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9 Best Self-Warming Cat Beds in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

sleeping white himalayan persian cat in hepper nest

There are regular cat beds, and then there are self-warming cat beds. If you’ve ever purchased the wrong self-warming cat bed before, you know that they’re not all the same. While some self-warming cat beds promise amazing results, they don’t all deliver for your cat.

That’s why we tracked down and created reviews of the 10 best self-warming cat beds out there. Any of these cat beds will give your kitty much-needed rest and relaxation. We also created a comprehensive buyer’s guide for you.

We’ll help you get the perfect cat bed and have your cat purring sweet dreams in no time.


A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hepper Nest Cat Bed Hepper Nest Cat Bed
  • Feature icon Soft EVA foam shell
  • Feature icon High walls make your kitty feel safe
  • Feature icon Works for almost any size cat
  • Budget Buy
    Second place
    Frisco Self Warming Bolster Frisco Self Warming Bolster
  • Feature icon Affordable
  • Feature icon Machine washable
  • Feature icon Fits in most crates
  • Third place
    K&H Pet Self-Warming Cat Bed K&H Pet Self-Warming Cat Bed
  • Feature icon Easy to clean
  • Feature icon A great mix of price and comfort
  • Feature icon Made from recycled plastic
  • K&H Pet Self-Warming Kitty Bed K&H Pet Self-Warming Kitty Bed
  • Feature icon Easy to clean
  • Feature icon Made from recycled plastic
  • Feature icon Extremely soft
  • American Kennel Club Bolster American Kennel Club Bolster
  • Feature icon Two color options
  • Feature icon Machine washable
  • Feature icon Large enough for any cat
  • The 9 Best Self-Warming Cat Beds

    1. Hepper Nest Bed – Best Overall

    Hepper Self Warming Nest Cat bed

    Style: Cup
    Size: 17.5” x 17.5” x 5.75”
    Material: Polyester and EVA foam shell

    The Hepper Nest Bed is our top pick for the best self warming cat bed. It’s modern design is a completely unique take on a self-warming cat bed, and cats can’t get enough.

    This bowl-shaped bed is extremely soft offering maximum comfort and support. The foam exterior is slightly flexible but sturdy enough for your kitty to rest their head after a long day and the removable Sherpa lining provides the perfect amount of cushion for cozy naps. Even better is that with the bed’s bowl design, your cat feels safe when they’re tucked away, which means you’ll regularly find them nestled inside. The liner is machine washable and the foam bowl can be cleaned with a simple wipe of a damp cloth.

    The Hepper Nest Bed was created to support cats of all ages and sizes, so almost any cat can fit inside with ease.

    Considering this is the last cat bed that you’ll ever need to purchase, and all of it’s features, we think that it’s well worth the cost.

    At ExcitedCats.com we’ve admired Hepper for many years, and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

    • Soft EVA foam shell
    • High walls make your kitty feel safe
    • Works for almost any size cat
    • Wide lip for resting tired heads
    • Slightly higher cost than competitors
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    2. Frisco Self Warming Bolster Round Cat Bed — Budget Buy

    Style: Bolster
    Size: 17” x 14” x 2.5”
    Material: Faux fur, polyester

    It’s one thing to want to spoil your cat; it’s another thing to have the money in the budget to do it. Luckily, the Frisco Self-Warming Bolster Round Cat Bed gives you the best of both worlds.

    It’s an extremely affordable bolster-style cat bed, and while it’s not the softest cat bed out there, it’s still the best self-warming cat bed for the money.

    The entire bed is machine washable, and if you’re looking for something to make your cat’s crate more comfortable, its small size lets it slide into most crates with ease.

    That said, it’s an extremely simple design, and there’s only one size option to choose from. On top of that, while it has walls, they’re not nearly as high as some of the pricier options. It’s a basic cat bed, but it might be just what you need to keep your kitty extra comfy.

    • Affordable
    • Machine washable
    • Fits in most crates
    • Not as soft as other pet beds
    • Only one size is available
    • Simple design
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    3. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Two Tone Lounge Sleeper

    K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Two Tone Lounge Sleeper Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

    Style: Bolster
    Size: 16” x 20” x 6”
    Material: Fleece, cotton

    When you’re shopping for a self-warming cat bed, you want simple comfort at a good price. That’s what you get with the K&H Pet Products Two-Tone Lounge Sleeper. Not only is it a great mix of price and comfort, but it’s also easy to clean and comes in three different color combinations.

    It’ll keep your cat comfy and your stress levels to a minimum because you can clean it with ease. Moreover, K&H Pet Products uses recycled plastic to make its beds. It’s an excellent bed for your cat and for the planet!

