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10 Best Vacuums for Cat Hair – Reviews & Top Picks 2023

cleaning cat shedded hair with vacuum cleaner

Any cat owner knows that cat hair all over your upholstery can be one of the biggest pains of having a feline in your home. If it seems like no matter what you do, you’re constantly cleaning up cat hair on every cardigan or sweeping hair off your favorite sofa—you might need some help.

If you’re looking for a vacuum that can solve all of your furry woes, we took the liberty of checking out 10 of the best items we could find. We hope you find a solution that sweeps things up a bit—or a lot!

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Image Product Details
Best Overall
EUREKA Upright Vacuum Cleaner EUREKA Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Feature iconBudget-friendly
  • Feature iconSpecifically for pets
  • Feature iconPerfect for everyday cleaning
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Bissell Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum Bissell Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum
  • Feature iconEasy to empty
  • Feature iconNozzles collect hair
  • Feature iconWorks very well on upholstery
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Miele Pet Canister HEPA Vacuum Miele Pet Canister HEPA Vacuum
  • Feature iconComes with entire
  • Feature iconA2000 vortex motor
  • Feature iconAirClean seals system construction
  • BISSELL Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner BISSELL Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner
  • Feature iconStores away easily
  • Feature iconLight and easy to carry
  • Feature iconPerfect for hard to reach areas
  • Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Feature iconHands-free cleaning
  • Feature iconMopping capabilities
  • Feature iconAlexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • The 10 Best Vacuums for Cat Hair

    1. EUREKA PowerSpeed Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Best Overall

    EUREKA PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum Type: Standard
    Disposal Type: Bagless
    Power Type: Corded

    Our favorite overall vacuum for cat hair was the EUREKA PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner because it is sleek, functional, and affordable for most budgets. This vacuum is lightweight, totaling only 10 pounds—so you can easily carry it or wheel it along.

    This is a fully multi-surface machine, touting five settings from bare floors to high carpets. The dust cup is quite large, making good use of the space—plus, it’s totally bagless for easy emptying.

    The extra tools are really where it’s at for pet owners. This vacuum comes with a pet turbo crevice tool, dust brush, and upholstery tool that attach to the bottom board for easy storage.

    We love how easy it was to set up, too. It comes in two separate pieces that you snap together and complete in a flash. All in all, this machine is easy to use and practical, equipped for complex and simple duties alike.

    • Perfect for everyday cleaning
    • Budget-friendly
    • Specifically for pets
    • Might not work for every home
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    2. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum – Best Value

    Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

    Vacuum Type: Handheld
    Disposal Type: Bagless
    Power Type: Corded

    When it comes to the best value we could find, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum did the trick. We think it’s the best vacuum cleaner for cat hair for the money, as it’s specifically for this purpose and other small jobs. So, if you’re looking for cat hair plus everyday cleaning, keep reading our list.

    This little handheld vacuum is a doozy, fiercely pulling up hair from the toughest surfaces. We loved the powerful suction it has—and the rubber gripping at the ends really helped gather the hair, too.

    This little handheld vacuum contains a cyclonic cleansing system with multilayer filtration for deep cleaning. There are two specialty nozzles to clean just about any surface you come across. It’s completely bagless, so it’s easy to empty and a breeze to use. We don’t think you could get more for your money.

    However, this handheld vacuum is corded. So, it might not work for car jobs or other portable-necessary areas.

    • Easy to empty
    • Works very well on upholstery
    • Nozzles collect hair
    • Not cordless
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    3. Miele Complete Pet Canister HEPA Vacuum – Premium Choice

    Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Canister HEPA Canister Vacuum

    Vacuum Type: Canister
    Disposal Type: Bagged
    Power Type: Corded

    The price tag on the Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Canister HEPA Vacuum might make you raise your eyebrows in disbelief—but hear us out. If you have a multi-pet household, you are used to the smells and hair that come with it. This vacuum was designed from the bottom up to help you coexist with your house of furry friends.

    This product has A2000 watt vortex motor. The entire design is ideal for allergy sufferers to trap in dust and dander upon contact—equipped with AirClean Seals System Construction. It reduces doors and protects those in your home from dust and dander particles.

    This vacuum comes with a master kit of cleaning accessories. It comes with five separate hose attachments, 16 bag replacements, and a HEPA air filter replacement. Each extension serves a separate function, so there is no place this bad boy won’t reach.

    Even though it comes with a high price tag, it can quickly pay for itself if you want to trap as many allergens as possible.

