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Can Cats Eat Pringles? Vet-Reviewed Facts & FAQ

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Does your cat come running every time you pop open a can of Pringles because he loves those funny-shaped potato chips? If you’re wondering if cats can eat Pringles, you should know that Pringles and other chips aren’t good for cats. However, it’s okay if your cat eats one or two Pringles now and then. Just don’t let him eat too many because potato chips aren’t good for cats—just like they’re not good for you!

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Why Cats Shouldn’t Eat Many Pringles

All potato chips—including those packaged in cans like Pringles—contain lots of fat, carbs, and salt. This means that chips don’t have much nutritional value if any.

If you look at a can of Pringles, you’ll see that the chips are made with lots of things, including dried potatoes, vegetable oil, flour, cornstarch, sodium, sugar, and flavorings like onion powder. None of these ingredients are a part of a healthy feline diet which means you shouldn’t get into the habit of feeding Pringles to your cat.

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What Is a Healthy Feline Diet?

To keep your cat happy and healthy, you should feed him a sound feline diet consisting of the optimal balance of protein, fat, minerals, carbs, vitamins, and water. Any good quality commercial cat food will offer the basic feline nutritional balance your cat needs.

When buying cat food, make sure you pick a brand with the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) statement of nutritional adequacy on the label. AAFCO is an organization made up of officials in charge of regulating the sale and distribution of animal feeds, including pet foods and drug remedies.

While AAFCO doesn’t directly test or certify pet foods, the organization does set the standard guidelines for ingredient definitions, product labels, and lab analyses of the nutrients that go into pet food.

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Human Foods You Can Share with Your Cat

Of course, you want to give that cute cat of yours a treat now and then, which is perfectly fine! Just use moderation when giving your kitty treats and snacks so he doesn’t end up refusing to eat his regular cat food.

Here are some healthy human foods you can give your cat as treats now and then, as long as you don’t overdo it!

In addition to these nutritious human foods, you can buy cat treats at your local pet store or online. Be sure to read the labels and go with healthy options that aren’t full of questionable ingredients. Look for words like ‘natural’ and ‘wholesome’ on packages and watch out for hidden sugar and fat.

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How to Stop Your Cat from Begging for Pringles

If your cat is begging for Pringles every time you open a can to enjoy a few chips, you can put a stop to that begging. The most obvious way is to eat your Pringles when your cat isn’t around. If your cat goes outdoors at times, let him out while you enjoy your snack so he won’t even know what he’s missing.

Another option is to give your kitty a cat toy to play with to distract him while you eat. Make sure the toy is something your cat finds exciting. If need be, visit your local pet store and pick up something brand new that will keep your little buddy busy while you’re snacking.

Another way to stop your cat from begging is to give him a few healthy cat treats he can enjoy while you’re crunching away. Just take it easy with the treats because you don’t want your cat to stop eating his regular cat food.

If all else fails, train your cat to leave you be while you eat. Teach your cat the meaning of the word “no” and don’t give in! Even though cats can be more difficult to train than dogs, they can learn some basic commands so stick with it and don’t give in! If your cat won’t stay away from you when you say “no”, gently pick up your cat and put him in another room while you eat.

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Why Cats Beg for Human Food

Your cat may paw at you and meow when you’re eating chips and other human foods. There may be several reasons he’s begging for your food. Maybe he’s hungry and needs his food bowl filled. Perhaps your cat loves the smell of what you’re eating.

Cats sometimes beg for human food because they don’t like their cat food. If you notice that your cat isn’t eating much of his food, he may not like it. Maybe it’s the flavor or texture he doesn’t care for. It’s your job to provide your cat with food he likes. If your local pet store offers sample sizes of cat food, pick up a few so you find one your cat likes.

If you’re giving your cat dry food, make the switch to wet cat food and see if that helps. If all else fails, contact your veterinarian for advice.

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Even if your cat is pawing and meowing while you’re eating Pringles, you shouldn’t give in and share your chips with your pal. Give your cat some healthy cat treats instead that are much better for his overall health!

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