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25 Blonde Cat Breeds: Top Choices for Your Home (With Pictures)

If you really enjoy light-coated cats, you might wonder what all of your breed options are. So many breeds can have a variety of colors, and it can be hard to know which ones fit the bill. But luckily, most of them tout a variety of exciting appearances, including creamy to dirty blonde tones.

While there is no standard for blonde-colored cats, the tone usually falls somewhere between ivory and orange cream. We rounded up the main breeds you can find in these tones–just for your convenience.

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The Top 25 Blonde Cat Breeds

1. Blonde Maine Coon

Maine Coon
Image Credit: Mariamichelle, Pixabay
Temperament: Relaxed, gentle, affectionate
Size: 13-25 pounds
Coat Length: Long
Patterns: Tabby, solid
Lifespan: 13-15 years
Suitable for: Growing families, indoor/outdoor living

Maine Coons come in various colors and look absolutely stunning in creamy blonde shades. You can find light-colored Maine Coons from reputable breeders who specialize—or you can even find a Maine Coon mix at a shelter.

The Maine Coons are notorious for being hardy, loving cats that care deeply for their human companions. Agreeable with all, these beautiful cats match well in almost any situation and learn the ropes quite quickly.

Because they are docile and calm, they work well in apartment situations. Also,  their long, luscious hair prepares them for all kinds of wind and weather.

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2. Cream/Flame Point Siamese

Flame Point Siamese Cat
Image Credit: Kolganova Daria, Shutterstock
Temperament: Active, vocal, curious
Size: 8-15 pounds
Coat Length: Short
Patterns: Seal point
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Suitable for: Experienced cat owners

The Siamese are naturally pale in color with darker seal point markings. Both flame point and cream Siamese range in soft blonde hues, with long, limber bodies and substantial adult size.

Siamese owners can tell you that this breed isn’t for the faint of heart. Intelligent, demanding, and vocal—these cats make their presence known. They tend to be highly interested in any activity going on, making sure they get a front-row seat. They can also be incredibly loyal and affectionate toward owners but might give a stranger the cold shoulder.

Because they are a little loud, they might not work well for apartments. Also, if you’re a person who doesn’t like a lot of extra noise and appreciate the usually quiet nature of a cat, perhaps another breed on our list will be a better match.

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3. Cream Persian

Image Credit: krzysztofniewolny, Pixabay
Temperament: Docile, affectionate, calm
Size: 7-12 pounds
Coat Length: Long
Patterns: Solid, tabby
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Suitable for: Multi-pet households, seniors, children

Persian cats vary in color, and come in a soft, elegant shade of cream. They have incredibly plush, long coats that require regular grooming (which might cause hairballs). Persians are also brachycephalic, giving them the classic pushed-in nose expression we all love.

Persians are usually incredibly warm and inviting, and are generally very good with small kids and other pets. However, some Persians can be shy and somewhat off to themselves, taking naps in sunny windows. These cats are generally low maintenance in terms of personality but need coat upkeep more often than other cats.

While they are a joy at home, this breed is prone to certain health issues that can get expensive to treat. To curb this likelihood, buy from a responsible breeder who can prove bloodline purity with vet records.

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4. Beige/Cream Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair
Image Credit: TaniaVdB, Pixabay
Temperament: Brilliant, dignified, affectionate
Size: 8-12 pounds
Coat Length: Short
Patterns: Calico, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, solid, marbled
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Suitable for: Growing families, seniors, multi-pet households

The Oriental Shorthair is one to remember and impossible to forget. These outstanding cats come in several colors and patterns, sandy shades being among them. In addition, they have beautiful slender faces with oversized, erect ears and tall, thin bodies.

The Oriental Shorthair might seem aloof, but they are anything but that. They will love each family member, furry and fleshy alike. They even display patience and affection toward kids, though you should foster mutual respect. These cats are highly vocal and curious to be part of everything in your home.