    We do wish that this bed came in multiple sizes, but it’s still large enough for almost any cat. But if you have a small cat that needs a snug fit, they might not enjoy all the extra room.

    • A great mix of price and comfort
    • Made from recycled plastic
    • Easy to clean
    • Available in three different colors
    • Only one size is available
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    4. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Kitty Sack

    Style: Cave
    Size: 16” x 6” x 3.5”
    Material: Fleece

    Just because your kitten is small, soft, and adorable and loves to cuddle doesn’t mean they don’t need a safe place to sleep every once in a while! The K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Kitty Sack gives them such a place after a hard day of playing and exploring!

    Even better, with this bed’s micro-fleece interior, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a softer place for your kitten to snooze than this cat bed. The cave design makes them feel even safer, and since the entire cat bed is machine washable, it’s easy for you to take care of.

    Finally, like all K&H Pet Products, this cat bed is made from recycled plastic, which means it’s good for both your kitten and the planet! However, this cat bed is slightly expensive, and if your kitten is a large breed, there’s a chance that they’ll outgrow it.

    For an expensive product, that’s not what you want to hear, but just think about how happy your kitten will be when they’re snuggled up safely inside!

    • Extremely soft (micro-fleece interior)
    • Cave design makes your kitten feel safe
    • Easy to clean — machine washable
    • Made from recycled plastic
    • Slightly expensive
    • Large cats can outgrow it
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    5. American Kennel Club Self-Heating Bolster Bed

    Style: Bolster
    Size: 25” x 21” x 6”
    Material: Polyester

    The American Kennel Club Self-Heating Bolster Bed’s quilted surface is extremely soft, and since it’s machine washable, it’s easy to care for too. But while those two things are nice, they’re not all that this cat bed offers.

    Another perk is that it’s large enough to fit any cat. Since there’s only one size to choose from, that’s a big deal. Furthermore, there are two color options, which means there’s a good chance that you’ll get something that you like.

    However, there is only one size, and it’s expensive. If you have a small cat, you’re paying extra for more bed than they need.

    • Two color options
    • Machine washable
    • The quilted surface is exceptionally soft
    • Large enough for any cat
    • Only one size available
    • Expensive
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    6. Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolster Cat Bed

    Style: Bolster
    Size: 19″, 24″, 30″, and 35″ options
    Material: Polyester and Sherpa

    When it comes to comfort, there’s comfortable, and then there’s Sherpa comfortable. You can tell the difference between the two, and so can your cat. Your cat’s getting an extremely comfortable bed, and you can rest easy knowing that you didn’t have to spend a ton to get it for them.

    In addition to being extremely soft, it has a non-slip bottom, and the high-walled design helps your cat feel safe without the need to fully enclose them.

    However, the Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolster Cat Bed has only one color option to choose from. While that’s not too big of a deal, when you combine it with the fact that it’s not completely machine washable, it quickly becomes a headache to find a place to keep and care for it.

    Your cat might love it and it might be more affordable up front, but there’s a good chance that you’ll need to replace it before too long, when it gets too grimy and difficult to keep up with.

    • Affordably priced
    • Soft design
    • No-slip bottom
    • High walled design
    • Only one color option
    • Not entirely machine washable
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    7. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Hooded Cat Bed

    Style: Hooded bolster
    Size: 16″ and 20″ options
    Material: Polyester

    K&H Pet Products makes tremendous self-warming cat beds, including its Self-Warming Hooded Cat Bed. This cat bed has a removable hood that can give your cat extra privacy or if they don’t like it, you can take it off, which means you’re getting an extra feature. Second, there are two size options for you to choose from. This enables you to get the perfect bed for your cat without too much or too little space. Finally, the bed comes with a machine-washable cover, and K&H Pet Products makes it from recycled plastic.

    But while there are plenty of things to like about this cat bad, be aware that it’s expensive. Also, while it’s machine washable, there are specific instructions that you need to follow. This makes it more challenging to keep clean.

    • Two size options
    • Removable hood for extra privacy
    • Made from recycled plastic
    • Machine-washable cover
    • Expensive
    • Specific machine-washing instructions
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    8. Frisco Self-Warming Pillow Rectangular Pet Bed

    Style: Pillow
    Size: 24″ or 30″
    Material: Velvet

    When you’re looking for a basic cat bed that can give your cat extra comfort, the Frisco Self-Warming Pillow Rectangular Pet Bed can get the job done. It comes in two different size options and two color options, which means you’re more likely to get the perfect cat bed for your cat.

    When it gets dirty, all you need to do is throw the entire cat bed in the wash! Its pillow-style design is great for crates, but you need to keep in mind that it’s an extremely simple design.

