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Can Cats Eat Quinoa? Everything You Need to Know!

Quinoa has become known as a superfood for humans. We can add it to just about anything to enhance the texture and nutrients within a meal.

However, can cats eat quinoa? Yes, cats can eat quinoa.

In this article, we talk about whether it is a healthy choice for cats to eat quinoa. We also talk about how to feed them quinoa and the nutritional benefits that it can have for them.

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Can Cats Eat Quinoa?

Although researchers consider quinoa to be a grain, it contains many healthy nutrients.

The protein, fiber, and carbohydrate content in quinoa are almost perfectly balanced to supplement a cat’s diet. It can’t be the only thing that cats eat, but it can certainly make up a portion of your cat’s diet.

Nutritional Benefits of Quinoa for Cats

Quinoa has become known as a superfood for not only humans but also some animals.

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The nutrients that quinoa contains include:

  • All nine essential amino acids, or proteins, that aid in muscle building, maintenance, and repair
  • A fiber content that helps your cat maintain their glucose levels and keeps their digestive system functioning correctly
  • Magnesium, to reduce your cat’s blood pressure
  • Manganese and copper antioxidants, which help do all kinds of things, from healing faster to boosting the immune system and even fighting off cancer

Just about everything that quinoa contains is healthy, whether you are a human or a cat. We call it a “complete protein” because it contains all the amino acids essential for the maintained health of almost all mammals.

Cats can almost always use a boost in their protein and antioxidant levels. Quinoa is especially good for diabetic cats. It has a low glycemic index that helps the cat control their blood sugar better.

Also, it is worth noting that many grains are taboo for animals because they contain gluten. Although gluten isn’t toxic for cats, it can exacerbate health issues because a cat’s digestive system is not necessarily made to absorb and digest gluten. Quinoa sources protein from its amino acids instead. It is entirely gluten-free and contains B vitamins, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin E.

How to Feed Quinoa to Your Cats

Remember that when it comes to a cat’s diet, everything should be in moderation. Other than a cat’s kibble or wet food tailored to their species, supplements and treats shouldn’t make up a significant portion of their diet.

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Serving quinoa to your cat can be the trickiest part when it comes to getting them to eat it. Cats can be picky when it comes to their food, especially if they have become set in their ways.

After the quinoa is cooked,  it becomes light and fluffy. It also has quite a unique flavor. You should always serve it to your cat fully cooked.

Some cats will end up loving this as a supplement to their food, while others won’t even consider touching it. In that case, you might want to mask it within other kinds of food or treats to get them accustomed to the flavor and texture.

Most often, it is easiest to get your cat’s typical bowl of food ready for them and mix quinoa into it. Try to do this in moderation, adding quinoa in small amounts and mixing it so they get a bit of everything. This way, they won’t just try to eat their favorite part of the meal, whether that’s the kibble or the quinoa.

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In Summary

Not only can cats eat quinoa, but it is also quite a healthy treat or supplement to their diet. If they have diabetes, it can help them control their blood sugar and maintain a healthy diet.

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