The Oriental Shorthair is easygoing and chipper, with minimal health concerns and maintenance grooming. You will love yours, should you choose one—and they sure will stand out among the rest.

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5. Cream/ Beige Munchkin

Munchkin cat
Image Credit: chatchai77, Shutterstock
Temperament: Sweet-natured, affectionate, social
Size: 6-9 inches
Coat Length: Short/medium/long
Patterns: Solid, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, colorpoint
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Suitable for: Growing families, multi-pet households, all ages

Munchkin cats are instantly recognizable due to their low-riding appearance and long bodies. They come in several coat colors—tons of hues along the dark to light blonde spectrum—and their hair is generally short but thick.

The Corgis of the cat world, these tiny, chipper cats will brighten up the room. They love to get chin rubs from anyone, unfamiliar faces included. They gladly play with the kids and cuddle up to other furry pets in the home. They are a real beam of sunshine for any home.

Because of their body composition, they can have spinal problems. They are otherwise healthy and easy to maintain. With proper care, you should be able to avoid some concerns.

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6. Sable/Cream Japanese Bobtail

Mekong Bobtail Male Cat
Image Credit: Seregraff, Shutterstock
Temperament: Outgoing, active, brave-hearted
Size: 5-10 pounds
Coat Length: Long/Short
Patterns: Solid, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, calico
Lifespan: 9-15 years
Suitable for: Growing families, multi-pet households, seniors

The Japanese Bobtail is a striking cat with a classic bobtail. These cats are medium-sized with easy-to-manage short fur and perky expressions. They come in virtually any color, including lighter shades of cream—creating a blonde hue.

The Japanese Bobtail is one intelligent kitty. They are highly social and ready to chatter and get chin rubs from anyone—stranger or friend. They work well in just about any environment because they are so personable and eager to please.

This breed isn’t very common anymore—so good luck if you search for a breeder near you. If you get so lucky, these cats will acclimate well to virtually any home environment. Even though they are active, they actively want to be around their folks.

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7. Cream/Fawn Sphynx

sphynx solid coat
Image Credit: Dmitry Makeev, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0
Temperament: Inquisitive, interactive, clownish
Size: 6-12 pounds
Coat Length: Hairless, peach fuzz
Patterns: Tabby, solid
Lifespan: 8-14 years
Suitable for: Experienced owners, indoor living, growing families, seniors

The Sphynx is a totally naked and exceptionally fascinating cat, but they can still have coat color. Most hairless Sphynx still have color patterns, including pinkish to fawn. They feel like tacky human skin and require regular wipe downs as they sweat through pores.

The Sphynx is an incredibly social cat that requires a lot of stimulation—perfect for kids or those looking for a very interactive friend. These kitties don’t like being left alone for long periods and do best with other animals or caretakers when you’re away. These cats can be quite needy, which can be a change of pace if you are used to independent cats.

Because of their hairless gene, they do not make good candidates for outdoor living. In cold temperatures, they have trouble regulating their body. In toasty temperatures, they can get sunburned.

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8. Cream Ragdoll

flame point ragdoll cat
Image Credit: Carolyn R, Shutterstock
Temperament: Docile, affectionate, cuddly
Size: 10-20 pounds
Coat Length: Medium/Long
Patterns: Color point, tricolor
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Suitable for: Growing families, multi-pet households, all ages

The Ragdoll has grown in popularity for its soft, creamy coat and sapphire blue eyes. Owners love these large, cuddly kitties with their adorably innocent expressions and captivating light seal pointed colors.

They are very attractive and amiable, making suitable playmates and cuddle buddies for any family. The Ragdoll has a very docile temperament, and is compatible with kids, seniors, and other pets. Though they have long, thick fur, they are generally easy to groom and maintain.

The Ragdoll is a perfect candidate for adoption because adults will acclimate well to another home. But if you prefer, you can generally find ragdoll breeders nowadays due to their growing fan base.

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9. Cream/Beige Siberian

siberian kitten_dien_shutterstock
Image Credit By: dien, Shutterstock
Temperament: Calm, affectionate, intelligent
Size: 12-15 pounds
Coat Length: Long
Patterns: Color point, bicolor, solid, tabby
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Suitable for: Growing families, indoor/outdoor living, all ages

The beautiful long-haired Siberian cat can sport many different coat colors and patterns. They are especially beautiful in light orange to cream shades. Built for withstanding Russia’s rugged terrain, the Siberian cats can survive the elements and will likely want to roam the outdoors when permitted.

Siberian cats are amiable and good-natured toward anyone they are around. They make excellent additions to existing families but will grow with you at any stage of your life. You will feel right at home with your new, fluffy snuggle buddy.

If you prefer a cat who can handle both indoor and outdoor elements, this is definitely one to consider—permitting it doesn’t get super hot where you live. Since these cats have such lavish coats, they can overheat pretty quickly in toasty temperatures.

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10. Beige/Cream Norwegian Forest Cat

cream smoke Norwegian forest cat
Image Credit: Elisa Putti, Shutterstock
Temperament: Social, amiable, intelligent
Size: 10-20 pounds
Coat Length: Long
Patterns: Tabby, solid, bicolor, tricolor, calico
Lifespan: 10-20 years
Suitable for: Growing families, indoor/outdoor living, multi-pet households, all ages

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a real sight for sore eyes. Resembling the Maine Coon and Siberian, this beauty sports an incredibly lush, thick coat that lays beautifully. Like both aforementioned breeds, the Norwegian Forest Cat is well-equipped for harsh climates but doesn’t so much tolerate the heat.

Adding the Norwegian Forest Cat to your home will be like having another child or sibling. These cats are highly interactive with their families and form strong bonds with only one person typically, though there are always exceptions.

If you are thinking about adding this lovely kitty to your home, you can expect a laidback roommate without any major fusses to mention. They are compatible in almost any lifestyle and can comfortably live indoors and out.

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11. Cream Balinese

Old-Style_Lilac_Point_Balinese (1)
Image Credit: Edison/Azureys Cats, Wikimedia Commons
Temperament: Active, intelligent, affectionate, social
Size: 8-15 pounds
Coat Length: Medium/Long
Patterns: Seal pointed
Lifespan: 8-15 years
Suitable for: Big families, multi-pet households

The stunning Balinese bears a resemblance to the Himalayan and Siamese due to similar coloring. They can have ultra-light coats with dark brown masking on their faces, ears, and paws. They are referred to as the long-haired Siamese for this reason.

The Balinese is a cheerful cat with keen intelligence and a mischievous streak. They are definitely entertainers, filling your evenings with fun play. These cats are brainiacs so you might have a bit of a challenge on your hands—they can figure out how to do practically anything! And if they don’t have a proper outlet to express their intelligence, they can very easily get into mischief.

While they are very terrific pets with tons of personality, they work best with seasoned cat owners who can rise to the challenge. They can be pretty rough for a first-time owner!

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12. Cream/Beige Tonkinese

Tonkinese cat
Image Credit: dezy, Shutterstock
Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, extroverted
Size: 6-12 pounds
Coat Length: Short
Patterns: Seal pointed
Lifespan: 15-18 years
Suitable for: Growing families, multi-pet households

The Tonkinese is the cross-breed of the Burmese and Siamese—so it takes on the physical traits of both parents. They tend to be heavy-bodied with proportioned facial features, stunning blue eyes, and dark masks.

The Tonkinese is a companion kitty—no doubt. They are very attached to their owners, wanting to hang out with you anytime. While this is super awesome for kids and big people who love constant companionship, this might not work so well if you’re away from home.

If you have the time to spend with them, they won’t disappoint. They are easy to maintain and have good health in most cases.

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13. Cream Burmilla

Burmilla cat
Image Credit: Armin Tafertshofer, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0
Temperament: Affectionate, easygoing, intelligent
Size: 9-15 pounds
Coat Length: Short, medium
Patterns: Tortoiseshell, shaded
Lifespan: 7-12 years
Suitable for: Growing families, multi-pet households

Burmillas are mostly silvery gray or white, but they also come in creamy colors that are sure to dazzle. Coming with a permanent eyeliner, Burmillas have stunning vibrant green eyes against black outlines and light fur—they really stand out.

Burmillas have wonderful personalities, being interactive and pleasant. They will hang out with anyone in the family, not usually picking favorites and playing only for good fun. They are also quite intelligent, so you can expect to be impressed with their ability to learn concepts fast.

You might not find these pretty kitties in all areas yet—as they are a British breed not yet accepted by US cat clubs. However, as their popularity continues to rise, so will their numbers.

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14. Cream/Fawn American Bobtail

Kurilian Bobtail
Image Credit: TRUE KURILIANS, Wikimedia Commons
Temperament: Friendly, playful, cheerful
Size: 8-15 pounds
Coat Length: Long
Patterns: Tabby
Lifespan: 8-15 years
Suitable for: All ages, indoor/outdoor living, growing families

Resembling the wild Canada lynx or bobcat, this mini wild cat is short-tailed with lots of fringy hair around the ears and face. These cats aren’t blonde, per se, but they can have many light tones in their coats. The American Bobtail is one of the most attractive looking on our list because of its interesting stub tail.

The American Bobtail is an energetic, lovable cat. They get along very well with just about anybody, permitting they’re in good spirits. Since the American Bobtail is so playful and lovable, they are amazing first kittens for virtually any age-appropriate child.

American Bobtails are quite hardy, doing fantastically in both indoor and outdoor living situations, permitting they can stay safe.

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15. Cream/Beige Singapura

singapura cat outdoors
Image Credit: jojosmb, Shutterstock
Temperament: Lively, entertaining, independent
Size: 4-9 pounds
Coat Length: Short
Patterns: Ticked
Lifespan: 11-15 years
Suitable for: Active households, mousing

From sandy to pale, the Singapura comes in a variety of blonde shades to choose from. This breed is small, but they aren’t dainty in any way. These muscular little cats are as capable in body as they are in spirit.

The Singapura might be small, but they make up for it with their larger-than-life personalities. The Singapura is highly active, super curious, and a real pleasure to be around. These cats are fiercely independent, not needing much from you except for companionship.

Many Singapuras, especially females, make excellent hunters. If you have a Singapura, you must channel their energy, so use appropriate outlets like cat scratching posts and toys; otherwise, they can get somewhat destructive.

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16. Cream Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex
Image Credit By: Alexandre Gonçalves, commons wikimedia
Temperament: Clownish, intelligent, social
Size: 5-8 pounds
Coat Length: Very thin, short wavy
Patterns: Solid, tortoiseshell, bicolor, tricolor, tabby
Lifespan: 9-13 years
Suitable for: Indoor living, growing families

The Cornish Rex is an interesting-looking kitty with gorgeous wavy hair—and not much of it. These kitties have a very thin, downy layer of fuzzy, silky hair that sets them apart from the rest. They come in all sorts of colors—including sandy and creamy tones. Their uniqueness is unmatched.

When you own a Cornish Rex, there is never a dull moment. These clownish characters will keep you entertained with their eccentric antics and curious attitudes. They love being the center of attention and love keeping up with all the happenings around the house.

These cats are not good candidates for living outdoors. They can get sunburned quite easily, so they need to stay cozy inside to regulate their bodies.

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17. Fawn/Cream American Wirehair

American Wirehair

Temperament: Playful, affectionate, independent
Size: 8-12 pounds
Coat Length: Short, medium
Patterns: Solid, bicolor, tricolor
Lifespan: 8-12 years
Suitable for: All ages, multi-pet homes, those looking for an easy maintenance breed

The American Wirehair has thick, coarse-textured hair that lends to the title, “wirehair.” These medium-sized felines have a wide-eyed and rough, tousled coat appearance. They can come in various colors and patterns—including blondish shades like fawn and cream.

These cats are ideal candidates for multi-pet and kid-filled homes. They have pleasant attitudes and playful spirits. They are generally very patient and interactive. In addition to being a good sport and playing well with others, these placid cats are super affectionate and attached to their families.

You might wonder if all that wiry hair makes them harder to groom. Actually, you get a free pass on this particular part of care—daily brushings are discouraged. Another upside is that this breed sheds significantly less than some others.

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18. Cream Himalayan

white himalayan persian cat laying on chair hepper

Temperament: Docile, Good-natured, slow paced
Size: 10-15 pounds
Coat Length: Long
Patterns: Seal pointed
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Suitable for: All ages, growing families, multi-pet households

Himalayans are often referred to as the long-haired version of the Siamese. These beauties grow up to have long, lustrous locks, but might be sleeker before they fully mature. They are pretty heavy-bodied with small ears and round, penetrating blue eyes.

Himalayans are well-known for being agreeable, easygoing cats. They are typically quiet and enjoy just as much private time as they do cuddles—so they are perfect if you have to go to work all day. Their balance between being interactive and independent is definitely an upside for some families.

Himalayans require regular brushing to prevent mats and tangles in the fur. But if you keep up with regular coat maintenance, they aren’t too complicated to care for.

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19. Cream/Fawn LaPerm

Laperm Cat
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock
Temperament: Playful, intelligent, social
Size: 5-8 pounds
Coat Length: Long
Patterns: Solid, bicolor, tricolor, tortoiseshell
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Suitable for: Multi-pet households, all ages

The LaPerm is a rare and unique cat breed that touts a very curly appearance that can vary in tightness. Their fur can be a variety of colors, creating tones of perfect soft-colored ringlets.

The LaPerm is a chatty Kathy, always meowing about something. These smart little cookies can figure out how to do just about anything—which might be challenging if you have a particularly mischievous cat. They are terrific companions, loving and loyal to owners.

Despite their good qualities, they might not work in all living situations due to being highly vocal. If you live in an apartment, it might be best to select a quieter breed. Otherwise, the LaPerm is easy to take care of and impossible not to love.

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20. Fawn/Cream Exotic Shorthair

Exotic shorthair cat sitting in grass
Image Credit: Ewa Studio, Shutterstock
Temperament: Docile, affectionate, gentle
Size: 10-12 pounds
Coat Length: Short
Patterns: Solid, bicolor, tricolor, calico
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Suitable for: All ages, multi-pet households, apartment living

The Exotic shorthair is a fascinating combination of traits, creating a shorthaired version of the Persian. They have teddy bear-like cuteness, with smooshy faces and large, curious round eyes.

Super amiable, the exotic shorthair is practically a lap cat, hanging out with all family members. These cats are incredibly calm, quiet, and docile, making them suitable for practically any lifestyle—whether you are single, have a big family, or have multiple pets.

The Exotic Shorthair cuts down majorly on Persian grooming—but don’t let the short hair fool you. These cats have thick coats and benefit from daily brushing.

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21. Light Orange/Cream Devon Rex

Devon Rex kitten on a white fluffy blanket
Image Credit: Angela Kotsell, Shutterstock
Temperament: Charming, good-natured, friendly
Size: 6-9 pounds
Coat Length: Short, wavy
Patterns: Solid, bicolor, tabby, tortoiseshell
Lifespan: 9-13 years
Suitable for: Growing families, multi-pet households

The Devon Rex is a beautifully wavy kitty with so many interesting colors and patterns. These eye-catching kitties are wide-eyed with oversized ears and curious expressions that match their personalities. They are rather small cats, topping out around nine pounds at the max.

You won’t regret adding the Devon Rex to your family. They are amazing additions, blending well in basically any environment. They also acclimate well after adulthood if you were considering a rescue. These cats are good pets for all ages and love nothing more than to hang out with their prowl pals.

These fun-loving cats are easy to maintain and fun to watch. Dainty but fierce, these kitties have so many qualities that make them wonderful companions for furry and human playmates.

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22. Cream American Shorthair

Cat American shorthair
Image Credit: chie hidaka, Shutterstock
Temperament: Pleasant, relaxed, affectionate
Size: 6-15 pounds
Coat Length: Short
Patterns: Solid, calico. bicolor, tabby, smoke
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Suitable for: All ages, most lifestyles

The American Shorthair has very interesting patterns and adorably soft faces. They are comparable to Puss in Boots on Shrek, giving the big doe eyes—hard to resist, right? These beauties come in various color selections, including very light shades of cream.

Getting along with every member of the home, these guys are trustworthy with everything but the family gerbil. They love to get attention from their favorite folks and take catnaps with their feline friends. They will even tolerate the family dog—no matter how obnoxious.

These cats have a long lifespan, making them even more attractive if you want a long-term companion.

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23. Fawn/Cream Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex kitten
Image Credit: Jaroslaw Kurek, Shutterstock
Temperament: Quiet, gentle, affectionate
Size: 6-16 pounds
Coat Length: Long, curly
Patterns: Tabby, solid, calico, tricolor
Lifespan: 10-14 years
Suitable for: Apartment living, all ages

The Selkirk Rex has remarkable hairdos, touting ultra-curly locks. These beauties are rare but wonderful, coming in attractive shades but sharing the same social traits.

These cats have incredibly modest demeanors, being real ladies and gentlemen. They conduct themselves in a poised fashion, even playing in a soft, gentle way. These cats are perfect for all ages and practically any living situation. Although, they might not fare well outdoors.

So, how is it grooming these curly-haired cuties? It’s not so bad. They need to be brushed with a comb—not a brush (curly-haired humans will understand why!) But they only really need a good comb once a month or as needed.

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24. Cream Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe Siamese in the garden
Image Credit: Tawach, Shutterstock
Temperament: Playful, gentle, laidback
Size: 7-10 pounds
Coat Length: Short
Patterns: Seal pointed
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Suitable for: Multi-pet households, single owners, growing families

The Snowshoe Cat got its name from its permanently pasted snow boots on all four paws. These beauties are the cross between a Siamese and American Shorthair.

These cats get the best of both worlds—combining the Siamese’s wanderlust and curiosity with the laid back nature of the American Shorthair. They love a good romp around the house but get equally excited to snuggle up on the couch for some evening shows.

Snowshoe Cats are very observant and love being a part of all you’re doing. They might be one to observe you from across the room or jump on your lap while you try to use the bathroom—they know no boundaries and love being a part of all you do.

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25. Cream Birman

Image Credit: Valerius Geng, Wikimedia Commons
Temperament: Curious, gentle, friendly
Size: 6-12 pounds
Coat Length: Long
Patterns: Seal pointed
Lifespan: 9-15 years
Suitable for: All ages, apartment living

Birman kittens are born pure white and develop their seal points by about a month old. They stay relatively light-toned with long, gorgeous coats. Each of their paws is pure white, giving them tiny gloves.

The Birman is adored for its gentle personality. Because they are so agreeable, they make fantastic first-time kittens or companions for kids or seniors. The Birman will integrate well into most home lives, getting along well with all other playmates in the home.

These silky guys and gals benefit from weekly brushings to keep their coats tangle-free. Since they are only single-coated cats, they aren’t as hard to groom as they might look. They do most of the hard work themselves.

cat paw divider Conclusion

So, now you can see the beautiful variations and drastic appearance differences in all of these blond-ish cats. Even though blonde isn’t a traditional color title for cats, it covers many light shades.

As you can see, all of these kitties have their own unique qualities that make them admirable and adorable. Which of these cats do you have your eye on?

Remember, adoption is a fantastic possibility for mixed and purebreds alike. But if you buy from a breeder, do so responsibly by selecting a reputable person or business.

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