    • A2000 vortex motor
    • AirClean Seals System Construction
    • Comes with entire
    • Expensive
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    4. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum Type: Lightweight
    Disposal Type: Bagless
    Power Type: Corded

    We really appreciated the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Not only is this a great product, but also, a portion of the profits from every vacuum sold goes towards saving pets through the Bissell Pet Foundation. How cool is that?

    This design has a tangle-free roller brush that smoothly picks up pet hair like a champ. Once you get everything swept up, it spools together nicely in the bagless design. You don’t even have to touch a thing, you simply tip it into the waste bin for a hands-free finish.

    It also has an extension wand to help you reach hard-to-get areas. The overall functionality is perfect for everyday use and it’s awesome for cleaning up more than just pet hair.

    • Stores away easily
    • Light and easy to carry
    • Perfect for hard to reach areas
    • Not for large jobs
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    5. Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum Type: Automatic
    Disposal Type: Bagless
    Power Type: Cordless

    If you want all the hard housework done with minimal effort, let us introduce you to the Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. You can literally control a majority of the functions from your smartphone or device. It comes with an app compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

    This vacuum has what is called boost-intellect technology, which means it detects the changes between hard surfaces and carpet, increasing or decreasing suction as needed.

    Not only can this vacuum sweep up debris by itself, it also has a built-in mopping feature to make everything squeaky clean. It is also compatible with virtual boundaries, meaning you set the cleaning permitters, and your vacuum doesn’t move past them.

    • Hands-free cleaning
    • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
    • Mopping capabilities
    • Not for heavy jobs
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    6. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

    BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

    Vacuum Type: Handheld
    Disposal Type: Bagless
    Power Type: Cordless

    The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum is a powerful little tool for removing stubborn pet hair. It’s specifically designed to deal with the challenge of hair collection, and a portion of the proceeds go to save pets.

    This triple-level filtration system works hard to improve cleaning performance. This product comes with a 14V lithium-ion battery for powerful cleaning and long-lasting functionality.

    The dirt bin is removed easily, and we were pretty impressed with how much debris it held. This compact design is ideal for vehicles, upholstery, and other hard-to-reach areas.

    • Triple level filtration
    • Proceeds save pets
    • Long-lasting battery power
    • Not for heavy cleaning
    • Must recharge
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    7. Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum

    Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum

    Vacuum Type: Standard
    Disposal Type: Bagless
    Power Type: Corded

    The Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum is a terrific machine worth mentioning. It has incredible suction and a handy swivel to quickly maneuver with minimal effort.

    This model is sleek, attractive, and efficient, cleaning up messes without any hassle. It can come apart and extend a wand handle to reach ceilings and get behind hard-to-reach places. The lift-away feature detaches the canister portion from the base, allowing you to carry it with you on the move.

    There is also an anti-allergen contact seal on it, which traps allergy-causing molecules from clogging up your airways. The extra-large cup capacity offers a longer time in between emptying so you won’t have to stop your cleaning progress.

    • Impressive swivel design
    • Extra-large cup
    • Anti-allergy seal
    • Might be too large for some
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    8. Kenmore Intuition BU4022 Bagged Upright Vacuum

    Kenmore Intuition BU4022 Bagged Upright Vacuum

    Vacuum Type: Standard
    Disposal Type: Bagged
    Power Type: Corded

    Kenmore Intuition BU4022 Bagged Upright Vacuum is a very good product to consider for cat hair. It has the right attachments and excellent suction. This is a bagged vacuum, meaning you do have the expense of refilling the vacuum—coming with six replaceable bags.

    This model comes with three attachment tools to work on different surfaces. There is a high-grade HEPA system to keep dirt and debris from dusting or leaking out. The bags are self-sealing, providing a hands-free discard.

    One really excellent aspect of purchasing this vacuum is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. We think that makes it worth the price.

    • 5-year warranty
    • Self-sealing bags
    • Excellent suction
    • Must replace bags
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    9. Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum Type: Standard
    Disposal Type: Bagless
    Power Type: Corded

    The Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum is definitely a decent machine. It has a bagless design to make it easy to dump and continue while you’re sweeping. We also like that you can see the roller brush so you know when or why it’s clogged.

    It has a sealed HEPA media filtration system to reduce exposure to dust particles and debris. It’s supposed to capture 99% of all allergens while minimizing odors associated with our beloved pets.

    The parts of the vacuum for pet hair are multipurpose per tools included in the purchase. They attach to the hose to get upholstery and furniture clean, removing fur buildup on your belongings.

    This design does not have a retractable cord. Also, even though it is designed for pets, be careful with heavy hair messes, as it can clog the design.

