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11 Best Scratching Posts for Large Cats – Reviews & Top Picks 2022

cat playing in PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge Toy with Catnip

Dogs must bark. Birds must fly. And cats must scratch. While you adore your cat for their cuddly demeanor, playful nature, and angelic faces, you do not like it when they scratch on the furniture. You really hate it. Of course, if you were to rank the possessions in your life that have meaning, your cat takes priority over a sofa or lounge chair. Your cat is a member of the family, your snuggle-buddy, and your life-long companion.

However, you still need to address that scratching issue with your feline.

When your cat starts using your furniture as their personal toy, this is when many cat owners need to come up with a solution. How about a scratching post? But which kind of scratching post is best for a larger cat? This article reviews the top 11 scratching posts for large cats weighing 12 pounds or more.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hepper Cat Scratching Post Hepper Cat Scratching Post
  • Feature icon80 cm tall
  • Feature iconPressed wood base for max stability
  • Feature iconModern design
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Frisco Sisal Cat Scratching Post Frisco Sisal Cat Scratching Post
  • Feature iconBudget-friendly
  • Feature iconEasy to assemble
  • Feature iconGood size for small living space
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Vesper High Base Cat Tree & Condo Vesper High Base Cat Tree & Condo
  • Feature iconEntertaining for cats
  • Feature iconSturdy, will not tip over
  • Best Sisal-Covered Scratching Post
    SmartCat Sisal Cat Scratching Post SmartCat Sisal Cat Scratching Post
  • Feature iconHeight allows for maximum stretching for the cat
  • Feature iconComes in neutral colors
  • Cutest Scratching Post
    PetnPurr Mushroom Cat Scratching Post PetnPurr Mushroom Cat Scratching Post
  • Feature iconCute design, but not gaudy
  • Feature iconSize allows for placement anywhere in the home
  • The 11 Best Scratching Posts for Large Cats

    1. Hepper Cat Scratching Post for Large Cats – Best Overall

    Hepper scratching post

    Materials: Pressed wood, sisal, plush fabric
    Mount Type: Freestanding
    Assembly Required: Minimal

    The Hepper Scratching Post is a great way for cats to get their scratch on, particularly if you happen to have a large cat! It has a post that is 80 cm (31 inches), which makes it nice and tall for big, long cats.

    The bottom half of the post is covered with a plush carpet material, and the top half has sisal rope, which gives your cat scratching options. The base is a sturdy pressed wood that is 29.5 cm by 29.5 cm (11.6 inches) and is heavy and secure enough to not topple over.

    To (literally) top it all off, it has a dangling toy secured to the top of the post that should have your cat leaping for joy. This can add to a cat’s exercise options and entice them to use the scratching post more often.

    The only issue with this scratching post is the height. The 80 cm is a great length for most cats to stretch and scratch. But for truly long cats, they might need an even taller scratching post.

    At Excited Cats, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

    • 80 cm (31 inches) tall
    • Half plush carpet and half sisal rope
    • Sturdy pressed board base
    • Dangling toy for added fun
    • Won’t be tall enough for truly long cats
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    2. Frisco 21-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post with Toy – Best Value

    Frisco 21-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post

    Materials: Faux Fur, sisal rope, engineered wood
    Mount Type: Freestanding
    Assembly Required: Yes

    If you are unsure if your cat will use a scratching post and do not want to spend a lot of money finding the answer, our top pick for budget scratching posts is the Frisco 21-in Sisal. This general scratching post may only be 21 inches in height, but it is suitable for larger cats. The size also makes it easier to fit into any part of your home. The dual texture of the scratching post encourages your cat to playfully scratch at it or rub against it.

    The base is covered with a soft material to prevent causing damage to uncarpeted floors. However, the base is not weighted, so there is the potential for it to tip if your cat tackles it. Adding some weight to the base will help ensure that this post stays sturdy for your big feline to scratch.

    • Budget-friendly
    • Easy to assemble
    • Good size for small living space
    • Has the potential to tip over
    • Sisal rope can fray
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    3. Vesper High Base 47.8-in Modern Cat Tree & Condo – Premium Choice

    Vesper Cat Furniture Cat Tree

    Materials: Seagrass, memory foam, engineered wood
    Mount Type: Freestanding
    Assembly Required: Yes

    Sometimes, you want to treat your cat to something special. The Vesper Modern Cat Tree & Condo is our top pick for a premium scratching post. This ultimate scratching toy comes with several posts for your cat to scratch, as well as two lounging platforms with memory foam pads and a cubby hole. The cubby hole is large enough for your big kitty to climb in and curl up for a nap. The base is sturdy, ensuring that your cat can play safely on all levels.

    One downside to this cat tree is that it is large and heavy; it weighs about 43 pounds. While the overall weight makes it stable for a bigger cat, it will be harder to move if you decide to change its location in your house or apartment. Make sure that you have space for this condo before purchasing.