    While this bed is better than nothing for your cat, there’s not enough padding to give your cat all the comfort that they want. Without any walls, it can leave your cat feeling exposed, and this means they might not use it that often.

    It’s not a bad choice. But if you’re looking for anything other than a cat bed for their crate, you can do better than the Frisco Self-Warming Pillow Rectangular Cat Bed.

    • Two size options
    • Two-color options
    • Machine washable
    • Extremely affordable
    • Works great in crates
    • Not a ton of padding
    • No walls
    • Simple design
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    9. Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Cat Bed (2-Pack)

    Style: Pillow
    Size: 18.5” x 22” or 28.5” 34.5”
    Material: Polyester

    When it comes to affordable cat bed options, you’re not going to beat what the Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Cat Bed (2-Pack) has to offer. This cat bed would have a great price even if it didn’t come in a two-pack.

    Each bed comes with an anti-slip design, and it’s the perfect size for a crate. But the truth is that that’s about all you should be using this bed for.

    Its pillow-style design means there are no walls, and the amount of padding in this bed is minimal. It’s an extremely basic cat bed that can give your kitty a little extra comfort, especially when you’re transporting them in their crate.

    • Affordable
    • Comes in a two-pack
    • Comes with an anti-slip design
    • Perfect for a crate
    • Not much padding
    • Simple design
    • No walls


    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best Self-Warming Cat Bed

    If you’re still unsure about what self-heating cat bed that you should purchase after reading through the reviews, you’re not alone. We created this comprehensive buyer’s guide to walk you through everything that you need to know when picking out a self-warming cat bed.

    Since the perfect self-warming cat bed for one cat isn’t necessarily the best choice for another, it would be best to have a better understanding of the different options and how self-warming cat beds work in the first place.

    Different Cat Bed Styles

    When you’re shopping for a self-warming cat bed, the first thing that you need to decide on is the style. But what are the different styles, and which one is right for your cat? We broke down the three most common styles for you here and highlighted the pros and cons of each.

    Ginger kitten curled up in bed
    Image Credit: Arina Krasnikova, Pexels


    Bolster-style pet beds are by far the most common. Most have walls all the way around them, with an entrance spot that is dipped a bit lower than the rest. The entrance isn’t as big of a deal with cats, but dogs need the space to enter.

    Bolster-style pet beds are popular because your cat can snuggle up against the walls to feel a little extra protection and safety. However, they don’t completely enclose your cat, and this gives them the peace of mind that they can escape if they need to.

    It’s the best of both worlds for your cat, and it’s a big reason that they’re among the most popular cat beds.


    The pillow-style cat bed is the most basic style out there. There are no walls and no top — just a fluffy bed for them to lay on. It looks much like a pillow, hence the name. Pillow-style self-warming cat beds are especially popular if you’re looking for an ultra-comfy crate mat.

    However, if you’re looking to put a pillow-style cat bed out in your home, you might find that your cat doesn’t use it that often because they don’t feel super secure when on it. If you can place it in an elevated position in the corner of a room, you might find that your cat will use it a bit more often.

    bengal cat in cat bed
    Image Credit: Svetlana Rey, Shuuterstock


    Some cats simply love to tuck themselves away into the smallest spaces possible. For those cats, a cave-style self-warming cat bed is precisely what they need.

    These beds completely enclose your cat, except for the entrance. This means they have a roof, walls, and a back, and the only way in and out is the entrance. Some cats love this enclosure, while others don’t like that they can’t see what’s going on anywhere.

    Whether a cave self-warming cat bed is right for your cat completely depends on your cat’s temperament and what they enjoy.

    Self-Warming vs. Heating Pads

    If you’re debating between a heating pad and a self-warming cat bed, go with the self-warming option. While there’s nothing wrong with a heating pad if you use it properly, the truth is that they have the potential to malfunction.

    Moreover, heating pads for cat beds need to shut off after a certain time to keep your pet safe, which means that eventually, your cat won’t have the heat that they need to stay extra comfy.

    That’s the beauty of a self-warming pet bed. As long as your cat stays there, the bed will stay warm, and you don’t have to worry about it being too much for your cat. Self-warming cat beds simply have less risk, even though the risk for a heated pet bed is already slim.



    If you’re still unsure about what you need after reading the reviews, why not go with the K&H Pet Products Two-Tone Lounge Sleeper? It’s our top choice for a reason, as it expertly combines both comfort and price.

    Of course, if you’re on a tighter budget, the Frisco Self-Warming Bolster Round Cat Bed isn’t a bad choice either, and you can get it for a great price. Whatever you do, go ahead and order that self-warming cat bed today — your kitty deserves extra pampering!

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