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Can Cats Eat Dog Treats? The Comprehensive Answer

You’ve probably seen dogs eat just about anything that is put in front of them. So, most dogs would certainly eat cat treats when they’re offered. But can the same be said for cats?

Cats may enjoy the occasional dog treat, but is it safe? The truth is that your cat can indulge in your dog’s treats occasionally without any serious side effects to worry about. Here are a few answers to questions that might be on your mind as a cat owner:cat face divider 2

What’s the Difference Between Cat and Dog Treats?

There may be significant differences between the cat and dog treats you have sitting in your cupboard depending on the types of treats. While cat treats tend be to meat-centric, dog treats typically include things like grains, fruits, vegetables, and peanut butter, which cats don’t necessarily need in their diet. This is because cats are carnivores and they require a lot more protein and other nutrients than omnivorous dogs do to thrive.

Can Cats Eat Dog Treats
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But just because dog treats include ingredients that aren’t naturally a part of a feline’s diet doesn’t mean that the ingredients are bad for your cat. In fact, some ingredients that are found in various types of dog treats such as blueberries could benefit your cat’s health.

Since treats are for occasional enjoyment, you shouldn’t worry about whether your dog’s treats contain the right amount of nutrients for your cat. Making sure that your cat eats a high-quality cat food daily to provide them with all the nutrition they need. A treat is just for fun, not necessarily nutrition.

If you’re concerned about whether a certain dog treat is safe for your feline family member, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian for advice. They’ll be able to put your mind at ease by referring to your cat’s medical history when making a recommendation. But in general, if the dog treat package doesn’t have a warning label about feeding the treats to cats, giving one or two to your own cat should be safe.

Can Cat Treats Be Replaced with Dog Treats Altogether?

If you feed your cat treats a few times a week, it wouldn’t hurt to give them dog treats. This can save your household some money on dog and cat treats over time while being able to continue treating your pets like your normally do. Even once a day feeding of dog treats shouldn’t cause any health problems for your cat. But you should check with your vet before giving your cat dog treats on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that there are certain vitamins and minerals that cats need more of than dogs, such as taurine. Dog food and treats usually don’t contain as much taurine and other minerals as cat food and treats do.

So, making dog treats a big part of your cat’s daily diet could potentially lead to deficiencies. If you tend to feed treats to your feline friend multiple times a day, the treats should be considered part of your cat’s overall diet and therefore you should stick with cat treats unless your veterinarian says otherwise.

Can Cats Eat Dog Treats
Image Credit: monika1607, Pixabay

What Types of Dog Treats Can My Cat Have?

There are a wide variety of dog treats available on the market, so you may be wondering which are the best option for your cat if you do end up feeding them a dog treat here and there. The first thing to consider is that semi-moist dog foods and treats may contain an ingredient called propylene glycol. If your cat consumes too much of this ingredient over time, if could result in some health problems to deal with in the future.

Small dry crunchy dog treats are a good choice because they can scrape plaque off your cat’s teeth when they are eaten. They come in many different flavors that both your dog and cat are sure to love. And they are pretty easy to store without worry of them going bad in some way. Just put them in a resealable plastic container after you open the packaging.

Avoid feeding your cat large biscuits to minimize the risk of choking. If you don’t have any treats laying around, you can always feed a piece or two of dog or cat food to your kitty as a snack. When buying treats for your pets, look for multi-pet options that are specially designed to accommodate both dogs and cats.

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Final Thoughts

As we see it, there is nothing wrong with feeding your cat dog treats as long as it doesn’t become a serious habit. It’s a good idea to keep track of how many treats you are feeding your cat throughout the week to make sure that you aren’t overfeeding them.

And make sure your cat is eating their mealtime food before offering them any kind of treat whether made for cats, dogs, or humans. How do you feel about feeding dog treats to cats? Let us know in the comment section below.