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Can Ragdoll Cats Swim? Do They Like Water?

Ragdoll cats are beautiful creatures that get attention for their luxurious coats and independent personalities. Like most cat breeds, Ragdolls are not known for being a big fan of water, but they don’t hate water either. So, can Ragdolls swim, and do they actually like water? Yes, Ragdoll cats can swim, but whether they like water is less easy to answer. Let’s delve into the deep end of this topic now!

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Ragdoll Cats Can Swim and Many Like Water, But …

Ragdoll cats can indeed swim, but this doesn’t mean they necessarily want to. This cat tends to catch on to swimming quickly for life-preservation reasons, not for sport. All cats have their own unique personality and preferences, though, so no two Ragdolls will react the same way to water. While most likely don’t want to be submerged in water, most do enjoy running water and will drink from and play with it. Some Ragdolls don’t even mind taking baths!

All that said, there are Ragdolls that do welcome the idea of swimming and will jump into a body of water on their own. Maybe they were introduced to swimming when they were kittens. There are also Ragdolls that absolutely detest water and will freak out if so much as a toe touches it.

Overall, it’s not fair to say that Ragdoll cats do not like water because most do! It’s submersion in water that most Ragdoll cats aren’t so fond of. It depends on the cat, not the breed.

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Reasons That a Ragdoll Cat Might Enjoy Swimming

Ragdoll cats are naturally attracted to running water, as they understand that it’s a clean source of hydration needed for survival. These cats also seem to enjoy the way that water splashes and reacts when played with. Some owners find that they must shoo away their Ragdoll kitties whenever they wash their hands or dishes in the sink.

This affinity for water can lead a Ragdoll cat to enjoy swimming. Cats that have been exposed to water from the time that they are babies are more likely to enjoy it when they get older, simply because they are not afraid of it. Another reason that a Ragdoll cat might like swimming is simply personal preference.

Reasons That a Ragdoll Cat Might Not Enjoy Swimming

Some Ragdoll cats might not like to swim simply because they don’t enjoy it. However, if a Ragdoll cat doesn’t like water as an adult, they likely had a bad experience with water in some way. They could have fallen into a body of water unexpectedly or were teased with water by kids in the household. For any cat to like water and enjoy swimming, they must not be scared of it in any way.

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Ways to Get Your Ragdoll Cat to Like Water More

If your kitty doesn’t seem to like water or enjoy swimming, there are a few things that you can do to entice them. First, try letting a bathroom faucet run lightly for a few minutes to give them an opportunity to investigate it. If they do get close to the water, keep turning it on each day for a few minutes until they get comfortable enough to interact with it.

You can also fill up a sink or bathtub with enough water to cover your kitty’s paws when they stand in it. Then, gently set your cat down in the water, and stroke their coat to provide them with support and an extra sense of safety. With any luck, they will stick around and start getting used to the water. If not, keep trying with love, support, and patience. Never push your cat to like water because your efforts will likely get the opposite results.

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In Conclusion

Most Ragdoll cats do like water and some even enjoy swimming. However, this is not the case for all cats. Therefore, it’s important not to push a cat into liking water, as this will likely make them fearful of it. Start as young as possible, and take baby steps if you really want your Ragdoll kitty to go swimming with you.

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