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9 Best Modern Cat Trees That Look Great in Your Home in 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

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If you’re a cat owner, you know how important cat trees can be for your feline friend. They can enjoy their own space while being perched up high, observing the world around them. Cat trees placed in front of windows can provide hours of entertainment for your cat as they keep an eye on the neighborhood birds in between naps.

Unfortunately, not all cat trees are pleasing to look at. A giant multi-level construction of scratchers and carpet might be fun for your cat but can easily clash with your décor. The good news is, you can have the best of both worlds! Functional cat trees that also look good in any home are available, and we compiled the best ones in this list with reviews to help you choose the one that you love. Now a piece of furniture for the cat doesn’t have to clash with the rest of the room!

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Canty Modern Jute Cat Tree & Condo Canty Modern Jute Cat Tree & Condo
  • Feature icon Attractive design
  • Feature icon Built-in condo
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Shelf Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Shelf
  • Feature icon No loss of floor space
  • Feature icon Can be combined with others
  • Feature icon Two neutral color options
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Mau Lifestyle Modern Cat Tree & Condo Mau Lifestyle Modern Cat Tree & Condo
  • Feature icon Washable beds
  • Feature icon Made with real branches
  • Feature icon Holds up to 30 pounds
  • MidWest Feline Biscayne Wicker MidWest Feline Biscayne Wicker
  • Feature icon Sturdy
  • Feature icon Made of wicker
  • Feature icon Good for multiple cats
  • Two By Two Bonzai Play ‘N Perch Two By Two Bonzai Play ‘N Perch
  • Feature icon Compact
  • Feature icon Two scratching areas
  • Feature icon Stylish
  • The 9 Best Modern Cat Trees That Look Great in Your Home

    1. Canty Modern Jute Cat Tree & Condo — Best Overall

    Dimensions: 15.7”L x 11.4”W x 29.7”H
    Maximum Pet Weight: 15 pounds

    Our best overall choice for a modern cat tree is the Canty Modern Jute Cat Tree & Condo. The base is a condo so your cat can curl up inside of it whenever they feel like being enclosed. The attractive minimalist design and neutral colors make this tree a complement to any décor. The top perch is a good height for cats to feel like they’re high enough, without the tree overwhelming the room. The support post doubles as a scratcher, while the top of the condo is another sleeping space. This tree’s removable mats can be washed, making cleaning easy.

    They’re held in place with Velcro, though, and sometimes, cats can knock them off the perches or move them out of position. Cats larger than 15 pounds may not fit comfortably on the top perch.

    • Attractive design
    • Built-in condo
    • Pads get moved out of position easily
    • Not good for cats over 15 pounds
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    2. Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Shelf— Best Value

    Dimensions: 15.7”L x 11.4”W x 29.7”H
    Maximum Pet Weight: 15 pounds

    If you have a cat that loves heights, you can place the Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Shelf wherever you like! Our best value choice for the money takes up no floor space in your room, so it seamlessly blends in with any décor. Your cat can be in their favorite spot without ever being in your way. It’s easy to install but should be attached to a stud for security. This shelf can be stacked with other shelves on the wall to create a multi-level lounge for your cat to jump and climb on. It’s available in white or brown, so you can choose what works best in your room. The removable mat is hand washable.

    If not secured properly, though, this shelf can fall off the wall. Cats over 16 pounds may be too heavy for this piece.

    • No loss of floor space
    • Can be combined with others
    • Two neutral color options
    • Not good for cats over 16 pounds
    • Assembly required
    • Must be secured to a stud in the wall
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    3. Mau Lifestyle Modern Cat Tree & Condo — Premium Choice

    Dimensions: 15.7”L x 11.4”W x 29.7”H
    Maximum Pet Weight: 30 pounds

    Real tree branches make up the Mau Lifestyle Cento Modern Cat Tree & Condo. This modern white and wooden cat tree has a condo at the base for those times when your cat is feeling like curling up inside a cozy spot. There are two woven baskets for perching and lounging. The baskets are comfortable for cats to sleep in, with soft material covering the beds. These beds are removable and washable. This tree requires some assembly but includes everything that you need to put it together. The branches are covered in thick rope to serve as scratching posts. This tree works well for multi-cat households because there are multiple perches and the weight limit is up to 30 pounds.

    Some cats like to scratch the outside of the condo. This shreds the material, which can be messy.

