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Can Cats Eat Rice? (White, Brown & Other Types) What You Need to Know!

Many cat owners have wondered if it’s OK to feed rice to their pet. The short answer is yes, cats can eat rice, but there’s more to know before cooking up a pot of rice and letting your pet go hog wild with it.

First things first. Always consult your pet’s vet before changing up their diet. Cats are carnivores, so in order to meet their daily nutritional needs, they need a high protein diet filled with other animals and rodents. Therefore, a plant-based diet filled with rice isn’t the best option, but there are times when rice could be a good substitute or additive to your cat’s diet.

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When is rice beneficial for a cat?

If your furry feline is suffering from minor stomach issues such as diarrhea, a small portion of rice could do the trick to help get your cat’s digestive system back on track and ease the pain of their upset stomach. If you desire to give your cat some rice in hopes to soothe a sore stomach, you may add boiled chicken or boiled hamburger (both plain, without salt, pepper, and other spices) to a small portion of rice as well. (Of course, consult the vet if your animal’s condition worsens, or is accompanied by other non-mild symptoms such as dehydration.)

If you’re looking to feed your cat rice, you may have a variety of grains in your pantry to choose from, but not all of them are safe. So, which types of rice are OK to feed your cat? For example, rice that contains spices or other ingredients such as onion should not be fed to your cat.

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Can cats eat white rice?

Plain rices — like white and brown — are the safest options for your cat. There are a few other things to be sure of before handing over a cup of rice to your cat. Make sure the rice is fully cooked, soft and moist. When that step is done, mixing a small portion of that rice with your cat’s regular food will make it easier for your feline to consume. Just make sure that the rice does not exceed 25% of your cat’s meal. You may decide to give your cat a small portion of rice that isn’t mixed with their food as well, which is totally fine, as long as you follow the guidelines below.

Can cats eat black rice?

As long as you make sure the rice you feed your cat is soft and moist, there is no reason your pet should suffer any negative side effects from it. Why is that, you may ask? Most store-bought cat food already contains some sort of grain, so the rice isn’t going to be completely new to your cat’s stomach. Just remember, don’t overdo it.

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When is rice bad for cats?

Since rice offers no nutritional benefits to cats, it does not need to be added to their daily food intake. In fact, if a cat eats too much rice, the animal will become extremely full, and there won’t be enough room in their stomach for the meat and nutrients they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are a few things you need to know before feeding your cat rice. Don’t overfeed them, don’t add spices to the rice, and do not feed cats uncooked grains. Do not feed rice or any type of grains to kittens, as it can stunt their growth.

So, remember the next time you’re reaching for a bowl of rice that while it may be fun to share your human food with your cat, it’s not always in their best interest, and save it for when they really need it.

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