Can Cats Eat Cheese? Is Cheese Safe for Cats?

Last Updated on: September 21, 2020

Can Cats Eat Cheese? It is actually a common misconception that cats can eat diary products such as cheese and milk. However the truth is actually quite different.

Believe it or not, most cats are lactose intolerant, meaning you should not feed them cheese, and if you do, it should definitely be in moderation.

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Can Cats Eat Cheese – The Precautions?

Dairy products often make the list of foods not to feed your cat, due to their aforementioned lactose intolerance of adult cats.

While, young kittens will enjoy a bowl of milk or a small piece of cheese, it is not advised to feed your adult cat such foods as they lack the enzyme (lactase) in their stomachs to safely breakdown the lactose. The result will be stomach upset and diarrhea.

If you do wish to feed your cat cheese, it is best to proceed carefully and with small amounts to begin with. This way you can monitor your cat’s ability to digest cheese. Try to choose types of cheese that are low in lactose, or maybe even a spot of sour cream or yogurt, as these would be easier to digest.

There are also a limited amount of cat food brands that use cheese as a flavorsome addition to the cat food. Fancy Feast wet cat food do are rather enticing grilled chicken & bacon with cheddar cheese. The Purina product line, Friskies also have a cheese flavored wet cat food, and Purina Pro Plan do a gourmet adult turkey with cheese entree product.

All 3 have low levels of lactose due to the combination of other ingredients, making them a safe way of testing your cat’s tolerance to dairy.

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If your cat’s stomach is able to tolerate eating cheese, it does actually provide a good source of protein. However, do not over feed as cheese is quite fattening.

Cats will also generally enjoy the taste of cheese, so it can be a good way of making them take prescribed medicine, or even as a tasty treat. (Assuming of course you are aware that they are able to consume cheese without any adverse effect).