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Can Cats Eat Mashed Potatoes? What You Need To Know

Anyone who has owned a cat knows what it’s like to have a curious nose lingering near their dinner plate. After all, how dare you try to eat something without offering them a bite! Most of the time, after inspection, your cat will simply walk away. However, some cats really like peculiar food items that you wouldn’t expect.

So, if your cat has taken an interest in mashed potatoes, you might wonder if cats can eat them. The answer is—most of the time—mashed potatoes are perfectly safe. But like many other cooked food items, it depends a lot on how they’re prepared. Let’s take a look at how you can make sure mashed potatoes are safe for your cat.


Cats Can Potentially Eat Mashed Potatoes

Unseasoned boiled mashed potatoes are perfectly safe for your cat to eat once in a blue moon. They shouldn’t be an everyday snack, but they are fine in moderation.

Just remember, the starch in potatoes is pretty hard for your kitty to digest even when it’s cooked. Since they might have trouble, small licks here and there are all right—but avoid large quantities.

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Seasonings to Avoid in Mashed Potatoes

You might enjoy potatoes slathered in butter, garlic, salt, and other seasonings. You can whip up mashed potatoes in virtually any way that you want. While that is fantastic for humans, the same sentiment does not extend to cats. There are tons of different spices and seasonings that are toxic and harmful to your felines.

If you plan on sharing with your cat, try to avoid:

  • Garlic, chives, leeks, and onionsall part of the , these common seasonings are highly toxic to both dogs and cats. While they are much more potent in roll form, they are still terrible in powdered, dried, or cooked form.
  • Salt—you might be tempted to salt the heck out of a good heaping pile of mashed potatoes, but it is highly toxic to cats in large quantities.
  • Marijuana—if you are a licensed marijuana user, you might use the food-grade version of this substance when you’re cooking. While this might be perfectly acceptable for you, marijuana is highly toxic to cats.
  • Oregano—while oregano may seem like a harmless herb that is used in everyday cooking, it is not something that your cat should ever ingest.

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What Types of Potatoes Are Dangerous for Cats?

Don’t get too comfortable with the idea that white potatoes are completely safe for your cat. That isn’t always the case. Potatoes in some forms are highly toxic or unhealthy for your felines.

  • Uncooked Potatoes—before potatoes are cooked, your cat cannot digest them. When you prepare a potato dish, the starch granules break up into digestible bits.
  • Green Potatoes—green potatoes contain a chemical called solanine. This component is highly toxic to It is unlikely that a cat would choose to eat raw potato, but it can have serious consequences if they do.

While they aren’t toxic, avoid oily, processed snacks like potato chips or potato sticks.

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Can Cats Eat Mashed Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potato is often seen as a safe alternative to white potatoes. However, sweet potatoes are not easy for your cat to digest either. You should look for other options if you plan on feeding your cat a snack frequently.

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Cats and Mashed Potatoes: Final Thoughts

So now we know that mashed potatoes are absolutely fine as long as they don’t have any toxic ingredients in them. Be mindful of how much your cat eats at a time. Even if you don’t have harmful components in the mashed potatoes, it still might cause an upset stomach if they gorge themselves.

Otherwise, it’s quite okay to let your kitty lick your leftover dinner plate. If you want to season them to perfection, perhaps set aside a small helping of mashed potatoes for your kitty that are completely plain.

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