    • Entertaining for cats
    • Sturdy, will not tip over
    • Heavy
    • Takes up a lot of space
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    4. SmartCat Sisal Cat Scratching Post – Best Sisal-Covered Scratching Post

    SmartCat The Ultimate Sisal Scratching Post

    Materials: Sisal fabric, engineered wood
    Mount Type: Freestanding
    Assembly Required: Yes

    While many scratching posts use durable cardboard, other posts have stuck with a more traditional covering that cats love – sisal fabric. Our choice for the best sisal-covered large cat scratching post is the SmartCat Ultimate 32-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post. The woven sisal-covered post is square-shaped, allowing your cat to choose which side they want to scratch. Sisal fabric does not fray as quickly as the rope form does, which is a plus. With a solid square base and a height of 32 inches, this is ideal for a larger cat to scratch and stretch to its heart’s content.

    The 16 x 16-inch base is wooden, but it is not covered. This could lead to scratches on your wood floor. This scratching post is best suited for carpeted floors.

    • Height allows for maximum stretching for the cat
    • Comes in neutral colors
    • Must be placed on carpeted floor
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    5. PetnPurr Mushroom Cat Scratching Post  – Cutest Scratching Post

    PetnPurr Mushroom Cat Scratching Post

    Materials: Sisal rope, engineered wood
    Mount Type: Freestanding
    Assembly Required: Yes

    Some scratching posts want to be noticed! Our top choice for the cutest scratching post is the PetnPurr Mushroom Cat Scratching Post. The post is designed to look like a small cluster of mushrooms, all in various sizes. Your larger cat has the choice of using the taller 24-inch mushroom to stretch or the shorter one for a scratch. The base is covered with a soft green material, enhancing its overall mushroom-patch look. The best part of this scratching post is the attached toys: a dangling ball and a mouse toy! Your cat can go from scratching the sisal rope-covered mushrooms to playing with the toys. There have been some issues with this kit not coming with all the screws needed for assembly, so it might be handy to have a small tool kit handy.

    • Cute design, but not gaudy
    • Size allows for placement anywhere in the home
    • Not suitable for lounging
    • Reported issues with missing hardware
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    6. Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher

    Hepper Hi-lo Cat Scratcher

    Materials: Cardboard, metal legs with rubber grip
    Mount Type: Freestanding
    Assembly Required: Yes

    Our next pic is the Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher. The scratching pad is made of thick, durable cardboard, which is a satisfying material for your cat to scratch. The modern design allows you to change the angle of the scratching post in five different ways to best suit your large cat’s needs. Also, changing the post’s position reduces boredom, as the cat now has different angles to scratch.

    In addition, changing the scratching post’s position means it is easier for you to fit in various rooms of your home. However, since this scratching post is made of a specially designed curved cardboard pad, once the cat has exhausted this post, you’ll need to buy another.

    • Can be placed at 5 angles
    • Modern design
    • Cannot replace cardboard pad
    • A bit expensive
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    7. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher with Catnip – Best Scratcher Plus Lounge

    PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge Toy with Catnip

    Materials: Cardboard
    Mount Type: Freestanding
    Assembly Required: No

    Give your big feline a bit of modern luxury with our top pick for a cat scratcher plus lounge, the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratch Lounge Toy. Made from recycled ultra-dense cardboard, this cat scratcher was designed to be flipped over once one side has been thoroughly used, ensuring a longer-lasting toy as the cardboard cannot be replaced. When your cat is not scratching away, they can stretch out and lounge on this toy. The 34-inch length and wide base make it an ideal resting place for a larger cat.

    This scratcher comes in three different neutral colors that blend into the room’s surroundings and USA organic catnip leaf. This scratcher is a bit on the wider side, so it should be placed where it will not get in your way.

    • Modern and sleek design
    • Both sides of toy can be used for scratching
    • Cardboard cannot be replaced once worn out
    • Takes up space
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    8. Dimaka 34″ Tall Ultimate Cat Scratching Post – Best Scratcher with Toy

    Dimaka 34 Tall Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

    Materials: Cardboard, sisal rope, plush
    Mount Type: Freestanding
    Assembly Required: Yes

    Dimaka Tall Ultimate Cat Scratching Post is a fun yet straightforward scratching toy for your cat. Ideal for larger cats, this tall scratcher allows your feline to stretch, play, and scratch. Covered with natural woven sisal and chemical-free plush, the scratcher has a toy attached at the top of the post. This encourages your large cat to stretch its muscles and bat at the dangling plush ball. They get exercise as well as be entertained. A perfect combination! Another positive feature of this scratching post is that the sisal rope can be replaced, so you do not need to buy a brand-new one when it gets worn out due to use.

    Keep in mind that sisal rope does fray, leaving sharp fibers around the post. Also, due to the post’s height, some extra weight could be added to the base to ensure it remains stable while your larger kitty is having fun.

