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Can Cats Fall in Love with Each Other or Humans? Feline Feelings Explored

In all honesty, we don’t know how cats feel. We can’t exactly ask cats if they’re in love, and there is no scientific test that can measure what a cat is feeling. Plus, the definition of love is hard to agree upon! We do know that cats experience attraction to each other. However, cats don’t mate for life and likely don’t experience what humans would express as love towards those they have babies with. (If they did, you’d imagine they’d stay together.)

Of course, most cat owners would say that their cat is fond of them. Some cats obviously like some people more than others, so there must be a reason for their preference. Furthermore, cats also have preferences toward other cats. It’s not uncommon for cats to dislike some cats and like others.

While we can point out plenty of reasons we may think cats can experience love, none of these are scientifically proven. You could just as easily argue that a cat prefers one person out of habit or an association with food—not necessarily because of love.

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Do Cats Fall in Love With Each Other?

Cats don’t mate for life, so they probably don’t experience the same love humans do for each other. At least, not love that is long-lasting. Cats come together and then part within a few hours, most of the time. It’s hard for us to imagine that cats fall in and out of love that quickly. Cats don’t have to have a bond with another cat to mate with them.

However, that doesn’t mean cats never bond with each other. Many cat owners will profess that their cats enjoy each other’s company, cuddle one another, and seem to tolerate each other at the food bowl. Obviously, some cats do bond with others, but there is no way for us to know if this is love or not.

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How Do You Know If Cats Love Each Other?

There is no way to know for sure if cats love each other. Cats cannot talk, so we can’t be sure if they feel love towards each other or not. It simply isn’t something we can determine through science. However, there are ways to tell if cats like each other or not.

For instance, cats that groom each other and cuddle certainly like each other. This is one of the later stages of friendship, though, and some cats may simply not like cuddling.

One of the most basic behaviors that show cats like each other is tolerance. If two felines can walk down a hall together without getting upset, they at least like each other a little bit. In a natural setting, many of your cat’s relationships would be at this level. Ignoring each other is one way cats signal that they get along.

Play fighting is also a way to tell if your cats like each other, especially if they are on the more energetic side of the spectrum. Cats must trust each other to play, as they have to trust that the other won’t get too rough. Kittens often play with other kittens as a sign that they like each other.


Do Cats Get Attached to Other Cats?

Cats can get attached to other cats. This is often called “bonded”. Cats that are bonded with each other are often siblings or cats that were raised together. If a pair of cats has been with each other since birth, they tend to be extremely close. (Though, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes siblings fight like siblings!)

Furthermore, cats may be particularly upset if a feline they’re bonded to dies.

However, cats are also very resilient and aren’t biologically programmed to be with another cat for life. Therefore, they can bounce back if separated from their bonded companion.

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Will Cats Cuddle with Each Other?

Very close felines will cuddle with each other. But this isn’t as common as many cat owners may think. It takes very close cats to cuddle with each other, and the cuddling likely won’t happen all that much. While cats may groom each other, cuddling just to cuddle is pretty rare.

Kittens tend to cuddle more than adult cats. Likely, this is because kittens are engineered to cuddle with their siblings as a way to keep warm. However, cuddling other cats tends to dissipate as the feline gets older.

Of course, different personalities and temperaments play a role here.

Do Cats Kiss Each Other?

Cats do not really kiss each other. At least, not in the way humans do. Kissing is a fairly unusual behavior in the animal kingdom. Therefore, it isn’t all that surprising that cats don’t do it. That said, cats will groom each other if they are particularly close. Cats grooming each other is one way they bond. Plus, it also helps cats mix their scent, which is one way they recognize each other.

This behavior is pretty common in cat colonies. It’s one way the colony keeps its identity as cats will recognize each other by this shared smell. However, in homes, it is somewhat less common (probably because there are often fewer cats).

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Final Thoughts

We truly don’t know if cats fall in love with their person or other cats. We do know that cats seem to like certain people and other felines. They do seem to have their preferences for who they hang out with. However, we cannot say whether this is love or not.

Love isn’t something that can be measured scientifically. There is no way to rate love, especially in terms of how cats express it. It’s possible that love is a purely human emotion, but it’s impossible to know for sure. Until we develop a way to talk to cats, we probably won’t be able to answer this question.

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