    • Excellent attachment tools
    • See-through brush roll
    • Allergen trapping
    • No retractable cord
    • Can clog with heavy hair messes
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    10. Dirt Devil Razor Bagless Multi Floor Corded Upright Vacuum

    Dirt Devil Razor Pet Bagless Multi Floor Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum Type: Standard
    Disposal Type: Bagless
    Power Type: Corded

    The Dirt Devil Razor Pet Multi Floor Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a handy little machine. We liked the effortless swivel—it’s a breeze to navigate. Because it’s a smaller vacuum, it’s lightweight with terrific maneuverability—180-degree movement.

    This vacuum provides 10 feet of extra reach, which we thought was pretty impressive. There is no issue getting into ceiling corners, behind furniture, or anywhere else for that matter. It also has an easy rise, so you can adjust it to get between hard floors and high carpets seamlessly.

    It has a Turboclaw Pet Turbo Tool 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool that takes care of stubborn areas where hair collects. It’s pretty efficient at cleaning up the fur your pets leave behind. It also contains an anti-wrap dirt cup to collect debris for simple emptying evenly.

    This vacuum is perfect for everyday cleaning, but it is a little heavy. Because of the swivel design, it makes it hard to stand upright.

    • 10-foot reach
    • Lightweight
    • Easy cup emptying
    • Design is heavy
    • Trouble sitting upright

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best Vacuum for Cat Hair


    Handheld vacuums can come in cordless or corded versions. They are for small jobs and typically do fantastic for upholstery in homes and cars. They work well when it comes to control, since you can firmly secure the model in your hand.

    Handheld models are not so good at cleaning big messes that require lots of power or suction.


    Standard vacuums work for every room in the home. So, not only can you rely on them for pet care, you can also sweep up any messes your family members make. You do have to be careful when you purchase, as some models are made to combat heavy fur messes and might become clogged.

    Full-size vacuums usually come with attachments and hoses so you can get difficult areas clean. Some have retractable cords, while others have a section on the side to wind the cord for storage.


    If you’re looking for a semi powerful vacuum that combats daily leases, lightweight vacuums might work well for you. Though they aren’t designed for hefty jobs, they are easy to store and do the job for light to moderate pet hair.

    Lightweight vacuums are perfect for smaller spaces, too—like apartments or single rooms.

    lightweight vacuum cleaner


    Canister vacuums have one base device, usually with wheels, that you pull along with the wand. You have the hose attachment available to you at all times, so you can have a full-size brush roll or other ends for different cleaning functions.

    Most canister vacuums are bagged, so that will require a continual replacement cost.


    Automatic vacuums are little designs you see operating themselves around the home. They have built-in technology features to navigate. You can operate them from a remote or smartphone, and many are compatible with your home devices.

    Because of the sensors, you can set them to clean certain areas. These models are unique, but they do need constant recharging and are for small messes only. Also, they won’t go off of stairs or other high surfaces since they can detect drop-offs.


    Multipurpose vacuums operate well for surfaces from hardwoods to high carpets. They usually come with attachment tools for various functions, too. Multipurpose vacuums not only sweep up messes, but they also have wet mopping functions to get hard surfaces squeaky clean.

    These designs can come in handy if you have carpets and hard floors—so everything you need is in one area.

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    Different Vacuum Functions

    Even though it might seem like all vacuums are created equal, there are a few different components.

    woman cleaning the floor with vacuum cleaner

    Bagged vs. Bagless

    Bagged versions of vacuums have replaceable bags specific to your model. They require a monetary replacement cost.

    Bagless versions of vacuums have a removable canister inside that you take out to empty. They don’t require replacements. However, you will have to occasionally clean or replace the filters.

    Corded vs. Cordless

    Corded versions are pretty standard for most vacuums. Since these sweeping machines require so much power, it’s only natural most designs require direct electricity.

    Cordless vacuums are for smaller jobs, but they have equally efficient power in their right. Many handheld or self-cleaning vacuums use this method of power.


    Some attachments make it easier for you to get the cat hair from surfaces. They put more direct suction on the area and sometimes use materials like rubber or bristles for extra grip.

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    Overall the others, we think that the EUREKA PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner will fit the needs of most consumers. It is highly efficient at picking up fur, lightweight, and suitable for everyday use.

    If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, check out the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum. It is a super-charged little machine that gets pet hair off of stubborn fabrics. We think you’ll appreciate the rubber nozzle that attracts hair with ease.

    You have quite a selection to choose from. Some of you might be looking for a cat hair-only product, while others want a tool for everyday cleaning—with ultimate hair removal power. In any case, we hope you found the model that works best for your household needs.

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    Featured Image Credit: Oscar81, Shutterstock