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8 Best Tall Cat Scratching Posts in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

MidWest Feline Nuvo Grand

Cat scratchers do more than just entertain your cat. They help keep a cat’s nails from getting too sharp and your furniture from getting scratched up over time. If a cat does not have access to a scratching post of its own, chances are that it will find something in the household to turn into a scratching post. Their homemade scratching post (think recliner or couch) will end up costing more than a cat scratcher that can be easily bought from the store or ordered online.

In fact, there are so many cat scratching posts on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose just one. That’s why we’ve provided reviews of the best tall cat scratchers in 2021. Each highlighted product on this list includes pros and cons to ponder as you narrow down your options.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
MidWest Nuvo Grand Cat Scratching Post MidWest Nuvo Grand Cat Scratching Post
  • Easy to clean
  • Can accommodate multiple cats
  • Large base
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Frisco Sisal Cat Scratching Post Frisco Sisal Cat Scratching Post
  • Top can be used as a perch
  • Can accommodate every life stage
  • Has a modern design
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PutnPurr Tall Alpaca Cat Scratching Post PutnPurr Tall Alpaca Cat Scratching Post
  • Cute plush alpaca design
  • For large and/or multiple cats
  • Includes a fun dangling ball
  • Trixie Soria Fleece Tower Cat Scratching Post Trixie Soria Fleece Tower Cat Scratching Post
  • Multi-textured post
  • Comes with an interactive mouse
  • Neutral color
  • Hepper Hi-lo Cat Scratcher Hepper Hi-lo Cat Scratcher
  • Rubber on the metal legs
  • New angles to scratch
  • The 8 Best Tall Cat Scratching Posts — Reviews 2021

    1. MidWest Nuvo Grand Cat Scratching Post — Best Overall1MidWest Feline Nuvo Grand Forte 41-in Cat Scratching Post

    The MidWest Nuvo Grand cat scratching post stands at 3 feet tall and has a large, oversized base to keep it upright even when playtime gets frisky. The base and scratching post is covered in a plush, faux fur material that easily wipes clean if something spills on it or a kitty has an accident on it. The post is covered tightly with Sisal rope that can hold up to the wear and tear of your cat’s claws. The product does not come assembled, but putting it together requires no special skills and should take no more than about 15 minutes.

    This cat scratcher is fur resistant too, but even if fur does start to build upon it, a hand vacuum will get rid of it in a snap. The Sisal rope can be cleaned with a cleaning brush or a dry scrub pad from the kitchen. There are no fancy bells and whistles included with this product — it’s just a sturdy post for your cat to scratch on when they feel the need to. However, the quality of the product is something that you should be able to rely on for years to come.

    • The large base keeps this scratching post upright
    • Easy to clean when necessary
    • Can accommodate multiple cats at once
    • Does not include dangling balls or other flashy accessories

    2. Frisco Sisal Cat Scratching Post — Best Value2Frisco 33.5-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post

    We think that this is the best tall cat scratching post for the money because it performs well as a scratcher, and its modern design can fit in with just about any type of home décor. The Frisco Sisal cat scratching post can accommodate both kittens and fully grown adults, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it as your cat ages. This scratching tower not only satisfies the need to scratch but also accommodates long, full-body stretches.

    Covered in Sisal rope, this cat scratcher will not fray or break down even if your kitten is rambunctious and spends most of their day clawing, scratching, biting, bouncing, jumping, and playing in general — this product can handle it all. The base at the top of the scratching post is large enough for small cats to jump and perch on. Some tools are required for assembly, but they are included in the package. The one downside is that the base may not be solid enough to keep the scratcher in place when large cats pounce and jump on it.

    • Has a modern design suitable for most home décor
    • Can accommodate every life stage of a cat
    • The top of the post can be used as a perch
    • Large/heavy cats may knock the scratcher over when being rambunctious

    3. PutnPurr Tall Alpaca Cat Scratching Post — Premium Choice3PutnPurr 32.5 Tall Alpaca Cat Scratching Post with Dangling Ball

    Made just for large and/or multiple cats, the PutnPurr Tall Alpaca cat scratching post has a plush, extra-large base that is large enough for one or two kitties to lay and stretch out on. The rounded scratching post is adorned with sisal rope, a dangling ball, and textured scratching areas for optimal fun and entertainment throughout the day. The top of the scratching post has an adorable plush alpaca head, complete with little ears that your cat is sure to enjoy chewing on and batting.

    Made of sturdy wood, the product does not feel flimsy or wobbly once put together. This cat scratcher has a soft, furry fabric cover on the base that is perfect for holding a few sprinkles of catnip. However, the material is white and not easy to clean, so kids should stay away from it with juices and other colorful drinks. Also, the base should be placed on a rug or mat because the bottom bolt could scratch wood and laminate flooring when moved around.

    • Made for large and/or multiple cats
    • Includes a fun dangling ball for ultimate interaction
    • Has a cute plush alpaca design
    • The bolt on the base can scratch wood and laminate floors

    4. Trixie Soria Fleece Tower Cat Scratching Post4Trixie Soria 31.5-in Fleece Tower Cat Scratching Post

    This cat scratching post has a multi-textured post, with part of it made up of sisal fabric and the other part made of plush fabric. The fabric has small pockets that hide a toy mouse attached to a stretchy string. When your cat pulls the mouse out, it retracts back into the pocket for interactive fun. The base is plush and comfortable, but it is not large enough for the average adult cat to completely lay on. However, there is plenty of scratching space on the post for a couple of cats to enjoy together.

    Featuring a neutral, light grey color, the Trixie Soria Fleece Tower cat scratching post can fit anywhere throughout the house without standing out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, the plush material on the scratching post itself tends to fall out with excessive kneading, which can create a mess. Also, the product must be assembled, which is not that easy to do. Overall, this is a great starter scratching post for kittens and older cats that are not too strong or active.

    • Has a multi-textured post
    • Comes with an interactive mouse to play with
    • The neutral color will not stand out from home décor
    • The plush material can come loose and make a mess
    • The post is tough to assemble

    5. Hepper Hi-lo Cat Scratcher5Hepper Hi-lo Cat Scratcher, A 5 Position Cat Scratching Post

    The Hepper Hi-lo cat scratcher is a unique option because it can be set up in five different positions for your cat to enjoy. Your cat can interact with a different style scratcher almost every day of the week, which is sure to keep them interested in it for months and years to come. The metal legs provide durability and longevity, and rubber coating on the metal helps keep the scratcher in place while being used on slick surfaces and prevents the risk of scratching the floor up.

    While the frame is made of metal, the actual scratcher itself is made of cardboard for a specific reason. It is designed to destruct a little at a time so your cat gets the satisfaction of destroying something, which is typically a favorite pastime for most kitties. Tiny pieces of cardboard are sure to fall to the ground after an afternoon of rigorous play. However, this cat scratching post should hold up about as long as any of the others on this reviews list.

    6. Akarden Tall Cat Scratching Post6Akarden 20.5 Tall Cat Scratching Post

    This is a basic cat scratching post that has a couple of surprising elements. For example, the bottom half of the scratching post, including the base, is covered in carpeting instead of plush material or sisal material. The top half of the post is wrapped in a lightweight rope that resists unraveling and frilling. Another unique feature is the fact that the entire product is wooden and handmade.

    A soft, plush ball is attached to the top of the scratcher with a string for interactive play, but the string may require reattachment occasionally, depending on how rough your kitty plays. Only three steps are required to assemble the Akarden cat scratching post, so it can easily be broken down and put away when necessary, and your cat can be playing again quickly when it’s time to set it up again. Your cat might start scratching and damaging the wooden base, so it may not last that long.

    • Handmade design is easy to assemble
    • Covered in sturdy carpeting and rope
    • It may not be that long-lasting

    7. 4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post7 4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post Cat Interactive Toys

    4 Paws Stuff cat scratching post is fun, interactive, and made with eco-friendly materials. The base has two tracks that balls can roll on for a fun game of chase. A tetherball is attached to the top for even more gameplay any time of the day. Velcro pads are included for the bottom of the base to help keep it in place and protect the floor. This is a surprisingly sturdy scratching post for how simple the design is and how easy it is to assemble.

    This is a shorter scratching post than most others, but the positive side is that the post can be snuggled into a corner without taking up that much usable floor space. The balls tend to be intimidating to kittens and cats that are new to scratching posts, so patience and encouragement may be required at first. Overall, active cats that spend most of their awake time playing and destroying should thoroughly enjoy interacting with this product.

    • Has two engaging toys to satisfy active cats
    • Comes with Velcro pads to keep the post in place
    • Cats may not take to the design right away
    • The post may need to be tightened to the base occasionally

    8. Dimaka Tall Cat Scratching Post8Dimaka 29 Tall Cat Scratching Post

    The Dimaka cat scratching post has a basic tree post design and a dangling ball that hangs from the top of the post. The 14” base is designed for stability and has a soft bottom, so it will not scratch up the floors if it gets moved around. The plush material contains no harsh chemicals or harmful toxins of any kind, and the entire cat scratching post weighs no more than 5 pounds. The plush ring around the middle of the scratching post adds an extra dimension that will help keep your kitty engaged.

    While the base is made of heavy chipboard, the post itself is made of thick cardboard that is covered with equally thick sisal material. Therefore, the materials may wear down over time. Fortunately, most components, including the screws, can be replaced when necessary. This product is so easy to put together (it takes less than 5 minutes!) and take apart that it makes for a perfect traveling companion if you ever take your cat on vacation.

    • Takes less than 5 minutes to assemble
    • Lightweight yet durable
    • Made of materials that will not last long
    • Is not easy to clean if a cat throws up or uses the bathroom on it

    Buyer’s Guide

    We want to give you a few tips that can help make the process of choosing a new, tall cat scratching post for your cat more enjoyable and less stressful. Hopefully, the following tips will help you easily narrow down the options to the one that is just right for your cat, your household, and your lifestyle.

    Determine Which Materials Are Best Suited for Your Household

    It is important to understand how the common materials used to cover a cat scratching post may react to your cat’s scratching, kneading, and playing. For example, some may make a mess that you do not want to clean up, and others may fray and make the scratching post look like an eyesore.

    Here is what you should know about the most used scratching post materials:
    • Carpeting: It holds up well but can start to shred as it starts to wear down. The shredded carpeting can be a choking hazard to cats and can make a mess on the floor that must be vacuumed up.
    • Plush: It is soft and cuddly and holds up remarkably well to playful cats. However, it is tough to clean and can start to get stained after a few months.
    • Sisal Rope and Material: Both types of sisal are extremely durable and do not fray like carpeting does, but they can get fuzzy and create an eyesore.
    • Cardboard: This material satisfies a cat’s urge to destroy something with its claws and teeth, but the tiny cardboard pieces that destructive playing creates will have to be picked up regularly. Also, the cardboard or the post will likely have to be replaced about once a year.

    Just because some of these materials may fray or break down does not mean that they will, however. It all depends on how frisky your cat is, how often they use their new cat scratching post, and how much effort you want to put into maintenance.

    Figure Out Where You Want to Place the Scratching Post in Your Home

    Before you even start looking for a new cat scratching post to invest in, decide exactly where you want to put it inside your home. If you plan to move it to different rooms periodically, choose a specific spot in each room. Then, measure the spots that you choose so you know exactly what the dimensions are. You can compare your measured dimensions to the dimensions of any scratching post that you consider buying to ensure that it will fit where you want it to. Otherwise, you may be stuck having to find a new and less convenient home for the post once you get it home and assembled.

    Know How Long You Expect Your New Scratching Post to Last

    It is a good idea to have in mind how long you expect the scratching post you buy to last while you are comparison shopping. No cat scratching post will last forever. However, some will last longer than others, depending on their design and what they are made of. A great way to determine how long a cat scratching post might last for your cat is to check out consumer reviews. Many reviewers provide updates as their scratching posts wear down, to give others an idea of what to expect. You can find reviews on Amazon and other reliable outlets online.

    cat paw dividerConclusion

    There are many interesting tall cat scratching post options to choose from! We think that your cat will love the MidWest Nuvo Grand cat scratching post, which is the number-one pick on our list. It is easy to maintain, it can accommodate multiple cats at the same time, and it is built to last. Our second pick, the Frisco Sisal cat scratching post, should also be highlighted because of its striking modern design and because the top of the post can be perched on.

    Every option on our reviews list is unique, so don’t forget to check out the rest. Taking a close look at each option will help ensure that the cat scratching post that you do choose is the perfect one for your beloved feline family member. Which of the cat scratching posts on our list is your favorite? Cast your vote by leaving us a comment.

    Featured image credit: MidWest Feline Nuvo Grand, Chewy