    • Washable beds
    • Made with real branches
    • Holds up to 30 pounds
    • Outer material can be shredded by cat claws
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    4. MidWest Feline Biscayne Wicker Cat Tree & Condo — Best for Kittens

    Dimensions: 15.7”L x 11.4”W x 29.7”H
    Maximum Pet Weight: 15 pounds

    This MidWest Feline Biscayne Wicker Cat Tree & Condo boasts of being suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes. It’s sturdy, requiring some assembly but with all the necessary tools included. This is a fun option for kittens because of its multiple levels and built-in condo. Kittens can enjoy jumping and climbing on this tree or curling up for naps. The hanging toys will keep them entertained.

    The support beams are wrapped with sisal to give cats something to scratch. You won’t find any carpet on this modern option. If you have highly active cats, though, they may be able to easily pull the hanging toys off of the platforms.

    • Sturdy
    • Made of wicker
    • Good for multiple cats
    • The hanging toys are easily detached
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    5. Two By Two Bonzai Play ‘N Perch

    Dimensions: 15.7”L x 18.5”W x 22.8”H
    Maximum Pet Weight: 12 pounds

    The Two By Two Bonzai Play ‘N Perch has everything that a cat needs in one modern, compact tree. This sleek design can fit in any room without taking up much space or clashing with your furniture. It’s not overwhelming, but it still provides your cat with a soft place to sleep or look out the window. Featuring two scratching areas, a post, and a pad, your cat won’t get bored looking for a place to stretch their toes. This stylish perch is easy to assemble and can be placed in any room that your cat needs a place of their own.

    There are a few reports of the outer material ripping and being too thin.

    • Compact
    • Two scratching areas
    • Stylish
    • Thin material
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    6. On2Pets Large Square Modern Cat Tree

    Dimensions: 26”L x 26”W x 60”H
    Maximum Pet Weight: 32 pounds

    Would your strictly indoor cat love to climb trees outside? Bring the tree to them with On2Pets Large Square Modern Cat Tree. They can have the feel of being in nature without leaving the house. This tree also doubles as a decoration for the room. Three curved perches are hidden in the faux leaves. Your cat can climb through them, staying hidden as they explore. Available in two color options, you can choose the best one for your home. This requires some assembly but no tools are needed. Setup can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

    • Unique room decoration
    • Offers plenty of hiding spots
    • Non-toxic materials
    • Some curious cats may chew the leaves off this tree
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    7. Frisco 3 Level Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower

    Dimensions: 23.62”L x 23.62”W x 88”H
    Maximum Pet Weight: Not specified

    The sturdy Frisco 3 Level Floor to Ceiling Heavy Duty Cat Tower is held in place with a tension rod, so you know your cat is safe while playing. The multiple levels give cats different observation perches and comfy places to curl up and nap. The post is sisal-wrapped for all your cat’s scratching desires. The tension rod enables this tree to be placed in any part of the room and still keep your cat secure.

    This tree will only work on flat ceilings, however. Curved, angled, or popcorn ceilings won’t be able to give this tree the stability that it needs.

    • Tension rod support
    • Sturdy
    • Can be placed anywhere in the room
    • Can’t be used with any ceilings that are not flat
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    8. Sam’s Pets Becky White Bookshelf Cat Tree

    Dimensions: 14.96”L x 15.74”W x 32”H
    Maximum Pet Weight: Not specified

    Combine a functional piece of decorative furniture and a cozy spot for your cat with the Sam’s Pets Becky White Bookshelf Cat Tree. This piece has two levels of perching for your cat, along with a condo whenever they feel like curling up and staying hidden. They can be in the same room with you in a spot all their own, without having other cat furniture take up space. This design blends in with your room while also serving as a spot to store your own things. The included cushion is machine washable, and you can add your own bedding or blankets to this tree to make it comfortable for your cat. Additionally, there is room underneath this tree for you to place another cat bed.

    • Serves as a functional piece for you
    • Blends in with décor
    • No scratching post
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    9. Frisco Modern Cat Tree & Condo

    Dimensions: 15.3”L x 15.3”W x 28”H
    Maximum Pet Weight: Not specified

    The contemporary white or grey wood grain of the Frisco Modern Cat Tree & Condo will enable it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your décor. Your cat gets a comfortable place to lounge, and you get a look that goes well anywhere in your house. The soft cushion is covered in faux fur and is machine washable. The two levels of this tree give your cat options for lounging while still being able to see what’s happening around them through the large cutouts. It’s easy to put together so your cat can start enjoying it right away. While it has a sleek design, it doesn’t include a scratching post.

