need exercise. The harnesses in each pack come in pink and green, but unfortunately, you can’t choose which you receive.

    Some smaller kittens can wriggle out of this harness, so you’ll need to keep an eye on that if your kitten is very small. As they grow, you can extend the harness to fit them perfectly. If your kitten scratches at this harness, it’s likely that they’ll cause pulls to the nylon. This usually doesn’t affect the performance, but we’d suggest a regular check for any weak points.

    • Comes in a two-pack
    • Includes two leashes
    • Webbing can get scratched by your kitten’s claws
    • Some kittens can wriggle out of them
    • No choice of colors
    • Only one size
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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Kitten Harness

    Whether your kitten is going to live as an indoor cat or spend time outside too, using a kitten harness is a great way to introduce them to the outdoors in a safe way.

    For an indoor kitten, being able to spend time outside sniffing the grass and chasing leaves is a wonderful way for them to get extra enrichment into their lives. If your kitten is going to be allowed to roam outside, allowing them to get used to being outdoors while still safe in a harness means you don’t need to worry about them running off if something panics them.

    You can also take your cat to visit the vet using a harness and leash rather than in a cat carrier, if they prefer. Some cats enjoy feeling a bit more free than if they were in a carrier, and this can make them more relaxed as a result.

    To help you decide which harness will suit your kitten best, we’ve packed tons of information into our Buyer’s Guide.

    What is a kitten harness?

    Kitten harnesses are designed to fit around your cat’s neck and torso so you can take them for a walk safely. Harnesses spread the pressure from the leash across your cat’s body, rather than concentrating it on their sensitive necks. It also means they can’t pull the harness off as they could a collar.

    What style do kitten harnesses come in?

    Kitten harnesses are available in two main styles: “H” harnesses and vest harnesses. “H” style harnesses are usually made from webbing, with one strap to fasten around your kitten’s neck and the other around their torso, just behind their elbows. They are adjustable and easy to put on. Due to the shape, some kittens find it easy to wriggle their way out of an “H” harness.

    Vest harnesses are made from mesh or cotton and cover a larger area of your kitten’s body. They usually fasten with buckles or Velcro. They’re harder for a kitten to escape from and can be more comfortable for long periods.

    How should I fit a harness to my kitten?

    Getting the correct fit is crucial when it comes to keeping your kitten comfortable but also safe while wearing their harness.  Too loose and they could potentially wriggle free and escape. Too tight and they will feel uncomfortable.

    As you adjust the harness to fit your kitten, you should be able to slide one finger’s width between your kitten and the harness.

    What else should I look for?

    Once you’ve decided on the style of harness that you’d prefer to use for your kitten, there are a few extras that you might want to bear in mind too:

    • Some kitten harnesses come with a leash, often in the same color as the harness. Others won’t, so you’ll need to buy a leash separately.
    • Attachment style. Kitten harnesses are usually fastened with either buckles or Velcro. Buckles are easy to use once you’ve adjusted the harness correctly, but you will need to take a while to get the straps adjusted so they’re the right length for your cat first. Velcro fastenings mean you can immediately get a precise fit, even as your kitten grows. But it may collect dirt if you spend time walking outdoors.
    • Added extras. Some harnesses come with reflective piping, which helps others see your kitten if you’re outside in the dark. Others have breathable mesh, which can be more comfortable for your kitten in hot weather.
    Bengal cat harness_Teksa_shutterstock
    Credit: Teksa, Shutterstock

    Training Your Kitten to Wear a Harness

    Once your new kitten has arrived and your chosen harness has been ordered, it’s time for training! It’s not a good idea to put the harness straight on your kitten and take them outside right away. They may panic, and that’s never a good time to find out that you should have tightened that harness a little more.

    First of all, simply lay the harness on the ground inside your house and let your kitten investigate it. Give them their favorite treats as they sniff the harness, to start forming positive associations.

    Next, gently place the harness on your kitten while you still hold the harness. Once they’re comfortable with that, you can do the harness up, keeping it loose to start with. Again, plenty of treats and praise will help your kitten start to feel comfortable and confident. Now you can start to adjust the harness so it’s the correct fit. Remember, one finger’s width between your kitten and the harness is the correct tightness.

    Next, allow your kitten to wear their harness around the house, without the lead attached. Spend time playing, give your kitten their dinner, and allow them to adjust to this new feeling. Never, ever leave your kitten in their harness unattended. They could get themselves caught on something and struggle to break free.

    Once your kitten is comfortable wearing their harness, you can attach the leash. Start with short distances inside the house, again with treats and praise.

    Can a kitten be walked outside on a leash?

    Absolutely! Kittens are clever, so once they’re comfortable wearing their harness, you can start to take them for walks outside.

    Small and short walks near to home are best, even if you only go a few steps from your door to start with. Some cats adjust well to being walked through a whole range of locations, including past busy roads and other pedestrians.

    Other cats prefer to spend time walking in quieter areas. Remember to watch your cats for signs that they’re feeling comfortable, and if they’re not, then adapt where you’re taking them until they seem relaxed again.

    cat paw divider Conclusion

    We found the Hepper Harness and Leash Set to be the best overall harness for kittens. The bungee leash allows your kitten a little bit of freedom, while the adjustable shoulders keep a small amount of constant pressure on the harness, meaning it’s difficult for your kitten to escape.

    The Comfort Soft Adjustable Mesh Cat Harness is a good choice with it’s wide straps that distribute pressure to keep your kitten comfortable. This one doesn’t include a leash, so remember that you’ll need to buy one separately.

    We hope that our reviews have helped you figure out which harness is going to suit your kitten best. Before you know it, you’ll both be stepping down the street in style!

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    Featured Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock