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Can a Munchkin Cat Jump? Vet-Approved Facts

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Munchkin cats may have shorter legs than the average cat, but that doesn’t usually put them at a disadvantage physically. Munchkin cats can jump just fine without any pain and even run at incredible speeds. When maneuvering, these cats often act like they don’t have short legs. Despite some common misconceptions, they aren’t physically disabled due to their shorter legs.

However, these felines are more likely to develop osteoarthritis1. This condition affects many cats, especially older felines, but due to their odd bone growth, Munchkin cats are particularly prone to this condition.

Cats with osteoarthritis (or a similar condition) are disabled depending on the extent of their condition. Some are hardly affected, but others may become lame in one or more limbs. Therefore, while most Munchkin cats get around fine, their predisposition to joint issues makes it more likely that they’ll have trouble jumping as they get older, and this may hurt their legs depending on the severity of the condition.

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Can Munchkin Cats Jump as High as Normal Cats?

Munchkin cats aren’t usually at a disadvantage in jumping height. These felines can jump just as high as other cats, and they can certainly make it to your countertop! You should not underestimate these felines just because they have smaller legs.

However, Munchkin cats can have varying leg lengths. Those with very short legs may be unable to jump as high as other cats. Still, they are cats, so they can jump higher than you might expect. You still have to cat-proof your house when adopting one of these cats.

Image Credit: Sviatoslav_Shevchenko, Shutterstock

How High Can a Munchkin Kitten Jump?

Munchkin kittens can jump about as high as other kittens. Because they aren’t full-grown, kittens cannot jump as high as normal cats. Often, kittens can jump about five to six times their normal height. Therefore, the average Munchkin cat can jump between 35 to 48 inches when fully grown. That’s slightly shorter than an average cat simply because Munchkin cats are shorter.

How high your kitten can jump depends largely on their height. As your kitten ages, it will be able to jump higher, but don’t underestimate a kitten, as they can jump higher than you’d expect.

Munchkin cats tend to be very playful, especially as kittens. Therefore, they are likely to get into places where you may not want them. Kitten-proofing your house is vital, even though these kittens have shorter legs.

Do Munchkins Jump on Counters?

There is no breed of cat that won’t jump on a counter. That’s a matter of training. Many people believe Munchkin cats cannot reach the top of counters because they have short legs. However, this isn’t true. Most Munchkin cats can clear a countertop pretty easily. They may not be able to jump quite as high as other cats, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely disabled. You’d be surprised by how well they can get around.

Keeping a cat off the counter requires training and consistency. In the meantime, cat-proofing your house is essential. Don’t assume these cats can’t get into things just because their legs are shorter.

Image Credit By: Tasy Hong, commons wikimedia

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Munchkin cats can easily jump on countertops and most other surfaces. While they can only jump slightly lower than other felines, they can still jump about six times their own height. Therefore, you must cat-proof your house. Don’t underestimate them just because they have shorter legs.

With that said, these cats are prone to joint issues. Because of this, some cats may develop issues that do keep them from jumping quite as well, and this may cause them some pain. However, many of these conditions don’t affect cats until they age.

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Featured Image Credit: Sviatoslav_Shevchenko, Shutterstock