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Can Cats Eat Egg Yolk? What You Need to Know!

The yolk of the egg is where the majority of an egg’s nutrients are found. It is packed with protein, which your cat can easily handle, and as long as the yolk is cooked, a small amount of egg yolk can prove a healthy treat for your cat.

The high-calorie count in egg yolk means that it should only be fed as an occasional treat, assuming that your cat even likes this food, while raw yolk can contain harmful bacteria, and the shell may cause choking.

Similarly, egg whites aren’t necessarily bad for your cats either, but they aren’t considered good for your cats so should be fed carefully and in moderation.cat face divider 2

Is Egg Yolk Safe?

Egg yolk is not toxic for cats, as long as it is cooked. Humans have long been aware of the potential risks of consuming raw eggs. Diseases like E. coli and salmonella are rife in eggs and both have very serious potential consequences. They can cause death.

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Cooked Yolk

While raw eggs are potentially dangerous, cooking them reduces the potential benefits that they hold. Cooking the yolk prevents the absorption of avidin, which can help promote healthy skin and hair. However, eggs should be cooked before feeding them to your cats. There are a multitude of ways that you can cook eggs, from the simple boiling of a whole egg to scrambling or even the preparation of an omelet containing a host of other beneficial ingredients.

When preparing egg yolks, it is not just the egg itself that you need to consider. Frying an egg yolk typically means using some kind of fat, and you will need to take this into account. If you are scrambling the egg or preparing it in some other way before feeding, consider any additional ingredients that you add, such as milk, and whether your cat can stomach these.

Are There Any Health Benefits to Feeding Egg Yolk?

Eggs are considered a whole food, which means that they contain virtually all vitamins and minerals that are required. However, they are also energy-dense, which means that feeding them in the quantity that your cat requires will mean adding a lot of calories to his diet. An active, adult cat should not usually consume more than 200 calories a day, potentially fewer. A whole egg is about 90 calories, and your cat should not consume more than 10% of his daily calories from an egg, so you should only feed about a quarter of a single egg to your cat.3 cat face divider

How To Prepare Egg Yolk for Your Cat

Of course, just because your cat can eat egg yolk, cooked and in moderation, doesn’t necessarily mean that he will want to. But if you’re asking the question, there’s a good chance that he has already taken some off your plate. In which case, you will know whether he likes yolks and how he likes them prepared. Otherwise, there are more beneficial foods you can give your cat. But, if you want to try your feline friend on this nutrient-rich ingredient, there are several ways you can prepare it first.

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Cats can eat eggs in most of the same ways humans can. You can boil the yolk. You can scramble the egg, ideally leaving out the milk additive. Scrambled eggs are easy to digest, and your cat is likely to find them more palatable than a boiled egg, which can be a dry challenge for the biggest of appetites.

You can even prepare a cat omelet, packed with vegetables that your cat may not otherwise get in his daily diet. Remember to leave out additives like salt and pepper and avoid toxic ingredients like garlic. We might appreciate the additional taste that these ingredients give but they are very harmful to your cat.

What About Egg Whites?

Not only are egg yolks safe for your cats, but so too are the whites, although the white has less nutritional benefit than the yolk. Like the yolk, the white must be cooked before feeding it to your kitten.cat + line divider

Is It Safe To Feed Cats Egg Yolk?

Cats can eat egg yolk, but it should be cooked before being fed because this will prevent bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. You can prepare scrambled eggs, boil the yolk, or even make an omelet that is packed with other healthy ingredients.

In truth, egg yolk does have high nutritional benefits but it is also packed with calories, which means that you should only feed a very small amount of yolk to your cat and there isn’t any real reason to do so. He can get all the essential amino acids that eggs contain from other sources.

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