    • Modern look
    • Blends in with décor
    • Offers a cozy spot to sleep
    • Doesn’t have a scratching post


    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing a Cat Tree That Will Look Great in Your Home

    Why Is a Cat Tree Important?

    Cats like to jump, climb, scratch, and hide. A cat tree provides an opportunity to do all these things and more! Plus, it’s a spot where your cat can go that gives them a feeling of safety. They can also run to this spot if something scares them, like visitors in the home or the vacuum cleaner. They can be off the ground, which makes them feel secure.

    Choosing the right cat tree for your kitty can be difficult because while you may like one, you don’t care for its appearance. Maybe it’s not the right color or it will clash with the room. When you find one that will look good in your home, it has to be comfortable enough for your cat to use without knocking it over or not fitting on the perches. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a tree to make both you and your cat happy.


    Some trees are simple. Others are complex and have multiple levels. Consider where you want to set up this tree and if it’ll fit in the spot that you choose. The perches should be big enough for your cat to fit in comfortably. If there’s a condo or cave, your cat should be able to easily fit inside them.

    Check the dimensions of the tree and its components to make sure it will accommodate your cat.

    A large cat tree with plenty of spots for sleeping and playing will accommodate a multi-cat household. If you have one cat that likes to lounge, a simple tree with one or two perches can work well.

    cat sleeping
    Image Credit:  KatinkavomWolfenmond, Pixabay


    Cat trees can be made from tree branches, solid wood, pressed wood, rope, and carpeting. Carpeting and rope are two materials that cats enjoy scratching, so they’re usually included somewhere in the construction of the tree.


    The tree that you choose should be sturdy when your cat is playing or resting in it. When your cat is scratching the tree, it should be stable and secure. Some trees can be mounted to the wall for extra safety. The more stable the tree, the longer it will last.

    The Scratching Post

    Cats need to scratch something, and if you don’t provide a post for them, they’ll end up scratching something that you don’t want them to. Cats scratch for various reasons, but they’re all necessary to make sure your cat stays healthy and happy. Most cat trees include scratching posts on them. If you don’t already have a scratching post for your cat, this is a convenient way to give them one without getting two separate pieces that take up space in the room.

    The Hepper Hi-Lo Modern Cat Scratcher is a functional and stylish design that makes it the ultimate scratching spot for your cat – and a superhero in the battle against furniture destruction. Unlike most cat toys that end up being ignored, this one's a crowd-pleaser for both cats and their hoomans.

    grey cat upside down on hepper hi-lo cat scratcher

    With its 3 configurations, thick textured cardboard, and solid birch plywood frame, it encourages your cat's natural scratching instincts, so they stay away from your precious furniture, rugs, and curtains, among all other things they shouldn't scratch. The Hi-Lo is like your home's mini guardian, keeping it safe while looking super sleek and trendy.

    At Excited Cats, we’ve admired Hepper for many years, and decided to take a controlling ownership interest, so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

    It’s Fun

    When cats get excited, especially during playtime, they might seek out their post and start forcefully scratching. They also scratch when they feel overstimulated. It’s a way to let out their excited energy without damaging your couch. This behavior should always be rewarded.

    They’re Grooming

    Scratching helps cats keep their claws healthy by removing the outer sheath and revealing a sharp, clean nail underneath. This feels good for them and is a necessary part of their grooming routine.

    They’re Marking

    Cats have scent glands in their paws. Scratching releases this scent and is used to claim territory. This scent is undetected by humans but used as a signal to other cats that this place is already taken.

    Other Considerations

    Cat trees come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, so you can be sure to find one that fits in your home and matches your décor.

    If your cat enjoys hiding in boxes or under furniture, they may like the tunnels and condos that are included in some of the trees. If your cat is a climber, they may like perches that reach toward the ceiling so they can go as high as they’d like.

    Look at the spots where your cat likes to sleep in your home. What positions are they in? Do they sleep curled up in a ball or stretched out as long as they can be? This will help you decide what size and shape the perches and tunnels of the tree should be.



    Our best overall choice for a modern cat tree that will look beautiful in your home is the Canty Modern Jute Cat Tree & Condo. We like the style and color and the fact that there is a built-in condo option. The Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Shelf is a fun modern option for a value price. This shelf takes up no floor space and still provides entertainment for your kitty. Our premium choice is the Mau Lifestyle Cento Modern Cat Tree & Condo which provides comfort for your cat as well as a modern white and wooden cat tree.

    We hope that our reviews help you decide which piece of cat furniture is best for your feline and your home.

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    Featured Image Credit: VisionOfVictor from Pixabay