    • Sisal can be replaced when worn out
    • Height is excellent for larger cats
    • Needs some extra weight at base for stability
    • Sisal rope does fray
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    9. FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat Natural Sisal – Best Scratch Mat

    FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat

    Materials: Natural and biodegradable sisal
    Mount Type: Mat
    Assembly Required: No

    The FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher mat is a great choice for cat owners who want a subtle scratcher for their feline. This mat comes in brown or cream color and has not been treated with any oils or chemicals. Your cat can use this to scratch, play, or sleep. It has an anti-skid latex bottom that will prevent it from moving around or damaging your floor. Since this is a mat, you do not need to worry about your larger cat knocking it over.

    Do you travel with your cat? This mat is easy to take with you on trips! This mat is better suited for a less active larger cat. A very active cat might keep lifting the mat when playing with it.

    • Eco-friendly and durable
    • Lightweight so easy to move or travel with
    • Mat can lift when played with
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    10. 4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post – Best Wall Mounted Scratcher

    4CLAWS Wall Mounted Sisal Scratching Post

    Materials: Sisal rope, aluminum
    Mount Type: Wall mount
    Assembly Required: Yes

    4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post is our top choice for wall-mounted scratchers. You can mount this modern and minimalist toy to the wall at any height, thus accommodating larger cats who need something higher up for them to stretch properly. Since this scratching post is mounted to the wall, it will not take up much space in your home. It also ensures that your larger cat can use plenty of strength on this post. But this means that it cannot be moved around easily.

    The post is wrapped with natural sisal rope, which cats love to scratch! Sisal rope can break apart after a lot of use, but you can order a replacement pack with a sisal rope post and jute rope post for the wall mounting.

    • Ideal for larger cats
    • Does not take up much space
    • Sisal rope can become loose
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    11. PetPals Cat Tree Tower with Scratching Posts – Best Mini Cat Tree Plus Scratcher

    PetPals Cat Tree Cat Tower

    Materials: Handmade paper rope and felt
    Mount Type: Freestanding
    Assembly Required: Yes

    Cat scratchers that are also trees are the best of both worlds for a feline. However, some cat trees are quite large and do not fit well in your home. This is why our top choice for a mini cat tree is the PetPals Cat Tree Tower for Cat Activity with Scratching Posts. This cat tree is covered with paper rope and has two plush covered perches for your cat to sit or lounge. The larger perch is a great place for a larger cat to nap or relax.

    The base is weighted, allowing your heavier cat to scratch and stretch without fear of tipping over. The paper rope is not as durable as sisal or jute rope, so this toy has the potential to get worn out quicker than some other posts.

    • Sturdy weighted base good for large cats
    • Smaller in size
    • Paper rope gets worn out quicker

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best Scratching Posts for Large Cats

    Why Are Scratching Posts Important?

    Cat scratching is a part of their nature; however, it is often misunderstood by their owners. They are not doing it out of spite (well, usually not out of spite), but they are scratching for several instinctual purposes. For physical purposes, scratching allows your cat to stretch and strengthen its muscles. It also allows them to sharpen their nails. Scratching is also a way to mark their territories and relieve anxiety. For indoor cats, furniture and carpets are often the most accessible items to scratch. But instead of punishing your cat by getting them declawed, which can lead to negative long-term effects, provide them with an alternative: a suitable scratching post.

    Tips When Buying a Scratching Post

    After looking at this review of our top scratching posts, you might still have some questions about what to look for in scratching posts. Here are some additional tips to help you with your first (or second) scratching post purchase.

    • Check the materials. Scratching posts are mostly made with natural sisal or cardboard. Both materials have pros and cons. Sisal is an excellent scratching material that cats love. Sisal fabric is a better option than sisal rope because the fibers are sharp and might deter your cat from using the post. Cardboard is a popular option because it can be made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice. Some scratchers can have the cardboard pad replaced when they get worn out; however, some cannot be replaced. This means you will need to buy another brand-new scratching post, which is not budget-conscious.
    • Some assembly is required. Most scratching posts will require some assembly. Some only take a few minutes to put together, while others require some more effort. While you want to do anything for your favorite feline, consider how much time you want to invest in putting together the scratcher.
    • Consider getting more than one scratching post. Cats like variety in their activities. Having one scratching post is a good start, but if you can afford two, this is an even better option. If you can purchase two scratching posts, buy two different ones. For example, you can have one vertical, free-standing scratching post and one scratcher plus lounge one. Having a variety will help strengthen different muscles and keep your kitty entertained.
    • An expensive scratching post is not always the best one. Have you ever bought your cat an expensive bed made with organic Egyptian cotton, and they still chose to sleep in the bathtub? Think about this when you are considering a scratching post. There are some luxury ones out there that can cost over $100, but this is never a guarantee that your cat will love it.

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    Getting your cat a scratching post is an excellent way for your pet to act on its instincts. It will also keep your furniture safe! As there are so many kinds of scratching posts on the market for larger cats, we recommend giving the Hepper Cat Scratching Post or the SmartCat Ultimate 32-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post a try. Both come highly recommended and are more fun than your living sofa.