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40 Black Cat Memes | Demonic & Adorable Cats

If you’re superstitious, the sight of a black cat is enough to have you quaking in your boots. But in the world of memes, black cats can be a lot more than just scary. They can be hilarious, invisible, evil, and downright adorable. Whether or not you’re a fan of black cats, there’s a lot to love (and LOL at)!

Scroll down to find our favorite black cat memes from all over the internet. These memes are guaranteed to have you laughing — and may even inspire you to adopt a black kitty of your own.

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40 Devilishly Funny Black Cat Memes:

1. Out

We start our list with one of the most adorable black cats on Earth. There’s nothing evil in those eyes!

2. Home

I guess dogs do have a purpose!

3. Packing Tips

4. Purr

Willy Wonka in cat form? Why not!

5. Puzzling

Cats: always helpful, never in the way.

6. Attack

7. Table Manners

This is what they meant, right?

8. Bad Luck

9. Lazy

But honestly? That’s probably too much effort.

10. Sales

11. The Fur of His Enemies

Something tells us you don’t want to get on this cat’s bad side…

12. Pick Up Lines

13. Sales Experience

We’d love to take a look at this guy’s resume!

14. Zen

15. Oh Hi

16. No Idea

Who could it have been?

17. Identical

Is this a glitch in the matrix or what?

18. Hold My Calls

19. Parentage

This cat mom may have some explaining to do.

20. 3 AM

This black cat meme gives new meaning to that whole “sleep when you’re dead” concept:

21. Go Fish

We may need to amend these rules.

22. Skills

23. Fingers

24. What’s the Point?

25. You Kids

26. Hidden in Plain Sight

27. But Why?

28. Mirror Mirror

This would make a great horror movie.

29. Movie Night

30. New Here

31. Camouflage

32. Melting

33. Cat Murder Mode

34. Panther

Black cat or panther? We can hardly tell the difference.

35. Opportunity

36. Planning

It takes lots of hard work and napping in the sun.

37. Warning

38. Double Vision

39. Overall

40. Veto Power

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We hope you enjoyed these funny, evil, and adorable black cat memes. There’s nothing quite as expressive as black cats — especially when you forget to feed them or try to take their chairs — which makes them perfect meme material. Whether they’re demons or sweethearts, black cats are the best.

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