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Can Cats Eat Bananas? What You Need to Know!

Humans and dogs can benefit from eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, including bananas. They are tasty, filling, and full of nutrition. They are generally inexpensive, and they’ll keep on the counter for a few days before going bad. They can be eaten fresh, frozen, baked, fried, and even barbecued.

But are bananas as good for cats as they are for us humans? No, not really. But they aren’t poisonous to cats, so there is no need to worry about your cat snatching the piece of banana that you drop on the floor. Here is what else you should know about feeding bananas to your cat.

cat face divider 2Why Bananas Aren’t Ideal for Cats

Bananas do contain some of the vitamins and minerals that cats need for good health, but they can get these through the carnivorous diet that they should be eating. They don’t need any nutritional help from bananas. This isn’t to say that snacking on a piece of banana will necessarily harm your cat, though.

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Luckily, cats wouldn’t typically eat a whole banana in one sitting, so they tend to regulate their intake. However, if they do eat too much of a banana, they could become constipated and uncomfortable for a couple of days. After all, cats aren’t used to eating so much fiber! Bananas are also higher in sugar than what cats are used to, which could cause blood sugar problems.

Guidelines to Follow

Even though bananas aren’t the best snack for your feline friend, they may enjoy the taste and texture so much that they pester you for a bite when they see you eating one. If this is the case, don’t feel bad about offering a bite now and then. But keep in mind that this is far from a perfect food for your cat. A bite of banana should come few and far between other healthy meat-based snack options. Never give your cat the peel of a banana, even to play with.

Banana peels are a choking hazard. The fibers in the peels are extremely hard for cats to digest, and you could end up with a lethargic cat that doesn’t want to eat or drink for a couple of days after they eat a banana peel. The bottom line is that you’re better off giving your cat a meat-based treat rather than some banana.

If you do choose to feed your cat a banana, cut it into small bite-sized pieces and don’t offer more than just a piece or two in one sitting. If your cat doesn’t like the banana or show any interest, it’s not a big deal because they don’t need it for nutritional reasons, anyway.

cat paw dividerIn Conclusion

There are many foods out there that we would feed ourselves and our dogs but that we shouldn’t give our cats, bananas being one of them. In general, cats should not eat any fruits or vegetables. They should stick with meat-centric foods. If you’re worried about your cat eating a particular food that they’ve gotten their paws on, it’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian to give yourself peace of mind. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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